We can dream, can’t we?

If the city of Eureka passes an expanded anti-smoking ordinance, does this mean Patty Berg would have to move?

The Eureka City Council is considering an ordinance that would discriminate against perennial busybody and former assemblyperson Patty Berg on the basis of her stupidity.


25 Responses

  1. Let’s stick to the anti Gallegos posts R_andy

  2. Makes me wonder just where that cigar has been.

  3. R_andy fetishes are so someone else’s blog. You are looking for the door down the hall on the left.

  4. Thank god Reggae Rising is done

    What are our local hippies going to do now?

  5. Kerrigan can still smoke his stuff, right?

  6. So funny! thanks bugs!

  7. How come the Randy obsessive doesn’t know how to spell Randy’s name?

  8. ’cause if you spell it the correct way, it’s moderated

  9. ’cause it you sell it the correct way, it’s moderated

  10. Gans is the new Arkley, Dork. Didn’t you know? Blaming the problems of the world on Rob is so 2009.

  11. If you use his name on this blog, you are automatically moderated

  12. What exactly is she smoking? Cause that looks like a little something the Bon Bon once had in place of her surgically improved nose. Just sayin’…

  13. No you aren’t, idiot Anonymous. Here’s a way we can all prove it for ourselves: Type his name! Isn’t that easy? Here’s my attempt. Randy Gans Randy Gans Randy Gans. Well would you look at that. Who would have thought an anon would lie to us?

  14. My favorite is when R-ndy gets excited, does some fistpumps, jiggling his man boobs

    sexy sexy sexy

  15. Randy. Randy. Randy.

    What gives?

  16. Less so than you, presumably.

    By the way Bugs, this is how you know you’ve won the argument. When the orher side needs man boobs for content, game over.

  17. Who are you kidding? I’m a huge fan!!

  18. I think the technical terms for what she’s smoking is a **spliff**

  19. Randy Gans

  20. Gans

  21. Try the whole name 12:17

  22. Randy Gans

    Hey, you’re right. Randy must have changed the blog settings!

  23. Its a cuban Stanley! Patty probably ran out of Virginia Slims and found one of Arnold’s stogies snuffed in an ashtray in the smoke room at the capitol. She looks so desperate and defeated. I wonder what she was thinking?

  24. Great graphics again bugs!

  25. “We don’t have a spending problem. We have a revenue enhancement problem.”

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