Hislop and Gallegos: Two peas in a sociopathic pod

Incidents of honesty and integrity during the Gallegos administration are too rare to be considered statistically meaningful.

For those of you who were wowed by sheriff candidate Mike Hislop’s impressive curriculum vitae, you might have to find something new to love. In a news release last week, Hislop all but fessed up to previously fudging his academic credentials.

Whereas his ballot statement boasts of “four (4) college degrees, two in criminal justice,” and states that he is a graduate of the National Fire Academy, the new number slips to three under closer scrutiny, and that business with the fire academy is dropped altogether.

But is Mike-O the Psycho the only resumé padder out there?

Please, people. This is Humboldt County.

Pathological Paul Gallegos, Hislop’s boss, has been running around for months describing himself as a “professor” at HSU. In fact, he is an occasional guest lecturer. Probably something lower-division. Hopefully not Ethics. We realize Gags is stupid, but even stupid people know what a professor is and can recognize that he is not one.

More recently, at a public appearance over the weekend, the Gagster talked about his experience working as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County.

Hey Pauli Girl–little heads up, bro? Phone calls have been made. Several. Turns out people know people who know people. That sort of thing. And guess what? No one in the Los Angeles County DA’s Office seems to have heard of you.

Well–okay. No one except the guy who asked if you were the moron who plagiarized a guy who actually is a law professor.



20 Responses

  1. I hate to steal your word, but sometimes “douchebag” is the only one that works.

  2. His list of degrees seems to match up in these statements.

  3. I think your graph is a little off. There are a lot more marijuana grow stores around here.

  4. Hey Paul Gallegos also paid for a mailer to be sent out in the county that falsely claims 1) he has been endorsed by the democratic party (false) and 2) has been endorsed by the republican party (false again).

    The guy can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

  5. Gallegos AND Cleary have sent out similar cards stating ‘endorsements’ from the Republican party that are lies, lies, lies and MORE LIES….

    Even if the cards were put together by someone else (say, Richard DICK-ey Salzman) these two supposed upstanding candidates have given their approval to send them out.

    Pathological Egomaniacal Self Centered Meglomaniacs.

  6. EPD detective? People in the know say that he (MH) was not a detective. He was the school police officer and worked out, or had a desk in the detective office.

    As to DA (Monty) Gageggos he makes up stuff as he goes. Crime is down under him? What about all the roberries and shootings?

    And isn’t it a serious stretch to take credit for any reduction in crime even if there was one? It’s like he’s taking credit for all the work that the cops do. It’s absoulutley insane to think that the cops do anything because they respect or admire DA Gageggos. Especially since Gageggos and associates plea multiple felonies out to misdomeanorsor just stall and never file official charges.

  7. If PVG was a sworn deputy d.a. it will be in the records in L.A. and he will have no trouble producing it in a variety of forms. If recollection serves, he may have
    acted as a clerk in that office, and there is a provision for
    certified law clerks to appear in certain cases, but
    a certified law clerk is NOT a sworn deputy D.A.

  8. By the way, as long as clerks and clerking are on the subject, what happened with the charges filed against the clerk who allegedly threatened a judge? Are we waiting for the CHP report, or the polygraph, or the autopsy, I forget.

  9. I’m shocked and stunned……not.

  10. Dude, watch that interview linked above. Hislop admits he was the school cop. There’s no secret here.

  11. In his “Has Beans” interview Hislop says, “They’ve been doing things for 30 years,” referring to the Sheriff’s Office.

    Hislop might be surprised to learn the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has been around since 1853, a little longer that 30 years. His statement is revealing though. In his world, nothing came before him. HIS career started 30 years ago, not the Sheriff’s Office.

  12. Looks like Gags the crime fighter petered out in a long time ago and crime is up since 2005. Much like a tree falling in the woods with no one around; if a crime occurs and no charges are filed by the DA, does a crime become recordable for statistical purposes?

  13. Let’s get Allison Jackson elected. She make sure that if you’re arrested, you’ll be convicted. And that’s the way it should be!

    We need more support of our men and women in blue. Every time someone gets let off under some claim of being “innocent”, it’s as if you’re calling the cops a liar. Honestly now, they wouldn’t arrest you if you weren’t guilty, and that’s something that Jackson understands.

  14. Nice try asshat. Every senior DA who knows what they’re doing routinely rejects cases even if arrests have been made. Jackson was and is no different. Is that the best you’ve got? Pretend to be a Jackson supporter who expects her to blindly support cops? Clearly you’ve never heard her ream out a bad investigation. PS You suck.

  15. old crock—— you are a crock—— gags and hislop are steaming crocks

  16. […] 5, 2010 in Uncategorized Check out the chart over at the Humboldt Mirror.   And all of them opened up since Gallegos came to […]

  17. Oh, GOSH. I read this and have completely changed my mind! You buggers are so darned convincing!!

  18. Gallegos is a compulsive liar, but I’m sorry that he’s being attacked on this piece-of-shit blog. It only makes him look more credible.

  19. Largo after eight years of lying through his teeth nothing except the TS could defend him.

  20. The green line gives Gallegos serious cred as the “jobs” candidate.

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