Pleas and thank yous

Kumbaya, motherfuckers. Kumbaya.

Who says we Bugs don’t have good manners?




But bygones!! Because here we are now giving a coupla big ol’ sloppy Bug thank yous to District Attorney Paul Gallegos–the man, the myth, the total and complete pantspickle.

First up: Thank you, Mr. Gallegos, for the rape this week of a young woman in Arcata.

The Times-Standard reports this about her alleged assailant, Kevin Walker:

In 2008, Walker pleaded guilty to felony assault in what was widely believed to be a hate crime in Trinidad. Walker was arrested in May 2008, along with 18-year-old Collin Roczey, after witnesses reported seeing three men fighting in a Trinidad beach parking lot. Witnesses said Walker and Roczey were holding another man down, hitting his head on the ground, hitting him with a metal pipe and stepping on his face while shouting racial slurs.

The two men were originally arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault and kidnapping, but pleaded guilty to the assault charge in a plea deal.

And got probation!! So yay! Thanks, Paul.

Next: Thank you, Mr. District Attorney, for that shooting last week in Alton. Turns out Humboldt County’s top cop lent a helpful hand in that case as well! The Times-Standard reports that the alleged shooter in that case, a particularly upstanding individual named Michael Coen, had run afoul of the law before:

Coen pleaded guilty to assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm in November 2009. He spent 47 days in jail, was fined $530 and sentenced to three years of probation, according to Humboldt County court records.

That 530 bucks just makes us feel grateful all over!

So thanks, Paul!! And keep up the fine work.


47 Responses

  1. Pantspickle is too kind.

  2. I shit you not at this point I’d vote for Bob Doran’s wife before I voted for Gallegos.

  3. Graphics Department–what’s with that effing banner photo? I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, but I think Bonnie Neely just ruined Spain.

  4. The meth bust– at least one of those guys got probation last time around, according to a blog note on the TS page. Far be it from the TS to bother checking actual court records, asking the
    DA, stuff like that.

  5. I dunno Bugs. With that jersey, she might be a keeper after all.

    It’s just a question of who does the keeping. I mean, shall we keep her?….20 years hard labor in the Big Hammer plumbing department?

    Deep sleaze toilet plunger remorse. Once she’s gone will Bill continue to pump her up?

    Just a thought.

  6. Thanks for finally addressing a real issue, but you pathetic pieces of shit are a day late and a dollar short.

  7. Friend, we’re several days late and so many dollars short we’ve resorted to paying hookers with our credit cards. But thanks for the love! Hugs!!

  8. Poor Gags. Reality’s a bitch, and so is Salzman.

  9. Word, dog! Nice to see you, friend. And Missed One, the Times-Standard appears to be asking the right questions about some of these crime stories. Credit where credit is due and that sorta thing.

  10. Dog, you are so friggin funny — yeah, is the answer to that one – Bill is having domestic issues and would not be surprized if it was because he got caught with his pickle in Bon bon’s jar so to speak. I know – disgusting image –

  11. Gags is and has always been a defense attorney cloaked as a prosecutor. We should return him to his native habitat.

  12. I agree, Chris, he should be let go. If he pleds no contest to one count of douchefloggery in office, the charge of first degree douchesuckery will be dropped, he gets credit for time served, and five years probation on the condition he
    never attempts to commit forged acts of community service again.

    Tried to tell you that before, but it disappeared.

  13. Pantspickle? That is soooo classic. Or is it Vlassic?

  14. And Coen is a suspect in a carjacking in February and they are still deciding what to do about it. Hmmmm, community service or slap on the wrist….waffle waffle waffle. Maybe just turn a blind eye this time so he can maybe go out and cause mayhem again. Hmmmm decisions decisions.

  15. This would be more fun to read if it wasn’t true. Good coverage Bugs. Need to get the word out to more people. Pickle pants has got to go.

  16. AT this point the fate of any case will be determined by what publicity can be milked out of it for election purposes. He will add the Coen case, and any other ones he can, when he wants to show how tough he is and how diligent his investigators have been. The public will never get to see the reports showing how long the info was sat on.

  17. Hey Coen was on parole when he committed another serious felony and that serious felony was plea bargained down to felony assault and he was then given probation with 47 days time served. Like the dude couldn’t make it on parole SO HE PUTS HIM ON PROBATION? Then he commits robbery and carjacking in Feb AND IT IS STILL NOT CHARGED? Now the guy tries to kill someone? Fuck get the incompetent lazy sob outta there!

  18. Yeah…gotta agree with anon 5:27 pm. Shouldn’t we all be as shocked and righteously indignant?

  19. Shocked? Really? The only thing about this that isn’t business as usual is that the Times-Standard is reporting it. Shout-out to them for asking questions that matter.

  20. Well humbug…that is why we come to you. Is it buck naked or butt naked….LOL. We trust you to be vocal and say what the rest of us think. Otherwise, why are you blogging? With all due respect….

  21. some of us cannot state our opinions without losing jobs, income, etc. Anonymous statements are very therapeutic. Can you find a way to get our comments into the right forum? We trust you humbug.

  22. Puke. Looking at that picture of the balding one makes me want to heave. We are paying how much a year for “kumbaya let’s let the criminals rape rob and pillage’? They wouldn’t put up with this crap anywhere else.

  23. Coen and Fogleman were involved in an incident with EPD in Loleta in the past six months. They both jumped out a second story window to get away. Fogleman got caught and Cohen got away.

  24. Hey Bugs, You missed the scoop. The Herald has the news that Frank Jaeger is running for Eureka Mayor.

  25. Fired for having an opinion?Too true. It is conveniently overlooked, since Hislop became Dawsons son in law, and the sun suddenly shone from the corner office, that when Investigator Chris Andrews (the Humboldt trained computer genius that we lost thanks to the DA) wrote a letter critical of his Paulness that the D.A. called Dawson at 6 am ordering him to fire Chris, only to discover that unlike the deputy DA’s the investigators had a pretty good contract and a kick ass union. Whether you are a Humboldt deputy DA, or in private life, the fact is most of us can be dumped at whim.

  26. Hislop and Dawson are old news

  27. Old news? Maybe just history if we’re lucky

  28. “The Herald has the news that Frank Jaeger is running for Eureka Mayor.”

    Well not heraldo,but a commenter there started the rumor.

  29. Mark. I don’t call H news. I call IT bullshit. Why don’t you go over there and wallow in it since you think that crap is new? I’ll stick here with satire thank you very much.

  30. Why is there so much anger on this blog?

  31. Not anger at all. Just satire and a bunch of folks who don’t buy into the ultra far left lunatic fringe and who have no problem calling it crappola. You equate it with anger? You must buy into the crappola then. Sorry for you 1:02. As for me I am laughing my moderate liberal ass off.

  32. I was just telling the Redneck that it’s not that this is new or unusual, but that someone is TALKING ABOUT IT. When the TS doesn’t report the shooting we’ve SEEN in the neighborhood, or they gloss over stuff we KNOW is going on, or when the local news blows another puff of smoke up our butts, it’s just a friggin’ relief to have someone opening it up and showing it for what it is.
    I just hope more people listen and kick his ass out.
    But I doubt it.

  33. Ah Jen, his butt will be kicked out the more the truth gets out there. This really is about things the majority of us agree on. The problem has been that the press hasn’t been covering it and a lot of folks don’t know unless they work in a field that makes them aware or they have been sucked into the justice system in Humboldt. The more you talk to your friends, the better.

  34. Not anger at all. Just satire and a bunch of folks who don’t buy into the ultra far left lunatic fringe and who have no problem calling it crappola. You equate it with anger? You must buy into the crappola then. Sorry for you 1:02. As for me I am laughing my moderate liberal ass off.

    You sound angry. My wife calls this the angry people blog.

  35. Well this is a suggestion for you and your wife(?). Don’t go over to Heraldo or you will have to be institutionalized. And oh, don’t read any paper or watch tv and good god DON’T go outside.

  36. Bugs, where are you? Saw Neely on TV this evening. She looks more like her BFF Patty Berg everyday.

  37. Talk about a “pantspickle:!

  38. The liberal progs had bumper stickers that said
    “If you aren’t angry you aren’t paying attention”.

    Those of you who have seen the DA in court, especially
    more than once, know what I mean.

  39. Sigh. I just hope people are listening. Perhaps I am tired of beating my head against the wall – but the facts about his time in office do add up if anyone is paying attention.

    He can’t continue to hide it. And he knows it.

  40. For those who don’t know – visit

    For a list of the plea deals –

    Care about the CAST stats? Once upon a time people did care –

    You’ve heard about the plagiarism, but don’t know what it is about? It’s there.

    Pelican Bay, it’s there.

  41. Hi Bugs – great post as usual; can we buy a beer for the graphics dept and get rid of the soccer nimrods? So done with that whole noise… feel free to idealize the bonster any other way ya wanna — just done with this one. Know she is not that tall, and does not have nice legs and cannot run to save her butt. So to speak. Cheers and Hugs!

  42. A Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado is under pressure to drop his bid over plagiarism charges. Dems and Reps are calling for him to drop out. Evidently he is blaming his predicament on an 82-year-old he hired to help write his articles. Seems like they take plagiarism serious in Colorado. Here it gets you the endorsement of the paper that printed the plagiarized piece. Are we F’ing backwards or what? Kumbaya my is up. Kumbaya my is up. Kumbaya my is up. Oh god I fucked up. (I can hear him strummin that every time I look at that dorky photo.

  43. Ok bugs time to pull the PBR teet out of the graphics dept’s mouth. It ain’t a binky and graphics has a job to do. Sober up bros. Sober up and post you lazy shits.

  44. Sober up? Huh?

  45. G C D7?

  46. C F C C F (G -G7) C F C F G F C

    Also works on Wooly wooly.

    Wait a minute….this wasn’t ‘fleas and thank you’ was it?

  47. dirty minds

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