District Four voters subjected to campaign of terror

25 Responses

  1. Let’s make out, Bugsy.

  2. I was speaking at the lecturn once to the BOS and she looked at me with those eyes and I almost forgot what I was saying. Her new glasses make it even worse.

  3. Bonnie’s death stare is famous, She can make most people shrink away in fear, just look what she does to Jimmy.

  4. Hey, wait just one minute – isn’t that masthead image actually Rob Arkley Sr?

  5. That or the mother who taught you your manners.

  6. Manners? On the F’ing Mirror?

    We have a candidate for comment of the day

  7. Is that Chairman Clif in the background?

  8. Manners? Who are you? Don’t fuck with Mirror! Mirror for BOS!

  9. 9 responses and not one real human that can vote.
    Things are looking good for Bonnie.

  10. You poor stupid moron. You really expect us to believe that this is actually Bonnie Neely? Prove it.

  11. You are one dumb SOB mole

  12. Can we all vote whether to ban Sun Valley Mole from this blog?

  13. Hey Jeniffer, I mean Sun Valley Mule, people are starting to get tired of your shit. Bugger off, m’kay?

  14. Wait a minute…that is Clif on the, uh, piano? WTF?

  15. I vote. I intend to vote in June. I don’t intend to vote for Neely. No effing way.

  16. The sun valley mole has his own stupid blog that is the worst P O S I’ve ever seen. He tries to make up for his incompetence by slamming the company. Real story = he got fired from a menial job and cant get over it. He must have been one hell of an employee. All in support of a full ban.

  17. Leave the mole alone…and go comment on Heraldo’s 9/11 story. Much better than Bonnie bashing.
    I do like your photoshop shit bugs…but you gotta keep up….

  18. Last night on the 6:00 news, she is going to save the zoo!! This is typical Bonnie grandstanding. She takes credit without doing the work. Makes it sound good. Let’s get rid or her once and for all!

  19. Hey, we welcome her aboard at last. Jeff actually suggested to the foundation this might be a good year to get her involved.

    Guess he was correct. Doesn’t matter, any help the Zoo can get is worth it.

  20. I am a 4th District voter. I will vote for Bonnie Neely in June, and again in November if need be, because her views on the future of Humboldt County mesh with my own. I believe she will win.

    Let the campaigning begin.

  21. I guess you can picture most of the county on unemployment, too.

  22. Humboldt County’s unemployment rate is lower than the state average. Take a look at the jobless rate in other rural California counties. Humboldt County is doing OK, considering the times.

    If you want, we can compare the per capita ratio of jobs lost in Eureka during Virginia Bass’ tenure as mayor to the per capita ratio of jobs lost in the county as a whole during Bonnie’s most recent term. The job loss statistics won’t reflect favorably on Virginia, whose campaign theme in 2006 was “fighting for jobs.”

    Or we can agree that neither Virginia Bass nor Bonnie Neely is responsible for the economic mess that has caused jobs to disappear. What do you say?

  23. What do I say? I say it’s time for Bonnie to go.

  24. “What do you say” What the F are you talking about? Unemployment rate? Let’em smoke another fattie and then eat cakkee!!!!!!

  25. Bugger off? Is this really Bonny Neely?

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