Neely offers to gay-marry her dachshund in exchange for seven votes or maybe six, but definitely no fewer than five (or four)


Publicly, Bonnie Neely celebrates diversity while privately wondering why the first flowers she's given in 20 years come from a couple of old guys gayer than a handbag full of rainbows.


43 Responses

  1. 20 years is a gross underestimation. I would think Neely would enjoy the company of well-heeled theater critics such as these. At least then she doesn’t feel left out when no one hits on her.

  2. Tacky post, at best.

  3. Tacky Fred? Really? Have you seen the tacky, stupid pandering B.S. Neely is engaging in to defeat Bass, who whooped her ass in the primary?

  4. Tacky, I think not. Neely is lost without being supervisor. She would have no power. It would cause her to go more bonkers.

    My God look how she is acting with just the thought of not being supervisor for 4 more years. Sorry Bon, Humboldt just cannot afford that shit any longer.

  5. If by “tacky” you mean “piss-my-pants funny,” then yes, Fred. This post is tacky as hell.

  6. All she needs to make the pandering picture complete is a water bill from the city of Eureka and a tall, frothy glass of raw milk. She never gave a fuck about any of these issues until her hegemony began to crumble.

  7. None of you are thinking of the victim here. Meat is murder, people. And gay-marrying dogs is just fucking weird.

  8. “My God look how she is acting with just the thought of not being supervisor for 4 more years. ”

    I suspect that although she obviously prefers to win it in November,she probably isn’t all that worried as she likely will be offered some sort of state job anyways,such as some sort of consultant for the CCC.

  9. Show me her BS or MS in fisheries, oceanography or marine biology then I might not get heart burn over her getting a “consultant position.” Otherwise how the hell is she qualified besides from voting and hearing applications from a non-formally educated perspective?

  10. What the fuck is she qualified to do. Unless Pelosi is willing to give up her seat as queen of mean for California I believe Bon bon is out the door.

    Fact is they do not like her in Sacramento. After 24 years she would have been offered something a long time ago.

    Water boy, no more like ass lick. Crawl back in your hole Mark.

  11. I wonder what James Faulk over at Heraldo will do to make Bonnie look good next? It’s funny how both of the Fat Guys jumped ship from the T-S for their solo projects. Chris took on the Savage Henry magazine that looks pretty sharp. James was handed the keys to the Herald. I wonder if Kim and crew couldn’t stand anymore that James was pretending to be a journalist while being involved at the Humboldt Herald.

    The sad thing is James wasn’t good as a reporter. He sucked as a city editor. He sucked even worse as a columnist. But as a hate mongering, Glass sycophant, Bonnie cheerleader and Arkley obsessive, he’s finally found his niche.

    Thanks “Real Deal” for passing on the info as to who Heraldo is. Nice.

  12. Love the speculating to who runs the Herald

    You dumbfucks are acting more pathetic than ever

    Notice how they ignor this blog? You might think about following their lead-

  13. Or ours, Anonymous. We ignore this blog all the time.

  14. The problem with the Humboldt Herald = if you do not agree with the majority of bloggers, then you are told to start your own blog. So I guess that means tossing everyone overboard that you do not agree with. How pathetic. Sound more like junior high school to me. Who gives a fuck who runs the Herald. They probably married their dog.

  15. It does sorta make sense. I was wondering where Faulk went without a trace. He started off as their web guy too. The same skills he’s using at Heraldo. His smug writing style is the same too.

  16. Anon12:18, FUCK YOU. Who cares who runs the H blog. All know what it is about. The only power it has is that for some reason the newspaper reporters at T/S read it and report some of the shit as fact. Otherwise it is just a bunch of of prog’y idiots.

    People just want to be free and after Nov. we will be rid of a bunch of those assholes.

  17. Fred, tacky is our comfort zone. Why call us on it now?

  18. Laughter is in my comfort zone and you guys deliver. I always thought that those two old guys were the gay muppets, but thanks for outing them here Bugs. LOL!!!

  19. too funny. Neely is an assclown.

  20. What do Faulk, Glass, Belknap, Liz Conner, Andy Bird, Salzman and others in Southern Humboldt have in common blogging? It starts with an H

  21. Others including Mark Lovelace, Ken Miller, MD, Cobb, Atkins, Briton, Kerigain, Joyce King, and the Cheese probably knows alot of what is going on without his hands on anything.

  22. Neely is for gays. Bass is for truth!

  23. The buzz is that Virginia got the endorsement from ASFME away from Bonnie. Just another nail in the Neely coffin.

  24. No, the buzz is that Jackson got the endorsement from AFSCME.

  25. Andrew Bryrd was caught & shit his pants 4 years ago after getting caught stealing a Mayoral candidate political signs .

    Neely and LaValle are one of the same . They both hide from the truth . They’re both crooks and drunks .

  26. Not to worry . She’s still got her job with the Redwood Community Action Agency where she commits most of her time to anyways .

  27. Well , what are you trying to say ? Is that good or bad ?

  28. …… is what it is .

    I can’t comment on the issue . It just seems anyone who works with the Redwood Community action agency is ” tight lipped ” about their relationship with them . Something scary is going on is the best i can figure since these politicians don’t want anybody finding out what they do with the R.C.A.A.

  29. Yeah , I’ll agree with you , Marsh . There’s something that their hiding . Typical politics , though . LaValle never talks about his job with them . That doesn’t sound like either one of them are running an honest campaign .

  30. Humboldt Herald has one way and it’s Heraldo’s way or no way . He deletes whatever you say if he’s in even the slightest of disagreement with you . He doesn’t want to hear the truth …
    just rubbish and lies .

  31. Don’t forget the hate!!!!!! Lots and lots of hate.

  32. Newsflash. Bonnie endorsemnt from AFSCME snatched away when the general members vetoed the exec board. Bet BonBon went ballistic and bet her henchmen (Salzman and guess who) are imploding. HEY BONNIE woohoo! AND there is more!

  33. Dang, the progie website is dead. It is like they are desperately trying to think of some way to spin this in her favor.

  34. If that’s it, they are fucked.

  35. They are going nuts at H blog. Its funny as shit.

  36. Where is the Gallegos link on KSLUG? Listen folks for 30 mins of OMG

  37. Frankly after listening to interview again it sounds like Gags just smoked a fatty. Duh!

  38. Boonie and crew must be on a drinking binge this weekend, it is dead over there and thereporta.

  39. How can you compare the Heraldo hate blog and the Reporta? At least John and the other writers put their names behind their work at TR. I notice they have interviews with all sides there too, more than I can say for the HH propaganda machine.

  40. You guys are all homophobes, bigots, and asshats. I agree with Fred. “tacky” doesn’t begin to describe it.

  41. Do you also like to single out Blacks and Jews, or is it just gay people that you single out hatefully?

    it’s easy to trash-talk on the internet where you don’t have to actually have face-to-face arguments with actual people.

  42. Typically when people comment under multiple names, invariably agreeing with themselves of course, it suggests they know they’re operating from a position of weakness and need the appearance of groundswell to shore things up. Maybe, in your case, it’s because screaming homophobia and racism is so much easier than finding a tiny shred of evidence to support either. But then it’s easy to trash-talk on the internet where you don’t have to actually have face-to-face arguments with actual people. Just pointless exchanges with dumbfucks like you. (Which is to say nothing against dumbfucks.)

  43. Neely’s dachshund is female. What other than gay-marry would you call it?

    Besides, if you don’t understand the point of this, that Neely would sell her soul for a handful of votes, you’re too stupid to rate a response.

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