WARNING: Graphic content. View at your own risk.

Our heartfelt thanks to an old friend for sending this gem along.

Yes–that’s a youthful Bonnie Neely, pre-nose-job, pre-dye-job, pre-shitty-job representing the residents of her district.

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.

This rare photo captures the very last moment the curtains matched the rug.

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

36 Responses

  1. Fucking shit! That is wrong, and your content warning is nowhere near strong enough.

  2. There went my fucking retinas. Gone. Burned to a crisp. I should sue your bug asses.

  3. DO NOT click to enlarge. Save yourself!

  4. OK, first of all the hair, the collective hair. Just how much Final Net went into this collection or in those days I guess they use White Rain. Better lay off the dairy cows because these ladies must be responsible for at least 40% of the hole in the ozone layer, increased greenhouse gas, brain damage from inhaling the aerosol propellants…..

    And that is not even counting the (wo) man hours it must have taken to achieve some of that height! And, yes, I do understand the nose job….who would have listened to her drivel over the years if they had to stare at that shnozz?

  5. My bad, it should read Schnozz!

  6. Wow holy shit. I always knew she was frighteningly hideous inside and out. No surprise there! This just proves it.

  7. Come on man, I mean it’s not like you pick your nose? ( ok pun intended ) I’m just sayin’ that the other ladies in the same row as Bonnie, aren’t exactly making her look bad, minus the nose. And she did something about that. I shouldn’t have even commented on this. I only did so to say that even when people go to great lengths to make themselves liked by others by making major changes that the others wanted, they still can’t get a break.
    This post was in bad taste. Makes me glad I missed picture day every time in high school.

  8. All right. Enough guys. This has definitely moved the Mirror to new lows. I think you have the Herald beat now.

    While the photo is interesting, the personal insults really go over the top.

  9. I feel so bad

  10. I dunno fred, these guys are pretty good, I think they can go lower.

  11. Maybe Cherie can share her nip & tuck secrets, cause Bonnie sure as he’ll needs some serious help

    How ’bout it Rob?

  12. Expect a call from my lawyer.

  13. When Bonnie’s actions (and in some cases, the LACK of action) give us so much to talk about why stoop to this?

    I really can’t stand the woman but her looks at 18 are irrelevant.

    Photo shop a montage of all the ways she’s screwed over her community. That’s relevant.

  14. LOL!!! You seriously expect us to believe that it is really Bonnie posting this? What a dumbfuck you must be for thinking this

  15. You mean Carolyn Ruth – the COUNTY’s lawyer and NOT your lawyer???? You piece o’ shit Bonnie – all respect to the Irish.

  16. You’re making my case.

  17. I don’t like Bonnie any more than most of you do. But these insults & comments about her looks is pretty damn low of you all.

  18. Well, go fuck yourself High Finance

  19. Most of what goes on the blogs is people fucking themselves.
    A weird form of masturbation. ie read Jeff L., NON, Jane Doe ie Plain Jane, Robash 141.

  20. …me too?

  21. Kaitlin Soppoci Belknap is in the top row…

  22. Hear! Hear! I believe there might even be a couple of males out there who aren’t picture perfect so why stoop to attacks on women for their personal appearance i.e. Wiggins and now Bonnie.

    The bugs must be men.

  23. HUH?? ‘splain please.

  24. Oh shit yeah. We can go WAY lower. In fact, we already have.

  25. So wait a minute; it’s WRONG to poke fun at the Bonster because she was not a beauty queen in high school because that is too ‘personal’????

    But it’s OKAY WITH YOU that what she does day in and day out that affects our local economy, the livlihoods of our residents not to mention their rights and freedoms is NOT PERSONAL????

    Are you fucking INSANE ?????


  27. Look in the mirror BITCH

  28. of what???? the pathetic wanna bee’s – Jesus, just because you can’t get past her tits does not mean she is qualified to do anything on anyone else’s behalf except for maybe David Cobb’s cobb.

  29. Wow you are ruthless! Im not sure how this helps (or hurts) anything…Thing is, she [i]is[/i] representing some people of eureka, just not all of them. Not that she has my vote – but just sayin.

    Look at that sick comb-over on the dude on the bottom row! Id vote for him!

  30. No one has the Herald beat. However, I agree. Making fun of someone because of their looks has never been cool.

  31. Gawd!

  32. Eek, I had no idea how bad it was to start. I guess the Dick-Nose was only an intermedate step in the series of reconstructive surgeries.

  33. man…this is THE most fucking boring blog I have ever visited. change yer’ shit boys…..you are getting schooled even by Rose’s blog!

  34. Look, the problem isn’t that she couldn’t get a little dick back in 66. It’s that she is a dick in 2010.

  35. I couldn’t agree with him more!

  36. High: If you don’t like people hacking Bon Bon, and if she is feeling attacked there is something you can do for her and for the entire community: Tell her not to run again!

    She (and you when you voted for her) should have thought ahead of time about what people would do and say about her everytime she mistreats her own community. She deserves every thing she gets.

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