Welcome, new friend!!

Is there anything better than new friends? I mean, really. Is there?


18 Responses

  1. I knew this would happen eventually. Thanks, guys. I just pissed myself.

  2. So, no hard feelings? Kissed and made up?


    Didn’t think so.

  3. I like the fine print at the bottom of the Twitter message. “If you believe Bonnie Neely is engaging in abusive behavior on Twitter, you may report Bonnie Neely for spam.”

    I’d like to report her abusive behavior to the helpless citizens of Humboldt County for the past 24 years. Ugghhh!

  4. To use one of the Bug’s favorite terms: Awesome.

    I wonder what Bob Doran’s wife thinks of it?

  5. Can you say HILARIOUS? LOL. This is a perfect show of her severe paranoia. SO much so that she has to watch web sites that oppose her

  6. Since you asked Ha ha, I can assure you that my wife doesn’t think about Twitter at all. She’s not involved in social networking, doesn’t read blogs, does not care about Eureka politics, doesn’t know or care that you exist. I can also assure you, if she was aware of you, she would not find you funny.

  7. That’s ok, Bob,

    We know she’s covering Tea Party rallies for you to report on and help violate your journalistic integrity whilst conducting said reportage…

  8. Btw,

    Anyone see Virginia’s epic smack down of Jail Bait chaser Larry tonight when he was smirking and making comments while a member of the audience who was commenting at the mic?

    Poor fella had no idea he wasn’t supposed to present viewpoints contrary to Larrys.

  9. Thanks Bob,

    Now, is that your real wife you are referring to or are you simply attributing made up comments to a fictitious wife? Possibly it is a fictitious wife whose comments you are attributing to your real wife. Sorry but given your propensity towards making up quotes and characters it’s kinda hard to be sure. Credibility is hard won and easily lost.

  10. Mmmph. “Credibility” is the topic now?

  11. What kind of jackass takes his hands off his microcock just long enugh to blog about another’s wife?

  12. Here comes Neely climbing out of the sewer. Wow she reeks!

  13. I’m not sure but was it not Doran who put his wife in the public domain and she went willingly. Therefore is she not fair game. Course I am opinionated as I have had dealings with Bob and do not consider him a honest/forthright person. ya his credibility sucks.

    Normally I would agree about putting someones family into the blogsphere, but in this case I believe she is within limits.

  14. As noted above, my wife is oblivious to references to her on this blog or any blog for that matter.

    That said, I’m still trying to parse the argument that she’s somehow “in the public domain,” “went willingly” and thus is “fair game” and “within limits.” Could you explain that again in less convoluted sentences?

    What “limits” are you talking about? As far as I can see when it comes to the anonymous world of trolls, there are no limits. It’s all about the flames.

    And while you’re at it, explain how my wife is relevant in any way in a discussion of Supervisor Neely’s Twitter account?

  15. Your wife is relevant when it comes to the discussion, political or otherwise, when it comes to you, Bob, because the two of you violated any journalistic you may have had when you did your schtik together in Fortuna.

    It really is that simple.

  16. We’ll you got old smilin’ Bob so worked up; he won’t need to take his Enzyte tablet before he paints his shower tonight.

  17. Lucky I was done drinking coffee cause I would have blown it all over the keyboard, Anon.

    Thanks for explaining it to him in simple terms. I don’t think my sentences were convoluted. He has to be kidding when he says he does not get it.

    What she is oblivious to the amount of time you spend in the shower. Troll’s are on H blog, go there.

  18. A new friend indeed.

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