Fourth District voters, why you gotta be that way?

It’s lonely at the top. Or, you know. Wherever the hell the Bon Bon is these days. But where she clearly is not is in the hearts and minds of the voters in her district. (Big ups to our good friend with the math skilz for this analysis.)

Looked at another way: 

As we like to say–awesome!!


24 Responses

  1. Who gives a shit mirror, just show us some more of Mr. Arkley’s fine photography!

    Pretty please?

  2. Wow! Bonnie should be so fucking proud! 43% from herself and those outside of the County.

    It’s not too late to “retire” to “spend more time with your family”.

    You can watch the BOS meetings on TV at 3 AM like the rest of us.

  3. It is clear, her support in her district is poor and she has to raise money outside the 4th to try to convince the folks in the 4th to vote for her again.

  4. Hey, Bons, go away!

  5. Dear Love da Mirror,

    Go fuck yourself.

  6. Did you mistakenly leave out Virginia’s figures?It would be interesting to see how she would do with the same given criteria.

  7. Nice chart. Graphics surely put numbers in perspective, but I would also like to see one for Virginia Bass and Jeff Leonard as well.

  8. Go fuck ya Mother anonymous!

  9. I agree lets take an equal look at Virginia’s support. Of course you might not be happy to see a broad based list of local employeers and business. I don’t thint there is a single out of area donor. No $10,000 contributions either. I suggest you take a look, the locally supported candidate is Bass (and of course Leonard and his six supporters).

  10. I think this will go a long way to level the playing field. Large corporations like Walmart have been forcing themselves on communities by way of the initiative process – communities are helpless against their deep pockets and so called ‘rights’ – this will really help protect our community and will be good for the local businesses that are here.

  11. My interest in this initiative really is to ensure that local people have a voice in their own local government. One of the things I personally like about living in a small community like this is we are closer to our government and I want it to stay that way.

  12. Measure T would allow Humboldt citizens to exercise local control over our own elections, that’s good for democracy.

  13. Measure T gives me greater confidence that our public servants can continue to represent the people of Humboldt without intimidation from outside corporations.

  14. Measure T has somthing to do with baggery.

  15. Measure T would have changed the balance of power to unions. Why argue about something that was clearly unconstitutional. All these statements about who can give to what are only ways of making your side have the benefit of the legislation.

  16. Great pie wheels. How do you share these with a larger audience? Sure smacks in the face of Neely’s comments made about measure T.

  17. For bon bon and the rest “its do as I say not do as I do”.

  18. Virginia Bass said prior to being elected in 2000“So as far as it being a big box issue … my basic thought is that I don’t mind Home Depot. I shop at Home Depot when I go out of town. I don’t think it belongs on the balloon tract. I’d like to see it cleaned up put into 2/3 industrial park, 1/3 park. I don’t mind some park down there that makes it a nice comfortable place for people who work there. But I don’t think it’s a place for a big store.”

    So attack Bonnie all you want for turning around and taking out of towner cash.But be fair and go after Virginia for her flip flop as well.Will we ever get to see you post that chart showing where her money is coming from?Hey,it’s your blog so do what you’d like.

  19. What did the koolaid taste like mresquan?

  20. Citation please, MarkyMark.

    Home Depot was not even thought in anyone’s mind back in 2000; the Walmart rezone had just been defeated a year prior, and the balloon tract issue faded from the forefront until somewhere in 2004 or 05.

    So – you’ve either got your year wrong, or you are recalling something that just didnt happen.

  21. So the progressive logic goes: Money from outside my district is depth of support, while money my opponent gets from within is dirty money from greedy bad “developers” and other evil doers.

    Must be great to live in a dream.

  22. Anyone can fuck Love da Mirror’s Mother; $20 and a trip to Old Town is all it takes. She’s the half witted toothless one.

  23. Citation:
    interview in the North Coast Journal, Oct 2, 2000:

  24. Hey Mirror, did you notice that the T-S disabled comments on the Chris Kerrigan piece today? They must know that the blowjob comments would be fast n’ furious.

    Can’t wait for you to bash the shit out of him when he kicks off his candidacy for Mayor!

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