Neely to Announce Latest Campaign Miracle

Way out of her league under the sea.

It’s been no secret that Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely’s campaign to secure an astounding seventh term in office is largely built around the assertion that she’s spontaneously and miraculously generated the ability to find “solutions to get Eureka working again.”

That’s after 24 years of warming up for that big moment as Neely collected hefty checks on the taxpayers’ dime and developed an “encyclopedic knowledge” of nepotistic bureaucracy to compensate for her utter lack of personal experience in private-sector employment. She has maintained a shoddy record of  actually having created any jobs for people outside of her family. And we’re going to have to call bullshit on those annual festivals Bonnie keeps mentioning that she’s created.We’re talking about real, blue-collar jobs with livable-wages that don’t disappear when the Headwaters Fund grant money runs dry.

Now, adding to her previous ridiculous promises, it’s been tentatively confirmed that Neely will announce she’s found the solution to end the massive British Petroleum oil leak that triggered an environmental disaster.

While it’s not clear yet if Neely will be any more successful at capping the leak than BP has, it’s absolutely certain that the career politician will attempt to use the stunt to drum up more gigantic campaign contributions from other career politicians, corporations, casinos, special interest groups and more than a lot of out-of-county residents who most likely haven’t spent, nor will ever spend, a single night in the Fourth District.

And according to the latest campaign disclosure statements, Bonnie’s lackluster support from actual people in her district has again been overshadowed by a bulk of money pouring in from outside her district–or county even.


32 Responses

  1. Are you FOR anyone, Bugsy?

  2. Well thanks to you folks and your cohorts telling us every four years for sixteen years to vote for Bonnie,vote for Bonnie,while never tossing in a challenger.
    So I will learn from this history lesson that we can expect the same from Virginia if she manages to win,you guys begging all you can ensure she’s elected,then it may come to point 16 years later where you change your tune because somewhere and somehow she took one position contrary to something you are in favor of,and then you will blame her for everything and how the progs helped get her there,about what a huge disappointment she’s been along.
    Like Bonnie,hate Bonnie,whatever.One thing is for sure,if your something even close to a lefty and you begin to support Virginia after that 16th year,the failures of those previous 15 will be blamed squarely upon you.

  3. Why didn’t those who now dislike Bonnie and could vote for the seat then, assist with his campaign and vote for Richard Marks the first time he ran against Bonnie?

  4. I guess we’ll just have to wait the next 24 years and 6 terms later to evaluate that hypothetical person if they happen to hypothetically unseat this entrenched bureaucratic juggernaut.

  5. Vote Jeff Leonard!

    Virginia is not going to get over 50% of the vote next week.
    A vote for Virginia is a wasted attempt at knocking out Bonnie in the first round. By voting for Jeff, the voters then have the choice of Virginia or Jeff in November, with Bonnie Neely out of the picture entirely.

    Did you see the debate at the Wharfinger building last week? Jeff killed it. On point, hammering away at the incumbent.

    He’s going to be a great Supervisor.

    Repeat, don’t waste your vote next week. The best way to ELIMINATE BONNIE NEELY from the runoff is to vote for Jeff Leonard.

  6. mresguan, what the fuck are you talking about? See, you do sound like Glenn Beck.

  7. Check your math mresquen. The Bugs have only been highlighting Bonnie’s cutthroat bullshit for two years, but she’s been in office for 24 years–not 16. That’s a big difference, don’t you think? Bonnie will do anything to keep her stranglehold on the office for another 4.

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of money pouring into the Neely campaign since her last election. I wonder what the Blue Lake Casino and Bill Pierson want in return for all of those dollars?

  9. Please Brian, even I am not as delusional as mresquen.

  10. Can any Virginia supporters on this blog tell voters why they should be voting for her?But here’s the catch,Bonnie Neely’s name can’t be mentioned, nor can just Bonnie,or just Neely,or Bon-Bon.

  11. Go fuck yourself mresquan

  12. I am going to expose Heraldo in the next week with some hints along the way. (Note: this could cause this person to be fired in a high profile job in local government)

    #1. This person is a male who rides a bike in Eureka.

    #2. Lives in an Apartment in Eureka.

    Heraldo. You have had your fun. This ends this week.

  13. Oh its gonna be a fun week!

  14. Oh goodie we can relive events on the blogs occurring 2 years ago when the idiot patrol was on the heraldo is Larry Glass beat.

  15. the only thing that Glass and H really have in common is their big ego’s. Oh, and their bullshit progressive agenda.

  16. Only one week to go for the who is Heraldo answer!

  17. Hey, Worriorscomeouttoplay, where’s today’s hint?

  18. MResquan Im voting for Virginia because shes a likeable gal along the same lines as Jimmy Smith can we mention Jimmy?

    Very much like Mr Smith, Virginia can open her mind to other conversations and people she’s not used to talking with to get to the bottom of any topic and I like that she’s not a party wonk-she’s a free thinker.

    I find that more trustworthy than someone who shall remain nameless (the one who has her mind made up a long time ago even after the facts come in).

    It’s refreshing in these times to entertain the notion of newness and a fresh start. I think Virginia is all of that. Pretty simple. Don’t bother to debate my reasoning for Virginia Bass-already a done deal I voted absentee.

  19. I am going to expose Heraldo in the next week with some hints along the way. (Note: this could cause this person to be fired in a high profile job in local government)

    #1. This person is a male who rides a bike in Eureka.

    #2. Lives in an Apartment in Eureka.

    #3. It will be pure political “poetry” when he is brought forward.

    Heraldo. You have had your fun. This ends this week.

  20. I need more hints!

  21. If your going to out Glass have some strong evidence. This is an old story. Either way i just hope you have good proof.

  22. Why wait a week? You sound like kateascot

  23. Warriorscomeouttoplay:

    You’re going to have to give some better hints than that. You’re giving us way too much credit for being hooked into the bicyclists-in-Eureka crowd.

  24. I’ll believe HH is LG when he….nevermind. It’s him.

  25. Ok warrior…a guess

    While I think H is a consortium, is there an aviary consideration?

  26. Consortium, yes I would agree this is exactly how it works. Almost all the prog stuff is done by groups. Kind of a socialist herd.

  27. Heraldo doesn’t seem very alarmed. Nobody over it his/her blog seems to care much about the clues so far.

  28. They are to busy drinking the Kool-aid………..

  29. Turtle, we think Jeff and Virginia would both be really good supervisors. We support whichever alternative voters prefer. If yet again they prefer Neely, here’s to four more years of happy blogging! Yay!!

  30. These are a few of the reasons why I am supporting Virginia for supervisor. She leads by example and works as a team. She cares about what happens in Humboldt County and will work hard to get positive results. She’ll assure that the County has all the right department heads in place to assure that each and every department runs a user friendly and efficient office. Virginia is transparent and does not count to three before she enters the Chambers. Her heart is here and she cares for you and me. She is running for you and me. This isn’t about her and her rise to fame. I vote for character, integrity and honesty. While VIrginia has served as councilwoman and Mayor of Eureka there have been so many positive changes. I look forward to that energy and leadership at the County level. She voted for the same initiative that insures 4,000 local children, she just doesn’t claim to have personally insured them. Virginia supported the construction and ongoing operation of the new County animal shelter: voting to have the City contract with the County for services (the County couldn’t have done it alone). She is the only candidate who places law enforcement as a #1 priority. She’s been part of a city team that has put together not only a balanced budget year after year, but an award winning budget. Virginia does whatever it takes to make it easy or possible for businesses to start up, re-locate or stay open in Eureka.

  31. Loretta, (aka mathew owen) Please, skip the BS and name one team Virginia has been on and what was accomplished. I’m sorry, but the VB talking points are pointless. Have you been watching the riveting comments she has not made in any debate or interview? The woman has handlers who spoon feed her the data which she doesn’t always remember. In ten years, Virginia cannot point to a single thing she initiated to make the community better. She is simply not a leader and so quite perfect for those money guys who are looking to back a follower. It’s a shame really. Local politics has become pretty ugly when a fraud is perpetrated on the voters in lieu of a candidate with real props. There is no data to back your claims. Back to the drawing board, bud.

  32. Virginia has no interest in following through with her campaign promises. Her only priorities are to climb the political ladder in whatever manner it takes.

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