Vote Paul Gallegos, because congenital dishonesty is a quality one looks for in a district attorney

Good ol' Gags. He cannot tell a lie (unless it's one he's able to plagiarize from someone else).

Two pages before the major dick-smack Hank Sims gave Paul Gallegos over the latter’s blatant misrepresentation of county crime stats, the world’s dumbest district attorney had already moved on to his next fictional accomplishment.

This one came in the form of an advertisement which states Gags “won” a million-dollar judgment against Big Oil and Tire Co., litigation in which neither he nor his office was meaningfully involved.

Instead, the case was assembled and managed by the state Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the State Water Board in conjunction with the California District Attorney’s Association of which, presumably, Gallegos is one of at least 58 members.

Arguably not the sort of thing to toot one’s own horn over.

Insiders, however, were quick to note that Gags was not entirely uninvolved.

While it’s true his office did not conduct an investigation, did not file motions, did not prepare briefs and did not participate in settlement talks, we’re told a secretary in his office did forward to the AG documents assembled by the county’s Environmental Health inspectors.

Oh, and he also lobbied to get added to a news release two months before an election.

What a leader!

When reached for comment, Gallegos said he would take credit for his own accomplishments if he had any.

Okay okay, we made that last part up.

48 Responses

  1. This is old news. Everyone already knows he’s a liar.

  2. Bwa ha ha ha! Good one Bugs.

    It’s true he takes credit for everyone else’s work because he hasn’t done anything himself. He’s utterly worthless.

  3. I guess advertising people just have to cash checks, not fact check. I am sure Hank, or someone, will pose this question to Gallegos. After Paul tried to take credit for the national and statewide crime drop, the better media types are starting to ask better questions.

  4. If that forehead gets any bigger they’ll see it from space.

  5. People vote for this clown for two reasons, pot and power. Neither group of voters cares what kind of human being he is or what kind of job he’s doing. That in a nutshell is what’s wrong with progressives.

  6. Typical behavior. Gallegos and his crony Hislop mislead the public with alarming consistency. Remember Robin Bradshaw who killed his wife Monica? Gallegos and Hislop paraded around in front of the newspaper saying that they had recovered her body. Hislop commented on how well “the search” went. Later we all found out that that Bradshaw TOOK THEM TO HER BODY as part of a plea agreement. Neither Gallegos nor Hislop mentioned that little detail. Instead, they exaggerated their accomplishments, wanting the public to believe they had found her body through their investigative skills. Integrity indeed.

  7. Can [I] please get back to calling Bonnie Neely [names that demonstrate my own limitations]?

  8. Totally not cool, Mirrorman. We worry that you might not be right in the head.

  9. (Those concerns, of course, coming only from a place of pure compassion. Okay, possibly coupled with a desire not to be in any way associated with guys who need to refer to women using synonyms for their genitalia.)

  10. (And as an aside, Mirrorman, you’re quite the renaissance thinker. To date 63 instances of calling Bonnie Neely a c-bag? Stay classy!)

  11. 63 is a bit much, 25-28 maybe but 63 that over the top? There are plenty of things to call Bonnie on without ever calling names.

    Both Gags and Hislop have proved themselves to be dishonest. and without redeeming value. So keep them out.

    Another part of the story is how many times Hagen dropped the ball on the big oil case, which is why it was finally referred out to the state.

    Oh and lets not forget that the amount of money that they will pay is much less and only about 35,000 will go to the county environmental folks to aid their efforts.

  12. Speaking of pot and power (And I agree that’s the only reason to vote for Gallegos), I’ve heard that Allison Jackson made most of her money and rep from defending Pot Growers. True? Because at the debate, she sounded like she’d stand up to them.
    Frankly? I’m not too thrilled with my choices.

  13. Oh Jen. You are confused with that Bryson lady who dropped out. Jackson locked up rapists and murderers for a living. .

  14. Jen, someone’s jerking your chain. According to Jackson’s campaign materials, she’s never worked as a defense attorney. Anon 7:56 is correct. Bryson is a defense attorney and handles a bunch of pot cases.

    That lie has the mark of Salzman all over it. It’s up there with him encouraging the unwary to vote for Bryson, whose name will be on the ballot because she dropped out late. He knows his candidate is a dog, and the best he can do is have fewer people voting for other viable candidates.

    Look for more misinformation from that douchebag. It’s all he knows, and in Gallegos he has found the perfect acolyte.

  15. Richard Salzman should go back to blogging that Allison killed her parents like he did at the beginning of the campaign. Never mind that Allison’s parents really were killed, by a drunk driver when Allison was in her early 20s. It takes a special kind of inhuman being to say the things Salzman says. He, like his candidate, is utterly without conscience.

  16. I wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily. They have consciences. They know right from wrong. They just don’t care. Having no conscience is like an illness or something. Having no values, morals, ethics, character, whatever–that’s another thing entirely.

  17. Bugs and C-bag and 7:56 : thank you so much for calling Salzman and his cronies out for his crap. Talk about a worm without a stone to crawl under…

    Allison actually did what prosecutors are supposed to do: put criminals A-W-A-Y for a very long time…

    As for Salzman saying in any form that she was responsible for the death of her parents??? Beyond words, … and if you aren’t taken out by someone with a score to settle this time around Richard, it WILL be taken care of in the afterlife. You are evil.

  18. If that forehead gets any bigger they’ll see it from space.

    Looks like Gallegos is taking advantage of that ginormous forehead for some effective advertising.

  19. C-bag and Julie’s comments will earn Humbug a libel lawsuit.

  20. Anonymous bloggers are “outed” during the legal process of a libel lawsuit.

  21. Uh, we’re going to have to call bullshit on that one Anonymous 10:37

    You’ll have to come up with something a little better than that.

  22. This string contains the first time anyone’s ever written that Jackson was responsible for the drunk driving that killed her parents.

    No one else has ever made that allegation, at least not that I’ve read.

    What has been highly written about, is Jackson’s struggles with sobriety.

  23. Okay fine, will tone it down. Can we then atleast start calling her ugly again? The yearbook photo post was your best work to date!

  24. Call bullshit if you want Mirror. But your friends from the Above the Law blog might caution you otherwise.

  25. Ugly’s fine, Douchbag is fine. But, if you let someone make a claim on your blog that someone else can argue in court is
    1) false
    2) will effect their ability to earn a living,
    then you risk losing the lawsuit.

    Either way, the legal proceedings will OUT your identity.

    So leave up the posts about Jackson causing her parents car accident at your own peril.

  26. Richard Salzman is a public person because of his association with various campaigns and PACs. By comparison, a police dispatcher is not a public person and is, as a result, entitled to a greater degree of protection. So bring it, cry-baby Salzman, chicken-shit Faust, thin-skinned Lovelace. You’re all fair game.

    Besides, it’s not libel if it’s true, so this isn’t libel.

    And 2 p.m., let’s see if we’re getting this right. Just because Jackson didn’t kill her parents in a DUI accident doesn’t mean she’s not a drunk? So classy. You should enter that one into some kind of contest that awards dimwittedness. Really. You’re a shoe-in.

  27. Didn’t Hoover catch him in the act?

  28. And 2:11, who is also 2:03, and 1:55, and 10:54, and 10:37, given the nature of those and your other dozens of comments, we tend to think you don’t actually care all that much about our potential civil liabilities and instead just want us to remove comments you don’t like. Which, by the way, we’re not going to do. Dumbfuck.

  29. Curious that no one’s alleging libel over calling Gags a liar. Oh right. That’s because HE IS.

  30. Lets see what Bill Brown and Neal Ewald think about this going public.

  31. If it’s true Humbug, give us a link to where this alleged post exists.

  32. What a loser. Talk to Kimberly Wear about removing the comments from a TS blog. Talk to Kevin Hoover about his conversation with Richard Salzman. Or just keep talking to yourself, Anon, because no one else is paying any goddamn attention. That’s what hurts the most, isn’t it?

  33. what happened is Salzbutt posted shit about there being something involving a alcohol related incident with her last name on it, but did not pin it down. Oh shit the incident was that her parents were killed by a drunk driver. Kind of blew up in his face. I never saw humbug say shit about her having anything to do with her parents accident. She was gone at the time ie school/vacation.

    It is almost like this anon is Richard drinking again.

  34. Elections bring out the worst of the trolls and asshats don’t they?

  35. Well, yes, DB, but the accepted term in Humboldt these days
    is “incumbent”.

  36. If you think Kevin Hoover is a reliable source of information, that says a lot about your judgement.

  37. Oh yeah T&A. Good point.

  38. wow its ‘starting’ to get ugly round these parts I’d better cover my eyes….

  39. Yep. The more desperate the more ugly.

  40. I had the unfortunate chance to deal with Mr. Gallegos in court for a year. It is simple he is not a prosecutor, he could not run a hot dog stand and he has no business being a District Attorney in any County. Personally he is a nice man he has survived for several years and I give him credit for that but the fine people of Humboldt County deserve a DA that will work for them. Mr. Gallegos should go back to private practice and let someone try to clean up the mess we have here. Mr Gallegos is not capable and is totally incompetent in the courtroom.

  41. Iso many of us are so sorry father.

  42. I do not see anything nice about an individual who abuses his position as DA. To prosecute innocent citizens with lame evidence which will never stand up court or in front of a jury. 12,000 cases and he is prosecuting an individual who turned in a Pot Dog into the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

    Get ready Paul Gallegos for the media shit storm which is about to befall you. The words which treble from your mouth will ultimately define you forever as the incompetent & manipulative attorney your are.

  43. Gallegos and Jackson are ease pathetic in their own way. Paul Hagen is the best qualified candidate by far.

  44. Gallegos and Jackson are each pathetic in their own way. Paul Hagen is the best qualified candidate by far.

  45. 4:04: huh? Guess you didn’t get much sleep last night.

  46. I think the most frustrating thing is that information is so difficult to obtain without the taint of…well…shittiness.
    I like Hagen personally (having met him) but he made little impact on me politically during the debate.
    Jackson, however, gave straight answers to questions.
    Her answers to the same questions in other places appear to be a bit different.
    What I want to know is what she’ll DO. I know what Gallegos will do. Go surfing.
    Hagen strikes me as a man who will talk us all to death but do nothing.
    I’m not convinced ANY of the candidates will be a good thing, but I AM convinced more of the same will be deadly.

  47. Jen You are so right. It’s a conflict of form over content. My take is that people want a prosecutor and not a politician.

    There will be some strange movements in this primary and they will be defining, Just like palm trees….they thrive in the absence of soil.

  48. Shrinks will tell you that the best predictor of what a person will do is that they have done. Statistics work for groups, but are useless for people. So, what PVG will do is what he has done. Like put baby bashers on probation. What Hagen will do is what he has done, ditto for Jackson. Most victims and cops especially the ones involved in the gnarly cases of child and elderly abuse, will tell you that having AGJ there was nothing short of a godsend. And Jackson did not have the ability to put the whole office to work on her cases, she did her own work.

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