Neely unveils new fundraising mailer

"Sure, we all have needs. You could spend your money feeding Pakistani flood victims, but just an FYI on that--they'll be hungry again tomorrow. If you send your money to my campaign instead, I won't be hungry again for like another four years. Beat that, UNICEF!"


35 Responses

  1. Wow, a blog for tasteless assholes. You’d think that it would get more traffic.

  2. We have a winner!!! Welcome, friend. And be proud: You’ve made it onto our Raves page! Yay!!

  3. If ever there was someone who knows/is a tasteless asshole its you Largo. Along with NAN, PJ or JD either one, TRA, Bird shit( I know its childish but so much fun) and all the other H blog progressive tards.

    That’s why H blog has traffic cause every worthless progy piece of shit is busy there telling each other how smart they are about everything. Meanwhile the ship is sinking.

  4. Humbug. Where do you come up with this shit. Its hysterical! Kudos to the Graphics Dept.

  5. Better get your laughs in now Security National, Judge White is gonna bend ya over & give it to ya hard in the backside at SF District Court next month.

    I betcha the screaming will be heard all the back in Humboldt!

  6. “Meanwhile the ship is sinking.”

    After the November election,progressives will have control of the Board of Supes,the city of Eureka,the city of Arcata,and the D.A.’s office.So what if you oust Neely and meaure N passes,it means diddly squat.But I do expect you to continue to call people dumb assholes,or whatever insult pops into your pea sized brain,as you are correct in saying the ship is sinking for your political idealogue.

  7. Mark , you personally are such a fool it is beyond belief. You pander the progy line, yet you are just a follower. Not even a cool-aid maker, just a drinker. Even they laugh at you.

    How fucking smart are you. Board of sups is already controlled by the dipshits, City of Arcata also. DA’s office has been for years. Your not even smart enough to know what my positions are or even understand simple macroeconomics let alone accounting or simple math principles.

    Your thinking is better known as tribal thinking. I’m sorry was Largo your alter ego and I hurt your feeling or are you blowing the bird. I just touched on a subject dear to your hardt. What I care about is not a politics, but the future of Humboldt County and the people in it. Your so fucking wrapped up as a joiner that you can’t even process simple ideas.

    As far as pea brained, any day you feel up to it follower boy. Lets compare Education, IQ, Income, or sack size. You will lose. But I’m sure you are used to that already. Cause in life that’s how you roll.

  8. “you personally are such a fool”

    What does that mean?

  9. Konkler you write like a very scared and bitter person. Normal people in this community are realizing that if they don’t step and run for office that they hand they “keys” over to the lunatics. For all of you decent people who are running in this election, Thank You.

  10. “Your not even smart enough to know what my positions are or even understand simple macroeconomics let alone accounting or simple math principles”

    Your not even smart enough……and then the idiot expects me to believe he’s smart because he writes a big word like macroeconomics….So no I don’t expect you to understand simple macroeconomics when you aren’t so intelligent with your English skills.
    As for the other stuff,I don’t really give a shit about you really.You seem to take some glory in knowing my name(really,that is all you know about me,despite what you think) yet you have no desire to tell me or others who you are,and amazingly enough,I haven’t read where anyone even cares.But hey,if you do want to make those comparisons let’s do it,so you will have to start off by giving your name so we can go from there.

  11. How kids………..

  12. Mresquan is a fake independent who really shills for the same Democrat money machine bankrupting this county.

    He even pretended to be a Green Party guy once…but here we are with Xandra Manns the only one daring to run in Eureka, and Marky Mark Konkler is backing Pierson’s robot Kuhnel, just like a good Democrat droid would.

  13. Give it up Mark. You’re better than these people. You’re wasting your time. They aren’t going to climb out of the gutter. They like it there.

  14. “Marky Mark Konkler is backing Pierson’s robot Kuhnel, just like a good Democrat droid would.”

    I am….really?Where did you find this out?

    “Mresquan is a fake independent”

    Are all of us Republicans fake independents.

  15. Mark,

    The Eureka City Council already has a progressive majority. Jeff Leonard, even though he supports a project that Larry Glass opposes, along with the flying Heraldos, to call him a nonprogressive is silly.

  16. Hilarious – some people think that if someone they like gets elected, then the streets will get paved, the schools will get enought money, the jail will either be full or empty (depending on that person’s philosophy), and the Giants and the 49ers will make it to the playoffs. Hey maybe we should start a fantasy board of supervisors and a fantasy Eureka city council.

  17. Macroeconomics is a big word, I guess in your world maybe, fuck off Mark. Knowing who you are don’ mean shit. Your just a mouthy little follower as anyone who has read your crap knows. Drink your kool-aid and go to sleep.

    The only thing you and the other dip proggie boy show is that this blog is not censored for political content.

    As far as who I am, not much difference. Just one of the common folks who are tired of the crap from dip shits like you. I can’t do anything worse to you than what you have, you have to be you the rest of your life.

    You run your lip on here and get bite then you whine like a school girl.

  18. “You run your lip on here and get bite then you whine like a school girl.”

    How do you get bite?

  19. “As far as who I am, not much difference. Just one of the common folks who are tired of the crap from dip shits like you.”

    Ummm….Okay follower.

  20. markie mark what got you all wound up? you are usually just an asshole, now you sound like an idiot to boot.

    maybe some breathing exercises and herbal tea will help?

  21. Oh those ol’ proggies

  22. Mark, you remind me of someone who is to stupid to let go of the ski handle water skiing. He just keeps sucking down water.

    Unlike you Mark, I am not a follower. Drink no kool-aid. Nor do I run my mouth with empty garbage. I don’t get bit. I sure as hell don’t whine as do you.

  23. Mark:

    You aren’t going to win an argument here. Let these people wallow in their filth if that’s what they want. Don’t lower self to their level.

  24. “To stupid”,and “Your not even smart enough ” all written by connect the dots.

    Wow…I feel sorry for you dude,as you like to insult folks for what you perceive their intelligence level to be.At this point proggie,I’ll do my best to take your advice as it is fairly clear that this dude doesn’t have the mental capacity to have a decent conversation,due in part to illiteracy and his inability to think deeply about issues with retorting to childish name calling.

  25. Y’know Mark

    you do hang so many targets out there that it’s hard not to take a pot shot or two.

    I think it’s that you have become so predicable in that you never fail to resort to the same tactics that you gripe about….like “retorting to childish name calling.” (See your comment at 5:27)

    At the bottom of this strange swamp of verbiage, is a fundamental belief on my part that in your heart you really mean what you say and I commend you for that.

    It’s just that you live down to so many expectations.

    In my view, that is the problem. Once you let others do your betting for you, there just aren’t as many cards in your deck.

  26. I’ll likely stay out of the fray here unless a topic pops up which brings out some meaningful discussions,as as soon as I chime in with just about any comment most of the time I get some inane blather thrown back at me and a cycle then ensues.Simply put,most of the time this is not the blog to come to for serious,meaningful,discussion as it is really just hijacked by connect the dotesques,whom will no doubt fire some statement back at me here.That particular blogger won’t post on other blogs,so if I find the desire to I will come back here for that juvenile back and forth that both of us participate in.My time is better spent discussing things at the more intelligent minded blog like Rose’s or heraldo’s or Eric’s,blogs where the moderators top desire is to have some decent discussions about the topics they post about.

  27. Ok resquan

    I’ll take that at face value.

    But, if the bugsblog is so offensive. Why do you bother to engage in what is surely a debate that has no moment.

    My theory? Some dogs have to piss on every tree.

    They can’t help it….it’s just what their nature compels them to do.

    Some dogs herd sheep and cattle….some dogs lead the blind….some dogs protect families…some dogs sniff out dope and most dogs are just good friends.

    Dogs don’t care about time. Dogs don’t care about reason.

    But there are those dogs who just have to piss on every tree. They are usually the ones least able to defend the territory.

    Mark…you put yourself out here so the rest comes with the territory you have chosen to….well….mark.

    I admire your passion…but you have yet to show much more than the party line if you want to have your scent respected.

    You can blame the blog if you wish.

    In the end, you should attend to the laws of the pack.

    Oh wait a minute, you already do.

    Just a different pack

  28. “but you have yet to show much more than the party line”

    Hey trust me,I wish more true Republicans could muster the strength to run for office and influence local public policy making.And I guess that is part my own fault for not entrenching myself further into the local Republican Party,as I feel that too many who have more influence than I do have become guided by principles of the Democratic Party,and some like Neely and Bass just switched over.

  29. Out drinking with the Graphics Dept. this weekend. Did we miss anything?

  30. By the way, you owe us for that last round. You guys said you’d pay for the shots if we mooned a police officer. Pay up!

  31. don’t go away mad mresquan, just GO AWAY !

  32. Why not go away mad? He should just go away mad after his useless attempts beating around a dead skunk.

  33. Please don’t insult my name like that, thanks.

  34. Hey Graphics Department: Dave Tyson dirty dancing. We’d love to see it.

  35. Oh those ol’ proggies

    Why not go away mad? He should just go away mad after his useless attempts beating around a dead skunk.

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