Cleary finds a use for some of that money coming out his ass

How do we know this shit? Fucking Zoltar told us, okay? Give him your treasure. He has much wisdom and all that crap. But check out Cleary's next round of FPPC expenditure forms. You'll wonder why he didn't retain Zoltar instead.

One of the great things about small-town politics is the absence of high-powered, high-priced campaign management firms. Candidates pretty much across the board rely on local talent–up-and-comers or has-beens who typically bring more energy than expertise to the race.

But that’s all part of the fun. Neely had Vogel, and Clendenen used that ass-hat Bill Thorington (or vice versa). Gallegos hired Pete Nichols’ hot ex-wife. Hagen’s got Brinton lined up for the district attorney race. Bass and Owen are rocking that husband-wife thing, and Leonard’s attempt also appears to be a family affair.

So why, then, would Patrick Cleary, the carpetbagging rich guy running for the supervisorial seat to be vacated by Jill Duffy, feel the need to hire a professional political consulting, lobbying and campaign management firm from Sacramento?

A firm that has represented Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi?

And Assemblymembers Noreen Evans and Mark Leno?

Duffy&Capitolo [weird, but no relation] is a political campaign management and media firm. Our creative strategies and powerful advertising win elections and move public opinion. We are proud to work with Democratic candidates, progressive coalitions and public safety organizations. Our services include:

  • Production of direct mail, television and radio advertising
  • Message development, media relations and speechwriting
  • Voter targeting and campaign plan development
  • Endorsement strategy and coalition building
  • Management of fundraising and campaign finance specialists
  • Coordination and analysis of polling, focus groups and opposition research
  • Supervision of field staff and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort

Oh well. So much for that whole grassroots thing.

52 Responses

  1. I just love the myth Pat has so carefully cultivated that he’s a self-made millionaire. His dad got him all his big-money jobs.

  2. Way to go local Pat! Go Higgins!

  3. It’s pretty damn sad to tell the truth. One Pat’s a carpetbagger and one Pat’s a mental case.

  4. Zoltar rocks. I count on his common sense more than either of the Pat-tards. He is way less costly too.

  5. That’s what we’re talking about. Zoltar is a bargain at one little dollar. But obviously he too could benefit from professional management. Maybe Pat could hook him up.

  6. You fucking inspire me Mirror, well done and spot on the money (the dirty money that is).

    I’m not the world’s biggest Pat Higgins fan (I had a certain respect for the grizzled old union man Charles Ollivier, who certainly wan’t the problem member of that harbor district board)…and Sundberg’s cozyness with certain developers doesn’t sit well with me either.

    But I’d take either of them in a heartbeat compared to that bankster monopoly builder Cleary, who has so obviously perverted the Headwaters Fund to preserve yuppie frills (how many of us actually NEED direct flights to Denver besides well-off mormons and skiers exactly) while turning his back on the unemployed timber workers and fishermen who were left high and dry.

  7. err Salt Lake City not Denver

  8. Probe deep enough and you will find there are indeed local connections to the above-mentioned PR Firm. Humboldt County is home to some of the most influential and accomplished Democratic political consultants in California. They have reached a plateau in their careers that allows them to live where they want – and they choose to live here rather than Sacramento.

  9. Ryan Sundberg has a lot of hometown support nice guy i think his wife is a school teacher and as far as political aspirations none more than helping his community. They all claim to want to find jobs for people, do those hated developers hire people or wait the guys who make jobs are supporting the one they feel that will create them. Novel idea.

  10. Who does this Cleary guy think he is, Rob Arkley?

  11. I’m with you, I’m voting for candidate Fucking Zoltar. Interesting name though..

  12. It is clear that Cleary is in trouble and has hired big guns to try to pull himself out of his hole. I see that Sundberg’s campaign is hot and he has significant support throughtout the district. For this reason, Cleary had to push the panick button, but I still think that you can sell Cleary to the regular folks in the District and this move will just further distance him and paint him into the elitist corner.

  13. Cleary is clearly the progs answer to Arkley.

  14. Well he is if you consider that he is a rich retired investment banker from New York and is now wanting to buy a Supervisor’s seat. But again, this is no substitute for being on the ground.

  15. There aren’t many local ad agencies left.

  16. Kerrigan and Associares to the rescue

  17. Sundberg is a local guy with a local track record. In the 11 years I have been in the 5th district he has been an active part of the community. His support is local. What developers, there is an effort to tie him into Bass/Leonard stuff but this is a different race.

  18. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Do you know the company’s track record in winning the elections that Kerrigan provides campaign advice for? Its pathetic. He’s got to keep advising some more winning campaigns or his company goes under.

  19. I know how you blog idiots are going to think with this Matt/Virginia thing. I can tell you that I know 100% for sure that he is definitely not Virginia’s campaign manager

  20. Just be sure Sundberg’s got a drive to get him the BoS meetings. Would hate for him get another DUI.

  21. Pat-Tards… you bugs!

  22. Who’s got a better record, Kerrigan & Associates or Chris Crawford?

  23. So Arkley wealthy and owning local business is good and creates jobs, but Cleary wealthy and owning local businesses, plus working for free on community projects like Co-op, Headwaters and KHSU, is bad and he should somehow be ashamed of being successful?

    I think it is the Mirror that’s talking out of his ass.

  24. Richard Marks is Virginia’s campaign manager, not her wife err, I mean husband Mathew.

  25. Cleary is irrelevant. The race is between Sundberg and Higgins.

  26. And that is why he hired the PR firm.

  27. You do realize that in another age, Mr. Cleary would have been termed a ‘carpetbagger’,. However well-intentioned he and his supporters feel he is, he is an outsider coming in to tell the local-yokels how to live.

    My parents live in the 5th (I and mine are burdened with the magic midget) and they whole-heartedly support Sundberg, because…..”he’s local, we know him, we know his family.” We live in such a chaotic, uncertain time and the prospect of someone familiar and a known entity is powerful, and comforting.

    Just my two cents….and Mr. Dog, I am still awaiting my beverage.

  28. Chris Crawford by far! Have you happened to count how many times Kerrigan has lost a campaign? Its really quite impressive. Kerrigan is easily breaking records for campaigns lost lol

  29. I can just see the consultants working now to “package” Cleary. Lets see..
    His leadership example the Headwaters Fund… oops not that.
    His financial background as a New York Investment Banker… oops not that one.
    His community involvement in the 5th… oops none!
    His strong name recognition in the 5th …oops work on that!
    His list of supporters…oops all the Arcata folks don’t count!
    His issues…oops better clear that up!
    Which constituancy to go after, Higgins or Sundberg’s?
    Oops…Higgins is doing better than he is and if he goes after Sundberg’s he looses Higgin’s folks!
    Strategy: Spend a shit load of money to get name recognition and better out liberal Higgins.

  30. Cleary is a nice guy who should not have listened to the sirens song of the Salzman crowd. This whole ordeal will do him no good.

  31. I agree. He also does not realize that the butcher will want to be paid.

  32. The real question is: will the prog machine realize they crowned the wrong Pat before it’s too late?

  33. They know that Higgins will get spanked and are placing their hopes on Cleary, who will also get spanked.

  34. I am a Higgins fan. That said, at the Feb. 23rd board of sups meeting it was disclosed that when the Headwaters Fund that Cleary was overseeing was established it had 18.4 million dollars in it. After all the payments made from the fund it now contains 20.7 million dollars. The guy must be pretty good with money.

  35. No, the County Treasurer and RREDC are good with money.

    Furthermore, look at the actual number of jobs that were created with all that cash…. not the made up numbers that they tell you about, but can never be verified. Just try to ask them to show you the jobs and how much they pay…

    Tom, there is a big difference between fund balance and cash balance. Most of the money is tied up in risky loans…

  36. I don’t know if growing the fund is a good thing – it seems to me that it was intended to be used, not loaned out to businesses, spent to offset the impact to the community, and to the timber workers, to do something to replace the industry that was affected. Re-training timber workers might be one aspect of that – as it was specifically with the Park expansion.

    That has not happened. Most of the people I know think it is a scam and an abject failure.

    If the fund has 20 million or a billion (millions are so last week) – of what benefit is that?

    If you think about it, its intended purpose is essentially impossible.

  37. 3% Tom.

  38. It’s true! Progressive’s don’t understand basic math.

    Shit. Let’s start with PRT=I. This is a simple interest formula you should have mastered in 7th or 8th grade. I won’t confound your poor brain with anything more complicated like compound interest.

    $18,400,000 x 2% annual rate of return x (10 years) = $ 3,680,000 interest.

    Add the Principle + Interest, and…HOLY SHIT! 22 million dollars!

  39. This just in! Bonnie now has a Facebook fan site. Let the flame wars and ugliness start! Find it at

  40. I’m often in disagreement with Republican Rose but she’s exactly right here. The fund was to help WORKERS and not ski bunnies wanting shorter flights to Utah. Pat Cleary made sure his liberal money machine buddies at Arcata Economic Development Corporation gets to overseas the various revolving loan funds, much of which gets funneled through local non-profits run by the same circle of partisan Dems all passing the bucks around. Not one dime to build a local factory or improve local transportation (either our crumbling roads or our joke of a bus system). Not one dime to get a broadband line actually BUILT.

  41. So Bonnie has been on the broadband committee for like, what, six years? her and Connie. Connie who couldn’t get the fish hatchery done, but was happy to come to the ribbon cutting.

    Lotsa talk on heraldo today about Bonnie’s accomplishments…. because it is politically expedient right now – what the heck it better than when they kept saying they were going to hold their nose and vote for her.

  42. If Cleary plans on running county govt the way Cleary runs radio stations, I’m scared! Have you ever actually listened to KSLG or KHUM? They have to be 2 of the worst music stations I have ever heard. And Cleary has clearly bungled his handling of KHSU as well.

  43. …and if you believe that I will want to talk to you about buying a bridge in Arizona.


  44. hahahaha another kool-aid drinker. That’s what they want you to think, but MO is the orchestrater of the whole thing: surveying the property to get her in the race, changing her registration to Democrat, managing Richard’s campaign in order to get him on board, trying to freeze Leonard out the list is endless. Do you think Richard knows anything about running a campaign?

  45. My family has lived in the 5th district for quite some time, and, frankly, I never even knew that Pat Cleary lived here. I thought he was on the Arcata City Council or something.

    Higgins might be a loose cannon, but at least I’ve heard of him.

  46. You should have been at the Friends of College Cove meeting in Westhaven where Higgins exploded because an audience member questioned him and he told the person to shut up. Great leadership material here!

  47. You have to admit the Board Meetings would be a lot more fun… I would show up every Tuesday at 1:30 just to see if 3 minutes was enough to get his head to explode….

  48. Bet Cleary would have just shit if he saw the 350 to 400 people that turned out to support Ryan Sundberg last night in Trinidad.

  49. Cleary had an event at the Fieldbrook Market (good venue) today that started at 5:00. At 5:20 there were less than 10 cars and at 6:30 there were a few over 20. Not a huge response. Now just check out Ryan’s event the day before with 350 to 400 people.

  50. Handwritting already on the wall?

    It’s never too late to drop out and focus on running his many business interests and investment portfolio. I hear he is good at that.

  51. Cleary is putting together the old HSU Arcata liberal crowd of the past. They offer little in this day and age and his messed up Headwaters Fund stuff just does not cut it in the 5th.

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