Brother can you spare an empty lot (for real this time…)

So when California’s Department of Housing and Community Development politely asks for an accurate inventory of available housing to build on in a particular jurisdiction and you happen to be Humboldt County’s Community Development Director Kirk Girard, you just make shit up. For a long, long time.

When that doesn’t work, you just lie, lie, lie.

And when that shit doesn’t work? Hmmmm.

Housing Elements are like quantum physics. Developable land can both exist and not exist at the same time.

Well, you probably have to proceed with Plan Z, which is to actually provide a real and accurate inventory of available housing to develop in Humboldt County. Go figure. It’s not like the state, several advocacy groups and a bunch of very concerned citizens have been asking for this sort of data for many years. Girard, who you may remember helped squander several million taxpayers dollars on a pile of shit plan for countywide redevelopment that pissed off everyone from Redway to Manila, is also known for his highly questionable “scientific” modeling that pinpoints ravines, swamps, gullies and already occupied homes for future development. Brilliant!

So, “once the [housing] element has been revised to address these requirements, it will comply with State housing element law.” It can’t be much, right? Girard and crew must have been busy doing some of this work over the past decade while they were racing to complete the General Plan Update. Let’s see… What is the state asking for exactly?

“Include an inventory of land suitable for residential development, including vacant sites and sites having the potential for redevelopment, and an analysis of the relationship of zoning and public facilities and services to these sites (Section 65583(a)(3)). Identify adequate sites which will be made available through appropriate zoning and development standards and with public services and facilities needed to facilitate and encourage the development of a variety of types of housing for all income levels, including rental housing, factory-built housing, mobilehomes, and emergency shelters and transitional housing. The housing element shall contain programs which “address, and where appropriate and legally possible, remove governmental constraints to the maintenance, improvement, and development of housing” (Section 65583(c)(3)).”

I’m sure county staff can whip that up over the weekend and get back to the state by Monday.

Just so you know, when you re-elect Bonnie Neely for the 437th term, this is the sort of shoddy shit you get from a department head who has been protected from getting his sorry ass canned for far too long.


17 Responses

  1. Hey Kirk, please go away quietly. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Thanks.

  2. Nothing real new here Bugs

    I kind of admire Girard for taking all the heat like a good soldier. The beefs over the numbers are not new. Its not the planners who approve the plan, or the (kindly put) miscommunication has been allowed by the shotcallers that were elected and control the process.

    It’s just that the State seems to be finally figuring it out that fills one with wonderment.

  3. Go get em’ Rob & R_andy!

  4. F U SNCUE, the inventory is so completely faked that even state bureaucrats don’t believe it. To even get close to the number put forward, both county and state laws/ordinances would need to be violated.

  5. Doesn’t everyone already know that Brian Mitchell writes for this blog? It’s no big secret SNCUE

  6. So busy.

  7. the problem with canning girard is that there will still be a crew of losers left there who have no right to call themselves planners. There are a few quality folks there, but too bad the supes can not clense the place and start over.

  8. This is why Girard is pushing that piece of stinking shit Ridgewood Village so hard. The poor folk in Cutten having their lives and real estate values screwed with in his little game of hoodwink the state.

  9. Actually, it is not the State hat is being hoodwinked, it is the residents of Humboldt County, the new “Grand Plan” is dependent on having enough available land to accomplish thier infill goals, and the sad truth is that there is not enough land to make the new “Plan” work. If they did a real land inventory, that would be painfully true and the “Plan” would have to be changed. By adopting a plan with insufficient land to implement it, then the restrict growth crowd gets what they want, albiet under the table.

  10. hey fucktard SNCUE, you’re not being moderated. So please stop spelling people’s names with your dumbass puncuation

  11. fuck it bugs. make a dedicatarded thread for the gee man twiddle story. Please?

  12. I really wish the Community Development Director was an electable position. Why Assessor, but not Girard’s job? So strange.

  13. As if Virginia has the nerve to fire this guy….and if she actually does, she will just hire her own version.

  14. As if…(you’re a fucktard)

    ANYONE with a degree in civil engineering or community planning would do better than Girard. All they have to do is not lie and take orders on halting any development possible…

  15. Oh you poor, poor old developers

    I feel sorry for all of you. And the real estate agents too.

  16. Anon 6:26 p.m.,

    I might agree with you that this is just one of those ol’ greedy developers not getting their way to have the county open the floodgate of ag and timber land for development. But it’s not. It’s the state asking for some sort of actual numbers and reasoning for why Humboldt County says it’s complying with the law when it isn’t. Poor, poor county. We stand to lose a lot of money for good programs because the Housing Element isn’t certified and won’t be any time soon.

  17. I do have to applaud Kirk Girard for the help he gave on getting my building permit in Shelter Cove and trying to do all he could to mitigate the damage I was about to sustain. I purchased the property on condition of it being build-able and paid for engineering on the piece as a condition of escrow from a reputable local engineer. The trouble came when my lot was across the street from the general manager of the Resort Improvement (Utility) District. All of a sudden I was accused of being a druggie developer with no right to work on my own property. The utility district accelerated my hook up fees by 4 times to over $30,000 from just under $8k. My permit was delayed. Complaints were made to the County including photos of my work. Kirk wrote a letter to the Utility District informing them that I was doing everything legal and asking for a reduction in the hook up fees. But it didn’t work. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is build-able and what is not. Engineers, Environmental Health, and Planning can’t seem to agree. Throw in a big, fat and lazy utility district and you have trouble. Welcome to the housing element. (….music from the Twilight zone).

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