Neely love-child rumors gain traction

Chris Kerrigan in a Neely campaign video? Really?

Probably we all remember what happened the last time he endorsed a candidate. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Former upstanding citizen and Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrigan has thrown his considerable political clout behind Bonnie Neely. And she was dumb enough to admit it.

22 Responses

  1. Kerrigan’s looking pretty strung out these days. I guess the Bon Bon is getting support anywhere she can. Shit, she made a video showing Neal Latt’s support, and he’s widely believed to be one of the worst political liabilities in Humboldt County (next to Neely).

  2. Just In! Chris and the Bon Bon were just seen in the alley near her house. Chris had dropped his cell phone and the Bon Bon was helping him find it. Gotta give it to that Chris, once he find a plan that works he sticks with it even if his standards are dropping a bit.

    On another note Chris’s last cell phone assistant seems to have found another plaything herself in the form of a prominent local atorney. Details to follow…

  3. Mike Hislop lists Jeffrey Schwartz among his supporters. Some candidates don’t seem to understand that not all endorsements are helpful.

  4. Damn, I can’t wait to find out about Char’s new conquest. Attorney sounds like he’s employed, quite a step up from the Chrismeister. Maybe he can even afford a room instead of the front seat.

  5. So like the Bass campaign itself, the Humboldt Mirror hasn’t bothered address the very credible allegation that someone heavily involved in the Bass campaign appears to have engaged in serious threatening behavior toward Bonnie.

    I Guess you would rather make up pretend crap about Kerrigan and Bonnie to distract people.

    People are just not cool with a big 240 pound guy in his twenties following and threatening a woman.

    So when is the Bass campaign going to address this serious matter? Her continued failure to address it becomes more disturbing every day.

  6. Read todays NCJ, you will find it was old news, and was dealt with at least before heraldo put it out there. Pretty sad, when you can’t keep informed.

  7. When they pick Chris to run again it will be on the platform I guess I am old enough now to have a Job.

  8. Anon 10:05–Have you met the alleged perpetrator? Not playing with a full deck is a polite way of describing him. Blaming the Bass campaign for his actions is like blaming small school bus drivers for drool on the windows.

  9. More than enough has been said elsewhere on the the 10:05 subject. To allow the subject is nothing less than cruel. I recomend that a warning be posted that all related comments will be promptly deleted and then do so.

  10. Kerrigan’s seen better days, hasn’t he? Maybe this is what he meant when he said he wanted to get into acting. Pity the performance in this case is something quite a bit less than compelling.

  11. So…
    Who’s the lovechild?

  12. Kerrigan has to have the Arcata herbal clinic look.

  13. Charlene the pyscho bitch witth a lawyer this time I guess variety is the spice of life.

  14. Y’all are prejudging this dude just because he looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

  15. Hey guys I guess you believe that once the NCJ runs a story that the matter is closed and is not subject to further discussion.

    I love the fact that this threatening thug can’t be taken to task for his confirmed bad behavior but calling people ‘psycho bitch” and making up lies about people is fine.

    Look, I am not blaming Bass for the action of one her campaign supporters what I am blaming her for is failing to come out quickly and firmly to condemn the behavior. Waiting until it is picked up by the press and she is interviewed by a reporter is B.S. It shows real lack of leadership and lack of firm moral sense on her part.

  16. Spare Change sounds like he might be using the Dilbert Random Blog Threat Generator or something. WTF does any of that even mean? Probably doesn’t matter. We’re blocking his weird ass until his meds kick in.

  17. Remember Mad Libs? And remember filling them out with dirty words and giggling? That’s exactly what Spare Change sounds like to me.

  18. OOOOh, I have waited all day for this…! Pardon the judgment, but Mr. Chris is just not as ‘fresh-faced’ as he used to be. Too much herb? Too much mentor? (Bonnie or John take your pick). Whatever, the blush is definitely off this rose.

    I have previously weighed in on the Edwards/ethics theme so no need to beat that dead horse…but endorsing the Bon-Bon?! What the hell is this! Have we completely and utterly forsaken our progessive cred for the quick-buck of popular approval? What is in this for him? Can’t be a roll in the hay, because, ahem, that bale has been turned over once too often.

    Young Mr. Chris is not the idealistic, dewey eyed, solider of democracy he paints himself. He is a political animal of the basest sort.

  19. Spare Change? are you the one selling “bad” LSD in Arcata?

    Gee Anonymous 11:33am what about the so called “leak” from the Neely campaign. Is that the kind of “leadership” and “moral sense” you want?

  20. hey chris…… it the prozac that causes all of that white gunk at the corners of your mouth?

  21. Great characterization of Holmquist Mirror. Can we finally start referring to this guy as a full fleged retard? The left really shouldn’t complain since he contributed to Glass’s campaign previously.

  22. Why does Chris hang out at the Shanty? Isn’t that an alternate lifestyles type bar? And what does he do to put food on the table these days ?

    John Edwards ! What a great reference

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