Neely groundswell continues

The Bon Bon: Supported by lots of people she doesn't represent.

Fourth District harpy Bonnie Neely’s latest round of campaign filings contains a few interesting items.

Her FPPC form 460s show that recent contributors include:

  • two Coastal Commissioners
  • Pierson Building Supply (shocker!!)
  • Blue Lake Rancheria (another $10 grand from those Fourth District folk)
  • her estranged husband Terry Farmer
  • her brother-in-law Neal Sanders

Add that to the pot of cash she got from the So Cal developer with matters pending before the California Coastal Commission she chairs, and what emerges is the distinct crest of one big effing wave of popularity.

It’s a shame she doesn’t surf.

By one calculation, of the $22,634 Neely raised in this reporting period, a whopping 4 percent came from people living in her district.

Just try feeling that love!

(Oh and by the way, she spent $4,000 of that money on the same Sacramento consultancy firm Patrick Cleary is using to sell us something we wouldn’t otherwise buy, and another $6,000 on that push poll we mentioned earlier. She may be unpopular, but she sure is distasteful!!)

58 Responses

  1. It’s too bad coastal commissioners and family members can’t vote for her. That would almost double her vote count.

  2. You put devil horns on a picture. Wow.

  3. Bonnie must be defeated this November

    June would be even better!

  4. If I could cast a vote, it would be for Leonard

    Neely’s contributers show where her true interests lie.

    Bass received contributions from Kramer, Barnam, Renner, and the who’s who of the local real estate agents and business leaders.

    Leonard is the one truly running a grass roots campaign, clean of all the big money.

  5. I’d likely vote for Jeff as well,even though I dislike his stance on the Balloon Track.He has a good outlook of things in regards to land use in general,and like Rose,I like his campaign style.
    And again,Balloon Track aside,I think he’s been a fine council member for the past 4 years,perhaps the close race with Ron kicked him into gear,especially on the skate park.
    Damn,I really wish he’d come around on the Balloon Track.

  6. I live in the 4th District near downtown Eureka. Bonnie is the only one of the three candidates who isn’t beholden to special interests, IMO. She has my vote in June, and if she doesn’t win it then I will vote for her in November.

  7. Proggie, you are the consistant idiot.

    “men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but never for love…” Ah, the Bard.

    Or how about this: “consistancy, the hobgoblin of small minds” can’t remember who said that, but they certaintly had you in mind.

  8. You are f’ing kidding me proggie? Not beholden to special interests? She is defined by special interests and those interest are any group who will keep her in office. I supported her for years but I want to upchuck now. Bonnie is done.

  9. Uh, I did NOT post those two comments above. 6:39 and 6:58

  10. The primary is June 8th. Not many people seem to know that

  11. By the way Mark, legally speaking to what I have heard from the court house, the balloon track has nothing to do with the position of County Supervisor. The coastal commission has the real power.

  12. simple fact is progressives dont have a candidate in this race. really we sit out most local races if you think about it. higgins is the only one i can point to up in the 5th district.

  13. Thanks, Chris. I am sure Bonnie will appreciate your sense of humor.

  14. Are you sure? It sounds just like you. I will have to call you out on that!

  15. By the way, legally speaking to what I have heard from the court house, I don’t shit about anything. Sorry, but I can’t help posting here with all of my incredibly spot on insights!!!!

  16. Wow. Your incredibly spot on copy of me is so believably real! You fail miserably at impersonating me. For example, notice how I always leave the “mole” lower case? Good job idiot.

  17. can you add a snidley whiplash mustache too?

  18. Oops, didn’t do that right lol

  19. No. It doesn’t.

  20. Yes it does.

  21. I’m voting for Virginia. She is also grassroots, and if you did your homework you’d know it. Jeff said the reason he is running for supervisor is because he is termed out. WTF

  22. Virginia grassroots. MY LILY WHITE ASS. Look at her war chest and say that with a straight face.

    Jeff Leonard has served for two terms with sincerity, not an eye on the “bigger prize” like VB. She hops from job to job vacating and leaving the seat to be filled either by a special election or appointment. WTF?

    Spin doctor all you want DYH… the truth of VB’s campaign requires spinning as there is no there there.

  23. Blue Lake Rancheria is in the 5th District.

  24. How come the T-S didn’t report the Pierson campaign contribution you noted?

  25. Has VB actually accomplished anything? She certainly hasn’t led the council as mayor and I think she was a councilmember for 6 years and I don’t remember anything she ever did. Almost ten years in office without a single thing to point to proves your point that there is no there there. Nice person, but the anybody but Bonnie philosophy might just get us “anybody” instead of somebody like Jeff who has proved his ability to get things done.

  26. Seems like a lot of jabs at Virginia comming from the Leonard camp and none in reverse. It would be nice if both campaigns were able to stay above the petty stuff and keep the big picture in sight.

    What do you think Jeff? Do you really think it serves anyone for the Bass/Leonard camps to bicker? You and your family are above that.

  27. The last Mirror blogpost occured on 3/23. It’s 3/26.
    This is bullshit. I expect garbage posts at least four times a day from you.
    Heraldo is winning hearts and minds, and your doing jackshit!
    Arkley should cut your pay.


  29. To anonymous, accusing the Jeff camp of petty bickering.

    I don’t know who Viv, Violet or the other anonymous poster is.

    Perhaps you should not accuse us until you know something. Jeff and his “camp” have a lot more to do than print anonymous posts (as you did) accusing anyone of anything.

    I read the Mirror in the morning with my coffee because it amuses me. I post under my own name.

    I don’t think Jeff has time to read blogs and to my knowledge no one on the committee would post something negative about Virginia. Our mantra is to just keep our heads down, tails up and mind our own store. (which is consistent with the mantra of every other campaign for Jeff)

    Next time you think Jeff and his family are involved in attacking Virginia, or anyone for that matter, please give us a call instead of posting an accusation anonymously. That “ain’t” exactly the high road, you know?

  30. i smell bs…..maybe the pierson building center didnt donate
    to bonnie……hmmm….ya think

  31. Barb,

    Take a look at the front page of Jeff’s website. I guess you don’t know who that “anonymous” poster is either. Maybe Jeff doesn’t have time to read his own site.

    “Our mantra is to just keep our heads down, tails up and mind our own store.” Your words, not mine.

  32. So, what’s the problem with Jeff’s front page? We thought it was very humorous and we do know who sent the cartoon to us. Jeff doesn’t exactly come off as a super star in the drawing so what’s your beef?

    A little sensitive aren’t you? I see nothing mean spirited in a cartoon that depicts the absolute truth. When did it become a political sin to satirize something that is fairly obvious.

    We are able to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Try it, you might find it refreshing.

    …..and your point about our “mantra” is???…….

  33. To Barb Leonard:

    I like Jeff, but you are hurting his campaign by being so vocally involved. He is a man, and can do his bidding himself. It doesn’t look good to have Mommy so upfront.

  34. “You don’t shit about anything” ????
    You meant to say you have a hard time shitting with your head up your ass.

  35. I did NOT post that!

  36. How about a dirty Sanchez?

  37. Jeff should be going after Bonnie, as she is vulnerable,
    why did Jeff give Virginia a dump truck and Bonnie a pick up.

    This race could be going to a run off and he should be focusing on the candidate in front of him. Bonnie has all the dirt…..she denied him the opportunity to defend the clean up of the Balloon Track, she has taken self anoited pay raises, she is anti Marina Center, huge out of town $$ contributions, 20 years of stagnation in our economy, ties to Baykeeper and Bill Pierson.

    Jeff and Virginia offer hope of change at supervisor they should not be tearing each other down, it will weaken their campaigns in the future.

    And yes mom needs to let Jeff fight his own battles.

  38. So, I can assume Virginia will be fighting her own battles under her name in the near future?

    Seems to me we have a little pot, kettle black going on here.

    FYI, I responded to a couple of posts that were directed at me. Calling foul about that too? Touchy touchy touchy. Kind of odd coming from the keyboards of two bravely anonymous posters, doncha think?

  39. Have you noticed the simarities? Seen Psycho?

    Jeff is Barb.

  40. Barb what part of this are you not getting? I like Jeff and Virginia. You ought to let Jeff run on his own. It just doesn’t look good to me to have his mom blogging his battles.

  41. I think Jeff should have been riding a skateboard in the cartoon.

  42. Talk to Joel Mielke. I think the artist decides and second guessing is useless. I thought Bonnie should be driving a limousine.

    So there you go.

  43. ooops, hit the wrong reply button. See above your post for a reply to your post.

  44. P.S. Joel sent that cartoon to us out of the blue. We thought it was hilarious and asked if we could use it. He said we could and that’s the story.

    Sorry, it wasn’t a secret strategy by us to do anything but poke a little fun at what has become a blood sport here in Humboldt county.

  45. You all crack me up:
    Ohh noo Kurt Kramer…and and BIG MONEY and ohh LOCAL CONTROL.
    It’s all BS. A bunch of smarmy blogshit.

  46. I’m voting for Barb Leonard. She’s got more balls than Marky Mark and Cliffy combined.

  47. Barb’s quick to jab Neely, but says quiet about Virginia

    When is your campaign going to separate itself from Virginia? What is the difference between your platforms? Try to answer without mentioning campaign contributions. Personally, I want to know why Jeff would make a better supervisor than Virginia.

    Let’s hear it Barb

  48. What aren’t you getting, ANonymous? Jeff is not only running on his own record, he is running his own campaign. My duties have to do with herding cats and data bases.

    Answering questions made directly to or about me is hardly what I would call “blogging” Jeff’s battles.

    If there were a question of any substance that I thought Jeff should answer I would be sure to tell him to take some time out of his full time paid job and his other full time position as a councilmember not to mention a few precious minutes from his wife and kids to come on here and respond to it.

    So far, I don’t see anything important…..but maybe I should ask him to “blog” my battle. Whaddya think?

  49. Virginia has my support.

  50. Jeff spent some time yesterday painting out graffiti in the Clark Street neighborhood. He is already busy rounding up a posse to work on other identified places around the same block. (Check his website for details)

    We have 4 volunteers already. How about joining us this week-end?

  51. Well Cleary is having his Town Hall meetings and he had a huge turnout in Blue Lake, 11 people. Now Ryan had an event in Willow Creek and had a hundred people turn out. Seems like the handwriting is on the wall.

  52. The rest of Cleary’s supporters were too busy living their lives [in Arcata]. I would bet that if he held his town hall meeting at HSU or the D Street Commy Center the place would be packed.

  53. True, he just is not connecting in the 5th. He has pockets of support, like the City of Trinidad, but in the District as a whole, very bad. But there is a reason! He is unknown because he really has done nothing up here and is viewed as a Neely supported Carpet Bagger. Bonnie should focus on her own race and leave other districts alone. She wants a repeat of Clendennon.

  54. No one will be a repeat Clendenen, as Clif will discover in two years. One hit wonder?!?

  55. I actually like Cliff. If Lovelace would just take his hand from up Cliffs ass he could start acting like a real supervisor not a Love puppet. I know many people in his district and doubt he will get reelected.

    Cleary’s pocket in Trinidad is just a pocket of Trinidad not the whole town. Folks that consider themselves of a superior liberal breed. He has no support in any of the other areas.

    Higgin’s problem is that he has been around 5th district long enough that people realize how unstable, loud, and arrogant he is becoming.

    Funny the press did not cover Tuesday’s event for Sundberg. My guess would be 320-360 attended. Every group in 5th district was represented. Broadest amount of support of a candidate I have seen in 16 years here.

  56. Closer to 400. “Raise your hand if you are from the Fifth District.” Most all of the {packed} room raise their hands. That’s the difference.

  57. I was at his kickoff BBQ. It was nicely attended by Families and “regular” folks. The best part was no Pete Nichols up on stage! BIG MISTAKE PAT!!!!!!!!!

  58. To me the difference between Jeff and Virginia is that Jeff is, at his core, a total wonk.
    The kind of guy that reads a 100 page report before the meeting as a volunteer.
    I think he will be very effective as a Supervisor, a contributing member of Humboldt County’s Board of Directors.

    Too funny, you ask for the Leonard campaign to separate itself against Virginia, but the same argument can be turned around, how does Virginia separate herself from Jeff?

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