Gallegos chokes on latest crime statistics report

Well, this little article seems to have put a damper on the Gag’s notion that crime is way down under his leadership. Oh well, there will be plenty more opportunities to just make up more shit as it gets closer to November.


36 Responses

  1. I love the Adams Family… who is the dude in the back left, though?

  2. Pretty funny!

  3. That … is an awesome photoshop. But don’t encourage Hollywood to do a sequel starring your favorite DA – they’re so desperate for ideas these days for movie plots, they might snag the bait.

  4. Can we look to Plato for the answer??

    It is obvious to anyone that (governing) is a
    tremendous task and that when you have a
    well-constructed state with a well-framed legal
    code, to put incompetent officials in charge is a
    waste of good laws, and the whole business
    degenerates into farce. And not only that, the
    state will find its laws are doing damage and
    injury on a gigantic scale.

    Plato, The Laws, 350 B.C.

  5. OK, that and Gags is a big poophead.

  6. And as we say in the Big Apple,
    How do you say “fuck you” in Yiddish?

    Trust me.

    Paul, such a schmuck, you’re killing me here.

  7. The f’ing graphic department ROCkS.

    Every violent crime UP
    Property crime UP
    Plea bargains UP
    Lies and incompetence by DA UP

    The only things down are convictions, justice, public safety, and honesty from Gags.

  8. Graphics Department rocks. GREAT cover, if the story wasn’t so painfully true I’d be laughing my ass off.

  9. Where is Nresquan apologizing and defending Liar Liar?

  10. What is there to defend?

  11. True, mresquan. Kind of pointless to defend the virtues of a man who doesn’t have any.

  12. well somebody needs to mention the Bradshaw case, just to round out the daily dose of Gag-Me news. Only in Humboldt County can you beat your spouse to death with a crowbar, claim self-defense and go to jail for a couple of years. The only way to get a lighter sentance is to get caught with solid evidence of selling marijuana with a bogus 215!

    Justice is served, no side dish, no bread, and probably not even a glass of water to wash it down!

  13. Schmuck, not so much. Putz, definitely more of a putz.

  14. Ha!

  15. OK, we’re going to take a month off to do some PBR research and development. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  16. -Andy -ans

    fill in the blank

  17. I see now- it moderates if you use you name!

    Thanks -andy!

  18. You plan to appeal the PLF and CUE IV lawsuits -andy -ans?

  19. Do you plan to get a life, -umb -hit?

  20. It’s been a tough week over at Security National Anon

    Give em’ a break

  21. Its been tougher on the Gag-ster. Crime up. The grand jury saying he’s responsible for delays, neptism and mismanagement that’s costing us loads of money. Then there is the oops I got caught in more lies. Sucks to be him but well deserved. Well deserved.

  22. When you have more money than the Lord God Almighty, bad days and bad weeks are probably relative.

  23. Idiot anon, Randy Gans. Randy Gans. Randy Randy Randy Gans. The only thing that seems to be blocked on this blog is your ability to think rationally.

  24. I’d say Gags had a good week – his lead over Jackson widened. Next to Bass, he’s looking like the surest bet to win in November.

  25. At this point I suppose anything could look like a ray of sunshine.

  26. Uh. 60 percent of the county wants him gone. Guess that is better than 61 percent?

  27. “When you have more money than the Lord God Almighty, bad days and bad weeks are probably relative.”

    Yeah, it pays to work for a billionare, eh R_ndy?

  28. According to comments on the Grand Jury story, the grand jury is STILL being manipulated by Jackson, Dikeman, and probably Alexander Hamilton. Hey, if she’s got that level of superpowers, probably ought to elect her. And for the current D.A. to complain that the GJ as politically motivated
    is so ironic as to render one speechless.

    Rest assured, we disagree with any one who doesn’t bow down.

    When can we expect indictments against the Grand jurors?

  29. Uh. 60 percent of the county wants him gone. Guess that is better than 61 percent?

    Almost all of Hagen’s votes came from Arcata. If you think Arcata liberals are going to vote for Jackson you’ve got your head up your ass. But that’s your right.

  30. kind of interesting that is also true of Cleary, at least Higgins supporters were people from the 5th district

  31. Grumpy Jury….please prove what you are saying….if you can. LOL

  32. The cops call him Gilligan !

    Of coure crime is up. Gilligan’s office sits on cases while the perp’s stay out of jail and continute to commit more and more and more crimes. When they have 20 felonies piled up and it can’t be ignored the criminal gets a plea bargain and, if he is really a bad person with a serious criminal past he may go to prison for a couple of years. Other than that it’s probation upon porbation. Maybe some community service.

    I would venture to say that much of the violent crime is not reported. The homeless seldom report a violent attack, unless they are admitted to the hospital or flown off to Redding or Sacramento for serous injuries.

    215 or marijuana robberies often go unreported unless some gets hurt or there is a shooting.

    If all violent crime in Humboldt over the last few years was really reported Gilligan would be tarred and feathered. His claim that crime went down on his tour is nothing but a bold faced LIE, and he knows it.

    Even liberals in Arcata and the pot growers in So Hum must get tired of getting their shit stolen.

  33. So we have two democrats. The incumbent who doesn’t give a shit about public safety and the challenger who has a history of protecting people. Choice is easy. Really easy.

  34. Cough cough. Choke choke. This week sucked but I the DA am on the county dime vacationing in Monterey. Its such a rough life a real rough life f’ing over victims their families and the public. SURFs ON.

  35. Callings all Bugs. Where are you?

  36. Huddled around the last 6-pack of PBR tall boys. Mmmmm. Beer’s so good.

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