Dear Bugs,

Although I am part of the Hagen campaign team, my involvement is
somewhat peripheral. I am not running the day-to-day operations. Not
that I mind being mentioned on your blog, I just don’t want people to
think I’m the go-to guy for the campaign.

Shane Brinton

Damn! This is the closest we’ve come to being right about anything in a long time. But thanks, friend, and good luck sending Gallegos back to his wildly unsuccessful private practice.


30 Responses

  1. Does peripheral involvement mean supplying “herb” to the campaign staff?

  2. Geez, don’t send anything to the Mirror if it can be twisted to make you look bad. Can’t wait ’til Mirror gets outted. Then what?

  3. How does that make Shane look bad? I think he looks pretty good. And I also wish him luck “sending Gallegos back to (a long and happy, and prosperous career in) private practice.

  4. Thanks to Shane for his good nature. Although we don’t share the same world view, I appreciate the positive tone brings to political discussions.

    Compare that to fellow Prog Wunderkind Chris K.

    I think CCM above has mistaken the two…

  5. You think Chris K is a “wunderkind” ? He is a smarmy, slimy, looser who thinks he is Elvis re-incarnate. Poor dumb thing. He’ll wake up one morning without it – and it will be his fault.

  6. It does demonstrate about how Loco Solutions PAC, which Shane Brinton once swore to oppose with his own progressive caucus after they tried to stab him in the back and failed in that High School Board race in 2005, is now running him and running Hagen on behalf of their Democracy Limited masters.

    Shane’s also carrying water for DUHC by fronting for that loser Democracy & Corporations freak committee’s bill bringing Measure T whacko crapola to Arcata’s otherwise successful campaign finance laws.

    In other words, yes, it’s possible we might get somebody even worse than Gallegos out of this year’s race. Remember Steve Schectman from the recall election?

  7. Than none of us won’t what to think about anything. We need this blog to tell us what to do.

  8. Here’s a simple answer to that Rose. He wrote to a blog. That should tell you more than enough right there.

  9. Imagine when he wakes up and realizes he isn’t God’s gift to politics

  10. And so are you and I. No, Shane’s always been very forthright when it comes to standing up for himself. Nothing wrong with that.

  11. You cannot seriously compare anyone to the smarmy Recall-shill, Schectman. No.

    Don’t go there. Paul Hagen is a good man. I wish he wasn’t associated with Local Solutions as much as anyone, but I know him to be a good man.

  12. I said “prog wunderkind”. I guess it’s hard to get sarcasm to work well on blogs.

  13. Good man? Who he is at home is of no consequence to me.

    Good candidate? If he’s being run by Loco Solutions, then by definition, he can’t be a good candidate because he does the bidding of some very creepy Arcata Mafia people.

    Nuff said. Hagen will never get my vote. If it were him and Gallegos in the run-off, I’d probably not vote for that race at all, or even hold my nose and vote for the incumbent.

  14. Thank you Rose. Not that it matters, but Shane doesn’t partake of cannabis. I don’t even think he drinks alcohol. He’s a pretty clean kid. He doesn’t deserve to be smeared.

  15. NO ONE deserves to be smeared. Yet Heraldo, Bon Bon and Salzman excel at smearing people. And have you EVER read the comments at the TS comment site?

  16. Well no shit LOL

  17. Good people or not, Bryson and Hagen are who to vote for if you are voting against Gallegos. Jackson is who to vote for DA. The problem with voting against a candidate is that is how we got Gallegos in the first place.

  18. If Jackson threatens to bring back the corruption of Terry Farmer, is that what we really want? Humboldt County’s endemic corruption, conviction and imprisonment of two of its sheriffs and various other criminals and government; Gallegos has screwed up bad, but not quite bad enough to call for a return to the bad old days.

  19. and who was Terry Farmers wife during that period of time.

  20. OUCH, square on the nuts for our proggie friends!

  21. I’m with you there lowblow/beltline. I was a Marks voter in the 06 primary but in the run-off I had to vote for Nancy Fleming on the premise that a new crook is better than an old one.

    I’m really torn this year. I will never vote for Bass. Leonard’s flip flops really disgust me, but where else can I turn?

  22. […] Correction « The Humboldt Mirror […]

  23. That’s a real stretch – and a Salzman tactic – to try to state that since SOME elected officials were bad, therefore his punching bag, Terry Farmer was also.

    Stop and realize what he is doing. THINK. He lays his groundwork. This, therefore that, then he links his next attack, equating his newer target with Farmer.

    The fact is Terry Farmer served his community well for – what was it? 17 years? And then Salzman, for Gallegos, said he was infirm, and laid the groundwork there. He claimed Farmer had been there too long. He didn’t allege “corruption” then when he would have been called on it. He claimed Farmer had been there too long, and it was time for him to be replaced – the opposite argument he now makes with regards to Bonnie Neely.

    Now, because he still cannot run Gallegos on his own record, he continues to try to run against the spectre he created.

    The Terry Farmer bugaboo is now his catchall – and he wants you lulled into his false meme. Don’t buy it.

    I for one would have more respect for Bonnie Neely if she would act the powerful stateswoman that she is, and tell this rabid dog to stand down, and stop smearing her husband, and her husband’s memory this way. To continue to say nothing in the face of these craven attacks in hopes of keeping a seat – I don’t know what to say about what that tells me. It’s an incredible reminder of just how dirty politics are. Sell your husband.

    Like Terry Farmer? No? Even so – do you like these tactics? Are you fooled?

  24. First issue of Savage Henry Magazine came out today. Tick tick you anonymous morons.

  25. Mr. Durant

    Pugilistic punctilliousness does not become you.

  26. Link?

  27. I hope you tick tocked your way over to heraldo’s and made same lame threat fatman.

    Something tells me you didnt…

  28. Nope…

  29. Not a thing over at Heraldo’s, who’s multiple daily posts far out post anything over here at this blog.

    Go on over there, you savage beast and stir up that nest.

  30. Anonymous morons? lol you pathetic idiot. You do realize you’re the bozo who is putting out a bounty for who can identify the guy that called you fat?

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