Balloon Track: The Prequel

Folsom Prison Blues by the Bay, anyone?A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

One District Four supervisorial candidate, who shall remain nameless, voted to build a jail on what she now insists is the crown fucking jewel of Humboldt County real estate.

Say what?? A jail on the beautiful Balloon Track?

So obviously, turmoil ensued. Right? There were uprisings and whatnot, yes? Pickets, protests, little progs with their little arms linked in solidarity–because, hey!!  We’re talking about our precious coastal resources, our scarce habitats, our endangered sawgrass and all that nasty, yucky dioxin.

Curiously, the final EIR for the project mentions none of these things. In fact, the executive summary states that “there are no significant impacts to biotic resources associated with development of the proposed project…” (Source documents are of crap quality. Clicking to enlarge helps somewhat.)

And yet the unnamed candidate in question–the one we are still declining to identify–not only signed off on the project, she provided a second to the motion.

A number of questions spring to mind, but let’s just start with the obvious: If the Balloon Track was shitty enough for criminals, why is it now too good for people who need jobs?

(Thanks to the friend who dropped these docs off at our plush offices. Next time, though, think strippers instead. Hugs!!)

58 Responses

  1. Here’s one problem with being in office forever. She’s had a quarter century of chances to do truly stupid things, and it looks like she took advantage of the time.

  2. 1991 was a long time ago, but still. Doesn’t she have any real values or is it all just politics to her?

  3. Ha is right. This is classic. The old broad should just admit she’ll do or say anything to stay in office.

  4. I’ll comment just as soon as I stop laughing. What a hoot! Paper trails. Gotta love ’em.

  5. Bonnie is one burnt peice of toast…

    Old broad indeed.

    Bye bye Bonnie – hope the door hits your ass on the way out!

  6. Bonnie sure knows what is best for this community. I think it would have been so awesome to have gazed across the waterfront and taken in the Marina, the Wharfinger Building and the…..county jail? What a douche she is.

  7. Sounds like a great use of Coastal Resources… she really has no shame.

  8. She was for something when she was a Republican, but now she is a Dem. she is against it?? Oh, Iove this story.

  9. Well gee whiz she was only in her first term then and just didn’t understand what she was doing as a “new” supe. Maybe even then she wanted the jail there to keep Walmart out.

    Paper trails certainly can come back to bite you and maybe this one will take a chunk out of her votes.

  10. Isn’t Dixon, the other Supervisor who voted to put a jail there, the one who got caught stealing woman’s makeup at the mall?

  11. So awesome!! Yes, that’s the one. That high point in local politics had totally slipped our minds.

  12. Dixon only stole eye cream not makeup as I remember the story, but I heard from an employee of the store that it was not the first time but after quite a few hits they just had enough and called the cops. Guess that is what being in office a while teaches you to do and what is that called? Institutional knowledge!! The Bon has institutional knowledge too.

    Did Dixon give her a tip on what product to use (not saying that the Bon is stealing anything but may just be using the right product that she got tipped to by Dixon’s institutional knowledge). Guess that could be some of the various institutional knowledge things that she learned on the BOS. She may have stolen a lot of jobs but probably not eye cream as her institutional knowledge gained from the Dixon arrest “learned her” not to go there. Just another institutional knowledge tidbit for those who are thinking about voting for the Bon.

  13. Holy shit you guys, I think you’re ready for a guest post at Heraldo’s.

  14. What an honor that would be. Remind me to bring my hysteria.

  15. and don’t forget your half-truths and full blown lies.

  16. The eye cream was pilfered from LONG’S at Myrtle and West. I still think about it when I see Dixon slinking around town. Reminds me of a high school Guidance Counselor I once knew who was c-r-e-e-p-y. The two made a pair back in the day. I am looking forward, SO forward, to the day we hear the LAST on Bonnie. Bad for business, bad for Humboldt County.

  17. Lastly Yokel, don’t forget to bring your obsession.

  18. It was at Longs on Myrtle but Stan the man Dixon stole tanning cream if memory serves me correctly.

  19. Love your grahics! I had a girlfriend who had “Don’t grab my ears, I know what I’m doing” tatooed on her forehead.

  20. Oh Wait…I shouldn’t talk about my first date with Heraldo.

  21. If Baykeeper would have been around at the time would they have sued the county to prevent the development in order for a cleanup that went above and beyond what is legal and completely acceptable for every other contaminated parcel of property on the waterfront?

    My guess is no, given that Bill Pierson wouldn’t feel any competitive pressure from a jail. I mean, Bill didn’t commission any wetlands study in 1991 to protect all of those incredibly important weeds…

  22. Did anyone watch the council meeting last night ? I found it incredibly ironic that Linda Atkins complained about a couple of people who got personal and then went on a rant against her fellow councilmembers that was far nastier and more personal than anything else said that evening.

    How about an e-mail to Linda telling her she was out of line? Not to mention she flat out lied about not having made up her mind about the project. As I recall when she finally acquiesced on the clean-up she very clearly pointed out she was against the project. So much for her objectivity.

    Very disappointing to watch both Larry and Linda ignore their many constituents testifying. Talk about “abrogating” responsibility: once elected the entire community makes up your constituents, Linda, not just the select few who agree with your agenda.

    I don’t believe Larry and LInda understand democracy and majority rule. Perhaps it’s time to find some candidates who do. It would be nice to have folks represent us who don’t use wedge issues to drive us apart like bogus health issues over cell towers and “true ward” systems, etc .

  23. Ya want jobs? Ya want clean up? Ya want a retail site at the Balloon Track?
    Then ask Arkley to provide the requested material to the Coastal Commission. He won’t get around get around their approval with a law suit, and they won’t act until he submits the information. Once the appeal is underway the people can speak and the merits of the project can be explained. So why does he drag his feet?
    Answer: so he can stall, wait for the “people” to rezone the property, then sell it and move to Louisiana. You guys are being duped

  24. On that other site AMN is blowing a gasket, its fucking funny. Glass and linda have agenda’s, have from day one. Care shit about Eureka or their constituents. Linda is so dumb its unbelievable. Ya, RA is moving to Louisiana, dumb fuck you ever been there. Its Louisiana.

  25. Excuse me??? being duped??? Rob has more to do than dupe people like you. Believe it or not, he does actually love Eureka…. some people cannot believe that. Genuine loyalty to people and a place… you probably cannot understand old-fashioned values like that. RA and CA are not moving to LA.

  26. “I don’t believe Larry and LInda understand democracy and majority rule.”

    Well I hope you feel the same way about those applauding the overturning on Measure T.
    And it will be interesting for sure to listen to all the whining after this measure gets shot down by voters this November.

  27. mresquan go the fuck back to H blog. Your ideas belong on a blog where no one can respond because of moderation.

    No one will whine if the measure is voted down, it will be what the people want. I think most will be surprised at how tired of the progressive agenda people in Humboldt are becoming.

    See if Glass and Adkins get back on council. Both are worthless. Larry because he is a poser, Linda cause she just is not to smart.

    Oh boy lets put Latt on there too. Just like the three stooges. Line them up and give em a slap. All puppets.

  28. No no we don’t want you to vote on the “marina center”. Yes yes we need to have a “ture ward” system……heraldo,adkins,glass,latt and company, why do you want to stop me voting?

  29. opps, my bad. should read “why do you want to stop me FROM voting”…………hugs

  30. “heraldo,adkins,glass,latt and company, why do you want to stop me voting?”

    Well considering that right now you have 3 council members who would pass the zoning change and have it in front of the CC lickety split,far sooner than this measure would be bringing you.
    Also,you can place the blame of not being able to vote on the”Marina Center” squarely on the owners and developers of the property,CUE VI,as they tossed aside the decision to have an advisory vote in which the “Marina Center” could have been voted on,and instead left you with only the option of voting for the zoning change.
    You really should have watched the meeting Tuesday night,as all of this was discussed at length.

  31. *sigh* That Balloon Tract isn’t some friggin’ wetlands. It’s a nasty strip of land that needs to be cleaned up and taken care of.
    It’s been neglected, fought over, left for one city council after another.
    I’m tired of it.
    So what if the Arkleys sell it? Maybe THEN someone will do something with it.
    It pisses me off that expensive apartments and a deserted boardwalk is all we have to show for extensive remodeling on the waterfront.
    Where’s the seafood restaurants? Where’s the fish market? Oh right. There’s none of that because so many folks vilified fishermen for years finally chasing them all out of business.
    Yay for us.
    You know, we have a beautiful bay and the only places you can really see its beauty is Woodley Island and….the public library.
    With all the crap that goes along with making anything happen in Eureka, I don’t think anyone has enough money to create jobs, encourage a strong economy or provide services to those of us who live here.

  32. Mark,

    Normal people do not whine when the majority vote comes in and it’s not what they voted for.

    That’s Democracy in action. Which is what putting the zoning on the ballot will be. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good idea, however, I do understand the frustration and distrust of the Arkleys.

    They want the public to weigh in to see if it’s worth going forward through all the walls of fire not to mention the expense of more millions. The other added bonus should the measure pass overwhelmingly is no council in the future would be able to overturn the zoning.

    At the present time, who could trust anyone running for the next city election cycle to honor a simple advisory from the council? It would be portrayed as having a stacked council and Larry could continue his lie that an overwhelming majority of the voters are against the project ergo the council would have to overturn the previous council’s vote.

    We have been treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed bull shit) by the progressives in the back rooms mapping out a strategy to keep the Marina Center from happening. Fortunately,, the voters are beginning to see through the obstructionist tactics like the “true ward system” and the baykeepers etc who only block projects they don’t agree with while allowing the ones to go forward that they do agree with.

    Here’s another bulletin: Neil Latt is the most unlikeable pompous ass I have ever met. He is not electable and will go down like another of his ilk: George Clark. If Ron Kuhnel is challenged by someone with creds he wil not make it either because he has tied himself to the obstructionists, has a little zoning problem of his own and is in favor of the “true ward system”.

    So all the chickens have been counted before they have been hatched and that is what all the drama from Linda was about. The ploy given to them by the Pierson backroom boys didn’t quite work as they had hoped.

    P.S. Voting on the zoning change is voting on the project. Can’t have the project without the change, so the public is actually weighing in on all things by voting for the zone change. You need to take your misinformation to someone besides Heraldo. That entire blog is based on misinformation they want you to have to keep you in line.

  33. “At the present time, who could trust anyone running for the next city election cycle to honor a simple advisory from the council?”

    You don’t to wait for anything in regards to the next election cycle,you have your 3 votes now.

    And voting on the zoning change is not voting on the project,no matter how you spin it.

  34. …..that should be the “distrust the Arkleys have for some elected officials”, not the “distrust of the ARkleys” although there are those as well.

    Hope that wasn’t a Freudian slip.

  35. Jen wrote,”Where’s the seafood restaurants? Where’s the fish market? Oh right. There’s none of that because so many folks vilified fishermen for years finally chasing them all out of business.”

    Okay,when you get a minute to do so,go take a gander down to the foot of C. St. in Old Town,and then come back and report on what you saw.

  36. Mark, go back to the censored blog with all your propaganda. That’s where to spin your shit. Here you get other points of view that are not moderated for progressiveness.

    The Arkleys have done a number of very positive things for community. Unfortunately, the progressive machine is made to look bad by their generosity so they get attacked.

    Have you ever noticed the prog machine creates hero’s by battling against the evil forces of developers and the rich.

    Patty Berg= Walmart
    Marky Mark Lovelass= Lumber company/Peoples forest
    Larry Glass= Rob Arkey
    Neal Latt= The evil cell towers

    Yet most of it is bullshit.

    Look at the H blog. Bass and Sundberg backed by developers and the Rich. Lets not pay attention to money from out of town developers and local developers. Also people like Miller and Salzman who donate time and political networks of freebie volunteer works. Look at attacks on Richard Marks, who I disagree with politically but is a solid person, or Rex Bohn who has devoted huge amount of his time to community.

  37. I’m sorry… I’m new here; WHAT have the Arkley’s done to earn this distrust?

  38. Okay,when you get a minute to do so,go take a gander down to the foot of C. St. in Old Town,and then come back and report on what you saw.

    I see one crab shack. Oh and the HSU boat that runs around the bay for tourists. No fish market. No seafood restaurant. No busy port.
    It’s sad and dilapidated.
    That’s what I see.

  39. Of course, I’m willing to admit that I’m looking through the eyes of someone who remembers Lazio’s and when the fishing boats would come in.

  40. Oh shit Jen, you have a memory. See that glass of kool-aid, take a big hit, then you to can see all the great shit progydom has provided for Humboldt county.

    See all the eco-tourists, trails that folks come from all over to walk. All the little arty shops that produce goods that folks the world over want, great old town Eureka with it interesting people sleeping and shitting all over the bushes.

    What Akley did was stop giving money to the prog’s when he realized they had an agenda for his town. Its called socialism

  41. lowblow wrote,”. Look at attacks on Richard Marks, who I disagree with politically but is a solid person, ”

    Why do you want me to go to Richard’s censored blog with my propaganda?

  42. “I see one crab shack. Oh and the HSU boat that runs around the bay for tourists. No fish market. No seafood restaurant. No busy port.
    It’s sad and dilapidated.
    That’s what I see.”

    You didn’t go to the foot of C.St. There is a lot of construction going on down there,no crab shack though.

  43. So let me get this right, voting on the “Marina Center” is NOT voting “Marina Center”?

  44. Mresquan, why don’t you just go away. All you do is embarass yourself with your comments?

    Am I the only one that thinks, believes, (kind of knows) that Glass is Heraldo?

  45. I hear the FBI is peeking around up here. They’ve been bugged for years to look at Arkley’s money moving around to local committees/candidates. The $30k check at city council was the last straw. Should be interesting.

  46. Yeah, that’s why she did it at a public meeting. The FBI is probably more interested in what your growing in that unused bedroom of yours.

  47. Hopefully the C Street property will end up with fish and a seafood restaurant. So many of the fishermen went out of business and sold their boats and their permit that we don’t have too many left. I try to buy fish off the boats at Woodley Island when they have fish as it is much better than anything at a market. If the MPA goes through – where do they fish and for what?

    Why would the FBI be interested in campaign funds given by Arkley? I don’t think that qualifies as money laundering. lol

  48. “So let me get this right, voting on the “Marina Center” is NOT voting “Marina Center”?”

    Show me where something states that you will be voting on the Marina Center.What you will be voting on is only the zoning change.If CUE VI reps had listened to Glass and Adkins and gone the route of an advisory measure,than yes,the Marina Center specifically could be voted on.
    But as Sydney Olsen stated,the vote will only be for the zoning change.

  49. No mark, back to H blog which has blocked comments from a number of people. Only opinions are those of folks that support his/her/its agenda. Also where 50% of writers are in fact them. Blog is a puppet show and right where you belong.

  50. mresquan; you can say it any way you want, it’s still going to be a vote on the M/C. You knows it,
    H. knows it, we all know it. Your beginning to sound like Glenn Beck…….bat shit crazy. But please keep talking.

  51. As Eric Kirk stated..”It’s about Walmart,stupid”
    Anyways,the zoning change will get shot down this November,perhaps in part because the Walmart is coming card can be played by opponents,as the proponents went the route of specifically not wanting the vote to be on the Marina Center,opting for the vote to be on the zoning change.
    Funny….as it never had to come to that.

  52. Actually that’s what H blog and the prog’s want people to think cause it some sort of rally cry for the that group of folks. It’s about freedom, and a group of people imposing their belif system on others.

    Yes it did have to come to that cause when the prog machine does not get what it wants this is what happens.
    Hence a planning board member from the county filing suit etc. The cancer is wide spread. In the old days local solutions web-site used to tell you what their goal was. They have since taken that part out.

    I don’t know if zone change will go thru, its up to the people. One thing your right about is that they will use the Walmart card. It might just backfire on them though. Cause even thou progs are loud they are in the minority and the people in Humboldt are getting to see their true faces.

    Think there is a greater chance that H is a group of interconnected prog’s and the leader changes. Cobb, Glass, Marky Mark, Socopath, Latt, and a group of behind folks like miller and king, Javan’s mind is gone so he is not there, and backing up as helpers a lot of kool-aid drinkers.

  53. Mresquan, could you explain this all to us using a chalk-board?

  54. Let’s take a minute to look at the development along the Eureka waterfront from B to L Street in Eureka for the last 40 years. At the west end we have a pending Fisherman’s Terminal (funny money), then NOTHING until the privately owned Bayfront One at the foot of F Street with the new restaurant and 7 condominiums, then nothing until the Boating Center Building (funny money), then the Adorni Center (funny money). That’s what we have after 40 years, Not too impressive, is it? We need jobs, Not promises. The largest investment in the last 40 years from B to L Streets is the gift of $2.2 million from the Arkleys: the boardwalk.

  55. Oh, I forgot: what has Bonnie contributed to development of our waterfront in the last 24 years?

  56. The Walmart thing is really too much. Is that all the hysterical left can come up with? If Walmart and its evil scheming minions wanted into Eureka so bad why did they not buy the old Montgomery Ward site before Target? When the owners of the mall, General Growth, went belly-up they could have bought the mall and guess what – no zoning problems and plenty big. If Walmart was set on Eureka they would be here now.

  57. With pot about to be legalized, and the resultant drop in price, no big stores or chains are going to come here. You can forget about the big box boogeyman.

  58. “no big stores or chains are going to come here.”

    Even Home Depot?
    Well I have been saying for awhile that they lost interest way back when.But do you think CUE VI reps are fibbing when saying that a deal is till in the works?

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