Hello, Arcata!

The county just shut down the “Hummingbird Healing Center”?


Sounds like they closed up a frickin’ bird sanctuary.

But no! Fortunately it was an unpermitted pot shop whose “1,762 patients” will now have to go elsewhere to “heal.”

Think a few miles to the north, friends. It’ll be like going home.


34 Responses

  1. Come to think of it…all this fuss reminds me of another on-going local argument. Does this mean that the guy in Arcata is the equivalent of Pierson? Resort to any measure necessary to keep out the competition?
    For heaven sake, it’s pot! My neighbor can ‘hook you up’, hell, half the town can do that. This ‘medicine’ nonsense is bullshit!

  2. I agree, Josephine.

  3. 1700+ people can’t buy pot in Humbooldt County. Really now.

  4. Just try to walk across the Arcata Plaza without buying. LOL

  5. These days, when Outbreak comes on tv, I root for the bomb.

  6. I still root for the Magestic.

  7. OOPS…Majestic?

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….you are saying people in Humboldt cannot find their cannibis?……ha ha ha ha ha ha……OMG….I m going to wet my pants…..ha ha ha ha ha ha….I live on a dead end street in McKville and I got like 4 grow houses here. I don’t do it but I fear for my co=tenants that are wild eyed strapped poor and are trying to fraud the PGE system like poor folk (they aren’t but know how to fraud the system, like making it look like their young part time student is paying for a household of $75,000. I couldn’t help but notice MY rent did not decrease but only increased under these vultures.
    Any attorneys out ther want to help me?.

  9. Good God Josephine. Do you and everyone else really have to bring up the Marina Center on every single damn post even when the original posting has nothing at all to do with it? I know your obsessed but stay on topic here.

  10. ok, Mr. Inside….care to comment on the editorial in the TS today pointing out the myriad benefits of trees? They lower crime rates, they lower traffic speed and they cause people to be nicer? Since there are not a lot of trees around the bottoms I can only assume your bitchery is a direct result of that deficit.

  11. Again off topic Josephine. Oh and speaking of such, did anyone see the Seven O Heaven comic post a couple of weeks ago?

  12. F’ing right on Josephine. I wanna marry you you witty gal. That idiot piece re the trees was simply par for the TS course of mediocrity and stupidity. Next op ed will be how pot will save the world, stop global warming and achieve world peace (the shoot outs and crime in mexico notwithstanding).

  13. “That idiot piece re the trees was simply par for the TS course of mediocrity and stupidity. ”

    Well of course you would think that,Arkley haters like Josephine Blowe and yourself go into a tizzy whenever you see the name printed in the papers as a donor source to a community project.

  14. Bite me Mark. Trees lower the crime rate? Pull your unfunny head out of your unfunny ass. I don’t even know Arkley to be any hater other than that of bad and stupid op ed pieces and of twits like you. Now get a life and go over to that really unfunny blog full of good people haters, progress haters, intolerant and sour twits on heraldo.


  15. Help…Can anybody get me into the Evergreen Pulp Mill Site to make a comment? Ha…ha…The new biggest bulls#it webshite?

  16. And how, on God’s green and verdant earth did you ever draw the conclusion that I am an ‘Arkely hater’? I do not believe I have ever weighed in ‘yea or nay’ on Mr./Mrs. or Miss Arkely. I am, however, and most decidely deadset against stupidity, and you, my friend are displaying an alarming degree of that!

  17. Actually jo girl, Mark Konkler is an Arkley hater and what he meant is that anyone who likes that family is a “hater”. Konkler was just too stoned and closed minded to get it correct. BTW Jo, I am smitten by your wit.

  18. Ummm…..yes….it’s true that I wasn’t kidding around,and to clarify I wasn’t stoned,I was on an acid trip.

  19. Don’t cut your balls off.

  20. Konkler is the reason NOT to do drugs.

  21. Anon, thank-you for the delighful compliment, a girl needs one every now and then!

    Mr. Konkler should be careful, most acid floating around these days is of the strickly synthetic variety. Ingesting synthetic substances might call into question your au’ natural, organic cred.

  22. Sun valley is back! What no more political candidates to follow around and Harrass? Done with threating phone calls?

  23. Josephine B. You are magnificently funny. Mresquan/Konkler, you are both clueless and ball-less and not at all chivalrous. Konlker doesn’t bother me though…he just is a classic dufus.

  24. What? What the hell are you talking about? I don’t get political.

  25. Ahhhh

    And yet my dear Josephine, I still recall with wonder our brief exchange of briefs once on a long past summer moment here on this blog. They were kinder days.

    Oh and Konkler….before you yet again reduce such things to the predictably lowest common denominator that you seem to be cursed with, the briefs are literary……not literal. But I trust you will do your worst and your worst is, after all, considerable.

    Yes Mark….for you and this once, there is no Arkley conspiracy, only a shared affection for palm trees.

    Jo blow knows

  26. Love it Bugs, great posting! A few miles to the north, indeed.

    Was at a recent Planning Commission hearing (with no jurisdiction in the matter at this point in time) where some of the 1000+ folks testified even after they were told that the item was not on the agenda for the evening. – Maybe they did not understand the Chairman, or more likely, they were in some kind of a haze.

    Thanks to all of them anyway for taking up so much of the Planning Commission’s time.

  27. Sun Valley Wrote: “I don’t get political”
    Why are you commenting on a polical blog? CH?

  28. I guess Mark Konkler/mresquan is lost on a bad acid trip. (Or just lost in space!). Our gal pal Jo B smacked him pretty bad. (Way to go JB)

    PS. Dog, you are way cool dude.

  29. Ah shucks anon, just trying to hold up my end of the leash.

  30. ? of the day……Is L.A. really a guy? Ugly enough!

  31. Hey A larf, aren’t all Humboldt County blogs political eventually? If not already, they will be very soon. They’re mostly all about politics, pot, or gay marriage. Again all political

  32. You said you wouldn’t get political. stick to your promise.

  33. The writing on this blog is among the best and sharpest stylistically. But the last two things I’ve read about Arcata are factually groundless, undermining the value and making for a missed opportunity. Some simple research would be helpful – there are plenty of factual things about which you can make fun of Arcata.

    Arcata has a good, logical set of cannabis guidelines. There’s a cap on cannabis centers, so Hummingbird would be outta luck attempting to open a shop here.

    Rose, you’re servicing mythology with your comments about the Plaza. That’s more like what Mr. Fredricksen does, much to my disappointment.

    The Plaza has many more children playing at any given moment than druggies dealing. We have concerts, picnics, the Farmers’ Market, etc. Plus the cops have cracked down. It’s as easy to walk across it without buying dope as it is anywhere else.

  34. “Rose, you’re servicing mythology with your comments about the Plaza.”

    And Kevin was wrong on that.

    Last night as I waited for the Tea Party protest to show up, I hadn’t been sitting on a Plaza bench for more than two minutes when some guy who looked like he’d crawled out of a horror movie cave came over and said “that dude over there” wanted to know if I needed some nugs.

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