She sure does get around!

So to speak.

And no, that’s not a thinly veiled Hobart-Brown-Halloween-party-the-year-she-wore-the-naughty-nun-outfit reference.

Oh fuck it–yes it is. But bygones!

This week found our Bon Bon reportedly attending the 2-day Managing Technology conference at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento.

Nice! Maybe she picked up some pointers on how to out pesky anonymous bloggers. Regardless, anyone want to guess who’s picking up the tab for this junket?

Good thing there’s no budget crunch!

Thanks to our Sacramento correspondent for keeping us informed!!

22 Responses

  1. I think you have some bad intel here. Or maybe you’re just making things up again. Bonnie was in Eureka today – I talked to her at the Ink People’s Artware Affair.

  2. That must have been her clone, withheld. She’s in Sacramento sucking off the public teat.

  3. You should have headlined this “That bitch is everywhere.” Because really, she is.

  4. withheld says he/she saw her in person,bugs says reportedly she’s in Sac.Hmmmm…..bugs,are you sure your correspondent is on target here?

  5. And withheld is usually such a reliable source.


    That partisan loser would sell his sister to a midget to defend Ms. Neely. I’m not convinced she’s the source of all evil in the world, but I do know that withheld’s relationship with the truth is of an on-again, off-again nature.

  6. Sell his sister to a midget? Brilliant, Consider!!

    But to be fair, we actually don’t think Ms. Neely is the source of all evil in the world. To do so would be to seriously undervalue important contributions by Paul Gallegos.

  7. With newly found computer skills she can help find herself a new job using

    Good luck with that!

  8. I’m was not defending Ms. Neely, I was simply stating a fact. She was not in Sacramento today, unless by “today” you mean earlier this week. A quick Google search shows that the two day conference in question was on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Now shifting into defense, what’s wrong with the fact that she went to a conference on improving the way government works? She was getting tips from radicals like the Governor of Utah. Scary huh? And we’ll have to assume that Bugs’ source was at the same conference – who paid for that?

  9. So now we’re expected to read the dates on our e-mails? What the fuck with that? But yes, she was there Wednesday Thursday, and the post has been corrected to reflect that. But really, withheld. You want to know who pays for private citizens to attend conferences? You think that’s your business? How like a prog.

  10. I forgot to ask: Was Bob Doran’s wife at the conference?

  11. Bugs, you should have known the Bon Bon would never give up a weekend to do something even tangentially related to that job we’re paying her six figures not to do.

  12. Withheld’s link is fucking hysterical. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest maybe the merry prankster bugs had a little something to do with it.

  13. Nice to see you admit you are wrong.

    Why would anyone assume your “correspondent” is a private citizen if they looked into the conference, which you clearly did not. The various tracks offered by Governing Magazine on Streamlined Government, Privacy and Security, Modernizing Critical Systems, and Government 2010 are clearly aimed at for those working in government.

    And you still haven’t answered the basic question, what’s wrong with our elected officials learning about how to improve the operation of government? Where’s the scandal?

  14. Are attending conferences like this out of the ordinary for elected officials?

  15. That’s exactly my point. What’s the big deal?

  16. It’s Bugs’ blog, so he can swap links at will. Were you shamed by our lack of basic fact checking? Interesting that you chose to link to an anti-government rant. Are you a secret teabagger Bugs? Maybe you don’t want our government officials to get better at their jobs.

    I did learn something. I thought that quote, “The devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” was from Keyser Söze not Baudelaire.

  17. Is attending regulatory meetings customary for elected officials? What was the big deal there, withheld? City of Eureka. Coastal Commission. Is it all coming back in one big-ass hypocritical rush?

  18. Who said there was a scandal, loser? Who? Where?

  19. That’s one of many things I love about withheld. His relentless attempt to create one straw man after another so he can fell like he’s done his civic duty for the day. Were there any sort of critical thinking requirements to comment on this blog, he’d be toast.

  20. If there was any kind of critical thinking requirement, we’d be toast….

  21. I think when withheld grows up, he can become a full-fledged drama queen. I hope it happens pretty soon, because his whiny little princess routine is getting old.

  22. whine, whine, whine spo-dee-O-dee, pass than bottle to me
    wassa matta 4:25 you don’t appreciate bullshit detectors?

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