Campaign photos we were never intended to see–Part I

Ruh-roh. Not sure how these damning campaign photos ended up in our in-box, but bygones, right? Let’s enjoy!

Here’s today’s offering:

"Fuck-in-ay! Look at all these papers I plagiarized!"

12 Responses

  1. Hah hah hah ha ha ha. Enough said.

  2. “I can see the surf from my office, somebody call the Coast Guard”

  3. That is the most work he’s done this year. Man the dude must have broken a sweat finding papers to put on his desk.

    Yo, bugs – Gags took off his website that he was a deputy da in los angeles. Maybe the TS will do a story on it?

  4. Hey Paul,
    The window behind you, to the the right?
    Open it!
    Ok, now slowly…climb onto the top of your chair…

  5. …kidding Paul. I like you a whole lots bro.

  6. Why is this damning?

  7. Poor Jane just never gets any smarter, does she? “Damning” is a joke, dumb ass. It’s called satire. Look it up sometime.

  8. I like how he rolls up his sleeves as if to say, “Look at me, I’m workin’ hard.”

  9. Fck. Am sufrin dude just pay me a half a mil a year to fk the little people. Yep I will smile as I fck them and Salzman will say “that’s great.”. Now that’s progressive.

  10. But it isn’t funny.

  11. You bugs have friends in all the rights places!

  12. Surf’s up dude! What a view! Can he check bunkers from there?

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