How many awesome things can happen in one day?

Probably we all remember what the sound and the fury signify...


21 Responses

  1. Bugs…What’s up? Did you just wake up from a month’s long sleep? Welcome Bacck!!!

  2. I think Hurricane Bonnie is eventually going to turn into just piss down someones right leg.

  3. Ha!

  4. Heard the bon bon is trying to find a good excuse to splain the major fund deficits the welfare department has under her watch. She really stepped in it when she lobbed that turd at virginia bass. That storm could be right here, self inflicted by her bonniness.

  5. That’s one ugly hurricane. Yikes!

  6. Ha…ha…I just saw a ticker on Fox News that said “Hurricane Bonnie”had been downgraded to a “tropical depression”. you make your own punchline up.

  7. Anyone seen bonbob lately? Big urination stain down the front. She seems to think WE care about her. WRONG gf.

  8. So,
    Anything on the pending L.@rry scandal that was mentioned last weekend?

  9. Downgraded to a tropical depression, huh? Sounds like her campaign for relection. Wah wah wah…

  10. True to it’s name, this storm also delayed a cleanup.

  11. No that’s really funny.

  12. No that’s really funny. Funny but true.

  13. That’s so very awesome. Humboldt becomes even more famous! Click on my name here. New blog site!

  14. Just spent a week in ‘Nawlins and damn near got derailed by that storm for my Saturday return flight. It was bad enough, but people kept saying “watch out, Bonnie’s coming … Bonnie’s rearing her ugly head … Bonnie could wreak havoc on the City, etc.”

    It reminded me of home.

  15. You crack us up Crawford.

  16. Chris rocks.

  17. They weren’t talking about the storm Chris

    The reek of deep sleaze arrogance travels far

  18. Dog? Wtf? You’re too deep bro.

  19. Oh Chris! You are quick witted and I applaud you Crawford!

  20. I betcha Brian Mitchell’s got some good one liners about Hurricane B

  21. O’ sunvalley we have long awaited your return. It seems like months have gone by since you were grounded from the internet. We need a “Bulldog” who will “stop at nothing” to ruin the bon. But when I read your blog I threw up a little in my mouth.

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