Larry Glass wants to punt tough zoo decision to voters

According to the Times-Standard, Larry Glass has secured a spot at tomorrow’s City Council meeting to ask that the fate of the Sequoia Park Zoo’s city-subsidized funding be placed in the hands of voters on an upcoming ballot as the city grapples with the sticky situation of cutting $2.5 million in midyear budget adjustments.

How could we not see this one coming?

Here’s a little reminder of the things that Glass supports and opposes. We’re sure the zoo funding has nothing to do with his hatred for anything related to Rob Arkley, who has donated considerable money to the zoo over the years…

39 Responses

  1. I suspect you have grossly overestimated the man’s size. A carefully positioned Dixie cup should be added to that image.

  2. I had a bet that Rob was going to do a photoshop rendering that included Larry Glass’s dick

    You owe me $20 K.K.

    Unless you wanna let it ride…

  3. you meant thimble, right?

  4. What a shame that Glass and his fellow “progressives” are so anti progress that they cannot see. CUTTING is not going to help. It only staves off the inevitable.

    Why not figure out how to BUILD the town up – new business, new industry, new vitality, new energy, new money that pays for everything – police and fire services, the zoo, and yes, the trails.

    It’s not like you have to reinvent the wheel. Texas has figured it out, and their plans to bring in business and industry are working. Cut the red-tape, work with people to build better, and stronger.

    For God’s sake, this isn’t new, this has been known since the 70s. People have talked about it and talked about it and talked about it, and every candidate, INCLUDING Glass, is FOR JOBS.

    So hold a summit – come up with some ideas, make some plans, put in place some new policies and BUILD instead of tear down.

    Cutting the zoo because of a pissing contest is really sad.

    Cutting the zoo because you would rather destroy than build up and create 0- that’s just tragic.

  5. Well, Rose, you have summed up the Progs, the real, true party of No.

    So, Heraldo says, ‘stop having kids’, thank-you so much, now along with how to think, talk, eat, drink, poop, and recycle, you are going to tell me how to fuck!

    I did not realize just how envious of the Catholic Church that the proggies were! I guess that this makes Larry a Cardinal at the least, Katilyn most likely a Bishop, she can do unspeakable things with the other Bishopric, Cobb… who can envision Bonnie Doon as the carmerlengo?

    Maybe Larry and co. smell the upcoming blood bath in November and this is a desperate attempt to get his licks in….but come on, the Zoo?

  6. Hold a summit.

    ASK the builders what they need to be able to build affordable housing – answer: it’s cut the delays red-tape and excessive fees. Stop trying to make them fork over half their property, they only have to charge more for the remaining lots and houses.

    Ask how you are going to have affordable housing when pot growers suck up every house on the market, and can afford to pay what working families cannot. All the sanctimonious preaching about affordable housing means nothing in the face of this.

    And that’s just ONE aspect of the total picture.

    Ask businesses what they need to be able to prosper, grow, expand, and hire! They can tell you exactly what is crippling them.

    You can probably come up with 100 ways to improve the situation – and aligning with predatory job-killers isn’t in there.

    But you need to figure out where your priorities are – and the zoo has been a priority for 100 years. Take it on as a last hired, first fired deal, there are surely things that have been added to taxpayers expenses more recently that can be cut first.

    It isn’t about a choice between police and fire and the zoo, that’s a false meme.

    Imagine the difference if Larry were to show the kind of spirit he must have had when he was young and ambitious and innovative, when he built a thriving business out of nothing, and was at the top of his game.

    How sad to see what has happened to the men who should be the movers and shakers, should be driving progress and innovation and growth, who should be working to make their communities prosper.

  7. Sorry. Glass shouldn’t be the bad guy here. This has more to do than with him. Sure, there might be some other issues, but he’s just doing the best he can on this issue.

    Notice, also, that no other council folk are really fighting to keep the zoo. They don’t know what to do, either.

  8. Are these the same individuals who just had to have Redwood Park, just had to end the Timber Industry? I remember those days, my parents on unemployment, being listed as a ‘low-income’ student, plus working all thru college.

    The meme then was “millons of people will come to see the trees, tourism will be the only industry we need.” What complete and utter bullshit. People drive through, “oh, ah, big trees!” and keep driving, they do stop and take pictures of the elk (if they are about) but the main thing, they keep driving, they don’t stop here.

    Who in their right mind after viewing South Broadway, would stop off in Eureka? Arcata? Oh, yes stop by the ‘historic plaza’, dodge the drug deals, get panhandled and leave…..Trinidad is very nice, but once around the bay and it’s over….so I sound cynical? I am.

    The legacy of the enviro-nazi’s of the 80’s-90’s is what we have. You mentioned the red tape process, a friend of ours recounts complete horror stories and he is a professional contractor, I can only imagine the nightmare for someone who just wants to build a house on thier own property.

    Yes, this community should be vibrant, and growing, instead we are mired in ‘us vs them’, drug addled lunatics, power-hungry fiends and a rapidly shrinking middle class of ‘just plain folks’ who want a stable community with potential to raise their children in and keep them here!

    I am saddened by the fact that we have sunk to the level of fighting over the Zoo, because one man, who may have been that idealist you describe can’t back down on a personal vendetta.

  9. I remember reading a comment left by Jeff Leonard on Fred’s blog not so long ago in regards to the zoo that made it seem like he is more against keeping it open than Larry is.I’ll find the comment and post it here when I have an extra minute.

  10. Oh please! If he had gone the other way you would be screaming about how he didnt give the voters a voice!
    You people spend so much time hating your neighbors, nature, and stroking one another its unreal…………..

  11. ALL ZOOS ARE WRONG. ..and Josephine Blowe is right…

  12. Dude, don’t be such a bitch.

  13. I beg to differ. Larry Glass is not trying to do the best he can on this issue. If he were, he would have been at the meeting last night at the Zoo.

    Jeff was there. If you are really trying to do the best you can then you do something to make a positive impact.

    Larry is very good at pointing out what he thinks is wrong. Fine, we can all do that, but wouldn’t you think an elected official might try to introduce a solution that was a benefit to the entire community?

    Larry isn’t a bad guy, but he is so damaged by his hatred of Arkley he doesn’t even support the Discovery Museum or a phase one clean up of the balloon track. He’s even against the Chamber of Commerce although he insists he is for small business.

    He was elected to represent everyone in the community not just those he has political connections with. Representing everyone does not include closing down an entire park, stopping a clean up process or nixing a kids museum because of a petty dislike for a community member.

    Representing the entire community should result in listening with an open mind and solving the problems facing our city. That’s what we elect the council to do.

    So, no Larry is not doing the best he can on this issue, but he is making the most noise about it.

    I am not sure how you came up with the notion no one else on the council is fighting to keep the zoo. I think Jeff should drop in on you sooner rather than later. I will plug that into his already daunting schedule.

    P.S. This post was not approved by Jeff Leonard. In fact, I didn’t even run it by him. Sometimes a mom has to opine without a filter.

  14. WHAT???? Mark, once again, you have a trunk full of misinformation. I think I know where Jeff stands on the Zoo and he is not about closing it down.

    He was on the Zoo foundation board for a couple of years. He attends every fundraiser for the Zoo and the Discovery Museum and a myriad of other causes that make life in Eureka better for the citizens.

    Did you read Jeff’s comments in the paper yesterday?
    Did that sound to you like he is more against closing it down than Larry.

    My guess is tonight the vote for Larry’s proposal if it even gets a second with either be 4-1 as before, or if he managed to get Linda to drink the kool-aid, it will be 3-1.

    Closing the Zoo down would result in what, exactly? Does any progressive ever think past the nose on their face?

    Let’s see we could make it a camp for the homeless. I am sure that would be popular with the neighborhood.

  15. The voters chose to elect Larry Glass and the rest of the council to solve the problems confronting the community.

    I think most voters who can walk and chew gum simultaneously realize they elect someone to be their voice so they don’t have to think about city budgets and all the rest of it.

    Voters get to weigh in when they go to the polls and elect candidates to represent them. That’s what a representative democracy is all about.

    Civics 101….try it you might learn something.

  16. Larry Glass is really a therapists dream; he is a life long misfit who craves attention. He is getting it now, even when it’s negative.

  17. darned typos….”with” should be “wil”l. Oh well, it’s very early and me without my coffee.

    Bugs you need an” edit” as well as a “reply” option.

  18. Unfortunately, I think negative is his middle name. It’s a waste of political talent. He is no dummy but his ego just doesn’t allow him to think there might be something out there other than his own opinion.

  19. “Jeff Leonard said…

    Agreed. I’m willing to look at turning the zoo over to a private company or a private non-profit.

    I think there is money that could be saved if they weren’t tied directly to the city. Many zoos are “owned” by cities, but operated by private non-profits.”

  20. You just want to say “Step away from the kool-aid!”

    Would Gallegos have been a good D.A. if he had told Salzman and co. to take a hike rather than be influenced by them?

    Would Larry make better choices if he stepped away from the heraldo influence?

    Us v. them or what is best for the community… the armed camps or working together? Choices and priorities.

    Grow the community. The same way you once grew your business.

  21. Wasn’t Glass an a Analyst then a Therapist.
    Let’s just call him Analrapist.

  22. So you interpreted his being willing to consider a private corporation taking the zoo over to meaning he was in favor of closing it down?

    How do you make a giant leap from : Agreed. I’m willing to look at turning the zoo over to a private company or a private non-profit.

    I think there is money that could be saved if they weren’t tied directly to the city. Many zoos are “owned” by cities, but operated by private non-profits.”

    To: ” that made it seem like he is more against keeping it open than Larry is.”

    Being willing to solve a problem which is something Jeff is all about to just wanting to shut something down are two entirely different things.

    You progs have to get some reading comprehension skills.

    While Larry grandstands, Jeff is behind the scenes working on a solution. There’s your difference in styles of governence.

  23. “Us v. them or what is best for the community… the armed camps or working together? Choices and priorities.

    Grow the community. The same way you once grew your business.”

    There you go! Jeff’s philosophy in a nutshell. He often says you can make no traction when the only goal is to “WIN” at any cost, which is the” us vs them” mantra.

  24. My kinda guy.

  25. Eric Kirk’s comment was the best

    “Has anybody noted the irony in the political discussion that a liberal is calling for a budget cut, with a program conservatives might usually consider “non-essential” government service being supported by conservatives?”

  26. Erik makes a major mistake in making it such a cut and dry/black white division between progressives and conservatives.

    I am progressive, and I am for funding the zoo, and do not see it as one against the other. You can cut funding for the pd and fire for a time and can fully fund it later; kill the zoo and its gone forever.

  27. That’s a desecration to DaVinci. Tom Hanks is coming for you.

  28. I think it is ironic. Might even be funny, if it were not for the fact that this does not appear to be an honest look at cutting spending, but instead seizing that opportunity to drive a knife into an opponent.

    What’s even more ironic is the ‘we hate the police’ crowd at heraldo suddenly waxing poetic about the need for law enforcement. But only their kind of law enforcement, not the kind like code enforcement, just a kind of Pleasantville police force that never real has to deal with hard cases and life or death situations.

  29. I don’t like Larry but…Close it down ASAP!
    From theie website:
    “Our walk-through aviary features a natural setting where you can enjoy close encounters with several species of colorful and unusual birds. The new Entry Pavilion includes a classroom, indoor animal exhibits featuring the Secrets of the Forest plus restroom, café and gift shop facilities. Stop by and watch the animal keepers prepare meals for the zoo animals at our new kitchen viewing window!”

    Really? Natural setting? Indoor animal exhibits?
    And best of all, a Secret Forest plus restroom?
    It’s a stationary circus for Christ’s sake.
    Close it down permanently. Where’s all the hippie chicks on this one? HELLO????

  30. What have you done for this county, Ms. Anonymous blog poster.

  31. “Cheese Dick” you and your “Hippie Chicks” have a simple choice; don’t go to a facility that offends your delicate sensibilities. Perhaps you don’t like meat, don’t eat it. If you hate zoos don’t go there. Disgusted by leather, don’t buy it. Indoctrinate your children to do the same but remember, however distasteful to you zoos are neither illegal nor mandatory. Many educators, bright people (probably brighter than you) recognize the educational value of zoos even if they don’t like them all.

    If Larry has his way you’ll get your fucking vote but in the meantime deal with the fact that all of us have to accept there are actions of others we don’t approve of but have no right to control.

  32. Im done paying for your fucking zoo viv. Take the monkeys home and feed them on your dime. I would rather have the cops/fire/etc.

  33. I can see people at work, hard on this blog…but it feels so lower educational, steep to fowl language, that sometimes, even if I am in agreement, I don’t want to be associated with the opinions expressed within. I guess you want to relate to the “younger group” but I would like to say, as an older (sucks) individual, sometimes I am right there with you. Wish I didn’t have to be embarrassed by your “response to the issues” . It seems like you have a lot of intelligence to express…but feel you need to express in an offensive way. With all the f words….do you feel you make an impression?

  34. Some of us are the younger group. Er, were the younger group. Fuck, fuck , fuck, I’m not sure which group I want to relate to.

  35. Go fuck yourself Bookkeeper

    and your Mother too

  36. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  37. I am sorry, Barb, but your son definitely is a grandstander. Politics – bah humbug.

  38. I’ll try to refrain from the F-word.

  39. yeah Larry, please spend more of our tax dollars that we don’t have , good use of time and resources!

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