This shit just got real

Brother, can you spare a coupla thou?

We have no idea what that means, but for years we’ve wanted to say it.

So evidently voter support to re-elect Bonnie Neely is so strong, the old girl’s decided to hold a high-priced fundraiser–in Sacramento.

A couple of points about this.

1) So much for that whole Measure T ethic about raising money locally, unless “local” in Neely’s usage can be said to include Sacramento politicians and Southern California developers with matters pending before the Coastal Commission

2) We particularly like that the event is at least nominally headed up by Senator Pat Wiggins. Finally we’ve found someone who sincerely believes our Fourth District incumbent is a caring and effective leader.

Clearly these days the Bon Bon will take her support where she finds it. Because she sure the hell isn’t finding it in her district.

Click on the breathy advertisement to enlarge.

69 Responses

  1. I”ll give her two grand to go to Sacramento if she promises not to come back.

  2. Bugs, you should enlarge the last sentence where the Bon Bon makes it clear that no payoff is too much to consider. It’s a little hard to read in fine print.

    She is desperate, no other way to look at a Sacramento fundraiser held by a mega lobyist with dozens of projects before the Coastal Commission. Bad Bonnie, Bad Bonnie.

  3. Perhaps this is an April Fools thing. No one could be this stupid. $2,000 a head? In Sacramento? Sponsored by a statewide development lobyist?

    Next thing you know she will be telling people she is pro rail, pro port, and pro Marina Center.

  4. How are Hank and Thad going going to spin this one in her highness’s favor? Probably Bonnie has told them to kill any story and they will bow to her majesty.

  5. Hey, Hank and NCJ is a very ethical newspaper, it isn’t like they would endorse Obama on the front page, then squish letters to the editor, because they don’t endorse candidates. Nope, never would happen.

  6. I guess Joel will have to change the cartoon featured on Jeff Leonard’s site – Maybe give Bonnie a triple trailer semi. Or a fleet of dump trucks.

  7. My avatar isn’t reading? Guess WordPress signed me out.

  8. Fixed.

  9. I’ll second that. Are we sure this isn’t some sort of a spoof?

  10. This has the smell of CORRUPTION. It may not meet the legal definition of corruption but in reality that is what I think it is. I think I can smell this through my computer.

    And I too am wondering where the “Measure T” supporters are on this one?!

    Go Virginia

  11. Bonnie must look elsewhere to get funds because of her lack of support here, but with this money she will turn on the neative machine. Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a rough ride.

  12. Talking to yourself again, Mirror?

  13. I’m not a very clever mole.

  14. I have refrained from commenting until now on these campaign finance issues, but this one is so over the top that I have to speak out.

    I chaired the No on Measure T campaign and had to endure endless crocodile tears from Neeley, Gallegos, DU, Local Solutions and dozens of the usual suspects claiming that life as we know it would end if we couldn’t keep “outside” influences out of local politics.

    Of course, they conveniently ignored that Measure T defined “outside” as a local family-owned business that was inconveniently organized as an S-corporation, and “local” as a union with only one member residing in the county. Measure T was so poorly constructed that it was soon thrown out as unconstitutional without even a contested trial, by a left-leaning federal judge, no less.

    Now these same self righteous chest-thumpers are championing Bonnie as the guardian of the interests of the oppressed … what a crock of crap !!

    I still say we need donation caps regardless of the source. Let Hugo Chavez and Sarah Palin send in $1,000 checks, who cares? It is the size and predominance of outside donations that are legitimate campaign issues, for which Bonnie has no credible defense.

  15. I didn’t really post that. For one thing, they didn’t enter in an email for the post. My real e-mail that you know its me. Peaches, I second that notion!

  16. She probably will too. She’s already lying to get any bit of money that she can get to win the vote.

  17. All hail the queen and her ass kissing suckups!

    By the way, I just posted a new blog entry.

  18. Couldn’t agree with you more on this one Chris. It’ll be interesting and frustrating to watch the local media ignore this important issue.

  19. Y’all have such an amusing way of saying “pretty please.”

  20. Pretty please, with a bug on top?

  21. Sorry Hank but after years of bias like the Cleary propaganda in the issue before last what do you expect.

  22. I do believe that this is a first. Does anyone else know of any local Supervisorial candidate that had a fundraiser in Sac. like this?
    When Bonnie noted her statewide positions, she was planning this. She just brought a whole new level to local government. Do we now just wand people who can raise money out of our area? What about local control and choice. Just think of how this could work, you need the permission of Sacramento types just to run for local office.
    This clearly has to stop!

  23. My son, daughter in law (and also my best friend) and 4 of my 5 grandkids just moved to the east coast for “better opportunities” My son was raised here, as was his wife, but realized if he was to do better for his children, he had to leave this sucking vacuum of no jobs, no housing, no future. I don’t know who is to blame, but I for one will never ever vote again for the professional politicians that did nothing to make this a better, more thriving environment, who promised
    jobs, housing, etc. but who have only made a place where the needy seem to thrive but the working class gets crumbs. Someone try to tell my why in 24 years this place has gone down down down. What happen to the buzz words…vibrant! dynamic? It has become so static that moss forms on the rolling stone.

  24. I fuckin’ hate the fact the progressive candidates can find people with the means to donate to a campaign. All these fuckers don’t have a job unlike us conservative working folks. Nuthin’ but weed money I guess.

    Fuck em’ all

  25. If those are the larger STAA trucks, we’ll need to widen the highway through Richardson Grove sooner so she can get the cash back.

  26. Would those be STAA trucks? Might see her supporting the highway project through Richardson Grove to get her loot back.

  27. The bases are loaded with 3 candidates and Hank is at the plate. It’s a slow pitch, right down the strike zone that seems to hover over the plate. Will he knock it into Left Field or ………………., Be sure to come back after our quick commercial break sponsored by Nutty Bon Bons, the snack that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  28. I don’t get it. You guys hated Measure T and it got tossed out. Now that Bonnie is playing by the rules you advocated for, you are mad at her. What will make you happy?

    It’s no secret there is a widening income gap in this nation. Wealth is being concentrated in fewer hands. This is especially evident in Humboldt County. Virginia represents the few, who have money. Bonnie represents the rest, the majority, people who are struggling to feed, clothe and house their families, who don’t have the means to make political contributions. That’s what their two campaign reports tell me.

  29. April Fools Day was 4 days ago, Proggie. You must have had your fingers crossed when you typed that Bonnie “represents the rest”.

    Did you mean the rest of state?

  30. proggie, no disrespect but u b a dummie

  31. The Bon Bon isn’t playing by the rules she and you advocated for, proggie. We all appreciate your continued support for a candidate who provably has no moral center.

  32. Just think for $500 I could be Bonnies friend!!!!! I’d rather suck a rat’s ass.

    print the poster/announcement out and share it with at least two friends.

  33. Bonnie representing all the poor folk in Eureka? Guess lots of people still believe what she says she is doing. Of course gotta remember she dredged the bay, rebuilt Old Town and a lot of other things (her one vote on the BOS must have been a really big vote for her to have done all of that). What next? Maybe she will create jobs for those poor folks in Eureka. You know it takes a lot of years to do that and she has only been the 4th Dist Supe for 24 years with nothing happening so maybe she has really big plans for the next 4 years. Don’t think so. Time for the Bon to go.

  34. “Virginia represents the few, who have money. Bonnie represents the rest, the majority, people who are struggling to feed, clothe and house their families, who don’t have the means to make political contributions.”

    That is the biggest load of horseshit the county has ever heard. Bonnie doesn’t represent Eureka. Bonnie represents Bonnie.

  35. Oh, how true. Bonnie has never represented anyone that she views as not supporting her. She could care less about poor people, if she did, she would not be having this big buck fundraiser in Sac.

  36. we’re still waiting for heraldo/locosolutions to defend their candidate Neely’s way out of county $2,000 a plate sacramento lobbying firm’s fundraiser.

    Hey is the Times Standard or the NCJ going to cover this??
    The Big story is why does a sacramento lobbying group want to have their hands in our local Supe election? and what are they buying from neely at $2,000 a plate . Thay are trying to get 100 people at this thing at $2,000 each…do he math, what will the strings be when they hand over this sizable chunk to bonnie?

  37. Bonnie is a local official playing on he statewide stage and as chair of the CC she has significant influence. Why do you think she worked so hard to be chair? She is not satisfied with just wanting to control Humboldt County, she has bigger plans.
    It is time for our local 4th District voters to put a stop to her and elect Virginia who will focus on local issues and representing us regular folks. With bonnie’s head in the clouds, she will poorly represent the interest of the folks in the 4th District.

  38. Bonnie” the administrative assistant” not the secretary never gave a shit about anything but her own advancement. All she really wants to do is go to Sacramento and play with the bigger crooks. Please lets stop her, enough is enough. Virginia is locally grounded. This is what we need in a supervisor.

    I’m beginning to think Plain Jane on the prog blog is Bonnie. Nasty, mean, self absorbed, and vindictive. Think about it, she fits.

  39. The funny thing is that she is doing all of this so that she doesn’t lose her seat on the CCC- but there is no way in Humboldt that Gov. Whitman will re-appoint her. Either way, game over.

  40. What up with the North Coast Journal? Hank would rather complain that a blogger is not being true to his ideals (which isn’t clear at all) than take a six term elected official to task for being undeniably untrue to hers. Typical.

  41. Sorry. The link is here.

  42. Sims is completely out of touch with voters on this one. He honestly doesn’t have a clue, doesn’t come close to getting it. Otherwise he wouldn’t think anyone could be astonished or enraged by Bonnie’s perpetual hypocrisy.

  43. Let me break it down for you dunderheads at the NCJ. The Mirror is pointing out that Neely is not living by her professed values. She’s an elected official. They’re bloggers. They’re talking about a politician who has been fucking this county for 24 years, and you’re talking about bloggers. That makes them about 30 times more relevant than you.

  44. The funniest thing about this is that we sat on that flier for 3 and a half days. Admittedly we were drunk part of the time, but primarily we were just lazy. So really, in all that time the great Hank Sims’ great sources didn’t send him the thing? He didn’t see it? He hadn’t heard of it? It’s not like it was a classified document. You know. It’s a fucking advertisement. We got it from seven different people. So two possibilities that we can think of: He’s as out of touch as you guys say he is, or he had the flier and elected not to use it. We’re not sure we want to know which it is.

  45. Maybe she is going to Sacramento for her fundraiser to wine and dine with some of the crats there so if she loses as a Supe she might get a cushy job in Sacramento as a staffer or be put on some “Board” that meets once a year but makes big bucks.

    Bon has never been dumb and is as sly as a fox. Ya know if you say over and over again what you have done for Eureka a certain amount of people will believe it whether it is true or not and even laud her for her “accomplishments” and actually believe they are really being represented.

    We need term limits for the Supes. The first time they are voted in they are planning how to get re-elected – then the second time they are re-elected they are planning on how to get re-elected and so on and so on and so on …………

  46. The discussion on the whole Measure T issue is cracking us the fuck up.

    So, because the ordinance was thrown out as unconstitutional, it’s now OK for a Measure T advocate and candidate to gleefully seek out and accept the vast majority of their campaign contributions from far away places?

    “Measure T would allow Humboldt citizens to exercise local control over our own elections, that’s good for democracy.”
    -Bonnie Neely

    The interesting thing we’ve noticed is that the candidates running for re-election now who didn’t support Measure T then aren’t raking in many tens of thousands of dollars from outside the county. So, yes Hank, we are a little agitated when one of the leading advocates for what was being argued as a fundamentally bedrock Democratic ideal ditches it when its convenient for her own political whim.

    Sure it’s legal and generally OK to accept cash from out-of-the area folks. But, it’s not OK to turn your back on the constituents in your district and seek re-election because you want to hang on to a statewide appointed position.

    Bonnie’s priorities have shifted from the residents of Eureka. From Boonie’s own mouth:

    “Uh, well, uh, I’ve been not only a county supervisor, but also a state officer. I have held, uh, state office for more than 10 years, uh, county…err…statewide. And, uh, as such, as a member of the Board of Forestry and the California Coastal Commission, I have done a lot of work, which people have observed and I am proud to say that I am getting some support from coastal commissioners and other folks who have…witnessed…who have seen me in, uh, uh, work in terms of, uh, our community and that is why I think I have some support from outside the area.”

  47. Anon 7:03, I hope the treatment we did in the masthead of the fundraiser announcement’s last sentence suits you. Hugs!!!

  48. Hank won’t ignore this stuff, he’ll just reference the notable Mirror posts, who are doing the journalistic work others wont do. And it’s not Thad at the T-S who will kill a story. It’ll be longtime Neely sycophant James Faulk, who creeped his way into the City Editor position, that will kill any negative story about Bonnie.

  49. Proggie, you have got to be the most batshit crazy nut ever. It’s possible to have opposed Measure T then and still not take money from outside the area now.

  50. You are right, she had this planned from the start.

  51. So $250 gets a souvenir ticket- BFD
    $500 gets to be a “friend”- Eureka has better looking crack whores who will be your “friend” for less and you won’t feel as sleazy afterwards.
    $1,000 entitles you to co-host at someone else’s lame party with $500 friends.
    $2,000 is a sponsor, twice as much as a co-host, but just as meaningless.
    Out of curiousity, what would $10,000 buy?

  52. I can think of a truly digusting reply, but Bugs would probably moderate it……..rhymes with slow job. Probably what that developer from Dana Point got.

    I am sorry Bugs, I could not resist.

  53. Snow job?……..No job?

    JoBlo, I like the way you think 🙂

  54. Inquire of young Mr. Kerrigan for expert advice!

  55. I think that falls under the $500 category

  56. a bigger question of this is: since Bonnie has used her Sup seat as a launching pad for ‘bigger and better’ things, how does this fit if, and a big if, she loses her seat here in the lowly County of Humboldt?

    Does the perk-o-delic Coastal Commission go the way of the Dodo bird? Does she then go, hat in hand to the new Gov and ‘crave a boon?’ His Schwarenaggerness told her frimly and decidely NO. Does she stand a better chance, if by some chance there is a rip in the time-space continum and Moonbeam is Governor again?

  57. would really be nice if the elementary schools in Mck had taught me to spell….Governor!

  58. Virginia has been on the council for 10 years. She has never represented anyone or done anything. Nice gal, but I would rather have Bonnie who at least has done something. That doesn’t discount Leonard who has accomplished something. Perhaps we should oust Bonnie and let Virginia and Jeff run it off.

  59. Brilliant.

  60. Your’e friggin kidding us right? Bonnie and her siblings have more money than you can print fuckhead…go away – to siberia – please.

  61. And she parted the red sea single-handedly, and built the arc with her own two hands. This lying beeaaatch needs to go and NOW

  62. In a last minute change, Hank’s been replaced by a pinch hitter. A swinnnnnnggg and a missss, looks like it’s three strikes and no balls for the Journal lineup for this at bat.

  63. So, Bon-Bon, how was the turn out? Were there hundreds of people there to enthusiastically support your re-re-re-re-re-re-election? Inquiring minds want to know. I bet they ran out of parking in all of Sacramento. They probably had velvet ropes and a waiting list.

    Did anybody show up?

  64. Apparently no protesters showed up, per Andrew Bird who was there. He reported a fun event for all attendees.

    Furthermore, Measure T was NEVER about outside INDIVIDUAL donations and people who are spinning that BS are just lying Measure T forbid outside corporate donations. But don’t take my word for it. LOOK IT UP.

  65. Yeah Jane,

    Measure T was all about making thing equitable. ONE outside shareholder makes a local corporation like O&M Industries unable to make political donations, while completely exempting unions; yep, leveling the playing field; gotcha.

  66. Good Lord, do you have a life? You post pretty much continously on Heraldo, if the time stamps are to be believed and still find time to check in here (which you have professed to disdain)…..

    You defend so voraciously, one really wonders about motivation, or perhap you really don’t have a life.

  67. […] election cycle, Fourth District Board of Supervisor incumbent Bonnie Neely hosted a high-priced fundraiser in Sacramento this past Wednesday, sparking a flurry of criticism about why she would be having a fundraiser out-of-county and, most […]

  68. Funny Jane, they allow your comments on this blog but your buds cut mine out all the time at H. Along with many others. I am amazed that you would venture out into the world of real discussion.

    Bird has a ocular problem. It has to be in his head. There were about 2 dozen folks protesting. Course it would be to much to expect Bird to utter the truth.

  69. I suggest that voters press the candidates on their position on Richardson Grove. This is a very important issue and taking a stand against the RIP may help a desirable underdog…

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