Neely finally infiltrates T-S staff

Out of touch with voters. Out of touch with fashion.

Bonnie Neely, the Fourth District Supervisor and California Coastal Commission chair, writing “for the Times-Standard” reminded voters today that during her quarter century in office she’s done virtually nothing as the representative of the relevant jurisdiction with respect to the Balloon Track property, it’s cleanup and any hopes of generating jobs through its conversion to something…job related.

If the braintrust at the T-S is going to simply hand over the keys to the Bonnie in the middle of an election, it’s probably all cool for her to spout whatever crazy shit she wants to say. I mean, they are the only daily newspaper in the area and must know what they are doing. Right?

“Other than making an unsuccessful offer of $50,000 in Headwaters funding to the City of Eureka for development of a master plan for the property, which would have included a cleanup plan, I have never had any formal decision making role with respect to the Balloon Track.”

Exactly. Never tried to do anything.

Interestingly, the same “toxic chemicals in wetlands, which bleed into storm water runoff” hasn’t changed much since she took office. Since the Bonnie wasn’t exactly forthcoming with all of her activities, we’ll recap what she’s done with regard to the Balloon Track property…

1986: Nothing.

1987: Nothing

1988: Nothing

1989: Nothing

1990: Nothing

1991: Voted to approve putting the county jail on the Balloon Track property

1992: Nothing

1993: Nothing

1994: Nothing

1995: Nothing

1996: Nothing

1997: Nothing

1998: Nothing

1999: Helped rally to prevent Walmart from rezoning the Balloon Track property for a superstore

2000: Nothing

2001: Nothing

2002: Nothing

2003: Nothing

2004: Nothing

2005: Nothing

2006: Raked in $14,000+ from Bill Pierson (his business and or wife), although we’re certain it had nothing to do with his efforts to prevent any Home Depot from being built on the Balloon Track and competing with Pierson’s Building Supply

2007: Nothing

2008: Nothing

2009: Nothing

2010: Raked in $10,000 from Bill Pierson, who is seen frequently dining with the California Coastal Commission Executive Director Peter Douglas.


26 Responses

  1. Wow, she really has done nothing. Typical. I wonder if Bass and Leonard will get equal space to write “for the Times-Standard.”

  2. Since James Faulk was fired or “resigned” as City Editor, it’s just simply more efficient for Bonnie to write her own articles. After 24 years in office, she has learned how to streamline the process.

  3. people who read the mirror are either ignorant or a dumbass or in my case, both

  4. Just wait till the Bon is elected again. The next four years will be great as she now has learned from the past 24 years how to begin to get things done. Think of all the jobs in the next 4 years she will create. Ya know it just takes some people a little longer to get started.

  5. Hey dumbass:

    Where on Bonnie’s campaign disclosure forms will I find your name and for how much?


  7. When Bonnie was first elected gas was .93/gallon.
    The Dow never pushed past 2,000.
    Reagan and Bush?
    Even before Quayle?
    Surely there is something to be said about experience.

  8. Yeah, all of that experience. Let’s see what it bought her…

    $30,000 from the Blue Lake Casino
    $20,000 from Bill Pierson
    $10,000 from the Dana Point Developer who wrecked the last pristine coastline in Southern California

  9. Quoteth Laryy Glass:
    “The hard working people of Eureka deserve good paying jobs, not minimum wage at a Wal-Mart by the waterfront”.

    The hard working people of Eureka do not deserve minimum wage jobs (with a good view)?

  10. Yo Cheesedick

    Please don’t quote Larry Glass. I’m having a hard enough time holding down my lunch with the shit the Bon Bon wrote in the T-S. And how come all those years in office, Neely hasn’t help create any real jobs other than for her family. And why hasn’t all that experience and “broad support” helped her champion the cleanup of the balloon track? Just wondering.

  11. what a pathetic site.

  12. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    More ugly photos of Bonnie!!

    (And I promise not to use the C word)

  13. Maybe Cherie can hand the T-S a 30,000 dollar check and get her very own “My word”?

    How ’bout it Rob?

  14. So let me get this right, Neely can just go get $50’000 from the Headwaters Fund and hand it out to who ever she wants?

  15. Yup, Brian (8:11), that’s exactly how it works for BonBon the Mob Boss.

  16. You gotta admit, that’s one badass hairdo she was sportin’.

  17. Peter Douglas has friends?

  18. This My Word column was a self-serving, evasive use of circular logic to justify not only her inactions and outright obstruction, but the bullying tactics of the Coastal Commission, both of which have halted the clean-up of this property, delayed the restoration of the wetland and thwarted the creation of hundreds of good jobs.

    For this she should get re-elected? Not a chance !!

  19. This all started by endorsing Peter LaVallee for Mayor. Have you still yet to learn your lesson Times Standard? Rob, wasn’t part of your agreement with them that they couldn’t publish bullshit like this?

  20. I like this site

  21. You’d think that someone who claims to have done so much for the community would step forward with a list of things she’s done to support jobs and development of a blighted piece of prime property; at least more than offering to piss away some headwaters funds on another useless study.

  22. I am going to expose Heraldo in the next week with some hints along the way. (Note: this could cause this person to be fired in a high profile job in local government)

    #1. This person is a male who rides a bike in Eureka.

    Heraldo. You have had your fun. This ends this week.

  23. Larry Glass?

  24. If it’s Kirk ,no wonder he gets no work done.

  25. Meow……..

  26. David Tyson…hehehehehe…

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