SHOCKER: Prog blog reports Larry Glass is right about something else

Media darling and terrific dancer

In a development sure to set the blogosphere ablaze, the Humboldt Herald announced that, once again, Larry Glass was right about something, while everyone Larry Glass dislikes was wrong.

This most recent incident comes hard on the heels of previous Humboldt Herald reports that Glass knew something no one else knew, said something no one else had the nuts to say, was calm when everyone around him panicked, and rescued someone no one else would save.

The Herald stated that Glass additionally was brave when everyone else was frightened, and able to stick to a low-carb diet months after everyone else had gone back to pizza and beer.

“This guy is like effing Superman,” said one reader who asked to remain anonymous because he secretly thinks Glass is a boorish dimwit.

“But instead of working for the Daily Planet, Larry’s sending a nonstop stream of self-promotional horseshit to the Herald,” the reader said. “But I’m sure Larry knows what he’s doing. I mean, shit, Larry knows what everyone’s doing. He’s fucking Larry Glass.”

There have been additional unconfirmed reports that Glass has walked on water, healed the blind and raised a handful of old progs from the dead just in time for the June primary.

Glass is also said to have  turned water into wine, which Natalynne DeLapp made short work of.

In related Herald news, Rob Arkley continued his quest for world domination, David Tyson was still an asshole, Linda Atkins wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as she seemed, Bonnie Neely was democracy’s last hope, and Paul Gallegos they’d just as soon not talk about.

39 Responses

  1. And everything the Times-Standard reports was gleaned from the pages of the Herald, which had the information firs.

  2. It’s the Larry Glass blog. Didn’t you know?

  3. It’s true, the Herald is predictable in its bias, but your blog has become even more so, to the point that it’s getting tedious, Do you serve no other purpose than to attack the “progs”? Doesn’t that get boring for you?

  4. NO!

  5. Prog Blog…Oh Please! It is a fair and unbiased community service information center. Oh wait! It is Larry Glass in a Skirt.

  6. City Hall will soon be empty as Dept. Heads refuse to work for or more accurately do what Larry wants. Tyson has been the only calming factor when Larry breaks a door throws something or just does not get his way. Even the city attorney knows her credibility will fade if she sticks around and these early retirements are just an excuse to escape. Maybe Larry can run the city better as long as you realize you run it like a business and well look how well he has stayed up with the times in his own business.

  7. Go to city council meetings and watch the asshole make faces, stare, glare, and whine. He is like a spoiled child. Get him the fuck out of government.

  8. Larry tells everyone who will slow down long enough to listen how close he is to the Herald and how he can get things up there any time he wants. Looks like he wants almost every daY.

  9. Glassy, you can get away with an awful lot if you can make people laugh. That’s the difference here.

  10. Okay, that’s a funny post!

  11. Geez, could the Mirror’s crush on Natalynne DeLapp be anymore obvious? Get a room, you two.

  12. Please don’t talk about Natalynne that way. We adore her so much it hurts.

  13. Well, Larry obviously leaks information from Eureka City closed sessions to the Herald…

    To wit: ” Heraldo says:
    June 15, 2010 at 6:48 pm
    Now she’s getting $35,000.”

    Keep in mind this was on June 15th, and now the flying heraldos are reporting this award in a separate thread.

    If proven substantively that Larry leaked this out of closed session proceedings, he could be sued himeself, as well as being fined by the fppc.

    Go for it bugs!

  14. Graphics Dept… I’m concerned about that burning sensation, sure it could be Natalynne, butt you should have that checked out. Trust me from expierence. Why not show Virginia kicking Bonnie’s ass

  15. How do people like Larry Glass every get elected?

  16. If I remember correctly, lil Larry blogged from the same IP address as H’s computer. Remember that. He told folks he wasn’t H but knew who H was. How did you folks forget that?

    Looks like he has some legal trouble coming from the closed session leaks to H’s blog.

  17. Oops. Things are now pretty quiet.

  18. Is it just me or does Ryan Hurlry SUCK!!!

  19. Dynamohum it is just you cause Hurley rocks.

  20. So,

    It’s June 25th, the flying Heraldo’s, and the flying Heraldo’s only (to my knowledge) are the only ones to report a pay out to Dee Dee Wilson.

    Where has the Times Standard been on this? Well, to answer, the closed session meetings have yet to conclude.

    The logical inference is that it has been leaked from the closed sessions which would consist of the City Manager, the City Attorney, the Council and the Mayor.

    Of these people, one could reasonably assume that Dave Tyson,Sheryl Schaffner, Virginia Bass, Jeff Leonard, Mike Jones and Frank Jaeger have not leaked anything to the the flying Heraldos; certainly not a city attorney, who could face stiff sanctions and perhaps disbarrment, nor any of the the others mentioned, as they don’t seem to be, well…uhmmmm favorites of Heraldanonymouses.

    That leaves Larry Glass and Linda Atkins. I think Linda means well and tries to do things the right way, even though I don’t agree with her, I think she’s doing a good job as a councilperson.

    Larry, on the other hand, posts to the flying Heraldos, and as mentioned earlier, was caught inflagrente delecto by the late great AnonRmous posting from one of their IPs.

    This is huge stuff folks. If He’s leaked from the closed session meetings, its a violation of the Brown Act, and he could be fined tens of thousands of dollars.

    I would be willing to file a complaint with the fppc, but I actually work at city hall, and to say the least, my life there could come to an abrupt end. I am, however, willing to help where and when I can, should someone want to file a complaint, ala the vertically challanged MarkyMark Lovelace.

  21. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…dum dee dum dum dum.

  22. So, the T-S finally runs a story today about it, saying that this the results came out of tues night’s closed session.

    Well, guess what – the Flying Heraldo’s first commented about this on June 15th, mentioning the 35k settlement.

    I guess nobody here really cares and everyone’s more interested in making pithy comments.

  23. So, the T-S finally runs a story today about it, saying that this the results came out of tues night’s closed session.

    Well, guess what – the Flying Heraldo’s first commented about this on June 15th, mentioning the 35k settlement.

    I guess nobody here really cares and everyone’s more interested in making pithy comments.

    Nobody on this blog has the courage to sign their real name to anything. You should know that, since you are an anonymous coward yourself.

  24. To Anonymous on June 27 at 9:02 pm –

    Funny post. You are anonymous too. What about HH??

  25. HH was one of the worst with his nasty comments about “anonymous” posterss.

    Isn’t it obvious that Larry Glass IS Heraldo?!

  26. 9:02 – This is really serious. What is the City Council’s policy on leaks out of closed session and Brown Act violations? Is it merely to sanction?

    Perhaps our sterling DA could revisit his rarely (almost never) used ‘accusation’ proceeding.

    Yeah, I know.

  27. “Nobody on this blog has the courage to sign their real name to anything. You should know that, since you are an anonymous coward yourself.”

    Perhaps I am “an anonymous coward”, but I have a family to feed, and as I said, I work within the halls of City Hall. Thus, 9:02, I could very well lose my job, should my identity be revealed.

    This is big stuff, yet most havent even picked up on it; Heraldo’s first commented on the 35k settlement amount on JUNE 15th.

    Rose, you could file a complaint with the FPPC. I am going to go online and see if I can do it anonymously.

  28. Rose,

    PLEASE post this on your site. This needs to be brought to the public’s attention, even though I think most will ignore it.

    Thad, Hank, you guys need to chase this down. It’s a big story, sadly one that will likely be ignored.

  29. I don’t think the FPPC is worth pursuing. This is something to be properly dealt with by the City itself.

    But who cares. Rules mean nothing anymore. No one will do anything. No one will even investigate.

    Unless you adopt Salzman’s way and badger and hound the reporter(s) until they act out of frustration. A tactic which obviously works.

    By the way, crime is up – not online, but a nice puff interview with Gallegos talking about it in the TS today, and not a word about his claim that crime is down because of him. Reporters – and I don’t usually criticize them – but reporters apparently have no memory. Not just no institutional memory, but in this case, no recent memory either.

    Sorry anon. There is no hope. None.

  30. Wow I thought sure Rose would take the bate! Too bad it would have been a hoot. Sheryl announced it in open session on the 15th. You tea bagger types are pretty gullible.

  31. No, the settlement was not announced on the 15th…so sorry.

  32. Watch the replay dim wit

  33. Randy Gans

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  35. fifteenth, sodeep, not the next meeting, where it was announced; nice try asshat.

  36. C’mon, Glass is Heraldo. It is soooo obvious


  38. Creep!

  39. I posted this reply on the latest posting on the Humboldt Herald about Larry and it did n’t even go through awaiting moderation from the blog owner. Coincidence much? I think not

    Hey Larry Glass. Good job on writing this post and others for this blog. Just curious, what would happen if I say something bad about your business on this blog?

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