Effing hysterical

A modern classic from Captain Buhne. Thanks, friend!!

21 Responses

  1. I though this was the only local blog with funny material: Way to go, Buhne!

  2. http://ekanow.blogspot.com/2010/03/commie-bunch.html

    This one is a quadrillion times better!

    Ryan is on a role lately. I laughed, I cried, I almost pissed myself.

  3. For the love of Gawd Rob, please remove that masthead photo of your late father

  4. Well THAT was sick and wrong. Obviously you can’t see the resemblance to The Bons. OMG! Go get glasses!

  5. LOL. Jackson has a fan that video is really funny. So she landed the space shuttle and is a champ in cage matches. Seems ok to me.

  6. Hey thanks!

  7. I suppose it’s time to wake up and get to work, huh?

  8. Work!

  9. Yeah, yeah yeah. We’re working….

  10. I love this blog…just wish you guys were so eager to publish as often as Heraldo, who has something new to report on once, twice, three times a day? Your stuff gets stale and people don’t come back when they see, day after day, you have nothing more to say. Sorry…that is just me saying….

  11. I love it. Allison does kick butt. If you are a creep and a rip off in this community she will not be your pal.

  12. Most excellant Bugs!

    More…we need more. A good laugh is good medicine.

  13. You are totally right Delemont. I could not stop laughing at that one. That was probably one of his best videos, and more politically correct too! Humbug, how come you stopped me technically from putting my livejournal blog in the web site field? Trying to stop me from commenting all together? I’ll just paste it here.


  14. Yeah it is. Get to work lazy people lol


  15. Your blog is boring. No entries in weeks. Humbug is right not to lower the standards.

  16. I wish you guys were as prompt as Heraldo. I always check you out day by day. He always has something new, where you guys are too hung over on PB to get creative. Dang it! I want you guys to get some energy and come out swinging….like Heraldo! You are my Yang to his Ying! Just saying…..

  17. Dear Graphics Department

    I watched television this evening and I humbly submit this idea:

    Iron Chef Humboldt: Bonnie and Jeff (Or Virginia) go head to head in the kitchen stadium with the secret ingredient: parsley

    or even better: Pat and Pat do battle with salmon, who can ‘save it” best?

    I agree with Hmmmm, your lagging, I need my daily cynical giggle!

  18. I am going to update it this Sunday afternoon. I realize that I need to keep up to date and keep cranking out more postings, but I am so damn busy.

  19. Oh yeah lol:


  20. Allison is a creep and she defends ripoff artists and scammers and claim jumpers. She has some very unsavory clients in her private practice and is unlikely to prosecute them if elected as DA. They’ve a;ready paid her too much.

  21. Jackson is not a defense attorney.

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