Meanwhile, in the Fifth District, democracy breathes its last

Patrick Cleary, the man who would be chief.

A couple of e-mails purporting to originate from the amply fed bowels of Team Cleary state that the popular District Five candidate is “in a state of shock and disbelief” over his crap election results.

Says one: “None of us can figure out how you hire the kind of professional management we had and lose that badly to someone managed by Mostranski. And then there’s the other Pat. Even Higgins’ friends don’t like him and he may end up nosing out Cleary.”

The numbers, say another, have Cleary “rethinking politics altogether.”

Because, yeah. When people can’t move here from New York and use their daddy’s investment banking money to buy their way into elective office, is nothing sacred anymore?


17 Responses

  1. YEAH, voted under the influence, team cleary sucks because all his handlers are more into their selfs than the goal.
    Pat needs a better mgmt team.

  2. Hank’s Town Dandy: “The tipster told us that he was someone “who helps journalists do their jobs,” but it was pretty plain that the opposite was in fact the case: He wanted journalists to help him do his.”

  3. Cleary’s a nice enough guy and despite misrepresenting the primary source of his wealth seems smart enough. What stopped me with him is the Blue Lake Rancheria. I won’t vote for anyone who takes that kind of money from a special interest group representing nothing but the self interest of 53 people with unlimited access to untaxed money.

  4. If you combine the way it was dropped off with the 700 comment slime job on H blog, TS, and all the other lefty blogs who does that leave you with. Same lines on all blogs with anon backups. Reasonable still running his mouth. People are creatures of habit, Richard just can not help himself nor can the minions.

  5. Again look who was with Cleary when he announce is run. Seems like he is a good guy but when you swim in the slop you get dirty.

  6. Blue Lake Rancheria is one of Cleary’s partners in his radio stations along with others including a County employee or two so maybe they would like him on the BOS.

    As far as how the DUI got out to the blogs, well you know he has Salzman working for him. It is a wonder the tip didn’t come along with the name of someone’s dog as the tipster.

    I actually had heard about the DUI when after he first announced but didn’t know of any of the other circumstances that have hit HH blog and the person that told me didn’t think it was any big secret.

  7. We’re with you, Anon. We heard about the DUI months ago. But Salzman is Salzman. At least this drunk-driving narrative is reasonably accurate, unlike the story Tricky Dick told about Allison Jackson killing her parents.

    (Yes, Richard. We know. You’re going to sue us for libel.)

    (Because pointing out your libelous remarks is itself libel.)

    (Your sharp legal mind being just one reason why we’re so fortunate to have you managing the affairs of the DA’s Office.)


  8. The DUI story is typical Salzman. He will try to hammer this over and over and make it the focus of the November race. He better look at all of Cleary’s claims because I keep hearing the “big fat lier” title used for Cleary.

  9. And nobody has seen Cleary driving while bleary? Red face and red nose, who knows where this goes.

  10. does the snitch not know that it’s a matter of public record anytime you make a call to 911? It’s easy to get a copy.
    10 copies of that recording are being listened to as you are reading this.
    It is going to come out REALLY soon as to who ratted on sundberg……..and yes, it’s someone connected to one of the campaigns. This is going to get juicier.

  11. does anybody else think of brian wilson from the beach boys every time they look at cleary??

  12. “The DUI story is typical Salzman.”
    It is Salzman’s fault that Sundberg was hammered on liquor and decided to get behind the wheel of a car,and subsequently got nailed for it when caught?

  13. “It is going to come out REALLY soon as to who ratted on sundberg……..and yes, it’s someone connected to one of the campaigns. This is going to get juicier.”

    was it Heraldo,oops I mean Andy Bird?

  14. Be afraid birdy, be very afraid.

  15. sundberg was having drinks with friends at the INN , decided to drive himself down the road to his home only to find a chp officer waiting for him at his home…….nobody saw him driving erratically or impaired…..
    this was a political set up……I can’t wait to find out who it was that called the chp on him after he left the Inn.

  16. Whats really interesting is the one sided conversation on H blog. On Sundberg they are moderating comments that don’t tow the line for their verson. There is this rabid bitch there, actually two of them, and this unreasonable asshole. They have whole discussions proving that he has done all kinds of shit. Same prog garbage. This is Salzman at his best. H is trying to say local solutions only started 4 years ago and is gone now, running cover. Bullshit, this is going to be tied into some deep shit.
    It will be like Pandora’s box when it breaks open. Who set up the leak and who is involved.

  17. Well get the info out there. Inquiring minds want to know. Out the suckers!

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