For a good time call 1-213-202-7777

I lie, therefore I am.

Uh, yeah. That would be the phone number for the nice Human Resources people at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Why would we list that? So you can call and confirm for yourselves that DA Paul Gallegos lied about his previous work experience to the Times-Standard’s Thadeus Greenson.

In a May 22 article Greenson wrote:

After law school, Gallegos said, he spent some time as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles before venturing out to start a private practice.

We called the DA’s Office half a dozen times, spoke to four different people, provided both Gags’ name and bar number, and in each case was told that no one with either that name or number had ever been employed in any capacity by the L.A. County DA’s Office.

Like we said before: Vote Gallegos, because pathological dishonesty is a quality one looks for in a district attorney. And you don’t have to look very hard to find a shit-pot of it in this disreputable dumbfuck.


37 Responses

  1. Someone probably stole the personnel records that time they broke into his house to turn up the thermostat.

  2. The fucker should be arrested. How people in this county aren’t embarassed by this complete idiot is beyond me.

  3. I just called the number. It’s a recording. Apparently they have regular business hours. Well, if Paul said he worked there, I’m just going to take his word for it.

  4. I knew he was a liar when he ran the first time on the platform that he would prosecute trespassers on private property to the fullest extent of the law.
    He didn’t.
    He catered to the protesters.
    In my opinion, he stole my vote and never got it again.
    In fact, I voted to recall him.
    So, I don’t even have to call the number. I know what he is.

  5. I’d rather get wasted with Allison Jackson

    Maybe Ryan Sundberg can join us too!

  6. Seriously, you people need to get over your fixations on Neely and Gallegos. Free yourselves from your monomania. You will be happier.

  7. Sorry, Uncle. Jackson is far too discriminating for you.

  8. Libertine, one person’s monomania is another’s commitment to justice. Of course you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  9. Word.

  10. Gallegos is not the ideal choice for DA. The problem is her two challengers have nothing to offer voters and Gallegos will win again.

  11. I wouldn’t know what to do without my monomania. It fills the void.

  12. He’s just an eco-groovy clean shaven-laid back hippie from the 60’s. Pass the doobies please.
    Ryan & Paul have three things in common, booze,
    bongs ‘n bad breath!

  13. Don’t forget Allison!

  14. I’ve been moderated!!

    I’ve made it!!

  15. We’ve totally cornered the market on monomania!

  16. And I thought the timing of the Sundberg story was bad.
    You guys are todays worst persons in the worl….wait, is the oil still spilling in the Gulf?

  17. I have to give credit for putting the phone number as the title. Thats a new one on me. You’re still todays wor….wait is the oil still, never mind.

  18. Tom, we don’t make allusions to Keith Olbermann here. Poor form dude. You’re blog is down the hall on the left.

  19. When exactly is the best timing to point out that Gags is a liar?

  20. All lawyers are liars. Big deal.

  21. Nice generalization Humboldturdle.

    Not all lawyers are our DA. Just the really big liar of a lawyer whose handsome visage is featured at the top of the page.

  22. And Tom, we posted on this identical topic two weeks ago. Not a last-minute surprise. Although yes, it’s true the oil is still spilling in the gulf and it’s hard to compete with that shit.

  23. Maybe Gallegos was confused about working for the LA DA’s office? He might have confused that time period when he was a SEAL in Nam? Or could it be working in the Peace Corps or as a persoanl assistant to Mother Teressa??

    The truth is a stranger to Gallegos, as it is to our president.

  24. or Dick Cheney.

  25. Brain, do you have a cheney doll that you sleep with, perhaps a blowup. Do you switch off with your bush doll. You might want to talk to someone about your problem.

  26. anonnnn 10:18; You might want to look up, because something is flying over your head.

  27. Yeah, anonnn? That would be brian bagging on Cheney. Not coupling with his effigy. Do try to keep up. You know how effing subtle we can be over here at the Mirror.

  28. Gallegos people were actually campaigning for him on the lawn of the courthouse today. Totally against the law. But I guess he doesn’t think the laws pertain to him. The CEO had to chase Paul’s people off the property! And he considers himself the best LAWman? Bullshit.

  29. did anybody snap photo’s at the courthouse yesterday?

    We can be assured of some nasty politics in the coming months.

    Gallegos has a fight on his hands, and that is a good thing for the regular people of the county.

  30. Maybe gags invented the internet…yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket!

  31. Remember the vigilante “lifted” my word. Oh the ts has some frightful memory loss. Oh yeah gags is a professor too. Gag me with the f’ing lies


  32. neely got a drubbing last night……..the people of eureka have spoken and they Don’t want neely for another 4 years and there is NO way that neelys camp heraldo/kirk can put any positive spin on this incredible loss.
    Bass had almost 20 percentage points higher than neely. One more percentage point and Bass would have won it outright.

    neely has obvious evidence now that she is Unelectable…..she should bow out gracefully now and go off into her sunset to enjoy that fat retirement package.

  33. Greenson. Oh greenson where are you? Oh yeah up Salzmans……

  34. Heads up, the da’s website no longer lists him as deputy da anywhere. i did a post on it. Does he know any ethics?

  35. No,

  36. Did you get a campaign email claiming Paul never said such thing, even though it is in the TS, and the campaign has that same article on their website?

  37. What he told greenson is “after law school Gallegos said he spent some time as a deputy district attorney in los angeles before venturing out to start a private practice.”

    He also said he was a deputy da in LA in the recall and in the 06 election. His Natylinn is blaming it on greenson mis-quoting him. Doesn’t explain those earlier 04 or 06 lies.

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