In a word: Douchepickle

That is a word, isn’t it?

No matter!  Here’s another classic from our good friend the six-term pachyderm courtesy of

Now the Marina Center’s gonna be on the Nov. ballot? Resorting to democracy was kind of a bitch move.

Oh well. She’s been in office for 24 effing years. You can’t expect her to care about representative government.

12 Responses

  1. Bonnie are you stabbing yourself in the eye yet. Bye bye gf. Go fck someone else. We are done and your 30 percent means bye bye and good riddance don’t think 20 grand from the tribes and the rest from youe coastal com friends will do it.

  2. Plazoid watch. Natalynne Delapp was in rare form today. Party girl was in the mood at the plaza. Don’t ya just feel the love

  3. Salzman will rule. He’s got his grips om people amd the TS. Let’s watch.

  4. Y’all sound drunk.

  5. Cheesedick. There are no sounds here, just words. If you are hearing sounds then y’all should see a shrink.

    Douchepickle. A great new word. Kind of a disgusting thought though.

  6. Douchepickle? Love it Bugs.

  7. I’ll correct my post to read: Y’all sound drunk when I read the posts aloud. Then again, I’m drunk.

  8. Sick, and funnier than heck. Thanks Bugs!

  9. Yes, douchepickle certainly is fucking hilarious. How about doucemelon, doucherelish or doucheburger? Hard-boiled douche? Just rummage through the fridge and you’ll keep Dynamo-hummer and other easy-to-please readers rolling on the floor.

    But don’t quit your day job.

  10. Holy crap. Douchepickle makes me think of much more salacious things then douche melon or burger. Come on. Just think about it…..

  11. Anonymous is about as unoriginal as the other feeble-minded half-wits who post comments in this malaria-zone of a blog.

  12. That would be Malaria DouchePickle-zone to you funnybone. Thanks for playing.

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