Democracy cockblocked?

After months of telling us a Marina Center ballot measure would be meaningless, local progs have shifted course and decided instead that Measure N is so important they must sue to prevent voters from considering it.

Their logic?

What else?

That the electorate is too stupid to understand what the measure is all about. Quoth Humboldt Paykeeper Executive Director Pete Nichols:
The voters should know the ramifications of their decisions at the ballot box.

Right. Because we wouldn’t know, for example, that when we vote in favor of something it means that we’re in favor of it. So major news flash there. Elsewhere in the poorly written announcement of the lawsuit Nichols contends:

The public cannot really know what they [sic] are voting about.

Good point. Super good, actually. Because voting to change the zoning of the Balloon Track could mean–wow. Who knows? That we want to change the zoning of the Balloon Track? Or maybe it means we want to change the zoning of the Balloon Track. Hard to know. It’s all so confusing.

Fellow elitist Scott Greacen, EPIC’s executive director, also “wants to make sure Eureka voters understand” the perils of representative democracy. Sometimes, Greacen notes, people “hijack” the “mechanisms of our democracy to serve a single narrow set of financial and political interests.”

Get. The. Fuck. Out. Really?

Case in point, we assume, would be hardware monopolist Bill Pierson’s funding of every anti-Marina Center candidate to stand for office in the past several election cycles.

Or–oh. Was he talking about something else?

Who knows. Frankly, we’re way too dumb to sort it all out.

36 Responses

  1. Why not simply do what Harvey Harper did and pave the whole thing over a holiday weekend? Harvey knew they would never let him fill over the wetlands that Harper Motors is built on, so he simply did it over a holiday weekend.


  2. If you guys think that the electorate is so damn smart, explain why they continue to elect leaders that you devote an entire blog trying to destroy?

  3. Voters don’t always make good decisions, but allowing them to make bad ones is still better than any other decision-making process in political history. A major difference between dems and progs is that dems believe in the process even when they’re disappointed with the results.

    And Tom, really. “Destroy”? Melodrama–it’s not a good look on you.

  4. people “hijack” the “mechanisms of our democracy to serve a single narrow set of financial and political interests.” ROFL

    He just described himself, and the whole ERF/Baykeeper/EPIC/awholeslewofOrwelliannamedgroups.

    The predatory litigious orgs, the new age con men, looking for the deepest pockets they can find, filing lawsuits is what they do, it’s all they do.

    All the flowery language in the world can’t hide it.

  5. Tom, Tom, Tom, such venom, go back to Heraldo, or better yet spend a day with your buddy good ole’ Pete and cause a repetitive motion injury clapping yourselves on the back for once again saying “Nayh, Nayh, Nayh” to Rob Arkely.

  6. Tom, I don’t think the bugs are anti democracy, nor are they trying to destroy elected officials. But this blog does like to point out the lack of leadership of some bureaucrats who spend a quarter century in office and don’t do shit.

  7. How funny is all this shit. Turns out the progressives are the new Nazis. They do not trust the voters to know what they are voting on. Tom is just not so smart, and Pete is a whore of the worst kind. Just another day in the forest.

    What is really amazing to me is all the simpletons on the H blogs thanking god for epic/pay keepers etc. for screwing all of us.

  8. Baykeeper must be making good money these days to afford all of those lawsuits. Hell, they must have hired another person just to keep track of all of the lawsuits against SN, Eureka and whoever else they have lawsuits against. Pete may have lost track by now, but I guess the shotgun approach may just work for them.

  9. They should be called Paystealers. All this money to fund lawsuits which hurt the very people they claim to be concerned about. Hogwash. Take away their funding and paycheck and see how fast they sing another tune.

  10. Ok Tom, what is the basis for the law suit? There is full CEQA compliance here.

  11. Great job. The best written (and funniest in a sick kinda way) post in months, or at least weeks. The Bugs are back in top form. Of course it helps when Sneaky Pete and friends provide such great ammunition. If they win their bullshit suit, 80% percent of Eureka will hate them for killing a hugely popular project; if they lose their still bullshit suit 80% of Eureka will hate them for trying to stop the toxic cleanup of the Baloon Tract. It’s brilliant! Not just anyone can piss off 80% of of the electorate with the single stroke of their limp dick. Thanks bunches Scott and Petey

  12. I’m not saying the lawsuit is good or bad. I’m just saying that this blog proves that voters don’t make the best choices.

  13. This blog is proof that good or bad, we still have the right and privelige to critique and lampoon those choices, especially the ones that we end up regreting. This latest escapade illustrates that the progs would love nothing better than to dictate that choice AND the response to that choice. This latest lawsuit is nothing more than an expensive foot-stamping tantrum!

    Next year, when public safety is NON-Existant in the City of Eureka, send your thanks to Councilman Glass and his cronies (EPIC and Paykeeper).

  14. Here is my thanks to Paykeeper, Glass, Bonnie, Bill pierson…Fuck you. Btw Pierson I used to give you all my business. Stopped completely three years ago. F u blue lake rancheria and bear river. I won’t even buy gas. And Bonnie, I hope you drift into the past and never suck off the public teat again. That woman doesn’t stand for anything.

  15. This is what is so fucking scary about these asshats…

    Here is the post and my response on the NCJ blogthing…am I alone in thinking that these people are one or two steps from putting people they disagre with into reeducation camps?

    “Comment / By lynette / Yesterday, 8:25 p.m.
    the wisdom of the populace who care more about their pocket book, beaten down, or driven, whichever, cannot be trusted any longer, and maybe the bigger picture is that we’re all too busy to be informed; so very scarey, & so unfortunate not to trust our future with the people who trust our representatives who no longer we fear to trust”

    Comment / By So… / Yesterday, 8:37 p.m.
    In other words, lets all let folks like Lynette think for us, cause all the rest of us poor saps who are unedumacated schmucks…

    How totally fucking scary is that? “The wisdom of the population…cannot be trusted any longer”???


    Instead of one side denigrating the other, (doesnt matter which side is doing it, they both do), why can’t we acknowledge there are people on both sides of this issue, as well as others, who have honest, informed differences opinion.

    With respect, Lynette that is some scary shit you’re spouting; I hope you reconsider what you have written.

  16. Word that, So. Far and away our biggest beef with the progs is their anti-democratic, elitist horseshit. It’s divine right of kings all over again, except with different kings.

  17. Pete, Scott, et al don’t want Eureka voters to see the overwhelming numbers in support of the Marina Center. Plain and simple. That just might awaken the sleeping giant.

  18. I get the feeling if what was proposed for the Balloon Tract was grant funded and non-profit all the venom dumped on it now would go away. The progs think the world can run on all government. The last group to think like that worked for Pol Pot.

  19. wow. what a useless blog.

  20. And there’s one for the Raves page, friend!! By the way–fascinating IP address. Simply fascinating.

  21. Remember guys, the good lawsuits are those filed by Sunshine for Humboldt, RDHC (Rob’s duck hunting club) Humboldt Economic Land Plan, etc vs. Humboldt County.
    CUE IV, Citizens for a better Eureka, and the Pacific Legal Foundation vs. The California Coastal Commission are all good lawsuits as well.

    Everything Baykeeper is bad. And any Bank of America lawsuits against Security National are really bad.

  22. Sending kisses your way, Humbug. Sarcasm, wit, dead on analysis.

  23. Imagine there’s no lawsuits. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky….

  24. Rose….imagine bliss! By the way Humbug, do tell about that IP address!!!!! But not mine. Smooches!

  25. Yeah. I with numb mind! Give us the IP address. Oh please Oh please mighty Humbug.

  26. It gets me so riled that it’s the same people who INSISTED that voters should vote on environmental issues, land use and our county’s life blood. They convinced voters that loggers are evil, fishermen are killers and the only “right” thing to do for land use is a beadshop.
    These same people now think we’re too stupid to deal with the issues? Well, why not? They’ve spent MILLIONS to manipulate us, SCARE US (everyone remember the nuclear bomb reference during the whole natural gas terminal issue?) and mislead us for years. Why wouldn’t they think we’d be mislead here?
    I’ve had enough.
    I know my own mind and I know how to ask questions if I need information.
    If they have an opinion, get out there and start doing what they’ve always done.

  27. LNG bothered me when somehting about rule that no other boat traffic in the harbor when an LNG boat was here…what about the fisherman with melting ice and a storm approaching. No LNG bad LNG.

    Marina Center isnt the plague its a waterfront improvement where we can finally see a big patch of ugly cleaned up. If Pierson put all the money he’s spent fighting SN in a pile he could have retired somewhere to a private island where he can be King.

    Let us decide this for ourselves…even with a 6th grade education we IS smart enough to know we want to be free from tyranny.

  28. Founder’s-styled election reform, by Steve Farrell…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  29. The lawsuit could actually be a good thing for us.

    It could anger even more Eurekans & drive even more moderates & conservatives to the polls in November. The left wing could be on the verge of winning a third seat on the council & that would be the end of Eureka.

  30. You nailed it on this one, Buggy … the duplicity, the mendacity and the elitism displayed by these eco-thugs is stunning.

  31. Cripes Crawford… left out the flatulence and fulsome effluvia

    just an oversight

  32. Flatulating Bonnie? OMG that conjures up a really bad visual, but it is funny.

  33. If Pierson partnered with Arkley to clean up the Tract as long as a Home Depot did not go in, isn’t that a win win for all the blubbering crybabies? It would make them both look “good and we would get something done for our drowning town. Come one people….we need to move forward so lets put our collective minds together and quit this shit! Somehow, I doubt that minds will meet on this suggestion.

  34. I dunno common S

    Seems like a lotta folks thrive on the conflict. But I also think that those of us who haven’t fully committed to the current bummer are craving for some common sense.

    But if people started working toward solutions instead of vilifying the greedy, power hungry scoundrels on the ‘other’ side (pick your particular fav) the Heraldas would have nothing left to do.

    So I wonder, are the drivers of this strange bus willing to give up the keys? Not easily, I reckon.

    Damn fine idea though

  35. protectionism does not work, we will just create another problem for Eureka,

    Just say no to Home Depot in Euerka and watch Eureka’s gen fund “GO SOUTH” literally as will our quality of life in Eureka.

    For Christ sakes does Larry and his dipship proggy friends understand how cutting down public amenities that draw tax revenues to Eureka is bad. The zoo is an all day trip for many families that live outside of Eureka, Eureka’s adult recreation leagues mean a lot of beer and pizza for teams sales for local restaurants.

    If Larry Glass keeps cutting Eureka’s programs that add to our quality of life and steering much needed projects to other comunity’s and we will be laying off most of our police department people. We all want police men, lots of them but we got to pay for them, Larry Glass’ idea of an economy doesn’t work.

  36. We all want police men, lots of them but we got to pay for them

    No, they don’t. They don’t want cops, they don’t want career prosecutors, they don’t want business, they don’t want an infusion of smart, moneyed independent folks with different ideas. They want little nimby sheep bleating “no no no” to anything
    that would diminish their control and their ability to
    play Zardoz.

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