Ooh this looks like fun!!

Mmm mmm! We love the smell of vacuous campaign platitudes first thing in the morning!

Just the first line of the invite to Neely’s presser this morning is enough to get the ol’ laugh-meter kicked into gear:

A press conference will be held at Bonnie Neely’s new headquarters in Old Town Eureka announcing her campaign as a call to voters to choose the candidate whose values we share.

Yeah, uh, quick question:

What values?

But bygones! There’ll be refreshments!!

Hopefully of the fresh-baked aromatic variety.

To drown out the stench.

So please join the Bon Bon at 11:00 today, Tuesday morning, at 426 Third Street. She wants to lie talk about united community, rise to challenge, win election, blah blah blah.


59 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to read the Times-Standard’s loving account of this non-event. I’ll read it online so it can be just like internet porn.

  2. And who doesn’t love internet porn?

  3. Porn is taking money from 22 developers and last-minute cash from the Sonoma County Water Agency’s lobbyist. That would be Bass.

    Throw Bass back. Bonnie’s the keeper in this election.

  4. 7:39 WTF. Guess you intentionally ignored Neely’s 460’s. More corporate and out of county entities then you could imagine. And guess what? Neely has no local average guy contributors. None.

  5. mirror, something is wrong with your blog. I tried to comment on the Larry Glass/underage girl/sexual hat thread and it kept not working. do you know what’s wrong?

  6. Yeah there’s something wrong with our blog alright. Have you read this shit?

  7. 7:39 anon, you have tried to spread this shit on all the blogs. Your full of shit. Is that you Richard or just one of your minions. Bonnie has had 24 years to do something and has done nothing but hurt this county.

    Lets not forget that the progy darling Thompson is in bed with the Sonoma wine folks. Remember when the salmon died and they where letting grapes rot that got plenty of humboldt water because of no market. That’s progressive politics. Don’t be trying to start shit about taking water cause that’s not Bass or Sundberg. In fact if you knew shit you would know how involved Sundberg is with keeping water local here

    Bonnie had to have this event to act like she has some local support.

  8. Danny Walsh is the lobbyist. His only clients seem to be Sonoma water interests, and he gave $$$ to both Bass and Sundburg at the closing bell in June.

    Read it and weep. It’s all right here on the net.

  9. blah blah blah. Neely is so dishonest it hurts.

  10. So, let me get this stright, since Walsh gave money to Sundberg and Bass, they are then his puppets? And all those out of the area developers who gave a shit load of money to Bonnie makes her independent? Well 7:39, clear thinking there.

  11. And Bonnie has already started with her negative ad campaign:

    1) Standing in front of the Balloon Track and saying the developer must clean this up. WHAT? And she conveniently left out that she has been in front of every effort to block the Marina Center and the clean-up.

    2) “Bass may be a nice person, but as mayor she single-handedly tanked the City of Eureka Budget.” HUH? Do mayors vote for budgets? Then Bonnie props up Patty Berg to bolster the argument that Bass can’t balance budgets but Bonnie can. Are you shitting me? The same Berg who helped drive the CA economy into the ditch?

    Get out your hip boots, boys and girls, the crap fest is just beginning. This is Bonnie’s only chance of starting her next quarter century on the Board !!

  12. 1) The developer is trying to define what “clean up” means.

    2) The county’s okay, the city sucks.

    3) Crawford? More tripe, please.

  13. I went to the event, there were about 30 people. Bonnies speech consisted of bashing Bass and mouthing platitudes.

  14. A Non, Walsh’s “donations” to Bass and Sundberg were made at the last minute for a reason. He only has one client – the Sonoma Water Agency.


  15. Would this be former Supervisor Danny Walsh, previous backer of Bonnie’s six other campaigns? The same Danny Walsh who encouraged Bonnie to run for his seat (in more ways than one)?

  16. The same former Supervisor Danny Walsh who gave $1500each to Bass and Sundberg at the last minute? The same Sacramento lobbyist Danny Walsh whose ONLY client is the Sonoma County Water Agency?

    Yep. That one. Go Bonnie.

  17. So he finally bailed on BonBon. Like the rest of ud middle of the road folks. Bonnie let me give you a very earned farewell. “FU”.

  18. I was also at the event today. Bonnie was defensive and desperate. I used to like her a lot. Don’t know what happened. I was really embarrassed for her. Whatever, good things she might have done in the past are lost in the frenzy to discredit Bass…

    Its a pretty clear sign which way the wind is blowing for a candidate when she ignores 25 years of experience and opportunity to talk about what she’s done, to go this negative and in full tilt attack mode this early.

    The Bon is pretty desperate at this point….probably should be. The primary showed that people are tired of fair weather, say anything to get elected political hacks….yes you too Patti….and anxious to elect decent people.

    Keep it up Bonnie and you might as well resign now. This kind of crap going to backfire in big time.

    It must be a bitch to be bonnie right now……eh….did I say that right?

  19. classy

  20. any one read the city’s twenty five page bitch slap regarding girard’s and lovelace’s pet project, forester gill? it is on the city’s web site. dumb sprawl

  21. There is PC sprawl and then there is unPC sprawl.

  22. Just keep running your mouth Richard and minions. Virginia and Sundberg are the best hope for Humboldt county. Time to get you all out of Humboldt so the people who are productive can get this county back on its feet.

  23. So, friends of the BONbon from out of the area can donate, but friends of Virgina/Sundberg out of area have motives that would be evil for Humboldt. Get a grip.

    From the crap you have put on blogs there is no doubt you have no understanding of the water issues here in Humboldt. Just propaganda garbage that you spew. What a shock, the witch of Heraldo Plan Jane ( Jane Doe) is now mouthing the same garbage. Mark will be next as soon as it goes out on the minion e-mail list.

    Is there anything as funny as Mark acting as if he is privy to what ever Cobb and Katlin think. I wonder if he realizes he is on the minion e-mail list, not the mover list.

    06em, give me a break, what fantasy do you have or even pretend to know about people do do real work either manual or management. You spout socialist garbage about the real people. Us against them, wealth is bad, workers are good.

  24. Bonnie is in deep shit and she knows it. She thinks that she has only one alternative and that is to attack, and let the real Bonnie show. Richard, her advisor, is skilled at attacking and has used his skills before. I do not think that it is possible to turn this race around and she will just go out in a ball of flame leaving scorched earth behind.
    She has let this CC stuff go to her head and she believes that she is entitled to this office or an appointment, which she was shopping for before this year. Now she has no chance of getting that because she did so poorly in the primary.

  25. Danny Walsh is just a pimp-I mean lobbyist and if he sent money to Bass and Sundberg, he probably did it with Bonnie’s blessing.

  26. I don’t think the County’s budget is in such great shape either so what has the Bon done about it? She doesn’t go there as that would bite her. She also is the Supervisor that represents Eureka so what has she done to bring jobs?? Not there either.

    The things she is talking about on her TV ads seems to only concern the Coastal Commission and are not controlled by the BOS. What job is she running for?

    We are fortunate that the BOS decided to not go forward with the County redevelopment agency as they would be broke now with the taxes that would have been diverted. Another Bon boondoggle as she was the main supporter along with her minion Girard (who needs to go). Have to remember it was her “appointed” County Counsel Faust that misread the TPZ rule to the BOS and they dashed off a letter to the Palco Judge. Actually he didn’t misread it he just ended it before the sentence ended – which actually the end of the sentence said that a large TPZ development would have to go through lots of hoops and was not a “ministerial” approval like he and Girard said it was. And now he is on the Planning Commission.

  27. Look who put Ralph on the planning commission. Oh shit what a surprise. It her main boy Mark L.

    Look at all the blogs with an anon running mouth about the water and Danny Welsh. Then PJ and the other prog’s have started the talk. This is Salzman at his best. So much garbage by king prog. Don’t believe it check all the prog blogs and you will find the pattern. Same lie over and over folks might just believe it, I always forget the name of Hitlers guy that started that shit. Bonnie’s boy throwing shit, big negative.

  28. Connecting the dots is easy. Walsh gets money from Sonoma County Water Agency. Walsh gives money to Bass and Sundberg. Someone notices. People freak.

  29. Because after 24 years of the bon-bon, our water is not protected.

  30. Keep pounding Ricard folks are wise to you. Trying to make up shit.

    Have Katlin explain the water stuff to you.

    Anyone who is interested in the truth can talk to folks at Humboldt bay about the water situation. You anon 5:11are a lying sack of shit.

    Jump on the SS Bon Bon as she sails out the Humboldt Harbor. She is sunk along with the whole damn crew. Humboldt wins.

  31. Elizabeth Conners and the rest of the zoo are melting down over on the HH. Do you guys know about her doing her own variety of focus groups? I think the Mirror needs to be paying attention to that crazy woman.

  32. Anon 7:35: thank you for your posting. You are right on about Conners. She is CRAZY and addicted to making tons of money “in the name of the poor folks” who incidentally don’t get much money at all – she has her job though, doesn’t she? The only recipient of benefits from grants are the non-profits or government agencies that manage them. She also was OUSTED from Arcata Planning Commission or something for blatant conflict of interest. Isn’t she now helping on a project for the homeless in or just outside of Ferndale? Wake up cowboys – you got real stench in the barn…

    She volunteers for Healthy Humboldt and is their quack-phone when the other genius Jennifer Kalt (slob) can’t make it. Which unlucky non-profit is stuck with her now?

  33. Man, the Humboldt Herald is kicking your guyses ass!!!

  34. Well, it’s easy to write about the salacious DD-cop drama when you have Larry Glass spoon feeding information to Heraldo.

  35. Larry Glass is Heraldo.

  36. Not to mention texting details of closed-session meetings to a certain blog.

  37. Caught Bonnie’s new ad this morning. The neighbors cat took a dump in the flower bed AND got sprayed by a skunk (simultaneously, and that bastard feline deserved it!), and that maladorous event still smelled better than the paid political propaganda contaminating the airways courtesy of Ms. Neely.

  38. Gosh, I can’t wait to see it!!

  39. I’ve noticed whenever the Heroldilites invade this blog, it isn’t that funny any more. Is it something they eat?

  40. Oh, I knoe – they need some PBRs!

  41. Funnygirl, well, not to disparage a liberal application of PBR, but, a sharp slap up along side the head would probably be more effective. That and a coffee ground enema.

  42. The H blog/progs are kicking who’s ass.

    They are just having a big mental masturbation party with half-truths, bullshit and lies. Yap-yap yap like little dogs. same crap as always.

    The thing that is important to remember is that it is a limited number of people making lots of noise. Most of it pure bullshit.

    Read whats in the paper yourself. They are spinning it way out in space. That’s what that blog is about.

  43. Of course Larry Glass is Heraldo. IT’S SO OBVIOUS.

  44. I’ve found that holding a can of PBR is the same as holding a sign that says, “I’m down with y’all poor folks.”

  45. Security National, you are confusing PBR with Olympia “It’s the Water” and if you really want that Redneck vibe….Bud Light all the way! Lets have a little respect around here for beer!

  46. Anon 7:35: thank you for your posting. You are right on about Conners. She is CRAZY and addicted to making tons of money “in the name of the poor folks” who incidentally don’t get much money at all – she has her job though, doesn’t she? The only recipient of benefits from grants are the non-profits or government agencies that manage them. She also was OUSTED from Arcata Planning Commission or something for blatant conflict of interest.

    You feel no shame for lying, do you? Elizabeth was elected to the Arcata City Council while she was executive director of the Humboldt Bay Housing Development Corporation. She resigned from the City Council on her own initiative when she realized her professional position might be perceived as a conflict of interest as a Councilmember. She was not asked to resign; nobody ever raised the issue of a conflict of interest. Elizabeth stunned everybody with her decision, which she made because she is a person of impeccable integrity. But don’t let that stop you from engaging in character assassination.

    Contrast with Virginia Bass, who violated state law by accepting gifts from a developer and keeping it secret while voting to approve projects the developer had before the City Council.

  47. So that gives her a walk as Heraldo? To assassinate other people under that name on that blog? Its time for lizz to feel the heat.

    Pot kettle black.

  48. Boycott World Cup Coffee! Owner is Neely campaign manager!

    Neighborhood coffee shop run by pitiful little man whore (who has proven there is more than one way to screw someone in the ass). Your political aspirations had better serve you well because from now on you serve only Neely supporters, douche bag.

  49. Saw ya at the Bonnie event R_andy

    I guess since the balloon track lawsuit was delayed another week, you were able to join us?
    Lucky you!

  50. What is the name of the owner of World Cup?

  51. Josh “Douche Bag” Sumthin or Another

  52. Don’t forget Stars hamburger owners, supports of Gag’s, Bonnie, etc,

    “Impeccable integrity “, sorry that is an oxymoron when used for prog’s in Humboldt. Their is a fair chance she has heavy involvement in the H blog, maybe even the bitch herself. She’s to sharp to be PJ and Bird is to dumb to be H, Glass is mean enough but not that smart so she may be it.

  53. Charlene Cutler Ploss is a member of the team that is “Heraldo”. Andrew Bird is almost certainly involved as is Larry Glass, his buddy the police chief has supplied info to the Herald, probably through Larry. Richard Salzman is another likely culprit.

  54. Ha, you low life scumbags have Nick Bravo on your side. Turds of a feather!

  55. Of course Larry Glass is Heraldo. IT’S SO OBVIOUS.

  56. Nah. LG is just a contributor as are a few others. Liz Conners is another. And you know who Tokyo Rose is. I do.

  57. Connors resigned in disgrace. But yeah it figures she’d be close to Heraldo, since there’s no depth Arcata’s City Council can sink to that gets any criticism on the Herald.

  58. Now they got Latt running his mouth about Chris C., to funny like Latt means shit.

  59. See this one yet? Wait until Latt and the little proggies find out their hero Ron Kuhnel is going to vote YES on Measure N. BWAAAAHAAAA!!! He’s fallen to the Arkley dark side, right droids?

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