Bonnie Neely: The six-term pachyderm

“[The voters] understand that in order to defend our shared beliefs in this election, I need help from friendships I’ve developed throughout the state,” to partially offset all the friendships she’s burned in Humboldt County.


98 Responses

  1. Looks just like her. Slightly more svelte, but otherwise right on.

  2. I missread the title at first: I thought you had written “six-term paycheckwhore”.

  3. I think you mean 5-term pachyderm, 1-term jackass.

    Don’t worry the multiple $10,000 contributions last month, worry about my opponent’s $1,500 contribution 4 years ago! Nothing to see here.

  4. How did she become “friends” with Dana Point destroyer Sanford Edwards?

    More like friends with benefits!

  5. What’s the point being made?
    Are you filling a quota?

  6. A huge and definitive vote happened at last nights Planning Commission meeting. A massive win for HumCPR and other property rights advocates and groups not to mention the families of Humboldt who want to live a rural lifestyle. Dispite a call to arms by EPIC which netted three attendees and was met by an overwhelming opposition the Commission voted four to one to continue to allow one house and a second unit on all legal TPZ parcels with only a ministerial permit. Kirk Girard, Ralph Faust and Carolyn Ruth were only able to sit in stunned shock and silence as their entire extremist agenda burned before their eyes in one fell swoop. Faust subjected all to a fruitless and nonsensical diatribe that predictably impressed no one but himself.

    This single vote could represent the begining of the end of the Rural Living wars of the few years and a return to common sense and moderation in Humboldt land use planning.

    We can all only hope that Neely and Girard will see the new writing on the wall and pack up their shit and leave. The message is that Bill Pierson and Bonnie’s Sacramento friends don’t have enough money to buy a Humboldt election and even our left leaning Planning Commission know right from wrong at least some of the time.

  7. Freaking hysterical. I adore you guys.

  8. I’ve never heard Bonnie voice opposition to allowing a single dwelling on TPZ zoned property, but either way, good news from the Planning Commission. Well done indeed!

  9. Hummer, Your right, the Bon Bon has carefully crafted her comments as have you. What she did do was to vote to stop all construction on TPZ and to include in her couched comments and requirement for a descretionary permit. That’s the kind of permit that costs tens of thousands, takes years, and can be turned down by any bureaucrat along the way.

  10. Is Hummer the same person as Charlene “The Hummer” Cutler-Ploss?

    If so maybe you can help me find my cell phone, I dropped it.

  11. Not getting much action at home fellas?

  12. Whenever you start getting your ass kicked on the issues, talk about Charlene Cutler-Ploss. That’ll put you back in the game.

  13. Oh stop it Chris and zip your pants up.

  14. I don’t know about hummer’s identity, but ccp is definitely Tokyo Rose on the Herald.

  15. Cutler-Ploss is backing Allison Jackson for DA. Nice to see a fellow Dem rethink the purple kool-aid. No Tim Stoen joke intended.

  16. Jackson should be cautious, Charlene is as unreliable with her political support as she is with her fidelity.

  17. hey..leave the poor girl alone….she’s earned those knee pads!! 😉

  18. “Oh stop it Chris and zip your pants up.”

    much ado about nothing. real story= nothing was there, just a ghost of an out line. so sad,really.

  19. This really needs to stop.

  20. Ah, revisitng what that guy form Dana Point got for his 10K are we?

  21. as usual my spelling leaves much to be desired:

    “Ah, revisiting what that guy from Dana Point got for 10K are we”

  22. Over at HCDCC:

    Virginia Bass, …defended her affiliation as a Democrat. She said she didn’t agree with the wars oversees, believed in a woman’s right to choose, and also supported same-sex marriage.

  23. And your point is?

  24. No point. Just a dumb fck trying to divert attention. Its just so richard. Saw kerrigan today. The dude is drug dragged.

  25. I think there was a point. Virginia is a dem in name only because she has told her chums in the republican party she just switched to get votes. stupid is as stupid does.

  26. Yeah? Like the bon bon? Nope. She changed to keep her seat. Middle of the road like Bass folks switch a lot. She said she switched because of the war. I respect that.

  27. Almost forgot. And her son iS over in Afghanistan and she wants him home. Guess a proggie like you couldn’t understand that 8:07. Huh!

  28. Accomplishments? Not much to mention for Virginia.

    It’s time for you guys to rally for Leonard. This guy can make a difference. (Assuming his mom butts out of his campaign)

  29. Not a chance. I’d rather stab my eye out then support jeff

  30. Yep. Like the wooden puppet Clif has done much? Crap if he can be a sup then my 6 year old can too. He hasn’t done shit compared to Virginia ‘cept be bon bon and the midget’s bitch. I mean he won’t even return his constituent’s calls.

  31. What exactly has Virginia done?

    Not a fan of Cliff, but Jeff has done more for the community than both of these two combined

  32. I agree with you about Virginia. She is a nice person with no leadership skills. That is exactly why the Arkley crowd is supporting her. Can you say puppet?

    Why do you want Barb to butt out of the campaign? That seems like a loser idea to me. I enjoy her opinions.

  33. Not to worry Violet. He could take my place today. Four to five hours of walking for an old dame like me is pretty tiring.

  34. I have just about had it with the jeff crowd bashing bass as not doing anything. I am woman and a professional. She has done much. And Barb, your gang are alienating me against Jeff. You may wish to rethink your piss poor strategy.

  35. I don’t know who Violet or Tin Can Sam are. The Jeff crowd as you put it are on their own. Virginia’s name never comes up in our strategy sessions.

    There are Virginia supporters who bash Jeff, we don’t paint them with a broad brush as being part of Virginia’s strategy, so I am not sure why you would assume we have anything to do with those that are not Virginia supporters.

    It’s politics. Lots of loose canons out there.

  36. Good points 9:35. Barb, Are you and Jeff sure this is really where you want to go?

    There is a bigger picture about what is best for the community, our future, and our children.

  37. Both Jeff and Virginia should affirmativly tell their supporters that they do not want nor will they allow any stupid attacks from their friends, family or other supporters.

  38. I would agree with you 9:57, however, Jeff has told all his committee and the supporters we know that we never mention the opposition.

    The trick is not knowing who all your supporters are.
    If we are all going to be so thin skinned because there are people who don’t support our candidates and blog about it I would say we are doomed.

    If you want instances of the Bass people dissing Jeff, I could give them to you, but what purpose would it serve?

    Politics is politics doncha know? We’ve been in this game a long time. Just let the negatives roll off your back and get on with gettin’ on.

  39. Barb: You must realize that Jeff will have an uphill battle to just reach 20%. Bonnie has the poll numbers. She is hoping to have Jeff stay in the race to the end because a vote for Jeff is a vote for Bonnie. Seems like alot of work on your campaign’s part to help the person you are trying to replace.

  40. Anon at 9:35- you mention that Virginia has done much- Name it!

    Come on, let’s hear a list of her accomplishments!

    Jeff has the record without the baggage of a heavy warchest and the associated conflicts of interest that we hammer Bonnie for every day.

    Let’s hear it Bass supporters

  41. Tin Can Sam. You must be a rabid bonnie scumbag huh? Afternoon Richard! Up to your old stinking slimy tricks again douchebag? You are such an evil puke its just disgusting but predictable.

  42. Anon 2:30 – A typical Bass supporter?

    You guys are in trouble if this is your style of debate

    Happy Sunday!

  43. Well thanks for your keen insight dicky. The bonbon is going down, gags is on the way to complete obscurity and the fifth ain’t under your control. God its a beautiful day!

  44. Not sure where you come up with a “vote for Jeff is a vote for Bonnie”. Our demographics show us Jeff is pulling votes FROM Bonnie.

    You are aware he is a registered Democrat and has worked on many a project with Democrats and Greens, right?

    We aren’t into reading tea leaves. Spin it any way you want but concluding every Jeff vote is a vote for Bonnie is just plain wrongheaded.

  45. Barb: I do believe that is the case. “A vote for Jeff is a vote for Bonnie.” I am sure most reading this blog, and are involved in local politics agree. And surely Jeff has been asked by many of his supporters to step out of this race for just that reason. Deny anyone has tried to talk him out of running. I am sure you won’t.

    PS. I think the world of Jeff, and I think you are a great mom. Just for the record.

  46. Unfortunately Jeff is more interested in himself than helping Humboldt County. No shortage of ego in the Leonard household.

  47. If the pundits are correct and Leonard does get just enough votes to block a Bass win in June I wonder where Jeff will move.

  48. If Jeff ends up being a spoiler, he will be dog meat in the community; he will never get elected again. People want Bonnie Neely out; He should withdraw after the primary, and run for Mayor. He would actually be a great Mayor for our town…..

  49. I think that even if Jeff is a “spoiler” in the primary, Virginia would beat Bonnie in November. Just think of how much $$ Bonnie would need from Orange County!!

  50. A vote for Jeff is a vote FROM Bonnie.

    Look back into the ’06 election. VB will get many of Nancy Flemming’s votes and quite a few of the votes that went to Marks but Bass is not the least bit appealing to those that are on the fence about 4 more years of Bonnie. If after the primary it is Bass and Bonnie, Bonnie will likely pick up Jeff’s votes as those voters want nothing to do with Bass and he was taking them away from Neely all along. Virginia is seen as bought and paid for and not independent enough to suit them.

    There is either a lack of information or a complete absence of logic in the “spoiler” argument.

  51. Is Jeff going to pay the community back for another $100,000 that a campaign until November will cost? If he turns out to be the spoiler that most think he is then he should pay the cost of his folly himself.

  52. If money indeed buys confidence…”it’s all about the money”…I read it here before, then you should have no worries.

    Money frequently identifies the person most easily controlled by the money in the game, NOT the best candidate.

    Democratic process, let the voters, not the back room bullies decide.

  53. Anyone who wants to run, who is willing to put themselves through this gauntlet in offering themselves up to serve, should run.

    This is not a football league. There are at least three people running this time who are being told to step down by various camps and for various reasons.

    Do you not see how wrong this is? PEOPLE run, and PEOPLE decide.

  54. Wow, did Virginia ever look uncomfortable at the debate! And Bonnie must have had some serious pit stains the way she sweated out her answers. Poor Jeff went on and on and on… clear concise answers my friend!

    No clear winner tonight. Rob did get his Marina Center shout out. That’ll keep the mirror regulars happy.

  55. Indeed it will Tin Can Sam. It should satisfy all your fetishes for the week quite nicely

  56. 4:25, you are so right on the mark there! I’m proud of you. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  57. I mean Rose.

  58. TCS, Just for the record why don’t you tell us the room set up, who sat where, how many LWV were in charge, etc.

    You must have been there right? If you were you sure saw something different than I did. In fact you something different than the 6 of us who later joined up with 3 more at the Ritz for a reprise.

    Give us the details of where you viewed what you said you saw.

  59. Good debate.

    Both Jeff and Virginia did better than I expected. Bonnie didn’t seem like her usual self. If must be hard to go from holding all of the power to asking the voters to re-elect you. The only problem with being the Queen of the County is that people can call you out for the failings of the incompetent staff that you refuse to get rid of. I don’t, even for minute, think that the General Plan is taking 10 years due to the additional elements. NONE OF THEM HAVE EVEN BEEN DISCUSSED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION YET. Blame Kirk, blame someone else, but don’t insult our intellect like that.

  60. Whoa, calm down Barb! If you really need to know, I watched from home on Access Humboldt. And those were my observations. Virginia looked really nervious, her answers were often paused as she tried to spit out an answer. Bonnie looked very uncomfortable when the big box questions came up, and campaign finance. And Jeff loves the sound of his own voice. How did you score it? Let me guess- Jeff was straight and to the point, and won the debate hands down.

    Don’t worry, my votes still for Jeff but trust me- you are not helping.

    Should I reconsider?

  61. Bugs! Most excellent mast head, I see you have discovered the volcanocam as well, endless facination and lava….who could ask for more?

    Plus, the volcano is far more predictable than local politics, at this moment anyway.

  62. There’s a volcanocam? Awesome! Link?

  63. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to me.

    Damn, I’m glad I don’t live in the 4th district or Eureka.
    This whole campaign seems Bass Akwards.
    Which candidate favors guns and wants to balance the budget on the shrinking middle class?


    This is the link to the volcanocam, it is in Icelandic, there are (3) different views and if the weather is clear, it is awesome!

  65. Very cool. Thanks! It is a clear view just now.

    Alot of interesting links out there. (mt. st helens) (hekla)
    Hekla is 1.491 meter high volcano, located in the highlands of Iceland. Hekla is the most active volcano in Iceland and often referred to as the Queen of Iceland´s volcanoes.

    Hekla last erupted in February of 2000. Scientists believe that Hekla is likely to erupt soon and if that happens – you will be able to watch it happen live – right here!

    In ancient times Hekla was thought to be the entrance to hell or even hell it self. It´s was in 1750 that the first people hiked to the top of Hekla.


    Volcano eruption in Iceland. 24.03.2010. Day 4.

  66. ooops, thought that was a link, cool – embedding video in comments!

  67. the next forum will be the 5th district supe race.
    I guess it’s between cleary and sundberg since higgins is rumoured to be dropping out soon……higgins will give his votes to lytle

  68. Bass should drop out so Jeff could win in june.

  69. Think of the money that would save the community. We get the right guy for the job AND prove that money won’t be the controlling factor in local elections. WIN, WIN!

  70. Leonard needs to make the case as to why he’s better then Bass. As long as he just keeps running against Neely, he’ll never win.

  71. you didn’t watch Monday night? case made. game set match. virginia is obviously a paper tiger. great gal but no match for either leonard or neely.

  72. Neely has never looked so uncomfortable as she did on tv on Monday night and you can bet it wasn’t Bass that put her into the leg jimmies.

    You can bet she has been hearing enough about the headway Jeff is making in “her” neighborhood to be more than a little nervous for her job.

  73. If Higgins is rumored to be dropping out – why all the Higgins signs popping up? Think he is still in there as we got a campaign mailer recently.

  74. People keep saying that Pat Higginns is dropping out; so when is he going to actually do that?

  75. He’sl waiting for the right time……he’s in a hole right now. people keep saying he’s “unelectable” so they don’t want to give him $$.

  76. Higgins is still FUMING for not getting the Dem Comm. endorsement that he said was HIS DAMMITT!

  77. Why would Higgins back out when he is the candidate with all the name ID generated from past races? Pat is also the only elected official running. Higgins is certain to be ahead of Cleary and a shoe in to be in a runnoff.

  78. cpr has asked him to drop out. that doesn’t mean he will.

  79. Cpr is a shit if he did that. Let the people choose and if it isn’t decided in june,it will be decided in november. And Higgins needs to grow a ball sac about the endorsement. It is to be accepted given the number of dems in the primary.

  80. cpr?

  81. citizens for property rights. they are backing jackson, bass and ryan. they have asked other candidates to drop out. they do not want competition for their candidates. not too different from what progs have done in the past, but it still stinks.

  82. Higgins has every right to stay in the race, and he should. And I think you are wrong about who is asking him to step down. It’s his own guys doing that. they want him to stay in his place, the one they won (for him ostensibly). He’s a pawn for them. He has undoubtedly learned some things he wished he never knew.

  83. I don’t know anything about Higgins, but another campaign asked Jeff to step down and I believe DA candidates have also been approached.

    It’s not that shocking or unusual. When you think about it, if you have the money and think you can win, it seems sensible to reduce the field.

    That isn’t our approach. In fact, we think it is the wrong approach but asking folks to step down, unfortunately, isn’t a cardinal sin in politics.

  84. The problem for Higgins is that the folks that put him in elected office are backing another horse. Also that the people in 5th district know him. He is loud, self centered, unbending, another words he does not play well with others. He does have a right to stay in the race, and should continue in my opinion.
    I would be amazed to learn that HumCpr was asking any candidates to drop out. That more of a progressive action.

  85. Cpr goes way out of the way not to support one candidate over another. I have seen many individuals support one race or another but no way for the group. It is pretty stupid to think that Higgins would follow their advice in either direction anyway.

  86. You must not be familiar with the “new” (and NOT improved) CPR. Absolutely getting involved in fronting candidates. Identifying candidates, strong arming the ones they don’t like and funneling lots of money into the campaigns of those that march to the beat of the CPR drum.

  87. Oh yes, HumCPR has the ear of Higgins. What are your smoking? Higgins is doing better than Cleary, so why should he drop out? Actually, HumCPR is not backing any candidate, but I bet it had many members who are because this election is important to their futures. Just think of the damage that Bonnie could cause with one more term and with her hand picked candidate, Cleary. It is interesting that Cleary is doing a push poll just like Bonnie did. They are of the same ilk.

  88. HumCpr is backing both Virginia and Ryan. Can’t remember his last name. I was in the room last summer when they strongarmed a bunch of us to donate$5-10k so they could choose the candidates best suited to their agenda. I walked away because I didn’t want to be involved. lots of money has been funneled into that group look how much the same people are donating to two candidates. I expect alison to be next in line. it isn’t a stupid thing to do if you want candidates you can control. just didn’t sit well with me.

  89. CPR and the Builders Exchange are now trying to be the big political bosses in town. They are sending out voting suggestions, asking for money to funnel into their PAC. Many contractors and tradesmen are getting disgusted. Several of them were called into the same room 10:32 references and walked away feeling sick. It’s a shame that these two formerly impeccable groups with once clean reputations are being compromised by a few power hungry men.

  90. Ah, Bonnie’s new mantra: “It’s a secret right wing conspiracy”. That BS didn’t work nationally either. Only one candidate is getting massive donations the Bon Bon. It’s been reported in the news and all the information is available at the elections office. Sorry, Saltzman, try harder next time or at least try something original.

  91. Saltzman is scum and undoubtedly inspired the behavior of the CPR goons. Tired of his (RS) candidates getting elected with just such dirty tactics they have stooped to his ugly ways in an effort to “win at all cost”

    The role CPR and the Builders Exchange are trying to play in this election is a fact.

    I wish for Bonnie to retire but I want her replaced with a capable and altruistic person not motivated by power. That kind of person is in short supply and will never be the candidate of choice for a power group. They want someone willing to take their direction and be the frontman for their goals which leaves the community shafted and shortchanged.

  92. Thanks for the update Richard.

  93. Jeeze, and I thought Arkley was the root of all evil.

  94. Eat shit Ricard. What you and your kind brought to this county has poisoned and divided people. You have contributed nothing. There is no proof that CPR is involved in any of the progressive type politics you mention.

  95. don’t blame Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights (HumCpr) for the rumours that pat Higgins is about ready to drop out. That rumour came from Pat himself .
    He can’t raise $$ because people (even his close supporters) think that he’s unelectable.
    I am a member of HumCpr and I don’t care about that race, I live in Jimmy’s district. Plus which HumCpr ,does not endorse any candidates.

  96. hey some of Higgins own friends on the Dem committee are workin against him. They also have been saying that he’s unelectable and should drop out.

  97. What a typical Salzman like tactic. Use media to create public opinion. Now that he totally screwed up his letters to the editor way, he is now trying the same thing on the blogs. Let us make HumCpr the target and then say that all the candidates you do not like are supported by them. By the way Richard, HumCpr has HUNDREDS of members and is probably the largest membership group in Humboldt Co.
    Why, do you ask? Because they have a message that sells to both the liberal and conservative. Unlike Healthy Humboldt, which is an one sided group. Healthy Humboldt is a bunch of urban liberals trying to tell rural folks how to live.

  98. …HumCpr has HUNDREDS of members and is probably the largest membership group in Humboldt Co…..

    whoever wrote this is, this is not accurate. HumCpr is approaching 4,000 members and yes the membership is made up of a diverse coalition made up of mostly rural people who want to have a voice at the county level. Especially when it comes to drafting a new General Plan that will define if and how rural people can live on their land.

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