We’re down with Downey

Isn’t Hislop the dude who decided he and his band of merry paper-pushers desperately needed automatic weaponry and cute little SWAT outfits, even though they have no jurisdiction anywhere in the world in which to deploy them?

Very OG, Mike. Also, very dumb.

KHUM and the North Coast Journal present a round-table discussion with the candidates for Humboldt County sheriff, Mike Downey and Mike Hislop on April 29th, between 6 and 7 p.m.

Moderated by the North Coast Journal’s Ryan Burns, the event seeks a meaningful interchange between the candidates themselves. “It’ll be an old fashioned shoot-out, KHUM style,” said Burns.

The debate will be the first of a series of programs produced by KHUM and the North Coast Journal, which will include forums with candidates for District Attorney and Humboldt County Supervisor.

Questions from the audience can be submitted during the debate by e-mail to studio@khum.com, by Twitter at Twitter.com/khumradio, through KHUM’s Facebook page, and by phone: 786-5486. Listeners can tune into KHUM at 104.3 or 104.7 FM, or stream the debate through the Internet atkhum.com. All KHUM/North Coast Journal candidate debates will be archived and podcast.

Check khum.com for details.


28 Responses

  1. Downey is also a good candidate if you like your eggs beaten and your wives less so.

  2. Harsh but true.

  3. Wrong Mike.

  4. To Retired LE: Definately the wrong Mike. Downey has been married to the same woman for 24 years. Hislop has been married four times with disturbing rumors surrounding his personal life. That’s not a political pot-shot. It’s just important to be careful about which Mike one is wrtiting about. Bugs got this one right.

  5. Re-read, Anatu. Downey is a good candidate if you like your wives LESS beaten. Get it? Someone else likes them more. Everyone’s on the same page here. That other candidate’s women probelms are among the worst-kept secrets in local law enforcement.

  6. That’s correct. Hislop’s and Gallegos’ sociopathies complement each other.

  7. Easy there, friends. It’s a fine line before the Mirror’s expansive (and might we add overpaid) Legal Department starts deleting things….

  8. Ah, sorry, I misunderstood the post. I’m little embarrassed but mostly relieved to learn that others see Hislop for who he really is (running for sheriff or not).

  9. Hislop is Gags’ Tim Stoen with a gun and delusions of having his own SWAT team. This dude shouldn’t even be allowed to carry a gun. Or a badge. The really frightening part is that he can talk slick and if folks don’t pay close attention,he can fool you. He and gags are two peas in a pod. Both sociopaths.

  10. Hey Bugs! Our check bounced again.

  11. Isn’t IHOP the place where the waitresses have big boobs?

  12. Oops… it’s been so long that I forgot my name

  13. Graphics Dept.,

    It didn’t bounce. We stopped payment on the check. You idiots charged $600 for porn on The Mirror corporate American Express card. Now get back to work and do stuff.

  14. Ass hats.

  15. Bugs, I’d be dammed if I would pay those drunken louts in Graphics either….perfectely good natural disasters and they have not utilized killer footage, especially the one from Eruptions blog with the northern lights shinning over the lava……
    sorta of like the Gags beacon lighting up the lava of bullshit spewing forth form the fissue of Hislop!

  16. Josephine. Now that is funny!

  17. One does what one can!

  18. Oh Jo…”.the Gags beacon lighting up the lava of bullshit spewing forth form the fissue of Hislop”


  19. Hislop is just friggin weird. Had to be around him quite a bit this weekend . Creepy dude. Very creepy.

  20. In 1995, Mike Hislop was in-charge of a the USS Midway Project, Anyone remember that? Mike Hislop collected thousands of dollars to bring the Midway to Humboldt County, but the MHS decided to dock the USS Midway in San Diego. Where did all the donations end up Hislop??? I would like to know the rest of the story!! Also, he has been married 3 times. During one of his seperations he was trying to reconcile with her and planned a cruise with his wife. She realized what a huge mistake she was making and asked the captain to let her off the ship. Is this the wife that also brought allegations of spousal abuse??Or was it both wife 1 and 2… Who knows. The rumors are out there, I would like some clarification, since this man is running his campaign on integrity! Also, there is documentation of him lying on the stand. Maybe we should talk to some of his old EPD buddies, who were happy to watch him go!

  21. Maybe we should talk to some of his old EPD buddies,….

    The barber at that NorCal Barbershop, or whatever the name is, at the corner of Grotto and E in Eureka seems quite the cop groupie. I haven’t been in there very often but, the few times I have, he always mentions that some of the Eureka cops “are friends of mine”. He has a police scanner on all the time, too.

    I went in there a couple months ago (there was a Eureka cop getting a haircut there at the time). After the cop left and he was cutting my hair, I asked him who his friends on EPD were supporting for Sheriff. To my surprise, he just murmured that they hadn’t decided yet. I was surprised because I would have thought that would of been a hot topic of conversation amongst him and his EPD buddies.

    I see that barber shop has a couple of Mike Downey signs in the window now. I’m guessing the barber put the signs up based on his EPD buddies’ recommendation.

    If anyone needs a haircut right now, maybe you ought to stop by there. While you’re getting your hair cut, ask him why he decided to put the Downey signs up. Let us know what you find out.

  22. EPD has a lot of new officers who did not work with Hislop and only know “the new and improved Hislop” with all of his political rhetoric. But the ones who worked with him know him well and they have plenty to say!!!! Also, note that one of Hislop’s ex’s familiy is endorsing Downey!!! Just a little info for all to know!!!!

  23. Anyone remember if the Eureka Police Officer’s Association has made endorsements for Sheriff in the past?

  24. I’ve seen Downey signs in the yards of some EPD officers…

  25. […] Humboldt Mirror endorses Downey. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Assessor’s Race – still can’t […]

  26. It’s a mystery to me why any union, association or business would take the risk of endorsing any candidate. It isn’t like the other candidate(s) will get zero votes.

    Why risk ticking off a big percentage of the voters?

    We all live in our own political bubble and assume we are supporting the “ONE”, when, in fact, this is a diverse community and the outcome of most elections is within a point or two.

    If what you do depends on getting along with people, why would you risk upsetting 48-49% of the public by wearing your vote on your sleeve? There’s a reason we cast our votes in privacy.

  27. Thanks Barb, Spoken like someone with no endorsements.

  28. I am not running for anything so why would I go out and get endorsements?

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