Gosh. Who do you think commissioned this poll?

"Nuh uh--YOU'RE stupider."

Oh and Bon Bon–a quick thought, if we may: When conducting super-stealthy push polls, it’s generally a good idea to avoid polling members of the opposition’s campaign team.


“Good afternoon, may I please speak with ____________?

My name is _____ with EMC Marketing.  We are conducting a poll in Humboldt County and I would like to take a moment of your time and ask you a few questions. I won’t be selling you anything, but rather conducting an informational interview.

Are you a registered voter?

Will you be voting in the upcoming June primaries?

Do you feel Humboldt County is on the right track or the wrong track?

Do you feel that one of the most important issues in the upcoming elections is the cleanup of our environment?

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “not important” and 10 being “extremely important” to you – can you please tell me how you feel about the following subjects?

  • Jobs
  • Taxes
  • Health care
  • Grow houses
  • Forest lands
  • Crime
  • Roads
  • Schools

For the following people and/or groups, please tell us whether you have an “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” opinion of the following:

  • Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Sierra Club
  • Sheriffs
  • Rob Arkley
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Wes Chesbro
  • Patti Berg
  • Paul Gallegos

In the upcoming Fourth District Supervisor’s race, how do you feel about the following candidates — “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive”?

  • Jeff Leonard
  • Bonnie Neely
  • Virginia Bass

Now we would like to ask you a series of questions. Please tell us which of these two statements best reflects your views:

A.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely has been in office for 24 years, which is too long.  She needs to go.
B.   Supervisor Bonnie Neely works tirelessly for our community.  She cleaned up Old Town Eureka. She protects our environment and built our library.

Which of those statements best reflects your views?

For the following questions, please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Bonnie Neely started the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival, which brings in $3 million to our local community and many jobs.

Bonnie Neely believes in smart growth.

Bonnie Neely voted to increase her own salary.

Bonnie Neely has been in office for too long and should retire.

Bonnie Neely is the champion of protecting our environment by stopping the oil drilling off the Humboldt coastline.

Bonnie Neely stopped Wal-Mart.

Bonnie Neely brought forward the children’s health initiative, which gave 4,000 needy children health coverage.

Bonnie Neely is the chair of the California Coastal Commission.

Bonnie Neely switched political parties from Republican to Democrat, so she can’t be trusted if she changes her ideals.

Bonnie Neely will fight developers and demand a full clean up of our environment. She will fight the frivolous lawsuits that are delaying the clean up of our environment.

Now I’m going to change over to questions to Virginia Bass.  Please tell us whether you have “strongly unfavorable,” “unfavorable,” “neutral” or “positive” or “strongly positive” opinion of the following statements:

Virginia Bass’ biggest supporter is Rob Arkley, a right-wing billionaire who is trying to buy the Humboldt County Supervisor race with thousands of dollars of contributions to Virginia.

Virginia Bass is a life-long resident who gives to our local community by being the former president of the Kiwanis, a board member of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and board member of the Humboldt County Conventioneers Visitors Bureau.

Virginia Bass told the North Coast Journal, “I’ve never dealt with an environmental cleanup before.”  She has mismanaged the cleanup of the Balloon Track.

Virginia Bass took a free ride on the Arkley jet, which she never reported, to attend a George W. Bush fundraiser.

Virginia Bass has served the City of Eureka well.

Virginia Bass allowed the City of Eureka spending to get out of control.  She raised our taxes and cut funding to the Eureka Fire Department and Sequoia Zoo.

Virginia Bass is supported by 30 right-wing developers and businessmen who contributed over $300,000 to her campaign so they can influence loose environmental laws, increase forest clear-cutting and build more houses.

Virginia Bass says it’s time for a change.

Virginia Bass is a lifelong resident with deep roots to our community, whose family owned OH’s Townhouse.

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Jeff Leonard, Bonnie Neely, and Virginia Bass?

If the June primary election was held today — who would you vote for between Bonnie Neely and Virginia Bass?

Thank you for your time.


45 Responses

  1. I got push polled by a robotic Senator John Boner before the last election. He had much to say about abortion and the democrat party in much the same way. I wondered why he called me of all people?
    I mean seriously, WTF?

  2. This survey cost $10K to contract surveyors to conduct this survey. A trace of this phone number used to do the push poll confirmed this. Bonnie got $10K recently, care to rebutt Bonnie? This traced call lead to RDD Field Services in Portland, OR. Do a search on Google Maps for RDD Field Services in Portland, OR

  3. D’oh! I agree.

  4. I’m curious,

    What is the poll pushing? It looks like its trying to see where the public stands on Bass vs Neely, and which issues are important. Are you suggesting that the poll will push people to vote for Neely? Are you suggesting that the wording of the questions will give results that are more favorable to Neely?

    I don’t quite follow the premise here. Could somebody briefly get me up to speed on this.


  5. Ms. Leland,

    Please stop posting here. Nobody cares about your stupid, uninformed opinions. Stick to writing trashy novels.

  6. First guess:

    Humboldt Sunshine?

  7. Second Guess:

    Eureka Coalition for Jobs?

  8. Third guess:

    CUE IV

  9. Uh, “4th District Voter” guy,

    nobody cares about your attempt to distract from the obvious. YOU, SIR ARE A DOUCHE!

  10. Googling EMC Marketing – I don’t see much

    Obviously a Push Poll though.

  11. This is not a push poll but it was definitely conducted by Bonnie let see if she reports it.

    What is going on here is she is trying to craft a campaign message and understand her strenghts and weaknesses. She thinks Jeff Leonard is irrelevant because she doesn’t test his positive negatives.

    However she is sharping her fangs for Virgina, by testing lots of sleezy labeling. Bonnie is going to be a bitch and try to tear Virginia down. Be strong Virginia, this indicates that she is desparate.

    Interestly Bonnie does not test her positive negatives in a manner that will give her information that will be of use. No questions about Marina Center which is overwhemlingly popular, little information will be gained by “she voted to give hearself a raise” or “she has been in office to long” . If she wanted to get real numbers she would have stated the actualy numbers such as $10,000 per yr. raise or 20 plus years in office or taking $10000 contributions from out of town developers.

    She waisted a lot of money by not testing her weaknesses, maybe she can’t bear the truth as it would desimate her ego.

  12. I did research based on the phone number that was used to call me for the push poll. Did you? Aw, how sad. Looks like I got you stuck!

  13. Take the number that was used from the other side to poll you. Put that phone number in a whitepages.com search using the phone number field. Than Google that phone number. You’ll see exactly what I am talking about

  14. How much did Arkley’s anti-Coastal Commission ads cost?

  15. DESPERATION – a fragrance by Calvin Klein?

  16. Easily 3x the cost of this poll

  17. I find it remarkable that so many people are interested in Rob Arkley’s involvement in local political races. He and Cherie have not given , or endorsed in many election cycles, to my knowledge. Yet NO ONE seems to flutter when it is revealed what Bill Pierson / Sedgewick properties (or whatever it’s name is…) regularly gives $7500, or $10,000. to candidates running against progress for our county. What is the deal? is everyone scared? intimidated? Are all bought by Pierson? just curious……

  18. If you are against something, then claim that Arkley is for it, if you are against a candidate, then say Arkley is supporting the candidate, simple. Many think that this sells thier argument.

  19. All Progressive candidates are bought and sold at the feet of the “Big Hammer.” No secret to the the Humboldt Political underworld. The general public just doesn’t care.

  20. So what if I did commission this poll? It is my money and I can do whatever I want with it!

  21. Mirror, get off your ass! There was a shooting! Make us laugh!

  22. You think I am stupid enough to think this is Bonny Neely? Prove it. show me your government ID.

  23. I guess my question is this; Rob and Cherie have done so much for this community, and Pierson very little. He basically spends his waking hours, eating, photograhing, and sucking off the community. How did Right become wrong??? and so forth… don’t Eureka residents want a boardwalk? a Performing Arts Center?….. a Zoo…..still puzzeled….

  24. Good question. It’s Animal Farm.

  25. Not too much funny about that…most of the west side of Eureka is a stinking cesspool of drugs and debauchery (DO NOT whatever you do mention that on that other site, they are a teensy bit sensitive). If one believes the tittle-tattle floating around, the unfortunate young man was aquitted of a very similar crime by our Superior Court and thus was free to threaten again, another day.

    I will say it again, EPD did what they had to do. And to add, they are bringing in imparital outside agency to review, instead of opening themselves up to the endless stream of local “review” which means constant critisim from blowhards who know jack diddly squat about law enforcement.

    And it also looks as those the Gags-monster will be wicked busy, since the US Marshalls came to town and did his work for him. Do you think that Hislop will get any election milage out of this or the shooting?

  26. Over on the other site, they are trying really, really hard to somehow tie the shooting to Rob Arkely. I am amazed at the dastardly deeds and general malficence laid at his feet. Isn’t there a better boogeyman?

  27. I really don’t get this town; most towns/cities would be thrilled to have someone like him and his family…..

  28. In this bastion of liberalism, the Arkleys have committed the cardinal sin of ……success. When I was a kid, everybody had it in for Pierson Sr.

    Also, when I was a kid, the Balloon Tract looked almost as bad as it looks now, not so many junkies about, but overgrown, and dilapitated all the same. I can remember people coming to blows over developing the waterfront. Back in those days, 2nd Street was dive bars and hookers. Of course, what you see know is really not that much of an improvment, but we have all had the limited development done sanctified by the liberal, “we know so much better than you’ crowd.

    Somedays, it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed! Especially when waiting for all those people coming to see the trees and bringing the tourist dollars to be our ‘new’ economy.

  29. Over at what site, Josephine? I haven’t seen the Flying Heraldo’s try to blame this on Arkley any more than this site has tried to blame it on Bonnie Neely.

    Try and stick with just a few facts…

    It is ironic that as Garr Neilson is Chief, that with very few exceptions, (mresquan and one or two others), they are falling all over themselves defending the police over at heraldoville…well, Garr IS Larry Glass’s Chosen One…
    Now THOSE are facts and allegations worth discussing. Hilarious to see plainjane as a huge supporter of law enforcement in this instance.

  30. Maybe we have finally found something we can all agree on.

    Some things really are so egregious that they transcend entrenched Star-Bellied-Sneetch mentalities.

    However – This comment was left on one of my posts way back when: “I was a juror and have to ask, speaking of those who “know Barger,” why didn’t the DA call any of the people who he was reported to have confessed to regarding the murder OTHER THAN a jailhouse snitch who got out of a felony and prison time due to his cooperation? Really, there wasn’t ANYONE else to call at all other than him or the other two that were there when Rex was killed and could have also easily shot Rex (and certainly wouldn’t confess anything on the stand that might put them in Barger’s place)?

    What about calling the other two passengers who were along for the ride in the truck? What about calling Rex’s wife who spent multiple nights in bongo’s bed following the murder (according to Bongo’s testimony)? No video of the layout of the crime scene/farm so the jury could piece together if the stories made sense? Not one picture of anything other that a picture of Rex’s credit card and driver’s license? Not one copy of the dozens of police interviews put into evidence? There was a reinactment of the crime starring bongo. No tape? Come on!

    The defense atty didn’t have to defend Barger because the DA did the job. Or maybe the DA thinks the people of Humbolt county don’t require things like evidence and non-compensated testimony.

    The experience of sitting on that jury was amazingly frustrating. When they both rested their cases I wanted to stand up and yell, “are you freaking KIDDING me?!”

    I don’t know why anyone would go after Garr in this instance – except for the fact that we all know if it wasn’t Garr in this position it would likely be a different scene at heraldo – in this instance, his guys did a good thing.

    The real question is why was this guy out and walking around?

  31. Stupid fucking idiot. You do a terrible job at trying to impersonate me. Get it right if you are trying to copycat

  32. Yes, Anon 9:11. Larry’s love for Nielsen makes officer-involved shootings almost chic. Heraldo sure seems to like them now. That’s what happens when marching orders change.

  33. For the love of Christ, please get a fucking life already

  34. I’d say any of us who frequent the blogs and comment as much as “Reality” need to heed his/her words and “get a fucking life”, including “Reality”…

  35. “Over on the other site, they are trying really, really hard to somehow tie the shooting to Rob Arkely.”

    Really!!!Can you point out exactly where?

  36. People on the blogs with a life? HHAHAHA Oh yeah. That sounds possible.

  37. Nobody gives a shit Rose

  38. Forgive me for going off-thread here Bugs, but I’d lijke to ask you to stop by my blog today and give me an opinion on the post there. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  39. That is not Ms. Leland, but I’m sure she’d be thrilled to learn of your interest in her work. Douchebag.

  40. We never heard of him, Dave. But he sounds like a major knob job.

  41. Relax, it was a ‘flying fart’ comment on one of those obscure ones you look at and go “What the hell is that?” Why are you het up about this?

  42. see above my good friend. Everybody needs to relax and think about this for a while:

    another officer involved shooting, the perp being not exactly a ‘productive member of society’. As to HIMSELF supporting the Chief of Police….the very least one can ask of a City Councilman, would one not suppose?

  43. ah, the 64K question. No conviction on the murder charge, but, hey , did get him for grand theft auto!
    Also, there is something about him being stopped and searched and found in possession of a firearm some days before that unfortunate business on Summer Street.

    Perhaps, and one does not want to judge, or be snarky, or point out obvious deficits….but, WHY THE HELL was this loser, piece of shit, excuse for a human being on the street?

    Paul Gallegos, Esquire, an answer, if you would be so kind.

  44. Indeed, I am not Ms. Leland. How many times do I have to tell you guys? I am a humble little mole that lives and used to work in the Arcata bottoms property within Sun Valley. You can call me mole by the way 😉

  45. I think they are spot on. I thought we proposed a full ban down on the farm?

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