‘This election is about Humboldt County’

Or it should be, anyway. 

But as a recent fundraising letter from the Virginia Bass campaign points out, non-local money is arriving by the sackful to compensate for Bonnie Neely’s  inability to raise money from the people she has ostensibly represented for the last 24 years.

The Bass letter states in part:

My opponent has already taken checks from an Orange County developer ($10,000), a California Coastal Commissioner from Menlo Park ($2,000), a contractor from Portland. Oregon ($2,000),  a Beverly Hills Realty firm ($2,500), an Orange County public relations firm ($1,000), a hydrologist from Ripon, CA ($1,000), an owner of a bowling alley (Lucky Strike Entertainment) in Los Angeles ($1,000), a personnel firm from Half Moon Bay ($1,000), and a New York talent agent ($2,000). 

Why are these people and corporations from out of the area donating to a Humboldt County election?  Your guess is as good as mine.

This election is about Humboldt County and will be decided by the voters of the Fourth District, not special interests from around the country.

The latest 460s are now in, and representative democracy fared no better in this cycle. Of the $10,645 in contributions Neely reported to the FPPC, 73 percent came from outside Humboldt County.

Neely’s efforts are starting to look less like a campaign and more like an extraordinarily well financed cry for help.

26 Responses

  1. The truth bites, doesn’t it bon bon? Also, new blog post

  2. Oh and don’t forget people, SHOP LOCAL.

  3. But BonBon was a measure T supporter and her new crew are the measure T people. Now that really sucks for them.

  4. It was never about Measure T for Bonnie. It was about being on the cool bus with whoever is expedient at the time. Bonnie will take money from whoever will help keep her in office and in control of whatever she can get her hands on politically.

  5. We’re just supposed to accept that she’s just far too big and important state-wide to object to the outpouring of money from southern and central areas of the state into her election coffers.

    It’s cool and all that Humboldt County can get such high profile representation on the Coastal Commission under the Neely regime, but the argument that 4th District voters are best being served by her is weak. Her financial support locally reflects that.

  6. Baaasss’s big bucks from the Sonoma County Water Agency lobbyist??

    That doesn’t count??

  7. Where are David Cobb, Kaitlin and their Measure T, Local Control, Democracy Now! sycophants denouncing Bonnie?

  8. See Bonnie, we are done with you. Took a while to see the real bonbon but the mask is off. Bonnie has lost already but she now wants her nose rubbed into the pile of poop she left for us to clean up.

  9. Hey R_andy, a buddy told me he overheard you say that your lawyers subpoena’d Glass & Pierson to testify in the Baykeeper trial? Are the rumors true?

    All the local gossip seems to go down at Kates power lunch hour!

  10. Nah, Kates is where you go when you actually want people too see you and talk.

  11. Typo apology. One too many o’s in too (sic)

  12. Is it too late for an appointment to something?

  13. Bye bye Bonnie. All of that out-of-area money isn’t enough to keep your stranglehold on the county any more.

  14. Democracy Limited and all of the “local pride” people like them all have the same political agenda and all of their hands in the same cash pocket. Its so damn obvious. How do you “shop local” proggie bastards feel now with this information coming out? Sucks don’t it? Also new blog posting on my blog LOL

  15. hey, chris holmquist/sun valley mole. when did you branch out? are all the problems at sun valley in the past now? did you fix them?

  16. I am not Chris you idiot. I feel sympathetic to your apparent stupidity. Your willingness to take other’s opinions and random statements as fact proves to me your rampant stupidity. Opinions and random statements aren’t fact until proven. Are you really that stupid? Apparently. Face it, you can’t prove it. I’m only responding in this tone because of your guy’s efforts amuse me endlessly and tire me all at the same time. Go to the “About the mole” section of my site for more information. Go to whatismyip.com for proof of that. Somewhere in the WHOIS section I believe. Your efforts in identifying me are pointless.

  17. …..and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men….uh, wait….maybe the fact that Virginia isn’t qualified for the job, doesn’t know the issues or the background and has done nothing in ten years as an elected official will save the day for Bon Bon yet. What a tangled web is weaved when both candidates practice to deceive.

  18. Violet, Virginia is honest and that’s what we need here. She has widespread support. Bonnie doesn’t and can only get money from outside the county. By your bizarre reasoning once elected we have an obligation to keep Bonnie?

    Out with incumbents.

  19. Mole- You even state on your info page a taunting statement to readers about trying to guess who you are. Your anonymity is busted. Chris, you should just give it up. Easy there “Bulldog”.

  20. Violet,
    If being the meaninst person on the earth is the best qualification for office, then Bonnie is the tops! If being nice, able to listen, and respectful is not a qualification, then Bonnie is still on top, but unfortunately the primary election showed that a large number of people doubt Bonnies qualifications and believe in Virginia’s. So even when grouping herself with Salzman’s other two candiates: Gellegos and Cleary, she still is in serious trouble. My question is why does Cleary want to have this albatros around his neck?

  21. I agree that Bonnie is in trouble. I also agree she has become the queen of mean, however, don’t count her out just yet. We voted for a guy with no experience for president and look where we are? My thought is Bonnie could capitalize on her experience and Virginia’s lack. It’s obvious Virginia is popular and nice, but the people behind her are running the show.
    Could be at the end of the day, voters will decide to hire Bonnie in lieu of Mathew, Rob and Lee. As I said it’s a tangled web.

  22. Voters vote for the candidate and not the people who are working the election, just think of how the voters would like Richard Salzman! He makes Bonnie look meek.

  23. Experience counts for squat 6.57am when the experience has been failure. All you have to look at is where the county is today vs where it was when Bonnie first took office during the Reagan administration.

    Failure is unacceptable. Welcome Virginia, we need new people !

  24. Neely sure looks chipper among all of those flood victims.

  25. Of course she does lol

  26. The truth bites, doesn’t it bon bon? Also, new blog post

    Oh and don’t forget people, SHOP LOCAL.

    Of course she does lol

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