The blind leading the inbred

That poor open-minded Coastal Commission. Mercilessly snubbed by the dastardly CUE VI! The humanity!! Oh well. After a full day of quashing free enterprise, the commissioners retired to Patty Berg’s house for a Bon Bon fundraiser. Because that, friends, is what impartiality is all about.

"Come on, guys. Show me the Ballon Track property again. Since I obviously can't get re-elected on the basis of what I've done, I need to make sure to score some points from the things I've undone."

By the way: Anyone know why the Coastal Commission is looking at a road up Humboldt Hill? That little “coastal zone” sure is getting big.

Oh, and Driscoll: The Coastal Commission being all together in Humboldt County is as “rare” as Christmas, you douche. It happens every year. Facts can be so inconveniently dull!


43 Responses

  1. Calling Driscoll a douche is an exercise in stating the obvious.

  2. God bugs…so very funny! What kind of mind can consistently come up with this stuff. Awesome just awesome!

  3. It wasn’t a fundraiser at Patty’s house. It was a wake

  4. anything we can do to unseat that beeatch is fine with us…as well as the midget one with bad dentures…we aim to please

  5. A sick mind, Anonymous 1:59. I’m surprised you even had to ask.

  6. Nope a brilliant mind and one to be truly f’ing admired for wit, humor and just gut busting fun.

  7. Basically, imo, once elected (or appointed) public officials should no longer be able to participate in fundraising or other partisan events. Once elected, they are supposed to represent ALL the people, not just their party.

    Alot of people like to throw around “campaign reform” ideas like “Measure T” and excluding donations from one side or another – it’s really “governing reform” that is needed – no more sitting in caucus meetings plotting how to block the “other” side, delaying budgets for the state, no more party fundraisers for other candidates… no more badmouthing half of the citizenry you are supposed to represent. No more partisan affiliation. Give them a new badge of honor if you have to, let them forever after vote as “nonpartisan.”

    Like all such ideas, it has repercussions, and I guess this one would lead to single terms because it would make campaigning for a second term virtually impossible, which may not be such a bad idea.

  8. Wow, now you sensor anyone posting the words CUE-IV or R-andy!

    Cheers asshat!

  9. CUE IV

  10. seems to work…

  11. seems to work, too

  12. ok, just testing, back to the real world

  13. I though Patty Burg put a garden hose from her cars tailpipe to her bedroom, started her car, and took a dirt nap. WTF? She is still alive? Are the guests going to help rig the hose correctly? Is Bon Bon going to give Patty a NyQuil enema? I was under the impression Patty wanted to die and not be a burden to anyone.

  14. lol . you know the auto emissions are so good now that cars only emit CO2 and H2o. So the tail pipe hose wont work Patty. Try a .45hp in the roof of your mouth.

  15. CUV HIV FUCK OFF AND DIE asshole. CC is a political piece of shit. Free men do not have to show respect to a quas-bullshit organization. You prog’y fucks have not destroyed the constitution yet.

    Funny thing listening to PJ and TRA defend that interview of GAGS at the H blog. I would think they would try to hid it. Where were his handlers.

    If you ever doubted Gag’s smoked dope just listen to the interview.

  16. To connect the dots, et al:
    You folks sure sound like you know just what is going on, and
    by golly you sure all have plenty of blame to throw out there too!
    Solutions? Nah. Just bashin’ and hatin’! makes ya feel BIG, dont it?

    And of course nothing shows thoughtful, rational thinking like threats of death to those you disagree with, not to mention some quality 2nd-grade swearing!

    As bad as our ‘elected officials’ might be, at least they dont sound like sociopathic bitter little keyboard cowboys, like so many I see here.

    Ironic this blog is called ‘Mirror’. A shame more of you dont seem to be able to look in one.

  17. ouch.

  18. NC visitor,

    Death threat, are you just stupid. It’s time for you to go back to where you came from, let me guess you came from the big city to visit PJ. Actually I learned swearing in about the 6th grade, you must have been more advanced . Ta Ta.

  19. test

    Randy Gans

  20. Test

    Randy Gans

  21. Test
    CUE IV

  22. It fits right in with the cocksmoker (above) who has anal rape fantasies about people with whom he disagrees, and then wonders why he gets moderated. Maybe you peace love and bloodshed types should pool your apparently meager resources and get a mirror of your own.

    Oh, and connect the dots? How ’bout dialing it back a few notches. This is all getting a little over the top.

  23. Peace and love my ass. Those people would resort to violence before Rob could think to get one of his duck guns out. The would-be pacifists have cornered the violence market and are clearly proud of it. Why don’t you assholes go spike some more trees or something, or plant explosives at constructions sites. It’s what you do best.

  24. My goodness, such high dudgeon and temper on display! As far as the Costal Commission, and the Bonster visiting the property in question; it has been sitting there in the same condition for nigh-on 30+ years. Did some miraculous change occur when it became the private property of someone else? Oh, yes that pesky private property issue. It is private property and the owner can tell you to FUCK OFF anytime he pleases. Lets see the progs disallow that provision of consitution while they shop around for bargin rentals in this housing market!

  25. Jo. I luv it when you talk sexy!

  26. Nice, the Mirror now gives lessons in blogger ethical standards

    Go fuck yourself Randy Gans

  27. It’s not hard to recognize the free-market losers, is it? They pretty much identify themselves.

  28. Nice, the Mirror now gives lessons in blogger ethical standards

    Go fuck yourself Randy Gans

  29. There’s one now.

  30. Nice, the Mirror now gives lessons in blogger ethical standards

    Go fuck yourself Rand*y Gan*s

  31. Jealousy, friend–It’s not a good look on you. Really.

  32. Gee was Bill Pierson at the “fundraiser” helping Peter Lavallee drink ALL the booze.

  33. I agree humbug, discourse should stay within a set of parameters. I will try to stay there. With some luck progdom is about finiished in Humboldt.

    Another group by Ken Miller M.D. This one promoting outdoor grows. Wonder how much influence he had with Prop.19.

  34. abortion should always be legal… anyone who doesn’t think so is a rapist… i’m looking at you, connect the dots…

  35. Spoken like a true prog. Agree with you, or we’re the devil. Very compelling. But actually, chivas, a rapist is what Paul Gallegos let go with a warning. Oh, and he raped someone else. Kind of puts your hyperbole in perspective, doesn’t it? Douchebag.


  37. No one boozes it up more than Uncle Rob, brian. Just ask Rand*y, he gets paid to follow ol’ Pickering around at mixers, till the inevitable verbal tantrums break the party’s spirit. Baby siting is apparently part of the job description.

    Speaking of, where is that Stephen Glazer fellow these days?

  38. Now see, Mr. Whatever? There’s a completely off-topic, trite, intelligence-challenged little tantrum–which happens to be an otherwise perfectly appropriate thing to post on a blog! More of that, please. Because when we read it, we can almost see your little hands on your hips and your little feet stomping. Adorable, really. And a huge improvement over the anal rape fantasies and violent ideation from your earlier comments which, by the way, actually make you look like a tiny love-starved wanker. So come on now, friend. Give us a hug.

  39. Hey Mirror, when Rand*y Gans & SN offered you the job that is writing this blog, did they atleast throw in a health insurance option? Either way, it must have been better than your previous career of wiping up cum stains at the peep show booths.

    Maybe next week you’ll be promoted to driver of Rob’s mobile baptismal pool?

  40. Actually, we were understudies to the cum wipers. Buy you gotta start somewhere. And now we work for Rob Effing Arkley, so yay us! If you keep playing nice like this, we’ll see if we can get you on. Maybe that would help you feel better about yourself.

  41. So Mr. whatever, whats worse. guys wiping up the stains or guys like you wacking off at the peep shows.

    Chivas, I get the drift that you took a shot at me, what the fuck it meant I don’t have a clue. My guess would be the best part of you ran down your mothers leg.

  42. You do know that Chivas’ mother has four legs?

  43. why won’t you let gays marry humbug… are you gay?… are you?… humbug?… really?… all people should have the right to love who they choose… bonnie knows that… virginia knows that… humbug continues to watch reruns of the beverly hillbillies while eating cheetos out of a hockey mask… you fool!… there are holes in that mask… shows what you know… did you learn nothing from the six days war?…

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