Step away from the keyboard! Please!! For us!!!

Neely is said to be utilizing a series of clever disguises to avoid the spotlight after her humiliating defeat at the polls. Sadly, that hasn't stopped her from tweeting everyone to death.

The Bon Bon’s new Twitter habit is officially out of control!

Over at her new account,, girlfriend is saying what’s on her mind–and that can’t be good at all for her already nonexistent chances in the November runoff.

Below are a few examples of what she probably should not have said after losing a primary by 20 points:

The results weren’t all bad. I got a solid 30%, which is slightly more than one percent of support for each year in office. #BonnieNeely

What I need is a new message. Maybe I can get Gallegos to plagiarize something good for me. #BonnieNeely

Not only am I going to demand a recount, I’m going to insist that it be conducted by immediate family members. Oh. Wait a minute. Skip that.


At $77 a vote, I’m within only a half million or so dollars of winning this thing in November. Who’s scared now, Virginia? #BonnieNeely

Polls show that voters think I’m uninterested in their concerns. Yeah. Like who the fuck’s idea was it to ask them anything? #BonnieNeely

Did you hear about my upcoming Shanty event? Hey, one person’s drinking game is another’s grassroots fundraiser. #BonnieNeely

To follow her updates in real time, click here to follow BonBonForever on Twitter!!


19 Responses

  1. I’m so back in love with you guys. Hysterical! And not to make too much of this, but you deserve a lot of credit for what just happened to Neely. I think you were the first to say out loud what so many of us thought, and you did so in a way that made it okay to call bullshit on her. Anyway, thanks.

  2. Ha… Ha…We don’t got to show you no stinking badges!

  3. You’re KILLING me! Good stuff, bugs.

  4. Post something funny about Sundberg’s DUI.

  5. Go back to H blog with your sick shit asshole.

  6. You know you’re backing a shifty candidate when his strongest quality is his opponent’s DUI.

  7. I just watched UFC. Maybe the Bugs can Photoshop a cage match with Bonnie and Virginia. I lack the expertise (but I might try).

  8. Is that a camel toe I see?

  9. Come on…that’s funny (no boobs). You have to post that!

  10. Perfect Sunday morning laugh! Love the hat and the mustache. You bugs are my favorite channel. Please, keep it coming. This is too good.

  11. Randy, what’s with the moderation bro?

  12. Can’t be moderating too vigorously. You’re still here.

  13. Is pretending to be Bonnie Neely on a Twitter account and photoshopping silly photos supposed to persuade voters?

  14. God no, friend. Voters clearly made up their minds before that shit started.

  15. Go get em’ at tomorrows council meeting Randy!

  16. Randy? And Andy?

    That’s almost up there with two Mikes, two Pauls and two Pats.

    What’re the odds?

  17. Documentation beats conversation. Remember Virginia I have the e-mails you would dread the public to see. Do not think I will NOT eventually take you to task!

  18. OMG!!!! I just found out that with this census I will no longer be a majority! I am free, white, and 21…and that is no longer the elements that make us responsible! Holy shit! I can finally gain all those benefits that illegals have gotten because I am ummmm….conservative? republican? tax-payer?….hell, i don’t even know now. I have just worked my ass off all my life. I am now a minority because I am white, senior, single, female….where am I suppose to go now to claim all my entitlements?

  19. Ain’t it a bitch! And just when we were ready to collect Social Security they are going move the dates.

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