Admittedly, no one ever said he was smart

Well shit. There goes the very last trace of Gallegos' integrity.

Or honest, for that matter.

Over at the Humboldt Herald, the absence of both qualities is once again on proud display, today’s example being a hysterical headline screaming  about “abused babies” being used as “political footballs”–something only Heraldo appears to be doing.

At issue is a horrific child abuse case current DA Paul Gallegos botched on appeal a while back. DA challenger Allison Jackson knew the case well, because she prosecuted it at the trial level.

Which is where Heraldo’s version of events predictably parts company with reality.

He, she or it would have voters believe that the case came back on appeal because of something Jackson did. To wit: “Jackson herself botched the prosecution in 2000.”

But even the fragments of the minutes Heraldo selectively used state that the case was returned because the defendant was misadvised of his appellate rights.

Sounds serious, right? Arguably, it is.

Only problem with that is, as one Mirror regular noted, prosecutors don’t advise defendants of appellate rights. Judges do.

Not that it matters. Heraldo is clearly preaching to the choir. There probably isn’t a better demographic out there within which to drum up support for Gallegos than people who proudly and persistently don’t give one small shit about the truth.

It’s exactly the same quality Gags gas been modeling for the past seven years.

56 Responses

  1. I’m glad you put this up here. Heraldo is moderating the fuck out of every comment that questions his inaccurate version of events.

  2. Evidently the truth doesn’t set everyone free. Liars appear to be particularly done in by it.

  3. Not so fast, heraldo. Stand by for some rather shocking details.

  4. This is so much fun……….

  5. Haven’t looked at the Mirror forever! Great graphics. You bugs crack me up.

  6. I am going to expose Heraldo in the next week with some hints along the way. (Note: this could cause this person to be fired in a high profile job in local government)

    #1. This person is a male who rides a bike in Eureka.

    #2. Lives in an Apartment in Eureka.

    #3. It will be pure political “poetry” when he is brought forward.

    #4. He is an insider with the Humboldt County Deomcratic Central Committee.

    Heraldo. You have had your fun. This ends this week.

  7. Court documents are so interesting.

  8. Wow, the bugs are veeerrrrryyyyy angry! Allison Jackson is the Atticus Finch of the Northcoast!

    And now the great Heraldo expose has begun! Burn the witches! Rose has a bombshell because we all recognize Rose’s impeccable legal knowledge and skill as a practicing atto … wait a minute!

    Has anyone asked Betty Chinn what she thinks of Jackson’s campaign? Did the horrible child abuser really spend the past five summers in a Gallegos-funded tropical resort?

    Ohhhh bugsies, you have us on pins and needles! Can’t you run a silly little mashup of Bonnie while we await the opening of Gallegos’ vault? Anything, maybe Lovelace and Neely necking in the breakroom, something, the tension can be cut with a knife!

  9. The bugs are laughing their asses off, as am I. I think they might even be laughing at you, Noodle. Oh and by the way, I was at a Jackson fundraiser where I saw who? Yes. Betty Chinn. Facts suck, don’t they?

  10. If this is Heraldo’s idea of an October surprise (OK, a June surprise), it’s going nowhere. He, she or it is obviously very worried about this race and see Allison as the chief contender.

    Prediction … Gags comes in #2 in the popular vote. He’s already #2 in my book.

  11. Wow! Betty Chinn attended a fundraiser! OH MY GOD!!111!!! Stop the presses there’s been a Betty Chinn sighting!

    And NO ONE, I mean NO ONE puts Baby in a cor …. I mean laughs at ME!

    No One! Mwahahahahahahahahaha

    Hugs Bugs, make sure Jackson is sober at her next public outing!

  12. Noodlenose Salzman is melting down again. Poor demented guy.

  13. Apparently the abuser ended up serving about 10 years. Sounds about right to me. So how did Gallegos “botch” the case?

  14. How did Gags botch a case? Well, he was breathing, or so rumor has it.

  15. Heraldo didn’t bring this up out of the blue. It was Jackson who exploited the abused child by cutting an ad composed of 50-some seconds describing the abuse in great detail (naturally with a picture of Gallegos looming in the background) and then ending with the word “probation?” on the screen, but somehow neglecting to mention that between time served before sentencing, and time served after sentencing, the abuser ended up spending about ten years behind bars.

    Are you going to try to tell me that she wasn’t trying to mislead the public into thinking that the abuser waltzed away scot free? Of course she was. She must be desperate and apparently running a bit short on integrity. If this is the best she can do, I think she’s a goner.

  16. Oh sorry, after looking around a bit on your site, I see that you folks are even more biased than your counterparts over at the Herald. Clearly you folks aren’t interested in even discussing any facts that don’t fit your spin. So, I’ll trouble you no further. Have fun in your little echo-chamber.

  17. Go FUCK yourself reasonable anonymous

  18. Go F*CK yourself reasonable anonymous

  19. the reasonable anonymous; dude you crack me up, that’s some funny shit. Please keep posting!

  20. Check out these links or go over to Jackson’s Facebook page under “Notes” to see the court documents.

  21. I am going to expose Heraldo in the next week with some hints along the way. (Note: this could cause this person to be fired in a high profile job in local government)

    #1. This person is a male who rides a bike in Eureka.

    #2. Lives in an Apartment in Eureka.

    #3. It will be pure political “poetry” when he is brought forward.

    #4. He is an insider with the Humboldt County Deomcratic Central Committee.

    5# Used to work at the Times Standard.

    Heraldo. You have had your fun. This ends this week.

  22. 9:57: Andrew Bird

  23. ok I give up it’s me, you guys got me…

  24. I guess we do not need anymore hints. If he is blogging from someone he works for that would be a problem. Now will Andy have to step down from running Heraldo and pass it off to one the “progressive” regressives since the heat is on? We shall see.

  25. Heraldo is Andi Bird?

  26. Heraldo is Andy Bird? Bird is a total dipshit. Are you sure?

  27. so were’s the proof?

  28. I’m Heraldo. Now what.

  29. No I’m Heraldo.

  30. Well, Lets play to “Tell The truth”…Kitty, you go first

  31. Have you ever wrote a blog?

  32. So where’s the beef? I mean the facts.

    Just curious…

  33. I just called Andrew Bird and asked him if he’s Heraldo.

    He said flat out that it is not him, and seemed unaware of the whole hubbub.

    When I told him he was the blogoshphere’s red meat du jour, he groaned.

    That’s all I have.

  34. Groaned like “someone stepped on my genitals” or more like “I need to find another job”?

  35. I’m sure that, like everything else, we will all interpret the groan in whatever way services our pre-existing biases.

    To me the groan sounded like one of annoyance at having to deal with a distraction; that his name was being bandied about in association with something he’s not really involved with and doesn’t necessarily approve of.

    That fits with my biases, which are 1. Disappointment that someone trained and with experience in journalism would abandon those standards and go low-road like Heraldo, and 2. That he would be blogging on government time.

    But he said no as clearly as one can do, and people are innocent until proven guilty. If this accuser has proof to the contrary, let’s see it or stop besmirching an innocent individual. Note that the accuser is hiding behind the cyber-veil as well.

  36. Bye-bye Birdie. Slanderous pigeon

  37. Talk about flipping the Bird

  38. I always figured the loser of the Heraldo/Mirror battle would be the first to acknoledge the other.

    Mirror loses

  39. Usually when someone “outs” Heraldo they back it up with some evidence to support their theory. Warriorscomeouttoplay, on what premise do you presume that Andrew is indeed Heraldo?

  40. Mirror moderates?

  41. Humboldt County . . . I love it!

  42. I believe Heraldo is a consortium of various writers who keep the nastiness going 24/7.

    With that said, let’s look at some facts about Andrew Bird:

    Andrew Bird was fired from the Times-Standard as a staff writer four years ago. Right about the time Heraldo’s blog came on line.

    What do frustrated writers do? They continue to write.

    Andrew Bird is on the political inside working for Assemblyman Wes Chesbro as his North Coast Representative.

    The Humboldt Mirror “bugs” have posted that Andrew Bird’s anonymous comment posts are from the same IP address as Wes Chesbro’s local office.

    Andrew Bird is on the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee.

    Andrew Bird has connections with the Humboldt County radical left wing-nuts who can forward him any rumor and/or fact (as long as it is slamming the “non-real Democrats” and the Arkleys).

    Andrew Bird harbors serious animosity (bordering on obsession) since Virginia Bass defeated Peter La Vallee in the 2006 Eureka Mayor race that he managed (and lost) for La Vallee.

    Andrew Bird has no wife, no girlfriend or kids and no real job – this allows for time to blog all day long.

    Andrew Bird is on Bonnie Neely’s campaign committee.

    Andrew Bird had access (via the Neely campaign) to the Christopher Holmquist recorded tape that was anonymously leaked to Heraldo’s blog. Neely’s campaign “Still doesn’t know how that happened.” Uh huh.

    Heraldo censors and deletes any detailed comments about Andrew Bird. Why would he do that?

    Need more?

  43. need more what? need more proof. dats what!

  44. Deep Threat wrote, “With that said, let’s look at some facts about Andrew Bird:.

    That makes a pretty compelling case. I figured whoever Heralda is (not that I dwell on it. Just curious), she was likely active in Neely’s campaign and also had a work or non- work situation where he/ she was able to post throughout the day.

    One thing has would have me disagree with DT’s assessment is simply my own subjective feeling about Heralda’s politics: Everything I’ve read from Andrew Bird in the past has me convinced he’s a full blown authoritarian, politically. I’ve never felt that, at least very strongly, about Heralda. It would be hard for me to believe the Bird’s writings and Heralda’s come from the same person.

    I also became convinced some time ago that Heralda is likely a female, although I could be wrong on this one. It could also be that Heralda is more than one person.

    My reason for thinking it’s a female is, #1, because of what I felt was undue concern for abortion rights and rape some years ago. I just didn’t think most guys would bring up multiple times Humboldt’s supposed high rape rates. That’s not normally a guy thing. Beachcomber brought up the abortion thing to me at the Blogger’s Picnic. I personally hadn’t noticed that myself.

    #2: A Mother’s Day post Heralda made a few years ago where she wrote something along the line of, “ go out and buy the girl a…. For some reason I felt that smelled of a female author. Again; I’ve been wrong assigning sexes to bloggers before.

    #3: When Heralda, or someone, made a post about some typing speed test. Some of us gave our results in the comments. Heralda commented her score came back as 100 words per minute. I’m not saying some guys can’t type that fast but, odds are, most people that can type that fast are female, imo. Females just tend to be better with their hands than guys are.

    But, as I said, Heraldo could also be two or more people. The writing seems to come from one, imo, though.

  45. I tested Heraldo by using Andrew, and it was moderated in a blink. So folks, why don’t you all post comments on using Andrew’s name and see how long they last. I wonder what Westley would say about his staffer blogging while on the clock. Why don’t we all call and ask?
    Karen Brooks could raise the issue of our State paying a person to slander everone who is in opposition to the progressive line.
    Very interesting.

  46. Additional comment:
    worriorscomeouttoplay needs to provide some more specific evidence rather than just it is so because he says it.

  47. Has anyone here actually met Andy Bird? We know he’s a big fan of the Mirror and all, but peeps–really–he’s as dumb as a stump. Certainly Heraldo is no rocket scientist, but Bird isn’t even smart enough to be a tool.

  48. This must be a record for post for the mirror. hugggs

  49. Nothing like a fun game of Who In The World is Heraldo to divert the short attention spans here away from the subject, Jackson’s ad being declared misleading by the Times Standard and Jack Durham (and blogdom in general) for implying Schooling received only probation for his guilty plea when in fact he served over 8 years in prison.

  50. I believe Heraldo is a consortium of various writers who keep the sewage going 24/7.

    The primary writer being Andrew Bird.

    More proof (as of today) why “Heraldo” is Andrew Bird.

    Heraldo is still obsessing on Virginia Bass’ not voting for marriage equality in 2006 on the “Eureka POZ blog”.

    Heraldo in the comment section states, “FYI, Jeff and Virginia voted against supporting marriage equality on the city council in 2006. The Times-Standard article is no longer on-line, but I blogged about it.”

    Don’t quite know what the City of Eureka has to do with gay marriage rights, as that is a state issue that Andrew Bird’s boss (Wes Chesbro) can and should bring on the floor of the California Assembly.

    Chesbro still has not done this yet, but that hasn’t stopped Andrew Bird from asking the first question of Virginia Bass, when she was recently in front of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee.

    “Why did you vote against marriage equality in 2006 when you were a Eureka City Councilmember?”

    Could explain why Andrew Bird is single, no kids, over 50. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Heraldo – Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird – Heraldo

    Same exact question and same obsession with Virginia Bass.

  51. Don’t worry, Nata-Tweedle. Real reporters have the facts.

  52. Obsession with Virginia’s ass you meant right?

  53. Not worried Rose. i can read the news. It said that Jackson’s ad was misleading. With a chance to set the record straight she said it didn’t matter and then sank to generalizing about plea deals. She has no integrity and neither do those like you who still support her.

  54. Deep Throat wrote Heraldo – Andrew Bird
    Andrew Bird – Heraldo

    I think the case you made earlier is very compelling. The criteria you used are exactly those that would fit “the suspect”, so to speak. I’m just saying the comments and/ or posts made by the two different entities aren’t close enough for me to think they’re made by the same person.

    Maybe there’s a deliberate attempt to make them look different, though.

    Still, I’d use the same criteria to look for another suspect. Try Bonnie Neely’s campaign committee, for starters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Heraldo is an active member of that campaign, unless he/ she is too savvy to expose him/ herself in that way.

  55. This comment just got censored from the North Coast Journal blog where they attack other local media for allowing the same “F-bomb” to be uttered that Hank Sims belts out with sickening regularity:

    “So Ryan Sundberg appeared on the Access Humboldt debates and interviews, but wouldn’t appear on the North Coast Journal debate. Boo hoo. Sounds like sour grapes to me coming from the Sims gang.”

  56. Let’s have some proof on Heraldo. Andrew doesn’t have the mental capacity to put on matching socks, let alone type.

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