Thanks again Baykeeper

The T-S’s envirosycaphant John Driscoll reported today that the NEC will happily accept a government handout to clean up it’s carcinogenic hotspot property in Arcata.

When we litter it's cool.

The $200,000 grant from the EPA, courtesy of us taxpayers, will clean perchloroethylene from the contaminated soil that once sat below a dry cleaner and housed the NEC’s headquarters before it burned down.

NEC and Humboldt Baykeeper chief Pete Nichols says the contamination is highly toxic, but “hasn’t spread far.” And if Pete says something hasn’t spread far, we’re going to have to just take his word for it. He could sue himself to get a full characterization, but his litigation dance card is already maxed out with lawsuits–including the longstanding legal battle against Security National’s Marina Center project.

With the generous help from taxpayers’ money, along with $40,ooo in matching funds the NEC has to front, Pete’s graciously going to insist on a “full cleanup,” to set “a good example.”

Full cleanups are always better when someone else pays for them right Pete? Baykeeper’s parent organization Ecological Rights Foundation is sitting on its share of many millions of dollars pilfered from out-of-state corporations in hundreds of Proposition 65 lawsuits settlements going back many years. But those funds are seed money for more lawsuits.

Instead of holding up the cleanup of the Marina Center project in court, Baykeeper could get on board and use its staff resources to really set an example to help find federal funds to clean all the dioxin and other pollutants they claim are leaching from the vacant Eureka waterfront into the bay every time it rains. But then again, Bill Pierson wouldn’t let Pete do that now would he?

Coming to a bay near you....

Oh, and by the way, if Pete really, really, really wanted to set an example, he wouldn’t litter the streets of Arcata with fliers for the Baykeeper and Ocean Conservancy’s  “Ocean Night” event at the Arcata Theater Lounge on Thursday to expose farmed salmon problems.

I’m sure Pete must know that those flyers with all of that ink are in the gutters, which dump into the bay.

h/t to “Arcata Guy” for the tip on the flyers.


22 Responses

  1. What a bunch of effing hypocrites. We’ll “fully” clean up our site when we can get the taxpayers/government to shoulder the burden. But when a developer like Arkley wants to do a cleanup with his own money, Baykeeper cries that they HAVE to go above and beyond what’s legal and will tie up the actual cleanup with a politically motivated lawsuit.

  2. If Rob Arkley ran into Pete Nichols we should punch him in the face. Dumb lib. Can’t belive the word liberty has lib in it. Dumb lib.

  3. Why do so many progies not get basic economics? Has Pete ever heard of opportunity cost? He wasted government funds that other communities could have used for their cleanups just so he could claim to be some kind of eco Joan of Arc. So we should admire him because he’s an economic dumbass?.

  4. The only one holding up the Ballon Track cleanup it YOU Mr. Arkley

    Time to cooperate with the CCC and the Water Board

  5. well, just when you think that the record for standing, running and jumping gall has been set, good ole’ Pete resets the entire scale.

    I am almost (ALMOST) impressed at the level of hypocrisy so egariously displayed by the resident enviro-warrior, the champion of toxic clean-up. However, almost just doesn’t cut it, Pete, ole buddy, ole pal… have not invoked some sort of legal action to go along with this sucking up at the public tit…..what the hell is the matter with you?

    Oh and Mr. Wong… I am assuming you forgot the ‘r’…go suck an egg.

  6. Personally, I’d be happy of Mr. Arkley applied for grant money to clean up the Balloon Track. More than happy.

  7. What Bugs, no 4th District Thread?

  8. Poetic Justice. C’mon T/S, pick this up!

  9. Mr. Wong, go back to prog’y heaven.The blog that is censored and 50-89 % of content is the moderators of the blog. You know, where you get most of your facts, The Wong Herald blog.

  10. Hey you guys just keep spewing the hate. It warms the cockles of my heart to know you angry marginalized malcontents aren’t running the show.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. You have cockles?

  12. dry cleaning chemicals are the worst of the worst and have an affinity for ground water.

    usually these clean ups are very, very expensive. $200k seems really light and I bet it is far from a total clean up. Sad thing is that these guys make millions of dollars off lawsuits and then they ask us the tax payer to pay for their own mess.

    This money could have been spent by less fortunate landowners who have legacy toxics on there lands.

    what tools.

  13. Neil Latt – Proof Scientists Find New Proof of the Neanderthal Within Us

    Check it out:

  14. More like the NEC has lost ten of thousands defending the environment from you assholes

  15. Dang! I was hoping you were live blogging the KHUM DA Round Table…

    It’s broadcasting live (video) with UStream TV

  16. LOST “ten of thousands”……

    LMSAO!!!! Can I have some of whatever you are packing your Hookah with????

    OMFG, that is PRICELESS!!!

    Thanks for the laugh, step!!!

  17. We should sue paykeeper for a total cleanup with scienticif proof before a shovel full of soil is moved.

  18. Mr I just want to help my community is stabbing our fishermen in the back on the MLPA. Like that surprises us !

  19. I wonder how much Bob Simpson has promised to pay this F@#$%^g scum bag to support the new pulp mill ? Old sneaky Pete does nothing for free. It’s either ass,gas, or grass for paykeeper . No one rides for free.

  20. For the record, I am the one who had flyers distributed for that event – and I always ask our Surfrider volunteers to only put them in shops (not on utility poles) for exactly the reason I don’t want them to end up as litter.

    I checked in with the folks who took them around town and apparently they did have some trouble with the howling wind that day resulting in blown flyers – they thought they’d picked them all up, but obviously not. Ahem. Shouldn’t happen again.

  21. Thanks for coming clean on this issue Jen. The way it was described to us was that the flyers were placed on cars and subsequently ended up on the ground. Even in Arcata people do dumb things. I am sure more than a few people just absent-mindedly tossed them.

  22. Now it’s time to come clean on who
    s paying baykeeper to shaft the local fishermen.

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