EPD forced to clean up another Gallegos mess

If you think the District Attorney’s race doesn’t matter, consider the following from Saturday’s Times-Standard regarding the Eureka man who was shot and killed Thursday by the Eureka Police Department:

This isn’t the first time [David] Sequoia has been in the public eye for a firearm-related incident. He was acquitted by a Humboldt County jury in October 2008 of a murder charge, stemming from the 2003 shooting death of Rex Shinn. Standing trial under the name of Barger, Sequoia was accused of shooting Shinn twice in the head and once in the neck with a .357 revolver at point blank range on the premises of a Southern Humboldt marijuana growing operation.

The jury acquitted Sequoia of a charge of first-degree murder, but hung on the lesser included offense of second-degree murder. In November 2008, Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Max Cardoza announced that he had decided not to re-try Sequoia on the second-degree murder charge, saying jurors in the case told him that they were concerned about credibility issues with some of the prosecution’s key witnesses, many of whom had felony criminal records and were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony in the case.

According to court records, Sequoia also faced two other attempted murder charges and two allegations of felony assault in relation to a 2004 incident in which an alleged attempt to trade firearms for drugs went awry. One of the attempted murder charges was thrown out due to insufficient evidence in 2006, and it’s unclear what came of the other charges. A call placed to the prosecutor handling the case was not immediately returned by the Times-Standard’s deadline.

Sequoia was charged with one violent felony after another–including murder and attempted murder–and Gallegos gave us an acquittal, a hung jury, a thrown out charge and several more no one can even find while this guy runs through Eureka shooting at people in the middle of the day.

Sources inside the DA’s Office say Gags is filing every case he can get his hands on right now in an attempt to run his numbers up and make it look like he’s been doing something for the past 7 and a half years.

He’s been doing something all right.

Behold: This is it.

40 Responses

  1. Bugs are you guys backing Hagen or Jackson? They’re both Democrats and both decent human beings. I think Jackson probably has the stronger work history, because the bulk of Hagen’s experience is with environmental law, and personally I want a D.A. who’s more experienced with violent crime. But it could certainly go either way, and either way we’d be much better off than we are now.

  2. Count me as another vote for JACKSON!

  3. It’s quite a story how this guy came to be in jail! Complete with a pot grow, drug deals, more offers of immunity from the DAs Office, a case dismissed the day the trial was set to begin back in 2006 and refiled in 2007…

    According to past reports, Barger pleaded not guilty in late March to the July 19, 2003, murder of Rex Shinn; the Aug. 13, 2004, attempted murder of Brandon Fee; the Aug. 13, 2004, assault with a deadly weapon, being a firearm, of Brandon Fee; and the Aug. 13, 2004, assault with a deadly weapon, being a firearm, of Alvin Pires.

    Barger, 22, a resident of Southern Humboldt — who has gone by the last name of Sequoia — also issued denials to the various firearms-related special allegations listed on the complaint filed by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.

    …The police report alone, Sanders said in a previous interview, is more than 1,400 pages long….

    According to a Feb. 17, 2007, Declaration in Support of Arrest written by Sheriff’s detective Rich Schlesiger, Barger, Shinn and four other passengers piled into Shinn’s pickup on the morning of July 19, 2003, and headed to the Honeydew property of Scott Starnes, parking outside his front gate.

    Shinn and Barger then left the other passengers in the truck and went up and knocked on Starnes’ front door, according to the report. Starnes reportedly told investigators that he was awoken by the knocking, and was on his way to answer the door when he heard several gunshots.

    When Starnes opened the door, he found Shinn lying dead with a gunshot wound to the head and Barger running down the driveway, according to the report….

    Because Starnes had a marijuana growing operation on the property, according to the report, and was afraid to call law enforcement, he told investigators that he and Cordrey decided to use a backhoe to bury Shinn’s body near a pond on his property.

    According to other documents in Barger’s case file, both Cordrey and Starnes repeatedly denied having any knowledge of Shinn’s death when asked about it by law enforcement and only admitted to their roles after being offered immunity by the District Attorney’s Office….

    Barger was soon charged with the attempted murder of Pires, but Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Timothy Cissna ruled in June 2006 there was not enough evidence to hold him over for trial.

    Barger was arraigned on a complaint of the attempted murder of Fee the next month, as well as two allegations of felony assault stemming from the incident, but the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the case the day the trial was set to begin.

    The Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office re-filed those charges Feb. 14, 2007, as well as the first-degree murder and vehicle theft charges relating to Shinn, after the case apparently caught a break. While still in custody on the unrelated charges, Barger allegedly confessed to two people that he’d killed Shinn, according to the investigator’s report….

    From comments (Anonymous)
    I was a juror and have to ask, speaking of those who “know Barger,” why didn’t the DA call any of the people who he was reported to have confessed to regarding the murder OTHER THAN a jailhouse snitch who got out of a felony and prison time due to his cooperation? Really, there wasn’t ANYONE else to call at all other than him or the other two that were there when Rex was killed and could have also easily shot Rex (and certainly wouldn’t confess anything on the stand that might put them in Barger’s place)?

    What about calling the other two passengers who were along for the ride in the truck? What about calling Rex’s wife who spent multiple nights in bongo’s bed following the murder (according to Bongo’s testimony)? No video of the layout of the crime scene/farm so the jury could piece together if the stories made sense? Not one picture of anything other that a picture of Rex’s credit card and driver’s license? Not one copy of the dozens of police interviews put into evidence? There was a reinactment of the crime starring bongo. No tape? Come on!

    The defense atty didn’t have to defend Barger because the DA did the job. Or maybe the DA thinks the people of Humbolt county don’t require things like evidence and non-compensated testimony.

    The experience of sitting on that jury was amazingly frustrating. When they both rested their cases I wanted to stand up and yell, “are you freaking KIDDING me?!”

  4. Sheesh, Rose. Write much?

  5. Wow. Thank you to the juror who clarified what was presented to them.
    I think this is an ongoing problem. Convictions can’t be obtained if the DA doesn’t put together a case.
    I’ve disliked the man since he took office and thought he should have been recalled when it was demanded.
    However, I don’t think the pot culture that has supported him will stop now.

  6. The pot culture didn’t put him in office. They did pay for his campaign though. It was moderates that put him in office and we won’t make that mistake again. Jen is right. There seems to be no cases put together to get convictions. Guess when you fire and drive off your staff that’s what you get. Unfortunately we have to pay the price.

  7. He scoured through seven years worth of records and was able to find four or five cases he didn’t completely fuck up and one family that isn’t writing letters to the editor demanding his resignation. This forms the basis of his campaign. The stupidity, though, of his attempting to run on a law-and-order platform–nevermind his “justice tempered with compassion” bullshit–is profound. I believe it will also cost him his job.

  8. Now don’t go harsh’n on our Rose. She is the #1 reliable source on this fuck tard in the DA’s office. You go girl and give’er some hugs BUGS. Jackson will clean up this mess and put respect back in our DA’s office.

  9. There is nothing original that I can add to this conversation, other than the rants, raves and generalized screaming I have done previously about this absolute waste of protoplasm known as the DA.

    Rose, you deserve bouquets, not brickbats for keeping the tally of screwups in this comprehensive fashion.

    The only question remaining….how fast can Mike Hislop distance himself from his boss? If he continues to align himself with this creep, his chances of actually getting elected sheriff are really quite slim.

  10. Josephine, he can’t distance himself. Two peas in a pod.

  11. Does is follow then, that the same individuals who actually support this complete mess of a DA also support Mr. Hislop?

    I have ‘heard’, that Mike is generally derided for his association with the DA, and his inability to establish independent credibility within the LE community.

    There is a ‘school of thought’, that I generally believe this one, that drug money put Paul in office and drug money intends to keep him there, does the same hold true for Mr. Hislop? Or is the only thing they truly have in common gross incompetence?

  12. Josephine, Hislop is not a good man. He and gallegos have too much in common. I know him and could NEVER support him. Way too troubling for me. Maybe you see different, but I know too much recent history. Its about power and control for him and that is what so is wrong for me.

  13. Thanks. Yeah, I do feel bad for spamming the comments. Sorry. But that is the SHORT story.

  14. Its about power and control for him and that is what so is wrong for me.

    Power and control for who? Hislop?

  15. Gags should have retried this guy.

  16. Vote for Downey!!

  17. PVG and his DA’s office really dropped the ball on Mr. Sequoia, and many others.

    I think a vote for Jackson is the wise choice.

  18. thank God she does indeed write much.

  19. I believe that Max Cardoza has been working for the DA’s office since being hired by Farmer.

    Most people that write for these blogs..almost never attend trials…in person… Most don’t realize that many people in the 1980’s..and before…were overcharged..and put away for a long time.. because of something called three-strikes..

    Willie Brown..made a deal with the then-gov to pass three strikes.. sentencing has never since then been anything like “just”

    You did have your rabid-dog prosecuter…he was your dog in the last election… He was a law enforcement dog.. The bad thing about that…. nothing equaling fairness or justice.
    If we really wanted a country run by people like that…we’d fry the constitution..and just start hangings…and like the witch trials..just start throwing rocks..and building fires.

    Every single one of the people who is charged in Humboldt…is a neighbor…a family member.. a son or a daughter of someone.. a employee,,, someone you went to school with…. a friend…of yours or mine..

    Look at the threats that the campaign people are making for some of the contenders…. They threaten “prosecutions’ up the wall… Is that justice?

    People mention “plea bargins” Hey..ho…! every single DA in Calif..makes em. 95% of the time is the guess.
    If most people went to trial..I can guarantee you that many would not be found guilty…in any county…because evidence is hard to come by…

    The job of the District Attorney…is..by the calif. penal code.. “to do justice” that means consideration of all…all…even the accused..
    In fact, in our system…the accused has a special place… and thank god…. It is a horrible ordeal to be an “accused” It is well known..that police “overcharge” and are biased…. the job of the DA is to figure out what is what.

    I trust Mr. Gallegos…to be fair-minded…
    How do I know that he will be? He has shown it over several years… You apparently want hangings…and the pillory…and burnings… Go back ..through history…it has always resulted in injustice…and the fryings of innocents.

    And by the way..unless I see you in the courtroom, watching real trials..and hearing real evidence…
    please..please don’t be a pompous asshole.

    There are…in my mind…several of your neighbors…who are spending lifetimes in prison…because of the shortsightness and indiscretions of the past bunch of thugs..that you…yes, you…voted time and time again…into office…without thinking…
    shame on you… I left Humboldt because of what you stood for…
    George Shieman gshieman@aol.com

  20. Well put George. A little perspective was in order.

  21. Ask Sean Marsh how he feels about being overcharged, Mr. Shieman.

  22. Regarding Gallegos priorities, he would rather spend tax payers’ monies on innocent people who politically challenge him. Thelatest go around of charges sent out negates his claims of limited funds to deal with public safety issues which impact our communities. This man does not give a damn about justice nor is he cognizant of his duty to do the right thing. Justice yeah right!! Perhaps those of us who have been relatively quiet over the years start coming out with the truth. There is a lot of it and it is not pretty!!

  23. Sorry, but my neighbor is DEAD… run off the road by a thoughtless criminal.

    Perhaps we should care more about the rest of us, like my neighbor, and less about the criminals.

  24. That is why you faired so wonderfully so many times.

  25. Yeah right,…. you left because the ax was about to fall

  26. Me, I am all about Mike Downey, whom I know personally….just trying to figure Hislop out. He just gives me the creeps, I thought I was being…..”judgmental”, an issue I struggle with.

    Yes, I know, hard to believe.

  27. “to do justice” does not include letting people off because you are too lazy/unfit to serve.

    I predict that he doesn’t make it past June.

  28. Is it true that the Democractic Central Committee or whatever they are calling themselves these days will endorse Gags?

  29. Geez, your bloggers really don’t have anything to do.

  30. Unless Salzman, Cobb, Katlin, etc have a falling out with the Gag, that will be the plan.

    I understand Georges argument. My problem is that I do not think Gags is fair, or intelligent enough to make those calls George talks about being part of the job.

    Yes George I have been to trials. Several murders, DUI, Crossing state lines for the purpose of selling drugs, divorce, and property crimes as an expert witness. Also Med-Legal of several types.

    A very good attorney in LA once told me nobody gets justice, that is not what it is about. Just a favorable or unfavorable result.

  31. lowblow: do you mean the 805 club that meets each Wednesday am at the bakery solarium at Wildberries? There is more than those 3 involved in that loverly group. We should all attend!

  32. I heard his desire to be DA was simply a jumping off point at wanting to be a judge…..NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  33. Cobb & Katlin and their sheep at Local Solutions are supporting Hagen.

    Cordoza was a Farmer hire. Maybe Gags should have let him go with Jackson, Hagen and Bryson?

  34. does that mean, his clerk is in charge of bong maintainence?

    or maybe just making sure the board is waxed up and ready to go?

    I had (naively I am sure) assumed that a thorough knowledge of the law, or at least a working, maybe even nodding acquaintance with the constitution was a prerequiste to be a judge? I am the silly one.

  35. Yep, Gags ought to Farm out Fleming, Keat and Cardoza.
    Those old timers don’t do nothin but keep him afloat.
    Afloat. Surfer. Get it! That there’s a knee slapper.

  36. Rose is right about PG, and about Jackson. Jackson has said that she will charge people based on the evidence, not other factors. Hagen has also said he would not allow other factors (like personal/financial relationships) to affect his determination on charging for crimes. That is a far cry from “prosecutions up the wall.” It is what should be happening but isn’t with PG in charge of the office.

    PG is not only incompetent, he is also unethical and needs to be replaced.

  37. Jackson is a whore for the highest bidder. She is a lousy attorney and completely unethical. She would be even worse than Gallegos. Hagen looks like the best choice.

  38. Guess she kicked 2:40’s butt. Don’t think Hagen would like that comment.

  39. I think 2:40 might be a pro per who has demolished complaint after amended complaint after amended complaint filed by Ms. Jackson in her attempt to protect a couple of people who committed financial abuse of a dependent adult.

    Her client, a nurse, had a patient sign a will less than 72 hours before she died, leaving everything to the nurse. And Ms. Jackson is trying to enforce that fraudulent forgery of a will. Ever hear of elder abuse, 5:09? Abuse of a dependent adult? Hello?

    2:40 is absolutely correct, Jackson really is a whore for the highest bidder, and apparently does not care if she is paid with laundered pot money or money looted from the estate of a dying woman, as long as she makes bank. If 2:40 is who I think he is, I hope he keeps kicking her ass because Jackson is an amoral greedy bitch. A lot like Paul Gallegos.

    I don’t care if Paul Hagen likes these comments. He is the best candidate whether he likes it or not.

    Given the glaring defects of Jackson and Gallegos, that is not saying much, but Hagen will make a fantastic DA.

    Gallegos and Jackson are so similar, they should get married and move back to LA.

  40. Josephine Blowe, on March 22, 2010 at 7:09 pm Said:
    Me, I am all about Mike Downey, whom I know personally….just trying to figure Hislop out. He just gives me the creeps, I thought I was being…..”judgmental”, an issue I struggle with.
    Yes, I know, hard to believe.

    That’s funny, I know Mike Downey too and he make my skin crawl. I have heard story after story of Mike Downey personally refusing to accept a police report because he was too lazy or just wanted to protect the perpetrators. Downey has shown himself time after time to be flat out incompetent if not actually corrupt.

    I don’t know Hislop but at least he seems honest and well meaning. Downey has been and will continue to be a disaster.

    And the fact that Hislop actually went to college and Downey never made it, to me is a huge factor. We do not need an uneducated dumbass like Downey trying to interpret laws that were written by JDs and PhDs. And what irks me is that Downey crows about his lack of education, he is actually proud of it.

    We don’t need no education, what the Hell, does Downey think he’s in Pink Floyd?

    If you are happy with the current disconnected arrogant attitude displayed by Downey, then go ahead and vote for that idiot. You get the government you deserve.

    I think we deserve better, so I’m voting for the college boy.

    By the way, during the recent debate Downey just could not quite answer whether he favors civilian review of police activity. Hislop clearly said he does favor civilian oversight. Downey wants the fox the keep guarding the hens and if he had answered the question he would have said No he is not in favor of lowly civilians having any oversight power over the highly technical complicated job of being a Deputy Sheriff. Downey is arrogant and he has gotten away with too much for way too long.

    Let’s get some new blood in there and elect someone qualified just for a change. I know this county is not highly educated, but people have to be downright ignorant to vote for Downey.

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