New name–same great smell

The Bonnie Neely Memorial Toxic Waste Dump and Homeless Poopatorium

In honor of all the hard work our Fourth District Supervisor has put into blocking the environmental cleanup of the Balloon Track and preventing its subsequent use for jobs and industry, the contaminated 40-acre site has been renamed The Bonnie Neely Memorial Toxic Waste Dump and Homeless Poopatorium.

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, Neely fake-cried and talked about the six terms she spent sitting impassively in her office while the site leeched dioxin into the bay.

“What sets me apart from my opponent is vision,” she said. “I have a vision for Humboldt County, and part of that is to make sure we preserve the former Balloon Track as the stinking, festering pimple on the ass of Eureka it has been throughout my two and a half decades on the board.”

Neely added that she’s been too busy playing political games and worrying about her own financial future to pay much attention to the problems and concerns of working people. But if she’s re-elected, she said, she’ll make sure she gives employment and other economic issues better lip service, as she has in the run-up to this election.

[Click to enlarge the photo. Or not.]


55 Responses

  1. You know you’ve wandered into Uglyville when you have that many people in a photo and Bonnie Neely is probably the hottest one.

  2. Poopatorium?


  3. Bonnie spending quite a bit of time down South telling,begging Peter D to give her Coastal Job

  4. It would be a shame if Bonnie actually had to get a job and work for a living?

    What kind of job would Bonnie be qualified or suited for? Interesting thought.

  5. Bugs I did not think you could beat douchepickel anytime soon. But Poopatorium ranks right up there. You guys must have one hell of a thesaurus.

  6. You guys rock. Hilarious and so true.

  7. Y’all need a better pic of Nichols for the PS work.
    Try unsharpen mask.

  8. “better lip service” = immediate surgical removal of minds eye


    I laughed so hard at “the Bonnie Neely Memorial Toxic Waste Dump and Homeless Poopatorium” that I almost fell over backwards and knocked myself out.

  10. Can’t the wanker Nichols have a penis for a nose since he doesn’t have one below the belt? Or maybe ths graphics dept can put a pile of poop on Neely’s head since she has shit for brains?

  11. Can’t believe nobody has said anything to date about the shitstorm thats about to unfold all over Heraldo’s fave council man.

  12. Whats the name of that old song that was in American Graffitti?

    oh, yeah…Sixteen Candles!

  13. mmm, yes…try and spin this over to Rob…LMSAO!

  14. Underage girl. Oops.

  15. Larry,oh Larry. Sucks to be a 50+ doesn’t it ?

  16. The rest of the class needs to hear; what “shitstorm” about Heraldo’s favorite Councilman???

  17. Sixteen candles! Now that’s funny!

  18. What shitstorm?

  19. I dunno what shitstorm specifically, but reading the above, it sounds as though Larry was messin’ with an [moderated] person. EWWWWW.

    If he had only listened to so many women at all of the local bars say, 30+ years ago, he would have taken off that ridiculous brass belt buckle (that obvously held up not much, that may have actually damaged his muscles) and changed his attitude toward women back then, he may not be in the pickle he is in now. (pardon the pun)

  20. Friends, we are aware of certain allegations against a city councilman which also implicate his good friend the police chief. We ask that you hold fire at this time so as not to get this blog in the middle of what promises to be an exciting set of legal maneuvers. All in good time, friends. All in good time.

  21. That’s why it’s called the “dog days of summer.”

  22. City councilman allegations must be big….
    Heraldo has deleted all posts dealing with it…..

  23. Blah blah blah. Ha ha ha. Yippeeeee!

  24. Neely fake-cried and talked about the six terms she spent sitting impassively in her office while the site leeched dioxin into the bay.

    Were that the extent of it, she could actually run for reelection based upon a not-my-job platform. Unfortunately, she has been VERY active in her opposition to Balloon Track development of any kind. Oh, except for a jail.

  25. And yes, I will be adding poopatorium to my list of must-use party banter.

  26. Chris, poopatorium will be the next big thing since sliced bread. Just wait.

  27. must be a repooplican conspiracy

    dog days indeed

  28. It is well known that [moderated] the Police Chief is “making it go away” for his friend, the Councilmember.

    They are both slimmy skanks, and need to go, When will this be made public???

  29. [The police chief] is going to be losing his pension over this, if true.
    FELONY for both if true.

  30. So is this going to be bigger than Rose’s “bombshell”which has never been dropped?
    And remember,waiting until the last minute to give entities info is a bad taboo around these parts.

    “It is well known that [moderated] the Police Chief is “making it go away” for his friend, the Councilmember.”
    Then tell us all what it is before it goes away.

  31. I still think Heraldo is the councilman.

    Waiting patiently for the rest of the story

  32. Wow. Mresquan seems a bit NUTS. Can we get back to the poopatorium?

  33. “Then tell us all what it is before it goes away.”

    Ok, sport!

    Go ask Larry about his dating, uhhm choices.


    You figure it out from there, sport. You’re a relatively gullible fellow, Mark, go over there and ask him.

  34. Oh hell. All shit has broke loose. I don’t like the targets but I sure as all hell hpe this thread doesn’t turn into a heraldo thread with bald faced garbage

  35. Agreed, 10:27. Not here. At least not now. Comments that ignore this request will be moderated or deleted. Sorry, friends.

  36. I think there should be an annual POS of the year award. It should be awarded every fiscal year (which ends June 30th). I mean you could take nominations and then we could vote on it. Then the Queen or King shithead could be awarded one of those rubber piles of shit with their names embossed on the bottom. Just another demented thought from a demented commenter on a demented blog. Poop rules!

  37. If the P stands for Pile and not Piece; I nomimate everyone in the photo above.

  38. Any news forthcoming from our unbiased (ha) uber reporter Thaddeus Greenson?

    If you’ve heard rumblings bugs, certainly good ole Thad has.

  39. Pot. Pot. Pot. Pot. A marijuana leaf. Pot. And more pot. That’s about it.

  40. Somehow I doubt its pot. Or Pot for that matter.

  41. If Greenson doesn’t know it’s only because he doesn’t want to find out anything that would force him to think critically about the too-close relationships he’s fallen into with his sources. On the bright side, at least his being in bed with Nielsen is legal.

  42. Hey a shout out to all my fellow Heraldo banned cohorts, he’s (she’s) – I still think it’s Larry Ass – OOPS Glass. Anyway, it’s moderating
    Tell it what you think

  43. Ha…Ha… Moments later they banned me. Good Luck, Fu@k that assh#le.

  44. Dynamo. Try an anonymizer its a hoot.

  45. Who isn’t moderated on this site?

  46. Thanks Bugs,
    Come on let’s just show what we know.
    Larry with a [moderated], Bonny with a [moderated].
    I know I suck. Banned from both?

  47. C’mon guys, this blog is moderated too

    Get a life

  48. R_andy G_ans

    blames everyone else for all his woes

  49. Although I know some of these people, could you please, from left to right, identify them?

  50. Bugs Bugs? BUGSSSS!!!! Where are you? Need a fix.

  51. The PBR up the chickens ass rocks! Thanks for the chuckle.

  52. Funny? I think a PBR can up Neely and Nichols’ asses is even funnier.

  53. Hey R_andy Gan_s, why not have Brian Mitchell take over this blog? He’s really good at tossing the shit around!

  54. BTW, love how you still moderate your name!

  55. Clean up the freakin area and get the Bon Bon gone. Oh no we can’t. She is unemployable anywhere but here.

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