Cleary pulls ahead in Fourth District race

If lawn signs are any indication, Pat Cleary is more popular in Eureka than Bonnie Neely, who has dutifully misrepresented most of the city since Cleary’s awkward teenage years. Never mind that the district Cleary wants to hand over to his Blue Lake Casino business partners is actually some 20 miles away.

Along I Street, Cleary lawn signs outnumber signs supporting Neely, who is running for a seventh term in the district.


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  1. We would have taken a better photo, but Joel Mielke was starting to get suspicious.

  2. This reminds me, George Clark’s problem was that he had HUGE support in McKinleyville. One prominently positioned house had six signs in the yard and windows.

  3. You forgot to mention that you can find more Cleary signs in Eureka and Arcata than you can in McKinleyville.

    What a connection to the voters!

    Where is that panic button?


    this site has a plethora of places to put a Cleary sign!

  5. Maybe the Bon has a Cleary sign in her front yard too.

    Guess you have to put your signs where someone will let you. Maybe not in McKinleyville since there are a lot of Higgins and Sundberg signs.

  6. Actually 8:04 am, she doesn’t have any yard signs in her front yard. I know exactly where Bonnie lives by the way. So I know that as a fact. Oh by the way guys, I have a new Facebook account. Just search for “Sun Valley mole”

  7. Nobody cares about what you think Mole

  8. Same thing right back at you F U SV Mole. There are at least 24 people that read this blog and every last one of them slow witted idiots. Anonymous is just another jackass who is once again never taken seriously. You too fall into that group too. Time for you to get used to that.

  9. Also, does anyone know how to get those anti Glass ville bumper stickers I have seen around town?

  10. Nobody cares Mole

  11. There are anti-Glassville bumper stickers? Count me in.

  12. There are. They are all around town on random objects.

  13. were currently have two suspects in the glassville bumper sticker case. robin arkley and randy gans. no arrest at this time.

  14. SV Mole A-Hole, you got to be kidding me. You are a Glass supporter as you campaigned door to door for him. You probably have some old campaign buttons you could draw a line through. Whose bandwagon are you jumping on this year?

  15. SV mole needs to get a new gig

    move on already

  16. Have heard Cleary give two presentations. He is very smart, very practical and will make a great supervisor.

    Sundberg is seen as beholden to the developers who are his primary source of funding. Times have changed in McKinleyville and the people simply will not elect a supervisor who is seen as beholden to the developers.

  17. Anon 12:41

    Whether he is smart and practical has yet to be proven in any meaningful way, but what is absolutely clear already is that Cleary is beholden to the same special interests as Neely, such as the Blue Lake Casino and other big business interests such as Bill Pierson. Just look at his campaign contribution forms.

  18. Book smart yes. Politically savvy…not even close.

    Anybody who thinks that you can coast your way into office has no clue how things work around here.

    Note to Cleary- you might want to spend more time walking around your district and getting to know that avererage voter. More importantly, they need to get to know you. Otherwise, we all just think of you as “that Wall Street Banker who Bonnie is trying to ram down our throats”

  19. Funny how Pierson is somehow evil with the Arkleyites

  20. No mostly Pierson is evil to all the folks he has bent over for years. Why all of a sudden are the Hblog folks here. Hard to tell who is on Hblog cause if you don’t drink the kool-aide your moderated.

    Anon 12:41, we see you Ricard. Same old shit.

  21. If you think that Sundberg’s support is only from Developers, you are wrong. His support is broad based and from very liberal to very conservative. Only Richard wants to send the message about Developers. So is Cleary the one doing the push poll? It is very Salzmanesque. Probably using the same firm as Bonnie.

  22. Uh I don’t think it is any secret that Sundberg’s support is heavily developer based. Just look at who his supporters are – its the usual suspects.

    People in McKinleyville just don’t want any more out of control sprawl. Most of Sundberg’s money is coming from people who will make big money off the development of our ag and timber lands.

  23. Ken,give it a rest. No ag lang will be harmed in the election of Rtan Sundberg, You’re anti everythihg agenda will suffer from rational,moderate,and honest views Sundberg shares with the core in the 5th.

  24. If you call me Ken can I call you Joe? Look I don’t blame the developers for wanting to turn McKinleyville into a small scale version of Fresno it just isn’t what I and the rest of McKinleyville want.

    Maybe the developers are stupid and they are accidentally pumped tens of thousands of dollars into Sundberg’s coffers. I just don’t think that is the most likely explanation.

  25. You don’t seem to understand that putting the rest of the County off limits, and failing to provide the infrastucture in places like Cutten,will lead to more growth in McKinleyville, not less. Anon has not read or understood the general plan if he thinks that Plan A will stop growth in McKinleyville.

  26. ” Most of Sundberg’s money is coming from people……”

    Most of Higgins money is coming from…….uh……..let’s see…….um…..uhhhh….
    .oh yeah,NOBODY.
    What everyone around Higgins is saying is right,he has no campaign $$ because people see him as very unelectable and they don’t want to throw their good $$ away.

  27. Cleary isn’t stupid and sounds pretty good until you look into what he has done. Headwaters money supposedly has created jobs – usually has given money to HSU professors for a study that already have jobs at HSU. To to the Headwaters Fund web site and look into the grants they have handed out. Lots of money to HSU. That board has turned down lots of grants that could have produced jobs.

    Don’t think Cleary is very well known in the Fifth District. Sundberg actually has lots of little people supporting him. Takes more than one vote on the BOS to change anything but currently Bonnie has garnered more than her vote with Mark and Clif and would have another vote with Cleary.

  28. We would be best represented by a range of views on the Board. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s candidate, like Cliff, Cleary would be another Bonnie clone, just think of her power if she has that many automatic votes.
    The comments about Cleary’s name recognition in the 5th is true, he has little especially among the non-HSU connected crowd. This whole Headwaters Fund thing is off the radar for most working folks. More important to them is that Cleary is a rich ex-investment banker who is here to control yet another thing. He is smart and a goog guy, but he should not be running for Supervisor, he should be spending his time running his radio empire.

  29. How is Cleary a clone of Bonnie? I guess in your mind anyone who isn’t controlled by the developers is a Bonnie clone.

    Well that makes the vast majority of McKinleyville Bonnie clones. People just don’t want Humboldt County to turn into another overdeveloped polluted congested crime ridden hell hole. Name one place in California where the developers took control of planning where it didn’t turn into a shit hole. Been to Freson lately. How about Turlock – you like Turlock? Go and look up the unemployment rates for Fresno. Go look up the crime rates for Bakersfield.

  30. Humboldt count has had its current GP since 1984. Have we turned into Turlock yet? Your scare tactics don’t play here.

  31. to dummy at 9:52: i have heard that a number of times, please answer the following –

    1. why will these hoards of “new” people show up here?
    2. where will they work?
    3. how will plan “a”, which increases housing densities and concentrates all of the growth into the already developed areas, promote the rural atmosphere and quality of life we all enjoy?
    4. if your fears are correct, why hasn’t it happened already? we are still operating under the 1984 plan, which is supposedly developer friendly and we currently experience negative growth in the county.

    i look forward to an answer.

  32. The new BonBon wants you to forget that she has been on the Board for 24 years.
    If you don’t like how McK has developed since 1986, look no further than Bon.
    Heartwood, Central Estates, Little Pond, increased density in Dows Prairie – how about Sutter Estates, Hewitt Ranch.
    This ALL happened under the Bons watch – and she NEVER demanded trails, sidewalks, or parks for us then.

    Don’t forget the sprawl in rest of the County – Fairview Estates, Bayside, Cutten, Freshwater, Humboldt Hill. THIS is Bonnie’s real record.

    Seems to me her recent smart growth was driven out of being politically advantageous, and the H fools are eating it up.

  33. 9:52am-That is why you should not listen to the Liberal wackos like this that spread lies!
    Check it out and learn the truth. and

    Bonnies leadership for the last 24 years as Supervisor has led our area to be 3 times more unsafe then Bakersfield! And our crime index of 2 out of 100 leaves us one of the most unsafe places to live in the United States.

    Now you know.

  34. Thank you for posting the statistics on Bakersfield crime. I would encourage you however to take another look at the links you posted. It shows that Bakersfield has a substantially higher violent crime rate per capita than Eureka. Wierd that you looked at the statistics and somehow got so confused that you claimed Eureka had three times the crime rate.

    Honest mistake? Any other truth you want to learn me?

    Look guys I don’t want to burst your silly bubble but Humboldt doesn’t want to be Fresno or Bakersfield. If you want to go live in a polluted overdeveloped shit hole like that I am sure they will welcome you in their massive subdivisons that sprawl for endless miles into the once fertile farmlands. We just don’t want that crap here.

    But if you love Fresno, Turlock or Bakersfield and wish Humboldt was more like those places then please go ahead and vote for Bass.

  35. You are fucking kidding us right? This place doesn’t have 101 or I5 access and wil never be like fresno or bakersfield. You are just nuts.

  36. Honest mistake? Any other truth you want to learn me?

    the crime index for bakersfield is 3 times better than eureka. read the page. also, please address:

    1. why will these hoards of “new” people show up here?
    2. where will they work?
    3. how will plan “a”, which increases housing densities and concentrates all of the growth into the already developed areas, promote the rural atmosphere and quality of life we all enjoy?
    4. if your fears are correct, why hasn’t it happened already? we are still operating under the 1984 plan, which is supposedly developer friendly and we currently experience negative growth in the county.
    i look forward to an answer.

  37. Eureka –

    100 is safest
    This city is safer than 2% of the cities in the US.

    Bakersfield –
    100 is safest
    This city is safer than 6% of the cities in the US.

  38. Hey the developers took control of Bakersfield and it grew like crazy – over 800,000 people now.

    Their unemployment rate is 18%.

    If you build massive sprawling subdivisions the people will come even to a place like Bakersfield with shitty weather, crime and high unemployment. Name me one place where the developers were allowed to subdivide without limit that didn’t grow like crazy into a overdeveloped hell hole.

    To be honest I don’t quite understand your logic. You want to open up our forest and agricultural lands to subdivison and put the developers in control but at same time you are saying “don’t worry the subdivisions won’t happen”. Then why are the developers pumping tens of thousands of thousands into Bass’s and Sundberg’s campaigns if the subdivisions will never happen? They are not stupid.

    Just go and talk to people that live in those communities in central valley and So. Cal who thought it wouldn’t happen there. If you give developers the power they will develop the shit out of a place – it is how they make their money and that is why they are screaming so hard to put Bass and Sundberg into power.

    Finally, with regard to crime statistics. I don’t know what the hell you are talking about – look at the link you posted again – Bakersfield’s violent crime rate is substantially higher that Eureka’s. And Kern county’s crime rate is astronomical compared to Humboldt county’s. Quit trying to lie with fake rankings – look at the crimes per capita. I.e. number of violant crimes per thousand people. That is how crime is measured.

  39. Drive through Fresno, Turlock, Bakersfield, Modesto, Fairfield – take your pick.

    If those places are what you want Humboldt to become then please go ahead and vote for Bass or Sundberg.

  40. Please explain how this could ever happen, even if anybody wanted it to…

  41. The sky is falling. The sky is falling! If we don’t do the duck step with 7:49 we will become Bakersfield? What a crock. Its mental midgets like him/her that keep us from building better lives.

  42. please see post at 6:51

  43. This whole developer thing is stupid. Anyone who has so little understanding to assume that if a “developer” gets power our population will explode his smoking just a little too much weed. Growth is dependent on many factors and excess housing is not one. We have a lot of houses on the market and this has not caused a growth spurt. This whole argument is from people who want to demonize builders and have no rational argument as to why they can “cause growth”.

  44. I don’t think I quite understand your argument. Developers ran the show in Bakersfield and now its sprawl covers over 99 square miles. It also happens to have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Point me to a single place in America where the developers ran the show that didn’t get totally screwed up as a result. But hey if you trust the developers and want to put them in charge go ahead and give Bass your vote.

  45. gee, do you think the the proximity to I-5 and the L.A. have anything to do with it? you can’t answer it can you?

    1. why will these hoards of “new” people show up here?
    2. where will they work?
    3. how will plan “a”, which increases housing densities and concentrates all of the growth into the already developed areas, promote the rural atmosphere and quality of life we all enjoy?
    4. if your fears are correct, why hasn’t it happened already? we are still operating under the 1984 plan, which is supposedly developer friendly and we currently experience negative growth in the county.
    i look forward to an answer.

  46. Growth is dependent on availble employment. If your area is adjacent to a large economic center, say San Francisco, where housing is very expensive, then people will seek housing in adjacent areas and commute to work. The Bay Area is a large economic engine and creates growth around it. The population of California is growing and as that occurs, people will seek a place to live where there are jobs and available housing that is affordable for their income range.
    When the housing market was booming, some builders in communities over-built and paid the price by going under when they could not sell their new construction. Just look at Pheonix and some areas in Florida.
    The Humboldt Bay region is not on the edge of a large economic engine, it is the economic center for Humboldt County and growth is slow. The population of Eureka is declining as families flee the more urban problems that are happeining in Eureka and they move to more percieved safe places, like McKinleyville and Fortuna. The main builders in Humboldt County did not overbuild and in fact are now feeling the pressure to build new houses because the market in increasing.
    Whoever is in charge must meet the State mandated fair share housing numbers, which is now a problem for Humboldt County because of the lack of infrastructure.
    Lastely, remember that Bonnie was strongly supported by and supported developers and you can plainly see that we did not have rapid growth.
    This idea that evil developers want to flatten Humboldt County and build McMansions everywhere is clearly not based on reality. No sane person will spend a whold ton of money to build something that will not sell.
    Now let me now ask you a question?
    Who are the most ardent anti-develpment people in Planning? Robert Faust and Kirk Girrard. Do you know where they live? Are they in their much touted infill compact housing? Nope! Mr. Faust purchased a house on two acres in Jacoby Creek and Mr. Girrard lives on a large, dare we say McMansionesque, lot in a gated community near Sunny Brae. Do you really believe that their pot calling the kettle black stuff really works?
    Bonnie is using the anit-development theme as a way to try to secure her Queenhood on the Board.

  47. Okay fine – the developers are giving tens of thousands of dollars to Bass and Sundberg because they are humanitarians. I am signing out now.

  48. i don’t know bass, but sundberg is a good guy who will give consideration to all sides of an issue before making a decision. maybe the reason all the businesses are supporting sundberg is because higgins is batshit crazy and cleary is an unknown in the district? i see what he did with the headwaters board – – nothing. oh yea, tried to sell some stock or something for the creamery before they went belly up.

  49. People in business want a fair and reasonable representative not one the is making judgments based on an irrational bias. A person who will listen to all sides and make a decision based on input rather than a predetermined bias is best for everyone. That is why a broad range of people are supporting Sundberg including environmentalists.

  50. Could you please name one environmentalist who is supporting Sundberg.

    Also can you name one person who is concerned about the rampant development of McKinleyville who is supporting Sundberg.

  51. Could you name the folks you would consider environmentalists. How about the folks concerned about rampant development that are on your list. I personally am very concerned about development in Mac town. I think of myself in support of the environment. I am in complete support of Sundberg for 5th district supervisor.

    Go back over to the progy-blogy cause they are in need of more kool-aide drinkers.

  52. Ooh calling me names.

    Okay I will take your answer as “none” for those who are concerned about over-development of Mack town who are also Sundberg supports. Wait I guess I need to make that one anonymous blogger who claims that he, and I quote, “think of myself in support of the environment”.

  53. How about Patty Cleary, well known and respected environmentalist for one.

  54. Hey, 11:03, Anonymous complaining that another Anonymous does not agree. This is just weird.

  55. We got it up! Check out for real news, sort of. But sorry, you gotta make an account with your name, or a name, and you can’t leave anonymous comments, sort of.
    Please enjoy….

  56. Don’t pimp your stupid blog here little man.

  57. 7:03am: tens of thousands from developers? Where do you see that on the 460’s. The only $10,000 dollar donation from a developer was from Dana Point in Orange County…….for Bonnie Neely. You must not get out much.

  58. Go back and read the financial disclosure forms. Sundberg has received tens of thousands from developer interests.

    If you see a name you are not familiar with just Google it up and see what business they are in.

  59. Richard shut the fuck-up. Your just a mouthpiece for the progy cause and we are about to throw you silly ass out.

  60. when did the developers “take over” bakersfield? look at their history. there have been a number of times they have grown a bunch, then stalled out for a bit, then grown some more. you are a fool. still no answers:

    1. why will these hoards of “new” people show up here?
    2. where will they work?
    3. how will plan “a”, which increases housing densities and concentrates all of the growth into the already developed areas, promote the rural atmosphere and quality of life we all enjoy?
    4. if your fears are correct, why hasn’t it happened already? we are still operating under the 1984 plan, which is supposedly developer friendly and we currently experience negative growth in the county.
    i look forward to an answer.

    can’t you just give me one?

  61. Wait, I answered your questions already. So stop re-reposting the same questions.

    I think it is your turn to answer my single basic question.

    Here it is: Name one community that allowed the developers to control planning that didn’t turn into an overdeveloped sprawling polluted mess. Name just one.

    If you answer that one I will repost my prior answers to your questions. In a nutshell my previously given answer is that if you allow the massive subdivisions and sprawl to happen they will come even to a place like Fresno or Bakersfield that has bad weather, 18% unemployment, failing schools and high crime.

    As to Bakersfield I am not sure what it is about their 99 square miles of sprawl that you love so much. Again that is not a typo, due to developers control of planning in Bakersfield it has sprawled to cover 99 square miles. Go visit and enjoy the sprawl in all of its glory. Then come back and tell me if you want the same for Humboldt. If you still love sprawl then go ahead vote Sundberg.

  62. @ Durant Sucks.
    Wow, your first name is Durant, what a coincidence, my last name is Durant.
    And, is not one of these template, cookie cutter freebie blogs, it’s an honest to goodness website, with lots of blogs and a ton of other things. And you refer to me as little man, that’s nice of you to notice I’ve been trying to drop a few pounds. I guess it’s paying off.
    Thanks again Mr. or Mrs. Sucks.

  63. Comparing Humboldt to places in the SJ Valley is not intellectually honest.

    Look at a Topo map and see for yourself.

  64. Yeah unlike SJ Valley we have beaches and rivers with water in them and clean air.

    So I am still waiting on the name of any community that gave developers control over planning that didn’t end up totally screwed.


  65. THERE IS NO PLACE TO WORK. but your game is to paint sundberg as a developer, not to discuss facts. you have provided no evidence the “developers took control” of bakersfield, or anywhere, in the first place.

  66. A fair question. Google the words “planning” or “general plan” and “bakerfield” or “kern county” or “fresno” and read the articles about how the developers called the shots in planning decisions for decades.

    It is no secret, in fact everyone was very open about it. Remember, the developers always promise that if they are allowed to subdivide and build without limit that jobs and prosperity will flow. By the time people wake up and see that all they have is sprawl, bad air, congestion and crime the developers are rich and have moved on to spend their riches in some place that isn’t an overdeveloped hell hole.

    Again, waiting on the name of even a single community where developers held sway that didn’t get totally screwed up.

  67. Your assertion is just that, an assertion, a statement without any evidence to support it. Just because you say it, it is true. First, who is a developer? Every house is built by a “developer”, for by definition this is a person who builds housing. Every community in Humboldt County was “developed”. Now you complain about “overdevelped”, what does that mean? Dense housing, such as Smart Growth, could be examples of “overdevelopment”. Please give me a rational example of a community that you claim as a model of appropriate “development”. Absent any rational thinking, your statements have no value or lead to any meaningful discussion.

  68. By the way, wish to comment on Higgins’ phone banking message?
    1. He will see that trails are buildt in McKinleyville.
    What he is not claiming is that the only way trails are built is through new development building them, just what he says he will stop.
    2. He will see that there are more farmer’s markets and organic gardening.
    How, pray tell, can he do that? Produce more expensive food that working people can not afford?
    3. Get a community forest for McKinleyville. How, will he do that? Where will the money come from to by that or does he think that Greed Diamond will donate millions of dollars worth of land to the County.
    His claims are like pandering, offering something that he can not deliver.
    Just like all the trails he would develop as a Harbor Commissioner, where are they? This is the old tell them what they want to hear and just hope that the voters forget about that during the next election.

  69. Hey guys I am still waiting on an answer to my one question: name a single community where developers controlled planning that didn’t get trashed as a result.

    Give me that one answer and I will answer some more of your questions.

    Well okay I will answer some more of your questions anyway.

    First, since when did building trails require development? How about the Hammond trail as the obvious example in McKinleyville of a trail built that didn’t depend on development – was actually built in spite of the developers

    All the developers did their best to fight the Hammond trail and now that it is built the developers fall all over themselves advertising how close their properties are to the trail.

    You are slamming farmers markets and gardening as being bad and elitist. Look you got to turn off Rush Limbaugh and start talking to people in your community. People in McKinleyville would love a truly vibrant thriving farmers market.

    As to community forests, their are many examples of communities with much less resources than ours that have established community forests that have been an incredible boon to the community for trails, recreation, timber, and wildlife. Our redwood timberlands are sufficiently productive and redwood is a high enough value commodity that a community forest could be a self sustaining godsend to the community.

    Okay that is three more answers to your guys’ questions – no more till you answer my one single question.

  70. Yeah just ask Bonnie Neely about the developer-controlled boondoggle she allowed Dana Point to become, even before she started taking buttloads of dough from the developer. Not good.

  71. Nice attempt to distract from the question on the table. If you guys want to put developers in control of planning by electing Bass and Sundberg I would think you would be able to come up with at least one developer controlled community that was f***** as a result.


  72. Sorry my error in typing. The question I just posed was too simple – the answer is all of them.

    My intented question was: name one developer controlled community that was NOT f****** as a result.

  73. Pretty funny, since most of the people pushing Bonnie and hating (local) developers (and trying to get you not to look at the Dana Point guy), including the ringleader himself (aka Sara) wouldn’t have a place to live but for past developments.

    Remember, there was a time when Sunny Brae represented “sprawl.” Now the opponents of “sprawl” happily live there.

    It’s not that they really care about “sprawl” – it is that they hate anyone who creates anything and they really live to tell you what you can and cannot do (exempting themselves of course.)

  74. To motivate voters, you need an enemy. A polarized race brings much more attention than one that is not. So if you don’t have an enemy, create one! Hot words, like DEVELOPER, are a key indicator of this tactic. SPRAWL, is another. Try to paint your opponent into those camps. Bonnie is running just that kind of campaign and Cleary/Higgins are using the same thing on Sundberg. The curious thing is that Bonnie’s district is urban and she is avoiding urban issues. While working as the Chair of the Coastal Commission to kill jobs, her campaign is claiming she will create jobs. If it sells use it.

  75. My bad I shouldn’t be drawing attention to the fact that the primary financial backers of Sunderberg and Bass are the developer interests.

    Okay you guys like sprawl and want more of it apparently. I don’t think that makes you a bad people it is just not a value that I or the majority of Humboldt share.

    Again, I am still waiting on that example of a community where developers controlled planning that didn’t turn into a sprawling polluted mess.

  76. There you go again… sprawl and developer.

  77. So Mr. Durant,

    Why is it that you have a link on your site to try and out the Mirror, but nothing for the Humboldt Herald?

    Are you not an equal opportunity outer, or do you just want to out those anons you don’t agree with politically.

    The flying Heraldos have been spewing their anonymous venom for a far longer time than the Mirror, and it is obvious that it is more than one person, and more than likely a group doing it on company time, e.g. Baykeepers, NEC, EPIC…

    Now exposing THAT would be a scoop…this – not so much.

  78. Rob has his hands all over the Mirror

    EPIC, Baykeepers & KMUD have their hands all over the Herald

    Who really cares at this point?

  79. Well Who Cares,

    Obviously Durant cares…in exposing the mirror, yet he seems to have no problem with the flying heraldos…

  80. the hippiecrits neelymeely mouths from loco solutions will NEVER cop to her ill gotten mega$$ from outta town.

  81. Again, I am still waiting on that example of a community where developers controlled planning that didn’t turn into a sprawling polluted mess.

    and i await the reasons these hordes of people will show up without plan “A”. you still haven’t answered #1.

    did your google, could find no evidence of “developer” control of planning departments. evidence, please.

  82. Cleary said he was for smart growth and alternative A. That means Mac town will be full to the brim with multi- family units, apartments,infill/infill/infill. No big yards for garden,chicken or stick ball. Just more peolpe with out jobs or hope but what the hell they will have a trail a lots of dope. Great job healthy humboldt and Dr. Linsey. I’m sure none of these new Mac villians will be over weight.

  83. that’s my favorite part of their argument for plan A: stuff more people into mckinleyville but do not expand the footprint. i wonder what that does for quality of life? i really did do a google search on bakersfield and the first 3 pages of links were links to various articles about their general plan update, nothing about “developer control”. you want to know something scary? much of the language i read is identical to our new plan. i guess we are unique, just like everybody else.

  84. If the recommended zoning change for the land by the High School is implemented, instead of a potential for about 100 new homes, there will be over 700 low income units there. Now that will really be “smart growth”, just dumb for McKinleyville.

  85. As requested, here is a particularly tasty link regarding sprawl in Bakersfield and the developers’ control of planning decisions in that town.

    Particulary compelling as article is from 2006 just before their crazed development blew up in their faces.

    Here is a quote from the mayor: “I certainlty respect the interests of the smart-growth people”, Hall says. “but as the mayor, I support prosperity. You just can’t stop growth.”

    Yeah that growth gave them the prosperity of one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country and 18% unemployment. How you like that prosperity.

    Another good quote: “Bakersfield has swelled by more than 50,000 residents since 2000” (that is in six years mind you).

    “70,000” acres of farmland lost between 1998 and 2002 alone.

    And here is my absolute favorite quote from a Bakersfield resident concerned about Bakersfield’s growth: “Do we want to be another Fresno?”

    Got to love it guys. Just let me know if you want more articles.

  86. Bakersfield and Humboldt County have no like characteristics that would lead to any compaison between growth potential or affects. Your singleminded argument that there are in some ways a common cause and effect relationship has no basis in fact. Humboldt for years was “contolled” by development interests and, as you can see, we did not become Santa Rosa becuse of economic and regional differences.
    Growth does not occur because of housing, it occurs because for economic reasons. Any attemept to claim that the same forces that occurred in Bakersfield will occur in Humboldt are specious.

  87. Wait, what was the “economic reasons” that caused once rural and isolated Fresno and Bakersfield to explode into sprawling polluted messes?

    Was it high employment? – Well actually their employment rates have been consistently higher than the California average.

    Was it high wages? – Well actually their wage rates have consistently been at the bottom of the California average.

    Was it developer control of planning that allowed for massive sprawling subdivisions? Oh no can’t be that because……… you said so I guess.

    Look you can believe that it “can’t happen here” but I and most of the rest of Humboldt are not going to risk one of the greatest places left on god’s green earth by putting our faith in the developers and wishful thinking.

    Did you read the USA Today article posted above?

  88. Sorry for the typo – that should have been “their unemployment rates” not “their employment rates”.

  89. No reason to discuss the issues with facts anonymous. They’ve already made their minds up.

  90. Ah, I know that they have already made up their minds and have little interest in a fact based discussion. However, they are not my intended audience merely my foil.

    My intended audience are those people reading this blog who do have open minds and who care deeply about Humboldt continuing as the best damned place in the world to live.

  91. here are my favorite parts of the article you reference:

    Fueling the influx are home buyers from coastal areas eager to accept long commutes for a chance at a house with a yard they can afford.

    see my previous post, “gee, do you think the the proximity to I-5 and the L.A. have anything to do with it? you can’t answer it can you?”

    At least a quarter of residents in some new subdivisions commute two hours or more on congested Interstate 5 to Los Angeles, Movius says.

    “Single-family homeownership, the American dream, is Bakersfield’s bread and butter,” says James Movius, city planning director. “Bakersfield is definitely proud it can provide housing to the common guy.”

    who wants housing for the common guy? certainly not wealthy humboldt.

    your article does not mention “developer control” over the planning commission

  92. Glad you read the article.

    Do you happen to know what county had the fastest population growth of any county in the entire far western united states? Little hint – it is not anywhere near LA.

    Answer is Lyon County, Nevada. It is just if not more geographically remote than even Humboldt. So why did it have explosive population growth? Must be lots of jobs … well actually it has by far the highest rate of unemployment in the state of Nevada. I will let you come up with the answer yourself (little hint, it had something to do with the fact that they fell over themselves doing the developers bidding)

    What did you think about Bakersfield’s Mayor’s quote of “I certainly respect the interests of the smart-growth people”, Hall says. “but as the mayor, I support prosperity. You just can’t stop growth.”

    Did it give you pause that all Bakersfield got was more sprawl, one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, 18% unemployment, and tied with LA for the worst air pollution in the country?

    So how is having the 5th highest foreclosure rate of any community in the entire country helping the common man? I understand you are having problems finding factual information so here is a link to the foreclosure statistic.

    Not sure why you are having so much troubling independently confirming that developers controlled planning in Bakersfield so here is another article expressly discussing developers’ influence on planning decisions in Bakersfield (please let me know if you want to see any more):

    Look I keep answering your endless questions and you have not answered my sole question: Name one community in the entire country where planning was controlled by the developers that didn’t end up a sprawling overdeveloped shit hole.

  93. Hmmm, who is fixated on Bakersfield? And who is from Bakersfield?

  94. Sic em’ Rose, sic em’!

    Facts are the devil!

  95. these are red herrings. you link an opinion piece and a county in Nevada that no, is not close to L.A., but how about Reno? you miss the point. there is no job center close by to create this mass influx of people you obsess over.

  96. Usually the Wealthy Humboldt types try to compare us to Santa Rosa- someplace people here know something about. Your passion about Bakersfield shows more about you than it does us.

    I love it, you move here, and then try to get us to change our way of life so that other people don’t move here too. That’s what I call a Mark Lovelace complex.

  97. The key you mention is that people moved to Bakersfield for lower cost housing and that they would put up with the long commute because of the lower cost alternative. Since Bakersfield was within a commute distance of their job, they chose to live there. Now, there is nowhere to commute to from here for a job. I do not think you get that point.
    Also, population growth is going to happen somewhere, and it will occur for economic reasons (cost of housing, jobs, etc.). For all those reasons, it can not happen here to that scale because the economic situation here will not support that growth.
    So, If Bakersfield’s control were not, as you say “controlled by developers”, then these people would have gone somewhere else, and the same factors would control that.

  98. “Name one community in the entire country where planning was controlled by the developers that didn’t end up a sprawling overdeveloped shit hole.”

    isn’t that what mckinleyville will become with the greenies “controlling” the planning department?

    1. why will these hoards of “new” people show up here?
    2. where will they work?
    3. how will plan “a”, which increases housing densities and concentrates all of the growth into the already developed areas, promote the rural atmosphere and quality of life we all enjoy?
    4. if your fears are correct, why hasn’t it happened already? we are still operating under the 1984 plan, which is supposedly developer friendly and we currently experience negative growth in the county.
    i look forward to an answer.

    these aren’t endless questions, they are the same ones you will not answer. try starting with #1.

  99. Let me answer for him/her:
    1. not for jobs or affordable housing.
    2. bring your income with you or build a grow house.
    3. “A” will not work because the infrastructure is not there to support it.
    4. For economic reasons.

  100. Your answer to my sole question consisted of the following: “isn’t that what mckinleyville will become with the greenies “controlling” the planning department?'”

    WTF! Yeah its those pesky ‘greenies” always fighting for more subdivisions and more sprawl. I recommend you read what you write before sending.

    I keep giving you concrete factual examples in the real world that are directly responsive to your questions. Your foregoing answer demonstrates that you are not interested in a discussion grounded in reality.

    Let me focus again on your question #1. Your argument is that the hordes will never show up because we don’t have jobs. Did you not read my post of last night regarding the fastest growing county in the entire far western united states that just happens to be geographically remote and have the highest unemployment rate of the entire state in which it is located (over 19%). What better actual real world concrete example do you need to expose the illegitimacy of your basic underlying argument?

    I am sorry but this has become tiresome to me and probably to anyone unfortunate to still be reading at this point so I am done (for real this time I promise). Maybe there will be a future thread on development that catches my interest and we can continue this discussion then.

  101. the question was: why will they come?

  102. I keep giving you concrete factual examples in the real world that are directly responsive to your questions. Your foregoing answer demonstrates that you are not interested in a discussion grounded in reality.

    you have not answered a single one. to state that bakersfield, where people commute to L.A. and a county in Nevada where people commute to Reno to Humboldt not a concrete factual example of anything related to this place. you are a loon.

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