Dismal Primary Election results force Neely braintrust into desperately negative runoff campaigning

Fuck you if you don't vote for me!

When the most recent (yet baseless) negative press release distributed to one blog from the quarter-century incumbent didn’t gain sufficient political traction with voters, Fourth District Supervisor Bonnie Neely’s campaign has decided to go even more negative against challenger Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass.

The message is simple: “Fuck you if you don’t vote for me!”

70 Responses

  1. Finally someone has captured the true essence of the shebeast Neely.

  2. So, everyone on this blog prefers Virginia to Bonnie? Have you ever seen Virginia at a city council meeting? I was NOT impressed. At least Bonnie can put together a complete sentence that actually makes sense.

  3. Just prior to this photo being snapped, Bon Bon was overheard to say “I’m sick of everyone talking about Basses boobs. My nipples are THIS long” and she then demonstrated with her middle fingers.


  4. I am willing to vote for Bass for a change. I’m not impressed with what Neely hasn’t done in the many years she’s been in office.

  5. Phil, thanks for making me gag on my lunch. Grosssss.

  6. Yeah, I am not impressed by Bonnie’s record either…but Virginia’s isn’t so stellar either. Look at the state of the city of Eureka.

  7. Yeah, look at the state of Eureka – whicb is in the same crappy shape as most other california cities.

    The responsibility of that mess lies directly on the shoulders of all of the elected city officials who ran four years ago on a platform of increasing the size and wages of the police and fire departments with no means to pay for them.

    When they finally did get around to increasing their sales tax, it was just in time for the national and state economies to tank – you gonna blame VBass for that as well?

    At least Leonard, Bass, Jager & Jones realize the city’s general fund could not survive this fiscal year without some cuts to police and fire, while Larry and Linda still bullheadedly try and spend us into oblivion by insisting on no cuts to fire and police

  8. You nailed that one R_andy

    Can’t wait for your next City Council performance!

  9. I thought that this was the blog where people suck on dirty diapers, but my appraisal was too high.

  10. You should probably lower your expectations low life.

    Oh…heh…you already have, haven’t you?

    Perhaps there is a blog that suits you better. Yeah….one of those where the dirty diapers suck on people. Try Daily KOS.

    You’ll fit right in

  11. Anyone going to the Humboldt County Progressive Picnic on August 15 to meet and greet the Bon, the Pitter Pat and Gags in a kickoff to their fall campaign drives? Talk about sucking on dirty diapers …….. that trio could take your appetite away.

  12. Apparently no one seems to realize what exactly a mayor does. Seven O Heaven’s latest comic in this week’s North Coast Journal sums it up perfectly.

  13. I am no fan of Bonnie, but this press release is right on. Virginia has done NOTHING for the city of Eureka. Not one blimming thing. Sorry. I just have to say that. It’s a crying shame that voters have to pick between these two in November.

  14. BonBon is a goner. She should just drop out. But hells bells if she does we will lose one of our fav pastimes…seeing what the graphics dept does with her many pictures.

  15. We will never give up our favorite pastime, no matter what the outcome is in November.

  16. Did you catch leornard’s statement about girard and crew lying to the city about forster-gill?

  17. Girard lying? No effing way.

  18. Still waiting to find out what the County approved “Development Agreement” will be. County to build roads for them? County to help Eureka with Martin Slough? The forster-gill developers were the first to ask the County for a Development Agreement which is in the CA law but usually means the County will take on some costs or someone other than the developer takes them on.

    Girard lying?? Guess he got caught this time.

  19. Good luck with the Baykeeper suit R_andy

    Think you guys will be able to delay this thing past November?

  20. BUGS you’ve done it! This IS how she thinks. F_ _ _ everyone and everything that gets in her way. She’s dirty. And she needs to go. THIS photo IS how she thinks. Well done.

  21. Ooo eee, the Herald is quick to remove my comments! Must have hit a nerve this morning!

  22. gonna be moderated here too, Mrs. J….

  23. Thanks for the sordid and salacious info Mrs. Jones, but we’re going to have to politely ask that you keep such alleged details to yourself until the Councilman has his chance at bat with the legal system. You wouldn’t want to cause us any legal problems too, right? If what you are saying is true, it’ll all come out in the wash eventually. Thanks friend! Drop us an e-mail if you’d like to share more details.

  24. This is how I see it, the G man is going to be out’ed in time. Lets see if the system works. If not there is going to be a really big stinky turd that will be exposed and we will really see how far up shit can rise.

    Be patient Ms. Jones.

  25. Humbug, what if we did want to cause you legal problems? In fact, didn’t I just read somewhere that one of your writers or sole authors was identified?

  26. I posted this reply on the latest posting on the Humboldt Herald about Larry and it did n’t even go through awaiting moderation from the blog owner. Coincidence much? I think not

    Hey Larry Glass. Good job on writing this post and others for this blog. Just curious, what would happen if I say something bad about your business on this blog?

  27. I find it interesting that H blog monitors ie censors all comments from many people. It would be interesting to have a little poll about how many folks are censored always at H blog. Also how many of the people ie. Plain Jane ( the old jane doe), TRA, etc are just staff writers for the blog. There are some real nut cases like Tad and Highboldt who just feed into it but many others a characters created to feed story lines.

  28. “I find it interesting that H blog monitors ie censors all comments from many people.”

    How do you personally know?I find it interesting that you can get into heraldo’s wordpress account.

  29. “Just curious, what would happen if I say something bad about your business on this blog?”

    What is stopping you?Don’t listen to the voices in your head.

  30. …so Geez a twiddler?

  31. You think Larry wrote this post? Hello? Are you fucking kidding me?

  32. It’s possible LG wrote this post. It’s called being a sock puppet.

  33. …you know, control the negative spin by creating, managing and moderating it.

  34. No I am saying that Larry Glass is writing Heraldo. Mresquan, nothing is stopping me other than Heraldo apparently preventing my blog comment about Larry from even starting to go into waiting to be accepted for moderation.

  35. You have your own blog,post the comment there,or even here on this one.

  36. Uh hey Einstein. That’s what I am doing write now. I am doing that “even here on this one”

  37. ha

  38. THE official Security National blog

  39. What? This blog is? Hilarious opinion but oh so true

  40. Go fuck yourself Sun Valley

  41. This works pretty good on moles


  42. Hey Beaver, I may be small enough to be able to do that, but I won’t do that because this mole doesn’t need babies. Plus that link is just gross. Surprising and funny but gross

  43. “Uh hey Einstein. That’s what I am doing write now. I am doing that “even here on this one”

    Okay,so where are the goods?I even went to your blog to see if you had a write up about them there bad business practices,and all I saw was an article about Sun Valley Floral Farms.Are you posting that info here,and then Bugs just doesn’t let them go through?

  44. Well mresquan, if you go through my current blog posting or my many earlier postings, you will see that I have written a lot about their bad business practices. It sounds to me like you just made that assumption without reading anything I wrote at all. You might want to consider doing that.

  45. Sun valley, its been nice not having to read your post when your mom grounded you from the internet after your little phone call incident. Now you are back to pretending you dont like Larry Glass. You campaigned for the guy door to door. I remember you came to my house. Then 3 years later you try campainging for Virginia. Where is your political conscience?

  46. “Hey Larry Glass. Good job on writing this post and others for this blog. Just curious, what would happen if I say something bad about your business on this blog?”

    Ummmm….Sun Valley….I was responding to this statement of yours.So no,I haven’t seen articles about The Works on your blog,or this one.

  47. Geez you guys this is all desperate efforts in political mud slinging on your end. I’m not going to buy into your game. Ever hear of a an IP anonymizer? I’m using one right now just like Hum Bug. Face it, you are just utilizing speculation and gossip that you are told in an effort to slanderize someone. Believe it or not, just because you heard gossip from someone doesn’t mean its true. Go to my “About the mole” section of my blog and you will see what I mean.

  48. Who is the mole?

  49. This is the stuff I am using to hide my IP. So what’s left is your assumptions and your desperate efforts to slander someone’s name to gain political control http://www.hideyouripaddress.net/

  50. “Geez you guys this is all desperate efforts in political mud slinging on your end. I’m not going to buy into your game.”

    Ummmm….sorry to have to tell you this,but accusing Larry of having bad business practices while not saying what they are is political mudslinging 101.

  51. The mole is a bulldog.

  52. You guys are such worthless dumb shits. You’re only thinking you know who the mole is because someone told you who they thought it was. This may be hard for you to accept, not everything everyone tells you is 100% true. Hard to accept isn’t it. Some of the stuff you’re being told nowadays could very likely be a lie or a claim disguised as truth with opinion injected into it. It happens everywhere nowadays constantly. The reality is that the matter of who the mole is is a matter of opinion regardless of who tells you. Even it is your lord and savior Larry Glass or your childhood friend. The fact is that I use an Internet proxy randomizer and you have no freakin proof other than just your opinions. If you don’t like what I am saying here or on my blog, its your own fucking fault. Its a free country. Apparently if you have a different opinion from everyone else in this county, you’re crucified and stoned. Sure there is “diversity”. Also, new blog posting.

  53. So Mole, tell us why you got canned from Sun Valley and aren’t even qualified to take out the trash. Maybe you should try to get a job and move out of your mom’s basement.
    Say hi to mom

  54. The mole is Chris Holmquist. Yes, the guy who made the threatening call to Bonnie and followed her around her block yelling at her until she called police. Heraldo had a great piece on it back in May. Thats probably why we have’nt heard from him for a while.

  55. Well mole looks like that IP Randomizer waas worth every penny.

  56. Mole ID. You and the others have no proof if it is really that guy named Chris. All you have to go on is your own desperate attempt to do anything you can to take down a political candidate with baseless and unfounded fruitless effort. All of your credibility is lost when you make a claim without any information to back it up. Opinion and heresay isn’t fact, you do realize that? You have no proof who it is, suck it up and be a man.

  57. Speaking of sucking it up, was that the mole dressed in drag down by the Eureka Library?

  58. Well you do have a point there gopher. I am a part of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence group. Good sistas.

  59. Mole, Chris, thanks for the confirmation.

  60. See mole I have inside information just like you, but I don’t waste my time writing a blog about a company that I worked for for only a year. If you focused 1/10 of your rage towards SVFF into looking for a real job or career it might pay off. Move on. And don’t be so demeaning to other commenters. By the way I’m a woman, so suck it up?

  61. How many times do I have to tell you dumb shits? I’m not this guy named Chris. Again, you have no proof at all. You have inside information? HAHAHAHA don’t get me laughing so hard I gasp for air. Your inside information is someone’s opinion. FACE IT, YOUR CLAIM IS BASELESS. OPINION IS NOT FACT STUPID FUCKING IDIOT.

  62. Would the real Chris please stand up?

  63. Seems like a pretty forceful denial for somebody who isn’t, after all, “this guy named Chris.”

    So who are you “Inside”? Give it up and that should settle it.

    You kind sound like Chris….maybe you’re just a different Chris.

    But I have a question,

    What is the proper nitrogen fertilizer ratio with sandy loam and aged oak bark, for daffodil virgins? Yes I know it’s an oxygen rich mix but every perennial and specious argument needs, a certain germination period and proper horseshit based nutritional environment. Full characterization notwithstanding.

  64. Mole- why don’t you prove you are not Chris Holmquist? Your responses sure seem personal. I read your dad was a preacher, so why all of the F-words? Repent!

  65. Does your own medicine taste good? talk crap about other people and what they do and it comes back at you. Its called karma. My inside information is 100% accurate. Ive held my tongue from releasing more dirt on you than you wish for us to know. But when you make posts as you have above it slips out a little more at a time.

  66. Not me.

  67. Retard alert, retard alert

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