Neely and Gallegos have now resorted to making campaign appearances with Fat Pat Cleary?

Think maybe they needed a designated driver?


20 Responses

  1. Must kind of suck for you guys to realize that Virginia’s win means nada in the end when Cleary beats Sundberg,in large part due to Sundberg’s stupid decision to not call a cab.Yeah sure,maybe you’ll get Bonnie off of the Coastal Commish,which will slap down SN’s Balloon Tract proposal with Bonnie serving on it or not.
    But hey,smear away as you wish,it’s your right,but do realize that Lovelace,Clendenen,and Cleary will be in control of the Board of Supes,with Glass,Atkins,and Kuhnel in control of the Eureka City Council.It might make you want to stick to discussing substantial issues instead of mind numbing smears against political opponents which will get you nowhere if you want to see Cleary upended by Sundberg,and Glass upended by Brady.

  2. I share mresquan hypothesis. The progressives may lose Bonnie’s seat to the regressives but if Sundberg, Gallegos, Glass & Kuhnel win, we’ll consider a pretty good day in Humboldt.

  3. Dream on Proggie But Bugs Pat is a nice guy.

  4. I have faith that Clif is going to quit sucking the green kool-aid and think for himself someday.

  5. Pat is a nice guy. Too bad his ties to the Blue Lake Rancheria make him untrustworthy. And I think progs will have lots of good days in Humboldt County before they smart up and stop electing their own gravediggers. To paraphrase Marx. Karl, not Richard. Or Groucho.

    Slow learners, you prog types. Which is fine. We’ve got all day.

  6. Hey, it’s better than asking Sundberg for a ride!

  7. Sundberg, Gallegos, Glass and Kuhnel make for a good day? Because things are going so well? The glass is less than half full, and the water’s pretty dirty.

  8. Damn Mark,

    You need to keep both hands on top of the sheets cause that’s some wet dream you have going on. Your just like a little yap dog. Every time run your mouth. Smears, look at the first part of your rant. Such a good little progy, now go lick your nuts and stop whinning.

  9. So what if Bonnie goes to a few events with Pat? She is endorsed by him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its a good or bad thing or make a difference. Voters will decide if that influences their vote while at the polls

  10. connect the dots, Heraldoisms ?

  11. 30,000 Clamor for Public Housing in Atlanta…

    Thanks for sharing, I have provided a trackback on my site….

  12. Fat is such a negative word. Maybe, plump, rotund, or portly would be kinder words to use in our upcoming political season. Save the big words like fat, corpulent, and paunchy for Bonnie the Hut.

  13. “Pat is a nice guy. Too bad his ties to the Blue Lake Rancheria make him untrustworthy. ”

    Can you elaborate on that? What is the nature of the guilt by association function here?

    Many, many individuals and businesses (including mine) interact with the BLC. My questions are, what makes that invalidating, and how how far do we take this? is everyone who has dealings with BLC untrustworthy, and if so, why, specifically?

  14. Hey Kevin: Does your business with the BLC involve taking tens of thousands of dollars for political purposes to candidates well outside its sphere of influence? Just wondering. They aren’t just advertising for their crappy karaoke night and slots.

  15. That unhelpful response is full of undefined terms. How did Patrick take tens of thousands of dollars? Political purposes – was something illegal or unethical done? Sphere of influence – BLC has customers and relationships all over the county. Finally, I’m not a karaoke or slot fan, but others are. So what does that have to do with Patrick?

    I still don’t see what makes Patrick untrustworthy for working with BLC. Barring any more precise or substantive data, this is just just more unconvincing blog smearage by anonymous carpers. Do you really even know why you dislike Patrick? Because karaoke is stupid? What’s the real reason?

  16. Hey Kev – I like Pat (and am not the earlier poster but a new kid on the block) My problem is BLC and BR buying the board of supes (and the DA as well).

    Tens of thousands to Cleary and Neely. tens of thousands to Gallegos. WTF is an understatement.

  17. The Blue Lake Rancheria consists of 53 or so tribe members who make outsized campaign contributions to supervisors who usually do not even represent the tribe or the casino’s district. A jaundiced observer might conclude that the rancheria uses its privileged tax status and various loopholes or allowances in election law to shift the fulcrum of local elections. We think 53 people should not decide the policy of the county. We think they should not purchase elections. If they were timber owners rather than blackjack dealers y’all would be freaking the hell out. Regardless, though, their contributions far exceed the proportions of other contributors, including even some of the more specious sacks of cash our favorite supervisor Neely has managed to walk off with. Sounds like you’re looking for something more dramatic to argue with, Kevin, but that’s what we have. A guy who has not always told the truth about things with close personal and business ties with a few dozen people with a demonstrated history of updending elections with disproportionate cash contributions. Good enough for us to think twice about Pat Cleary–and say so. That’s not blog smearage. That’s protected political speech.

  18. Dang Bugs….

    That much common sense and reason just sucked the breath out of this post.

    Wonder if it works the same way across the street at H’s?


  19. that mole is very cute… i want to make him dinner and then passionately manipulate his whiskers with my own… does anyone know which way he swings?… moles have holes… bill murray stuck a hose in one… lady gaga is a true performance artist… we should all be captivated by her…

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