Gallegos calls being the stupidest person who ever lived his ‘right as a citizen’

Yes, yes, we know this has been around a few days, but still. Will we ever stop laughing about it?

As Gags would say. “Oh, well, certainly, you know, I, uhh, uhh, for a multitude of reasons, uhh, clearly, there’s a big difference–truly a huge difference, actually–between, first of all, uhh, ‘laughing’ and ‘laughing about it,’ in and of itself–”

In other words, no. We bloody well won’t.

Just listen to the first four and a half minutes. If you haven’t pissed yourself by then, we’ll refund your money. Push the magic red button to play.

Oh and PS, John Matthews is our god.


48 Responses

  1. It IS his right as a citizen, and funnily enough, that might be the first law he’s ever interpreted correctly.

  2. Dork, Do you have a magic decipher ring? How the hell can anybody figure out what he’s talking about?

  3. Proof that Fucktard fails to adequately describe his abilities.

  4. If you want a hoot, look up the piece Gags wrote for the Arcata Eye before he was elected, before he acquired better writers. There’s just no light on upstairs.

  5. Uh…just listened to it. Now I understand why he plagiarized that law professor in the TS My Word. The dude is incomprehensible and a panderer. Thanks to Matthews and KSLG!

  6. John Matthews does the best interviews in the market. I have had Gallegos on the air with Peter B. Collins in the past and Gallegos is one of the worst public speakers in local politics. After the first two minutes of this painful interview I felt like Paul was somewhat able to get his point across. He feels that pot should be legal and regulated. He won’t endorse Prop. 19 but might vote for it.

    I once campaigned for a Libertarian running against B 1 Bob Dornan in the O.C. A former Superior Court Judge, Jim Gray wrote books on the subject including one called “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed”
    Jim is a much better speaker. I suggest anyone looking for an expert on the subject to check the link.

    John Matthews Rocks!

  7. No, no no! LIsten to the LAST five minutes!

    You don’t feel sorry for him? He is trying desperately to please his three masters – he is trying to pretend he is Mr. Law and Order (which he isn’t as is clear as you hear him get all warm and fuzzy about pot, a funny strand that has occurred in other interviews), the pot crowd who wants it legalized, and the pot growers who don’t. Let’s see, can I BS ALL of them at the same time, sure, give it a shot.

    It’s another wandering in the desert moment. And really, this has to go on a roll with the Measure T speech!

    And tip to Gallegos/Salzman/Baykeepersleaze et al, you want get rid of me? Vote this sucker out.

  8. This guy was elected to office? What kind of Mor ONS elect a guy as two faced and ignorant as Gallegos in to ANY office? Let alone let him make life changing decisions for criminals and non-criminals alike.

  9. We tried to tell you but you panned away from us. But perhaps now he’s hoist by his own petard. There he is in his own words.
    Magnificque, n’est-ce pas?

  10. I thought you were exaggerating until I listened to the recording. But Gallegos really might be the stupidest person who ever lived. Unfortunately, that means he’s practically a shoe-in at the local polls. I mean, really. Have you met Larry Glass?

  11. You know what’s so jarring about the exchange Matthews has with Gags? It sounds like something we haven’t heard around here in a long time: actual news reporting. Since the Eureka Reporter closed shop, officials say stupid shit and all the reporters nod blankly or act like it didn’t happen. Newspapers report stupid shit, and when they’re called on it they say it again, as if repeating it enough times will make it true, or even relevant. The one person we had counted on to be better than that (Hank Sims) has sidelined himself with his biases. John Matthews really might be the best newsman in Humboldt County.

  12. “the pot crowd who wants it legalized, and the pot growers who don’t.”

    Is Jackson’s stance really all that much different?During the ACLU debate she said she favored legalization,and I don’t see where she has come out in support of 19.And from seeing some comments on this blog and talking to some who support her,the majority of Humboldt residents opposed to 19 and legalization in general,surely some pot growers included,plan to vote for her.It’ll be interesting to see if she takes this opportunity to come out in support of prop 19 more visibly.If she doesn’t I don’t think Paul’s confusing stance here really hurts him much at the polls.

  13. Call it a hunch, but I don’t think she’ll be taking campaign strategy tips from you. And Paul’s stance here isn’t confusing so much as it’s confused. That’s an important distinction.

  14. I know, right? Hey–hey–Pssst! Have her back a piece of legislation only two current law enforcement people in the entire state are willing to acknowledge. And one of them, in spite of being inarguably dumb, seems to recognize at some level that it’s not a great idea. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

  15. I don’t know what anyone’s talking about, but I love the alliteration.

  16. If you listen to all the sound tracks talked about you will realize the DA is a moron. Also look at Mark boy’s post’s and you will realize the the kind of moron that supports him, Larry Glass and the rest of the tribe.

  17. but he’s OUR moron seems to be the first and final word from the likes of Mre.

    Jackson is NOT a moron. She’s a highly articulate, intelligent, organized competent proven prosecutor. Of course, that’s precisely why she panics certain persons. Competence and professionalism MUST be prevented. Lackadaisical scattershot dimwitted pandering to the progressives MUST continue.

    If the current DA gets re-elected it will be interesting to see what he does without Wes Keat, the guy who really does the work of organizing and running the office. The guy who stays late and comes in weekends. The guy who doesn’t surf. Tick tock, the retirement bell tolls in December.

  18. Holy shit I really thought a lot of that angst against him was political. He really is stupid!

  19. The man is a complete moron. Seriously. It’s so sad that he’s so popular among the progressives and pot crowd.

  20. District Attorney Candidate Allison Jackson says on her website, if “you bust ’em we won’t let ’em go.” This seems to confirm the accusation of her critics, that Jackson feels, “You wouldn’t have been arrested, if you weren’t guilty” and that she will find some way to prove, whatever the cops allege

  21. Why don’t Jackson campaigners walk around the neighborhoods with a recording of this interview?

  22. Tom, that’s really silly to suggest that she’ll find a way to keep locked up the innocent people the police arrest.

    What she means is that she won’t plea out career violent criminals so they can prowl on the community.

    Don’t take my word for it. How about these little specifics about Gallegos’ work from the Arcata and Eureka Police Associations that wen’t out in their news releases this week as to why they are endorsing and supporting Jackson:

    “The Eureka Police Officers Association cites the following cases:

    -A case in which a suspect, already on probation and with a prior DUI conviction, hits and kills a pedestrian crossing the roadway in a crosswalk in downtown Eureka. The suspect faced a potential prison term of 2 – 6 years; however, a plea agreement was reached resulting in a 1 – year jail term and additional count of felony probation.

    -A case in which a suspect, on parole, brandished a firearm at a citizen. Officers subsequently located the suspect parolee who was still in possession of the firearm and ammunition. The suspect received a plea agreement of 16 months in prison versus the 6 – 9 years he could have received upon a jury conviction.

    The Arcata Police Association cites the following cases:
    -A case in which a suspect embezzled $139,000 from a local credit union, pled guilty and received probation.
    -A case in which a suspect, along with two other suspects, bound and gagged three victims, assaulted them and stole their property. The suspect pled guilty to the theft and received probation.
    -A case in which a burglar was caught by residents in the act of committing his third burglary at this particular apartment complex. The burglar, still wearing a mask, gloves and carrying a pry bar, also possessed a stolen gun. The burglar pled guilty and was offered probation.

  23. Tom, take a class in critical thinking Your though process is not worth a shit. Some sort of education in logical thinking would also help.

  24. wow

  25. why do you all hate paul gallegos?… because he’s better looking than you?… because he’s an amazing inspiration to anyone who believes in justice?… the humboldt mirror is like auschwitz… why don’t you ask allison jackson what her nickname was in college… then, and only then will this race be put in perspective… truth first… mirror later…

  26. My last post was not written by me. I just posted it to piss all of you off. I found it at

    If Jackson means different, she should correct her web site.

  27. “District Attorney Candidate Allison Jackson says on her website, if “you bust ‘em we won’t let ‘em go.” This seems to confirm the accusation of her critics, that Jackson feels, “You wouldn’t have been arrested, if you weren’t guilty” and that she will find some way to prove, whatever the cops allege”

    This is where blog culture leads people into the goofazoid zone. No, Tom, Allison doesn’t plan to abrogate the most fundamental tenet of criminal justice.

  28. Chivas,

    No but my guess would be yours had asshole in it someplace.


    You posted something to piss someone off. This would fit into what is becoming your blog style, to bad. Read some shit off a blog then re-post to piss folks off. I take back my last comment. Just stop all activity on blogs, would be best for all concerned.

  29. connect the dots… you are the worst crocodile in the amazon of deceit!!!… and i’m not the only one who thinks this… why don’t you ask your father, karl rove, where to shit… why?… because your poop goes through a rigorous refining process and then is used to make the ink they print the words in the times-standard with… i’ll never eat at avalon again!!!… with you…

  30. To my knowledge I have never eaten at the Avalon. Heard its high priced, and not that good. Also that its full of progy”s.
    Your interest in shit is disturbing, I do not think I would enjoy a meal anywhere with you.

  31. The companion piece to the interview is the letter in the TS which lauds his ability to ‘convince’ a repeat felon to accept a plea bargin. I am so ashamed that my mandatory civics classes in school failed to adequately address the aspect of criminal law where it the responsibility of the Chief Law Enforcement Official to convince convicted felons of ANYTHING. The only people he needs to convince is the “jury of your peers.” Convince 12 non-convicted felons to find someone guilty with a preponderance of evidence and that other ‘stuff’, you know, the lawyer stuff he is supposed to know how to do!

    Bargining with convicted felons and being proficient at it is not a job recommendation. It is just a further demonstration of his complete and utter ineptitude.

  32. Josephine:

    I must have been in detention or expelled during all of that civics crap. It sure sounds, like hard and stuff. But I am pretty damn sure that when I get my 5th DUI while transporting 15 pounds of weed in an unregistered vehicle while on parole its Gallegos in the DA’s office.

    Go Gallegos. If I could actually register to vote, I’d totally check yer box! Shit yea.

  33. Ok, that ‘s it for you, Detention! For the rest of your natural life.

    Oh, and you have to write on the board: “Drug money can and will buy you a DA.” Write this at least 100 times and we may consider letting you sit down.

  34. Oh yes, cocktails are on Good Ole Pete tonight, breakfast and lunch tomorrow as well. Let’s hope he at least takes SN to dinner after that royal screwing, all in the name of the environment of course!

  35. It took a while to respond to chivas, because like the bugs I couldn’t stop laughing. An amazing inspiration to anyone who believes in justice—Wow have you not been paying attention. Or maybe you think putting convicted felons back on the street to shoot at people, rape people and kill a little girl are all meaningful acts of justice. And then there’s the Nazi reference–you can always tell the new bloggers by their instant reach for the reductio ad hitlerum. Oh well. May your views mature along with your reasoning.

  36. I thought that pissing people off was what this blog is all about. My bad.

    And Kevin Hoover, I hope you and Rose are right about Jackson. I may not always agree with you both but I do respect your educated opinions.

    I knew a guy that was nothing but trouble. He was constantly busted and released for drugs and assault. He never held a job and let his green card expire. He never paid his child support and was a burden to society.

    He again got busted and under Gallegos was turned over to ICE and sent to Oakland where he was deported to Mexico where he belongs.
    That’s one criminal that had a rap sheet a mile long that is no longer on our streets. Thanks Gallegos.

  37. Eight years in office and you can name one thing he didn’t fuck up. Tom, for once I think we’re in perfect agreement about something.

  38. Tom

    I have to give you credit for finding that one, elusive, positive particle of good about Gags. I bet you felt just like those individuals at the Large Hadron Collider who may or may not have evidence of Higgs Bosun. But, lets get real here, Paul Gallegos is an unmitigated disaster as DA. He is the Titanic of DA’s. He is a failure of wagnerian porportions. It will take Allison years to repair the damage. But, props to you for finding that mote of “oh yeah”, hope it’s enough.

  39. I was just as surprised as you all but have to admit it was a cost effective way to deal with the problem.

    The guy just clogged up the courts and did jail rather than pay a fine. Some of you would know and I admit that I don’t, how much it costs to keep people like this locked up. Can we afford to house and feed all of these people in our jails?

    I don’t want people like this out and about in my neighborhood and neither do you but we need some new ideas about how to deal with people that just can’t be civil.
    Maybe Allison Jackson has some answers and can articulate them. I hope Gallegos can string words together in cohesive sentences and actually tell me why I should vote for him too. I’m not holding my breath.
    I hope to Jackson and Gallegos at The Eureka Inn on Monday. You guys are going to have a hey day!

  40. First four and half minutes? I fell asleep after the first minute. This could be the cure for insomnia. Great work as usual Mirror.

  41. It would be great if John would approach the other candidate with the same issue. Then we would have an A/B comparison to work with.

  42. Tom, call me. Seriously. Or let’s have lunch. Before Gallegos institutionalizes me, ok?

  43. Oh Tom. Call her you putz. Live a little

  44. Did anyone see them chem trails?

  45. Chivas asked a question. Not being the Great Kreskin, ~~~~ I Wonder what the anwer is? What was her college nickname?

  46. I don’t know about Jackson’s nickname…but Gallegos’s must have been “Free Willy”!

  47. Gags and friends are in meltdown. LOL.

  48. Do U know why Markie-Mark is smiling ? With his lifts on , he is as tall as Ayers and when he talks, he’s not the stupidest asshole in the room. Gota love that solidarity!

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