Why ask why?

Because she’s not going to answer the fucking question anyway.

How many days to go until this shit is over?

From the interview by Daniel Mintz  with the Bon Bon at her re-election kickoff on the March 3 KMUD local news program at 6 p.m.

Mintz: “And one of the contributions that people are talking a lot about is $10,000 that was given by a southern California developer. People are asking the question ‘well, why would a southern California developer care about the outcome of an election all the way up here in Humboldt County?’ What is your response?”

Neely: “Uh, well, uh, I’ve been not only a county supervisor, but also a state officer. I have held, uh, state office for more than 10 years, uh, county…err…statewide. And, uh, as such, as a member of the Board of Forestry and the California Coastal Commission, I have done a lot of work, which people have observed and I am proud to say that I am getting some support from coastal commissioners and other folks who have…witnessed…who have seen me in, uh, uh, work in terms of, uh, our community and that is why I think I have some support from outside the area.”

Mintz: “And the other thing people are saying is that donor is going to expect something in return. What is your response to that?”

Neely: “The rules regarding, uh, participation and, uh, votes are very strict on the Coastal Commission. They are laws that are very specific about what you can or can’t do if you have received a contribution. And so I will follow all of those laws and I will not participate if I have a conflict of interest.”

64 Responses

  1. The link doesn’t seem to be working. What was the date of the interview?

  2. “Due to a computer failure beyond KMUD’s control the Audio Archive is currently impaired. Shows prior to Friday, February 26 are not available. Also the podcast links appear to be broken. However, you can download the (normally podcast) shows. We’re working with the fine folks at asis.com on restoring everything. We’re told that probably after March 15 things should be back to normal. Thanks for your understanding.”

  3. After 24 years, Bonnie knows how to avoid a question. She is desperate for funds and just can’t rely on Bill Pierson for everything.
    Virginia will make a good Supervisor when she replaces Bonnie.

  4. Jeff Leonard has my vote. No big money, no bullshit. This guy is the definition of integrity and work ethic.

    Make all the jokes you want about his height…he’s head and shoulders above the rest.

  5. PERFECT photo on this posting bugs!!! ….So long bon bon; hope the door hits your ass on the way out!

  6. Virginia hasn’t made a good mayor. She is a nice lady, but get real, Mathew. She doesn’t have the stones to take a stand on anything. What’s her platform?

  7. I once liked Bonnie. No longer. I don’t trust her any longer either. Now it is all about power and control for her and not what is right or wrong for Eureka or Humboldt. That’s what happens after 24 years. She is terrified of losing her death grip of power. Good job Mintz and good question.

  8. Pierson’s can shove those free arbor day trees down Bonnie’s trap. Anything to shut her up.

  9. “She is terrified of losing her death grip of power”

    I think that’s the problem. If she could remain on the CC without running again I think she would go quietly.
    She can’t remain on the commission if she isn’t an elected official. Trust is the problem. It’s hard to trust someone whose hatred of one family makes her so biased she can’t bring herself to favor clean up of an obvious toxic dump. Unfortunately, Bonnie is on a power trip. Personally, I like her but she is a very poor representative and we need to vote her out. She is no longer connected to our concerns. Sad, really.

  10. deleted

  11. Such childish comments don’t belong even here.

  12. Great line. Might make a neat campaign slogan for him.

  13. She sure seems to know how to spend her money too. She recently spent the $10 grand to buy contractors to do a push pull survey from Oregon to slander her other opponents.

  14. That’s hilarious!

  15. Not to quibble, but my counter says 87 days til the June 8th election. 87 days 4 hours and 23 minutes and some seconds.

    It’s alot longer to November. A full election cycle is more than a year out of your life. It’s tough on all the candidates.

  16. Anonymous 7:51,
    Do you know what a Mayor does besides break a tie vote on the council? She is an excellent example of what a Mayor should be-a representative of the City. Besides running her own business for years, she has a degree in business and English from Humboldt state. Yes, she is a nice lady but she has worked very hard and raised great kids. That is more than Bonnie has done, right there. Jeff is a nice guy, too, but he will probably give us 4 more years of the Bon Bon.

  17. That is a great line. I wil put the committee to work on where to put that provided we have Viv’s approval.

  18. I have heard about it, but no details. When we were art Art’s alive someone stopped by to tell us about it. However, the regaae band was competing so I don’t know what was asked.

  19. Jeff is a nice guy. The community would be well served by his hard work in many places.
    Unfortunately this does not seem to be his year for Supervisor.

    I would not want to be him if he ends up in third place forcing a runoff in November where Neely came out on top.

  20. No pun, but Jeff is a far bigger man than that. He would never allow that to happen.

  21. I think you’re correct. 90 days and counting was Tuesday.

    Not to quibble, jus’ sayin’……
    ; )

  22. What is with the Jeff signs? Can’t read them and they are out way too early.

  23. The signs are very hard to read. The part you can read does not even mention who they are for…

  24. Oh yeah. Never mind that you see those childish comments EVERYWHERE on every fucking blog. Apparently here the most.

  25. According to the office of The County of Humboldt, campaign signs are not allowed to go up until 60 days prior to election. The election for the primary is June 8th

  26. Mission accomplished!!

  27. How so?

  28. Yup, go look look it up with the people of the Elections Department

  29. I hate political signs, especially empty lots where every candidate appears to be represented

    Shame on you Barb

  30. Give back the Pierson money Barb. Then you really have a strong platform. The other campaigns just reek of special interest money.

  31. Oh fuck off humres.

  32. We did. I have the paper in my hand. Perhaps you should check with the city political sign ordinance?

  33. Shame on me? Are you saying no other candidate is going to put up signs???

  34. Should be an interesting political season.
    And if that’s the actual transcript of Neeley’s answers, she’s going to have a tough campaign.

  35. No, for starting so damn early. The others will undoubtedly follow your lead.


  36. All the other candidates are waiting for the 60 day requirement to put up signs. If you do indeed have the paper that proves what the actual date is of when we can legally put up signs, why don’t you scan it into the computer and show it to us?

  37. Oh that’s the real transcript Jen. It was painstakingly transcribed with every “uh,” “um” and “err” that she uttered. Yeah, Bonnie is definitely in bad shape this election…

  38. svf,
    check the candidate’s packet, dumbass. It’s all there in B&W. The Leonard campaign obviously read the ordinance and the rest of the candidates haven’t. Barb is right. Sometimes when you snooze you lose.

  39. The signs are a good thing. It tells you democracy is alive and well. Look at the good side. The candidate cares enough to let you know they are running. Instead of slinging arrows, pitch in and help the ones you care about.

  40. They were intended to cause buzz. They apparently have accomplished the mission.

  41. Yes, but is it bad enough that she can be defeated? And defeated soundly! It would be a ‘twofer”, as my kids say, off the Sups and off the Coastal Commission. The mantra I am hearing about this election year is: No incumbents, No initiatives, No bullshit.

    And, it is not just me being my usual cranky self.

  42. If the Leonard campaign actually read the document, why don’t you provide us with a link to an image or site that proves my claim about the 60 days. If you can’t and won’t, I’m going to assume you’re full of shit hiding behind these computers like every other jackass on this blog. Until you provide that one proof that I am wrong, I will take back what I said about the 60 days. Besides, signs do not translate into votes. The people displaying the signs could easily change their mind or take down their sign at any moment as I have seen happen before with the John Ash campaign. The action of getting out there to vote counts more then signs.

  43. I checked with Carolyn Crnich and technically Jeff’s signs went up 1 day early. It is a 90 day timeline. Back to Bonnie’s um,er, uh, She sounds just like Mike Thompson when he is not answering a question. Vote them both out. There is a guy running, Loren Hanks. Look on the internet for his bio. Thanks, bugs!

  44. We put the signs up on Tuesday. By our count that was exactly 90 days prior to Tuesday, June 8th.

    I am happy you did sun valley farms homework for him. Thanks,

  45. Why would it be Jeff’s fault if Virginia doesn’t beat Bonnie? That doesn’t compute. I intend to vote for Jeff this June in the primary. If he doesn’t win, I’ll decide in November who to vote for in the General Election.
    I assume that if people are satisfied with Bonnie, she should have no problem receiving 50% plus one vote this June. If she doesn’t get that number of votes, we might have a good race on our hands in November.
    Jeff has already demonstrated on two occasions that he knows how to win an election in this County, let’s see what happens.

  46. If it is against the rules, don’t you think the other candidates would have lodged a complaint?
    Besides isn’t being on the Supervisors the type of job that occasionally requires close, careful reading of laws and a prudent decision to proceed with an action that won’t result in a lawsuit? Sounds like Jeff is good at that type of thinking.

  47. SVG,

    When did you stop beating your significant other?

  48. The burden is on YOU, svfm to prove you have stopped.

  49. Amen

  50. I heard recently that Jeff Leonard is favorable toward massive illegal subdivisions. Sounds like the perfect Supervisor candidate, eh Mr. Bareilles?

  51. Ken, For most this seems obvious but lets take it a step at a time. Assume for a moment that most of the electorate that votes for Jeff would vote for Bass if Jeff were not running. It follows that if those votes went to Virginia in the primary and caused her to go over 50% then the community is saved from another four years of the Bon Bon and her evilness. If Jeff stays in and the “Jeff vote” keeps Bass from going over 50% due to the dilution of the moderate vote in June then there is only one man who is responsible. June to November is a very, very long time, if Bon Bon ultimately wins when Bass could have won in June…. You get the idea.

    This does not even take in to account the additional time and money that will have to be wasted.

    Jeff is a great guy, lets hope that over the next few weeks he realistically evaluates his position. If he truly believes he is likely or even reasonably likely to win he should absolutely stay in. If, after an unbiased soul searching he sees that he is unlikely to win he should do what is right for the community. He is in a very tough and unfair spot but that cannot be changed.

    The choice is his alone but there are literally thousands who’s future rests on his decision.

  52. Most political signs become an environmental problem when the politician is through with them. It would be nice to ban them altogether.

  53. Yeah, proggie, in your new world order who needs people to run for office? We no longer need them to read the bills the vote on. Heck, now they don’t even have to vote on ’em. Just ‘deem’ them passed.

    You can vote for a name on a sheet of paper, and instead of real candidates going to work in an office every day, or going into chambers to vote, we can just fill in the blank for them. It’s a lot cheaper. no limos, no office staffs. it’s great. And a whole lot less messy, too.

    Nah. I’ll take the campaign signs.

  54. So, Rose, can you catch me up…are we allowed to breathe today? Or is that reserved for invertebrates today?

    Oh and about that pesky toliet paper issue…perhaps Our Proggie can illuminate us as to how to cleanse one’s privates in the environmental correct, respect of the biosphere methodology.

  55. Who says I have a significant other? lol. I don’t. Have you noticed that my name here ends in the word mole? My only others are the birds, bees, and ants that surround the entry into my house lol

  56. The other candidates without a doubt apparently have had no problems complaining about other candidate’s signs. Just ask Carolyn Crnich about the complaints she has gotten and from what sides. They’re from all over the place! No matter who got in that seat would have to be good at reading laws and fine print. Seeing as all the candidates are already in public office, they’re all used to reading all the fine print.

  57. To Anonymous,
    I totally understand your logic, but Jeff can make the same argument that Virginia is costing him a chance to win this June. That’s what elections are for.(Incidentally this would be a great time for an instant runoff ballot) Jeff put it out there last year that he was going to run, Virginia made a decision to run against him and Bonnie in a three way primary.
    You pay your money and you take your chances.

    To Hum Resident, I don’t know what Jeff’s position is on illegal subdivisions. I am simply going to point out that my name is Ken Bareilles Jr, and my father’s name is Ken Bareilles. Why don’t you tell me your name and I will ask you to take credit for all the actions of your parents.

  58. This is what I found in the California Business and Professions Code, which states ninety (90) days. Perhaps local ordinances
    require 60 days?

    5405.3. Nothing in this chapter, including, but not limited to,
    Section 5405, shall prohibit the placing of temporary political
    signs, unless a federal agency determines that such placement would
    violate federal regulations. However, no such sign shall be placed
    within the right-of-way of any highway or within 660 feet of the edge
    of and visible from the right-of-way of a landscaped freeway.
    A temporary political sign is a sign which:
    (a) Encourages a particular vote in a scheduled election.
    (b) Is placed not sooner than 90 days prior to the scheduled
    election and is removed within 10 days after that election.
    (c) Is no larger than 32 square feet.
    (d) Has had a statement of responsibility filed with the
    department certifying a person who will be responsible for removing
    the temporary political sign and who will reimburse the department
    for any cost incurred to remove it.

  59. Ken,

    You seem like a pretty nice guy and hopefully are capible of truly unbiased evaluation. In response to a couple of your points:

    “I totally understand your logic, but Jeff can make the same argument that Virginia is costing him a chance to win this June.”

    You are totally correct. Both Jeff and Virginia are aiming for more or less the same moderate portion of the electorate. The question is not who will be the better Supervisor or even who best represents the people of Eureka though I think we both believe that either would do an admirable job and. The real issue is who is most likely to kick Bonnies ass and when. Both candidates should really and truly evaluate their chances. They should do so with the best interests of the community in mind and not what they would like to happen or what they stubbornly believe should happen or even what they think they are entitled to. What is at stake is the future of thousands of families and the community that both candidates so obviously and passionately care about. They both should consider which is in the better position to bring a positive future to your children and mine and the less likely should proudly bow out.


    ” Jeff put it out there last year that he was going to run, Virginia made a decision to run against him…”

    As I said, you seem a pretty nice guy and I mean no slight to Jeff but is is abundentally clear that at least part of the reason Jeff announced his campaign over a year in advance was to stake his claim and perempt Virginia or someone else from running. That was his choice and his right to do, that does not make it prudent or anyone else’s fault.

    In the end, both Jeff and Virginia will have to live with the results of their respective decisions to stay in the race. Hopefully they will each set aside their personal ambitions and biases for the greater good. They should both be aware of the impacts of their choice on their future and ours.

  60. “You pay your money and you take your chances.”

    Ken, were it only so.

    It is not about your money, my money, Virginia’s money or Jeff’s. In fact, it is not about money at all. It is about people, families, children and their hopes and dreams. Further, it is anything but a game and it would be best if we all took what is really at stake to heart.

  61. Anonymous:

    I understand your comments, but I don’t necessarily agree. First of all I think Virginia is very clearly running on Bonnie’s right. I think Jeff can make the same argument there. Where I see Jeff as differentiating himself from Virginia as a challenger is that both in age, policies,and actions, he has established himself as a credible candidate for progressive voters. I don’t think Virgina can make the same claim.
    Jeff’s work on the skate park and Cesar Chavez park are concrete examples of this, as is his participation on the Energy Authority working to conserve energy.
    And for that matter when it comes to Partisan affiliation, both Virginia and Bonnie switched to Democrat at around the same time, (after the Obama election) in what I see as a pretty transparent move to play toward the moderates and left leaning voters.
    Believe me, I understand that this isn’t a game, but I honestly feel that Jeff is the most qualified of the threee candidates, if evaluated on a sum of energy, experience, knowledge and ability to compromise.
    Virginia and Bonnie both have a great base, as evidenced by their contributions, but I wonder how many of both of their contributors actually live in the fourth district?

  62. Ken, I think you have missed the point, as has Jeff. None of this is about who is the most qualified. It is about who can beat Bonnie. This is the only factor that Jeff and Virginia should weigh in their decision to steo out.

  63. With all due respect,
    I think Jeff can beat Bonnie. If I didn’t think he could win, I wouldn’t support him.

    There is a crowd of people in Eureka that keeps supporting the conservative candidate. They supported Rex against Chris, Nancy against Bonnie, Worth against Paul. I supported all those candidates too. But that coalition of votes has proven to be the loyal (and minority) opposition. It is going to take a candidate that can appeal to enough progressive voters to create a majority.

    I think Jeff is that candidate, and you feel otherwise. I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree.

    As to who can beat Bonnie, I think either candidate is viable, but Jeff is trying to run his campaign around what he has already done FOR the city of Eureka. Give him a chance to work full time on the city’s behalf, and let him advocate at the county level to allocate more of the county dollars back to the city of Eureka.

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