BREAKING: The Bon Bon takes to the twittersphere!

The six-term pachyderm strikes back!

And she’s not looking all that happy!

Humboldt County’s version of Robert Byrd unveiled her latest social media project–the BonBonForever twitter account!

No really! It’s her!!

At least it sure sounds like her.

For example, check out her very first tweet:

I spent $113,000 and got 1,455 votes. That’s $77 each! Should be able to buy unused absentee ballots for less than that. #BonnieNeely

Yup. Totally her.

So bookmark that page, Bon Bon fans. We think there will be more of her trademark brilliance to come!


12 Responses

  1. Bugs, once again you have made the world a better place to be. Thank you!

  2. Bonnie Neely and Paul Gallegos. Is that all you ever think about? How do you get to a place in life where two people you aren’t related or married to dominate your existence? Free yourselves from your monomania.

  3. Libertine appears to be fixated on monomania.

  4. About time you started getting a little creative again. Great piece. Have a PBR on the house!

  5. Your posts should come with a week’s supply of Depends.

  6. Why buy the votes when Sissy works in the elections office??

  7. I heard Glass and Kerrigan are pretty waterlogged after their long swim to shore after jumping neelys ship tues nite. They had to swim back midway to save patty Berg who was the first to jump.
    As neely’s ship started to take on water tues evening, she grabbed a hold of connie stewart and used her as a flotation device when it finally sank.

  8. Absolutely Awesome!

  9. Shite. Bon bon spent three bucks less a vote then Meg Whitnan but no payola at the end. By the numbers she can’t recover. Look out county, she is going to be the major pay back bitch till Bass is sworn in in January. And just watch the heraldo salzman creeps will be smearing Bass for the next couple months to the extent that it will bring us to a new low (if you don’t count what crap will be slung in one other race

  10. Hands down funniest thing I’ve seen on a blog in a long, long time. Keep those tweets coming.

  11. I disagree, they are smart enough to know our girl is toast. They are putting their efforts into a huge smear campaign on Sundberg. If he wins they are shit out of luck. Look at all their posts and the constant barge of repetitive garbage by the two bitch’s and unreasonable and by a lot of made up anons. Its classic salzman. A feeding frenzy by the left wing nuts. Dumb fuck talking about the right owns the media. They are attacking the very news sources that have supported them. Just like cornered rats.

    Have to admit, blew my coffee all over computer with image of of my girl hanging on to connie. Damn that is funny shit.

  12. WTF?

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