Campaign ad outtakes we were never meant to see


"The developer MUST clean this site u--Shit! Stop the cameras already. Pete, be a love and tighten those chains a bit, will you? I think I saw him try to reach for his SIRAP!"


48 Responses

  1. Maybe if this whole election thing doesn’t work out for her she could be do the weather on the news. Great pointing.

  2. The rumor mill has her lobbying for executive director of the Coastal Commission when Peter Douglas retires. If so god help us all. We will be on the enemy’s list.

  3. Bonnie has fucked over her family, her friends, her county and will do anything include changing her party, affiliations and positions in order to slurp at the public trough. I have rarely been so disgusted. The woman makes Leona Helmsley look angelic.

  4. A perfect depiction of her.

  5. She’s right about one thing.

    We do need a ‘real clean up’

    The voters seem to agree if you look at the primary election results.

    All the queens horses and all the queens spin
    couldn’t get Bonnie elected again

    Now they bring out Berg as the credible voice? Holey Moley, this is getting pathetic Sad for us, its only gonna get worse.

  6. Larry Glass is an asshole. He pissed me off so much at the Works I stopped going in there. But, I’m going to vote for him. Never thought it would come to this. But after reading that shit in the Times-Standard. The city is fucking broke and everybody who works at the city is fucking each other. No wonder Eureka is bankrupt. Gl Ass is the only person on the council who gives a shit. The mayor has her head or someone’s head up her ass.

  7. Ok more power to you. I will slit my wrists before I would support the jail baiter

  8. Ps 15 yrs old is too young for me to overlook.

  9. As far as I’m concerned that shit about Gl Ass banging a teenager is a blog rumor until charges are filed. If I believed every rumor floating around the blogs I wouldn’t have any friends left. The internet doesn’t fact check.

  10. Bass has fucked over her family, her friends, her county and will do anything include changing her party, affiliations and positions in order to slurp at the public trough.

  11. People tend to forget that Bonnie also changed party affiliation. But after decades and thousands of jobs lost, people tend to forget that.

  12. Bonnie might be lobbying for Peter Douglas’s job but she does not have the qualifications. That’s a pipe dream and will never happen.

  13. Bonnie HAS to turn to negative campaign ads as her Hail Mary pass to keep her “job.” It’s just the stunning level of bald faced lies they contain that we can only hope will backfire.

  14. Bonnie’s not for selling ballot measures to private developers. She’s not taking Sonoma County Water Agency money to run her campaign, either. You want all that, you vote for Bass.

    Crawford, you complaining about lies is entertaining.

  15. Turtle, are you retarded? Maybe a little early-onset dementia running in the family? Did you forget that part about Bonnie selling her soul to a Southern California developer for $10 grand? And this is just our opinion, but we think he paid around $9,999.50 too much.

  16. Well stated turtle. Chris Crawford calling out a candidate for lying is like the pope calling out the protestant church for harboring pedophiles.

  17. No Turtle,
    Neither is she taking $$$ from Southern California developers who have coastal developments approved by the CCC bought and paid for.

    Keep.Grasping.At.Straws. It’s hilarious!

  18. Now that silly as Turtle is running his mouth with all the bullshit. Its bullshit Turtle, the worse part is you are not even smart enough to look into your lies or care. You just Parrot what your fed, should have stayed a Republican.

    Long ago Bonnie and you rolled over and spread your legs for all incoming. Folks are damn tired. Ya, Bonnie’s been in 24 years and has not done shit.

    Patty Berg supports her, give me a break another of the liberals wonderful creations. All hype and got nothing done at all.

  19. Bonnie was a Republican for 30 some odd years that publically supported Arnold (Even wrote a My Word for Arnold) and ran to him at the Samoa Cookhouse while the Liberal Democrats protested outside just a few years back. Then someone demanded that Bonne (Mike Thompson?) reregister as Democrat if she wanted further endorsement. Then she embraced Pete Nichols, Salzman, Kerrigan and every uber left wing progressive and is now probably regretting this decision. Instead of helping Bonnie, they stood by and watched her botched agenda cultivate an Butt Whooping. Now Bonnie is going with negative ads and I hope this will be her last bad choice.

    Has Bonnie lost all of her dignity? Can’t she run on all of her accomplishments? What do you say Turtle?

  20. A perfect depiction of her.

  21. Bass’s accomplishments? Still can’t think of one-

    Can you guys help?

  22. Yeah. Bass’s accomplishments? After 9-1/2 years on the City Council and as mayor, Eureka is on verge of insolvency, lawsuits, employees fornicating, police and fire departments with no money.

  23. I won’t vote for Neely. County supervisor is not supposed to be a career position. I may leave supervisor blank. I voted for Bass in June and regretted it. I won’t vote for her now. I might write somebody in. Not Jeff, I like him but he doesn’t shut up. I don’t want to subject the rest of the county to that.

  24. Luv it when the progs come over here. Hey Go Giants, back to the HH. Ya know the “find” function really helps to track. Ooh ya don’t like glass but will vote for him? Don’t like Neely but will vote for her. Eat me dude!

  25. Looks to me like Go Giants says he won’t vote for Neely.

  26. Looks to me like you have the same IP address as Go Giants–and Proggie. It’s so sad when people have to create imaginary friends just to have someone who agrees with them.

  27. What a douche. Anonymous stands up for Go Giants who’s pretending to be a moderate but is actually Proggie. You know Proggie my disagreements with you previously were respectful. Need I say that shit’s all through. You’re as big a fraud as the rest of them.

  28. “Bass’s accomplishments? Still can’t think of one-

    Can you guys help?”

    This hasn’t been the blog to come to if one is looking for Bass’s accomplishments while serving as a council member,than mayor.It would be nice to see that change,but it’s the humbug’s blog,and they can put whatever they want on here.

  29. It sounds like our prog friends are a little lost when they’re not being explicitly told what to think.

  30. Do you toadies think I would carry on a serious political discussion with you? Bunch of lowlife cowards. Sayonara creeps. Now go crawl back under your rocks.

  31. You mean like lowlife cowards who pretend to be multiple people all agreeing with you because no one else does? Yes, Proggie. The righteous indignation is perfect for the occasion. You’ve just set a new standard for personal bravery and integrity. Loser.

  32. Proggie go giants anonymous wouldn’t know a serious political discussion if it bit HER on the ass.

  33. Toadies, Lowlife cowards, serious political discussions. Sayonara, no. Fuck off proggie. You are but a mouthy little toad.
    No honor, no brains, perfect proggie.

  34. Oh and take that piece of shit Mark with you.

  35. Boy things are getting nasty.

  36. Apparently,asking a Bass supporter what she has accomplished that would be a good indicator that she has what it takes to be a good Supervisor is a tough question.

  37. No. Actually you just can’t be a fuckwad. You know I am done with a lot of this. I want a healthy economy and place to live. I am with Mari W and will drop my dem reg. Fuck you progs. I am done!

  38. Ooh, the slimeballs at the Mirror don’t like me. Think I’ll jump off the Samoa bridge. Does my IP address match last night?

  39. Goodbye, 4:04 p.m. Join the Republicans. You’ll fit right in.

  40. Your ip is the last of your worries. Get wesley off of his ass and pass a budget or resign.

  41. Wow 7:07 p.m., you know how to use someone else’s computer (Mom’s)……..Gee your so smart…….

  42. Ditto. Proggie can I drive you to the bridge and role out the red carpet you elitist prick?

  43. What? Proggie is testy? What set you off? The fact that someone called Wesley on his crappy job or the fact that because of plain stupidity and corruption the right will probably regain control? Fuck, what happened to being sane and moderate?

  44. Great Day.

  45. HAC you’ve been smokin too much and are a wee bit paranoid. Actually a lot paranoid and circling the el draino. Have fun. And to borrow from the Bug, Hugs!

  46. Just try to mention Andrew Bird working out of Chesboro’s office on the Herald and you will be moderated forever. I asked if Westley was aware that his staff was hosting the Herald and wham, bam, gone forever.

  47. Eliz Conner, Bird, Glass, Salzman. These guys are just the same old boys.

    Bonnie is done and they know it. So is Gags and Glass. Circling the drain out of greed and being addicted to power. Serves them right.

  48. You nailed a hole( I meant the spelling) lot of the folks. Talking about Bird is what got me knocked off for good.

    This last week I have been thinking about how much work a blog takes it keep on top of shit. I would say with all that goes on at H blog they have not just volunteers but also some paid folks. After this last garbage on Pierson, I wonder how much of this is being paid for by himself.

    HAC , go back to H blog. your shit will be welcome there.

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