How many times can Gags’ campaign lie about a job that never even existed?

Paull Gallegos and Natalynne DeLapp share a quiet moment of dishonesty.

Hoo-wee this is getting fun!

Not to be left out, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos’ ridiculously hot “campaign manager” has now officially joined the rest of the campaign staff in lying about Paul’s impressively spotty work history.

And how’s that working out for her? Really not all that well.

Maybe that’s what you get when you pay some ditzy eye candy a shitload of donated money to pretend to manage a campaign that’s being fucked up just fine, thank you, by one of Humboldt County’s most notoriously disreputable douchebags. Because, you know. What could possibly go wrong with that?

At this point, seemingly everything.

Let’s review.

And here’s where it gets even funnier! Gallegos’ “campaign manager” Natalynne DeLappdance, from her post under the bus,  sends a poorly written e-mail to the blogosphere’s own Capdiamont stating the mistake was hers, not Gags’.

To wit:

I take full responsibility for the language that was written on the website. Yes, it did in fact say Paul worked as a DDA in LA, but that was my mistake and misunderstanding, not Paul’s. Paul did not misrepresent himself, I made a mistake. When I became aware of my error, I fixed the record.

And about the Times-Standard story?

Paul has never claimed to have worked for the LA Co. DA’s office check the Times Standard article yourself….

So we did.

In an article that appeared in the May 22 Times-Standard, Greenson wrote:

After law school, Gallegos said, he spent some time as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles before venturing out to start a private practice.

Seems pretty clear to us.

Maybe English isn’t her first language.

Or maybe integrity just isn’t her thing.

Regardless, Natalynne, thanks for thinking of us in your e-mail. Being called blatantly dishonest by a person of your moral caliber is something not unlike high praise.


[Capdiamont: Thanks again, friend!]

82 Responses

  1. Morally bereft, sure, but she’s also dumb as a shrub. How does she not have enough sense to shut up about this and hope it goes away?

  2. Maybe she’s been out too late on the party scene trying to round up “saturday night” polluted support for her POS candidate. All that party material kills brain cells. Hey N I don’t care and I ain’t voting for the guy. But do have a great cell phone shot of you shit faced.

  3. Send that pic on over, friend! Sounds like good times to us.

  4. So they lie on two fronts and tell two additional lies to try to get out of the initial lie. In answer to your question, Bugs, we’re up to three lies in as many media: first newspaper, then website, then e-mail. I think there’s time enough before November for them to run those numbers way up.

  5. Y’all need to stop acting surprised.

  6. Natalynne is just an empty head party girl emulating her pal Mr Web of Lies Salzman. I expect them to go into high gear soon.

  7. That last line Bugs is major spankage. Do you think she likes being spanked?

  8. Jesus. She lies almost as badly as she writes.

  9. By the way, I’m pretty sure those pages they’re looking at are blank.

  10. Uh oh. Joan is gonna go ballistic. Maybe that’s why that sock guy is now Gags’ escort. what’s with that?

  11. Oh Natalynne. Oh Natalynne what whoppers do you have for us today. I mean if you are sober.

  12. Stupidity isn’t hot. That’s enough said about her.

  13. Boner. She has to stop her drunken party playing drumming up her idiot for me to stop. I mean it is just stupid to be out there shit faced and plugging on Sat nights for dipp shit.

  14. good stuff

  15. A drunk shilling for a pothead. The perfect combination.

  16. What I don’t understand is why TS doesn’t investigate this. I also don’t understand how they can claim he clerked when HR never heard of him.

    Why be such a pathological lair?

  17. Cap they don’t care about ethics or the truth. It could be that it is too embarrassing for them since they have had their heads up their ass for so long. This DA has been caught in lie after lie for years now but the TS just conveniently looks the other way. Check out today’s TS. An piece about Watergate. Guess only 38 year old lies are interesting to them.

  18. Kudos, Bugs.


    You’ve given the TS a little too much credit here. Knowing how they do things, Greenson pulled that info right off Gags site. So, Nat Nat’s story could hold up. Keep it up.

  19. Problem with that HJ is that Gags has bee saying this since the recall days. It was on his old website and in other articles.

  20. Come on, Gallegos supporters. Where are you? I’ve been waiting all night to hear how this is a figment of Rose’s imagination. That’s the usual response, isn’t it?

    HumJane, Greenson knows enough about reporting to know that said means said. He knows how to attribute a website, and in this case went with said. Everyone needs to stop acting like this was anyone’s fault but Paul’s. In this case Greenson did nothing wrong but fail to verify the load of shit he was being fed.

    And that was wrong. He should make it right.

  21. Cap, it’s classic Gallegos. The less important something is, the more likely he is to lie about it. It’s a pathology. There’s no other way to explain it. He is a pathological liar, and it appears that he found a phony campaign manager who shares this quality.

  22. How old is this campaign manager? She looks 12.

  23. Hey DeLapp, just in case this isn’t already clear, people are laughing at you. Lots of people are laughing at you. Your representations are not plausible, and you’re lying your ass off either for the money or because you’re too damn dumb to see through Gags’ facade. When you hitch your wagon to a turd, some of the stink rubs off on you. Good luck in your future endeavors. You’ll need it.

  24. Jane I think the important thing to Gallegos is that she’s legal.

  25. Careful, people. There’s nothing to suggest anything untoward is happening. Aside from all the lies, that is.

  26. Natalynne is about as dumb as they come. One has to suspect that Team Gallegos wanted her for something under thatn her IQ>

  27. Does a DA have the power to find out who runs this blog?

  28. How come Andy over at the Herald isn’t covering this? He loves truth.

  29. If he did, Jane, we assure you he already would have. A judge must sign a warrant to get IP information, and we have been careful never to give anyone probable cause.

  30. My kinda dude! After 2000+ waves it get’s to be a blur, you just keep hunting for the next perfect right hander and end up in Humboldt. I wonder if he can check the surf from his office window? I got’ta get a gig with this guy! At least he doesn’t waste all his time binging on the blogs……

  31. No he leaves the blogs to Salzman and the reat of the gang. Delapp, shieman, a voter, cutten, reasonable anonymous. The list is endless.

  32. Hey, back off now. It’s just an honest little mistake. I mean it’s a pretty blurry line between clerk, assistant, deputy, gopher, knob polisher; it’s an oversight that any typical political tool can make all to easily with the help of some overzealous fucktards pushing to make him seem palatable. No, I don’t so much have a problem with this “minor” embelishment, fib, truth strecthing, “I never thought I’d get caught for such a dumbass statement”; it’s the claim that this douchebag has been even slightly more qualified than the shit I took this morning as a prosecuting attorney that just pisses me off>

  33. LOL.

    Fact is that we are now calling him on 8 years of bald faced lies. And he is OUR DA? That ranks right up there with the Tone Loc concert where the DA hosts a fundraiser where there was more UNmedical MJ than money for the douche bag

  34. When can we have a good Salzman pic and post? I mean since the sleazemiester has now reinserted himself in plain view I think he needs some personal humbug treatment. Just another douchebag lying POS.

  35. well how is this,how come it is never discuss that salzman is business partners with mitch trackenberg, who posting is near 30% of the comments on H blog. Guys is a MIT software guru. Think this guy knows much about blogs, software, computer programing, etc. Mitch leads the fight against the anti gay forces of the reggie performers on his blog and is openly gay. then there is comments about Andy Bird indicating some facts that would tend to be seen as outing him. Also some that tie him into H blog and possibility of his being the H itself. Now many including myself believe that H blog is a collective group of people of both genders. Oh and before Mitch started his blog the whole issue with reggie gay haters had huge play on H blog. Sorry no gay bashing in this post, just connecting dots.

  36. DeLapp is from EPIC, any wonder she can’t figure out what the truth is? Problem is we are all conditioned to accept / ignore the crap the enviro’s dish up for us. The truth doesn’t matter when you are saving whales, icebergs or planets. Not quite so easy in politics people check up on you. It was interesting she dropped off of their web site as soon as she was declared as Gags manager.

  37. What cracks me up is that Gags has done nothing For the environment. Nothing. Palco suit was an abject failure. Big oil was done by the AG. He lets his doper friends rape the crap out of the environment. Plus he let’s meth pushers and cookers off with simple possession. So EPIC, Salzman and Delapp what say you? Ah its about having someone to target your enemies and use our tax dollars!

  38. Just a total random comment that has little to do with the newest EPIC sweetie.
    The TS called our house to get us to subscribe. You’d think they’d learn not to.
    My husband’s comment? “Maybe if I started smoking dope again I’d take it. That’s the only way I could read it.”
    Yeah, I thought that was HILARIOUS.
    Okay. Back to your regular scheduled programming.

  39. Don’t blame Natalynne. She is young. And she is being lied to. She already knows it, down deep. She already feels it. It stirs in the shadows, and she catches it out of the corner of her eye, but chooses to pretend it is not there. The signs are there. She soldiers on, convinced that she is fighting for a cause. Blame the puppetmasters who use people like her.

    The day will come when she comes to understand the importance of the issues here. The day will come when she will realize the extent to which she has been played by the cynical, scorched-earth Salzman’s of the world. She may even have the good grace to be ashamed when that day comes.

    Sooner than that, she may get tired of making excuse after excuse after excuse for someone who cares not a whit about her. Salzman has spent the last eight years covering up for Paul’s transgressions, wooing, cajoling, beating on reporters to get his message into the papers, staying up nights contriving elaborate constructs to cover for him, schemes to make it look like Gallegos has widespread support – all fake. All devised, all with the purpose of hiding the truth. This is the legacy you are attaching your name to, Natalynne. And there will be no end to what you are asked to do. Sooner or later, you will have to draw the line.

    You have taken the task on willingly, and the day will come when one can no longer blame the puppetmasters, but it will be you yourself who will be accountable.

    I am sorry for you.

  40. Jesus Rose. You are giving her way too much credit. She is an adult. This is a clear pattern of deceit and stupidity and the Gags koolaid drinkers don’t care. Its as simple as that.

  41. Ryan Hurley Sucks

  42. Bull shit. Hurley rocks.

  43. Ryan rules!!

  44. Yep. Ryan rules the world and videos. Rock on dude. Rock on.

  45. Natalynne Delappe is a drunk. Ryan rocks and Gags still lies his ass off

  46. So natalynne delappe is a drunk. Gags is a doper. Our county just is a disaster. Why is delappe plying drunks on saturday nights. Is this the voting pool they are aiming for.

  47. “So natalynne delappe is a drunk. ”

    So is Sundberg,give the lady some props for having the brains not to get behind the wheel.

  48. Sorry Mark. She and her buds are too busy trying to smear Gags challlenger for the last six months. She has accused them of everything. Now she has to own up to her own conduct as fucked up as it is.

  49. Ditto

  50. Generally, friends, we prefer that you hurl issues-based insults. Whenever possible.

  51. Any new lies today?

  52. Gags’ website description says “This lead to…” instead of this led to….lead, led…what’s important is how you say it I guess. That passage has been cut and pasted in different places on the blogs and it still says “lead” on his website (as of this a.m.)…I don’t want them to change it though because I love knowing it’s there…it’s such a great reminder of how sloppy his campaign is.

  53. “Sorry Mark. She and her buds are too busy trying to smear Gags challlenger for the last six months. She has accused them of everything. Now she has to own up to her own conduct as fucked up as it is.”

    She has some things to learn from team Jackson,who tops the list of dirty campaign tactics when they blamed team Gallegos for Betty Chinn asking to be removed from a supporters list which she never desired to be on in the first place,and then letting Rose Welsh insinuate that Salzman placed threatening phone calls to Betty.I asked Rose over on her blog to get into that claim a bit more,and probably in a good move on her part to protect Jackson from further digging herself into a hole,Rose seems to have put that dirty smear to rest,at least for now.

  54. Get your head out of you butt Mark. The dirty tricks belong to Team Salzman.

  55. So did Salzman make the claim that Chinn had been harassed by someone ,and then report the news to team Jackson?So you know,I did ask Rose if that is what she was getting at on the thread on her blog,but she dismissed that.I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she wasn’t accusing Richard or someone from team Gallegos of making the harassing phone calls.
    And was it Salzman’s fault that Jackson produced an ad which contained false information about a case handled by Gallegos,a claim which Jack Durham even disputed.

  56. Mark. You can’t handle the truth. Maybe that’s why you identify with Gags.

  57. Oh boy, just look at mresquan. He is also a member of several groups with Salzman and Mitch boy. Just keep putting the koolaid drinkers with the mixers.

  58. Don’t worry, Mark. The truth is out there. Not sure you will be able to see it even when it hits you over the head. But it is there. You aren’t going to like the answers, judging from your tone here. Keep pushing, though. Deliberate blindness does not become you.

  59. Mresquan is stuck in his delusions. The medical cannibus isn’t good for that.

  60. “You aren’t going to like the answers, judging from your tone here. ”

    Tell me what the answers are,I guess I will have to keep pushing you to tell me.
    Did Salzman,or anyone else from team Gallegos make harassing calls to Betty Chinn?If so,who did it?

  61. Disclosure here:The only association I have with Mitch is through the Humboldt Transparency Project.So have at that.

  62. Mark you refuse reality. We get it. Go back and read Web of Lies.

  63. So in other words you have nothing,and to think that you all seem to be upset that Paul will win re-election in November,and then you will be left wondering why.

  64. Mark you have lost it bro. Gags is a goner and even his staff knows it. Mow take you medicine and chill

  65. Hey konkler. If you want to read slander and dirty tricks try the DA blog, read Delapps mass emails, and force yourself to sit through Gags’ commercials. Misleading, innacurate and bald faced bullcrap.

  66. Markie Mark

    The HUMBOLDT TANSPARENCY PROJECT? I didn’t know you were such a Dork, you socialist oinker

  67. Verifying the accuracy of an election is socialist? Who knew?

  68. Say Mark, do you know enough now to have an opinion on the government being involved in 911. What a follower piece of shit.

  69. Which 9/11 event would you like to hear about,and glad to see that the decorum is much better here than the other blogs.Connect,a piece of shit has more value than you,so I’d never insult one by comparing it to you.

  70. Oh snap, friends! Let’s play nice!!

  71. Yep. We can. But how do you play nice with the deaf, dumb and blind? Mark believes the earth is flat and Gags is great. He also thinks Sleazman is a cool dude. What do you do with that except….oops

  72. Actually,I don’t think all that much of Paul,I’ve never had any personal issues with Richard but have disagreed with some of his tactics.But now we’ve entered a realm where Gallegos’ opponent seems to be willing to outsmear anyone,while Paul and company are keeping things relatively docile and more focused on sticking to issues important to voters.That is why he placed highest of the 3 candidates,and unless team Jackson’s campaign techniques change drastically,he will win in November.

  73. Look Mresquint, maybe you and your ilk, your little band of the Pauliban, know nothing and care nothing about how a DA’s office works, but the gap between a legal clerk and a deputy D.A. is immense, unmistakable and analogous to that between a med student and a board certified surgeon. No law clerk thinks he’s a D.A., he’s very very aware he’s NOT a d.a.
    It’s not a casual mistake, it’s a huge effing lie.

    But that doesn’t matter to you. That I get.

    Oh, and 61 percent of the voters did NOT vote for him in the primary. Whose techniques need to change?

  74. 63% didn’t vote for Jackson.

  75. Mark you be smokin again. Everyone including Gags knows he’s toast.

  76. Please, the Hagen people will be mainly be voting for Jackson. Ergo, a new DA.

  77. So, squint, as expected, you ignored the fact that a clerk is profoundly aware he’s not a DA, he’s in fact desperately hoping to be offered a DA job. Guess LA outsmarted us on that one.

  78. “Please, the Hagen people will be mainly be voting for Jackson. Ergo, a new DA.”

    Some will,about 40-45% of them,at most,with those numbers sinking if Jackson’s campaign continues with its dirty tricks.

    not astonished wrote,”So, squint, as expected, you ignored the fact that a clerk is profoundly aware he’s not a DA”

    He isn’t a D.A.?Wow,maybe that was Rose’s big breaking story.
    Well I think I get what you are getting at,but apparently you have reading comprehension issues as I already addressed that I am dismayed at the gaffe which occurred there.

  79. Mresquan is delusional again. Gosh don’t you get embarrassed for this guy?

  80. Gaffe? You think that calling yourself a deputy DA when you weren’t one is
    1 : a social or diplomatic blunder
    2 : a noticeable mistake
    (with thanks to Merriam/Webster on line)

    Well, that’s certainly looking on the bright side.
    Any other “gaffes’ come to mind? I am mulling the pun possibilities with gaff, CAST, pleas, please, please make it stop.

  81. Mr.Esquan, the primary results included only one vote from Rose. The other however many thousand came from other people who have just plain had enough of Gallegos’s unethical shit. Try all you want to make this about Rose. One vote. That’s all she is. It’s the rest of us you ought to worry about.

  82. Wow….I realize that I have to leave CA soon…CA is adrift in small time visions and hard core prices for homes. I just want to better the chances for myself and for my family; Is it amazing to you that houses in the East cost from $15,000 for a fixer upper to $150,000 for a McMansion? The American Dream is alive and wll….but lives outside of California.

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